Daya is a multi-disciplinary, design and build company that delivers impactful identity and spaces.

Our core members are hybrids specialising in the craft of communications and production, the precision of data, and design thinking. Collectively, we create effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect to brands and organizations.


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Photos from Daya's post 27/11/2022

This vibrant co-working environment allows for the growth of creativity, innovation & collaboration of its users. Flare's ambience creates a co-working community that fuels networking prospects and

Photos from Daya's post 19/11/2022

Daya has come together with Flare () to materialize their vision of a flexible and inspiring workspace. This vibrant co-working environment allows for the growth of creativity, innovation & collaboration of its users. Flare's ambience creates a co-working community that fuels networking prospects and entrepreneurship.


Daya has come together with Flare () to materialize their vision of a flexible and inspiring workspace. This vibrant co-working environment allows for the growth of creativity, innovation & collaboration of its users. Flare's ambience creates a co-working community that fuels networking prospects and entrepreneurship.

Photos from Daya's post 25/09/2022

The Dentons office, located in the Al Fardan tower, was designed to reflect the company's principles and values. The design team at Daya have worked on creating an empowering environment that thrives on inspiring experimentation and conversations while also amplifing concentration. The design for Dentons provides controlled stimulation for its occupants to boost productivity & morale.

Photos from Daya's post 19/09/2022

This cycle store concept by Daya involves creating a space to sell and service cycles that also serves as a community hub for cyclists. The ground floor is utilised for merchandise display, while the mezzanine houses the workshop and waiting lounge. An urban and dynamic design approach is used throughout the space, to promote cycling culture.

Photos from Daya's post 27/08/2022

Daya's proposed concept for this ceramic store entailed creating a guided yet relaxed browsing experience for shoppers. A loop layout is implemented in the design to create logical paths that enhance efficiency and establish an informative environment. The Space also includes zones that encourage experimentation &

Photos from Daya's post 16/07/2022

An interiors design project in Doha: Cafe surround by Cush natural greens with company of exotic pets

Photos from Daya's post 01/04/2021

Playing with some curves, tilts and angles - love an open plan ceiling especially when it’s painted in dark shades. 🤩 The strong diagonals draw you into the space!

Photos from Daya's post 31/03/2021

From the pixels to messaging, bricks to bartenders, each element of Aviary has been carefully thought out and designed to ensure an unforgettable night club experience. The place is truly an exclusive oasis in the heart of Qatar.


We are currently hiring for the following positions:

-Account Executive
-HR Executive
-Document Controller
-Project Coordinator
-Technical Officer
-IT Executive

Location: Sri Lanka
Additional Note: Past experiences in interior fit-out firms will be an added advantage for non-construction related vacancies.

Email your CV to [email protected]
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Embracing 2020 with a ton of excitement. Happy new year from the Daya team!

Timeline photos 09/11/2019

Brand identity project for Magnum Hotel & Suites in Westbay, Doha. An alliance between Modern Revelry and Personalized Environments.

We were also entrusted to develop the brand of their F&B outlets within the hotel. We'll be sharing soon.

Timeline photos 08/11/2019

Web design and development for our client TUFF Group, which is an extension of the branding developed for them.

View the live website here:

Timeline photos 08/11/2019

Completed identity package for TUFF Group. Stay tuned as we will be sharing our full process for this project.

Timeline photos 08/11/2019

The logo was the first thing we designed after locking down on a stylescape direction. It took us a few rounds of iterations till we arrived at this final version. 🙂


How do you present an idea? How do you pitch to clients? How many options do you present to a client for them to make a decision? What happens when the clients don't like the work?

We presented 3 brand stylescapes to the stakeholders of TUFF Group, to get approval on one of the directions, so that we can go back to the team and begin designing the brand identity for TUFF Group.

Clients do not always know how to express what they are looking for when it comes to visual concepts. Designers have historically shown clients various samples of published work to help guide them through the design process to understand what style they are interested in. Before the internet designers showed clients physical tear sheets from magazines.

The “Stylescape” is the digital version of the old tear sheets in a client presentation. Because we are only using the work to educate and help our clients understand the style they prefer, and then creating new and original works for the clients once we understand this preferences in style, we are not recreating the already published works.


At Daya, we practice a scaffolding approach with low fidelity techniques. As you can see, this is what we call 'sacrificial concepts'. With this concept, we showed what TUFF would look like if it were in the shoes of other big brands. We wanted to provoke their thoughts, observe their responses and analysed what fits their identity.


TUFF management are based in Germany and Singapore hence, we did our workshops remotely. This process is the backbone of the whole project because it defines the brand strategy moving forward.

Here, leading our workshop is Eugene, our brand strategist. Joining him, are two senior representatives from TUFF (images are blurred for confidentiality purposes). From the productive and engaging workshop, we've learnt the goals of their business, their identity, the driving force of their revenue and together with the clients, we created user personas and defined brand attributes.

These exercises help Daya's branding team to develop a successful strategy for the business.


How do you rebrand a company to stand out in the market today? How do you grow a business? And what role do designers play in all of this?

With this project, we explored these questions and we'll take you behind the scenes of TUFF Group; a conglomeration of Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Energy companies around the world.

You'll see how ideas are shaped and take the form of a new identity system, messaging and website in this project.


We didn't want the Grupchat experience to stop just yet, and so we laced the concept of Grupchat through everything we designed and curated; including the interior.
Long tables coupled with high stool seatings encourages group interactions. Checkered floor tiles, exposed brick and concrete walls and hanging bicycle's rims are just a few fun elements that we injected for visitors to breath in the playful vibe of Grupchat. The eclecticism of the interior intended to sparks joy within the community and to celebrate the positivity in social gatherings.

Photos from Daya's post 02/07/2019

Some might argue that product packaging is not as important as the product itself. Think again. Packaging holds a lot more value than you think. It differentiates your brand from others and makes your product stand out from the crowd. That being said, product packaging creates brand recognition - it gives the brand the individuality in todays competitive world.

With the illustrations that we shared with you (refer to previous post), we dedicated our time and effort to make Grupchat brand packaging as strong and cohesive as possible because we understand the value of brand recognition. We wanted to elevate the experience of Grupchat through its quirky and unique visual aesthetic which in turn, spark interest in consumers. Next, we'll reveal the playful Grupchat's interior that we designed, very soon!

@ Doha

Timeline photos 28/06/2019

We wanted to make Grupchat a fun, playful and lively social space where you can feel the energy radiates throughout the space. And that is exactly what we wanted to achieve with the integration of illustrations in its branding. We, at Daya believes that illustration is an important component of branding that is often overlooked. It is also one of the main strengths of our branding team in expressing a brand's value through illustrations.

And as the saying goes, 'a picture speaks a thousand words', the illustrations are meant to communicate the playful and the quirkiness of Grupchat as a place for gregarious people.

Photos from Daya's post 27/06/2019

Have you noticed the logomark on Grupchat? It has cleverly been integrated with the three elements that are a nod to Grupchat notions: to celebrate the togetherness of the crowd and the interactions coupled with great cups of coffee. And what's better than that, am I right?

@ Doha

Timeline photos 21/06/2019

In the next few days, we will be sharing a cafe concept that compliments family activities in Lusail Park, Qatar.

After an elaborate research and a joined workshop with our client, we came up with the name, Grupchat: a cafe that is built to serve and celebrate the crowd - from families, friends or even colleagues which is in line with Lusail Park's strategy. These ideas were the main focus of the cafe and are therefore reflected in the logo and the name itself.

Stay connected with us as we talk about the art direction of this cafe very soon!

Photos from Daya's post 13/06/2019

‘Kaizen’, meaning good change is the basis and shape every dishes that Wagamama create. We were inspired by this very philosophy, injecting the sense of freshness and quality throughout the interior with touches of natural warm wood and juxtaposed with an industrial aesthetic - humble materials, giving the look of timelessness.

The interior is divided by thin horizontal wooden slats with generous gaps in between allowing the flow of visual connections in the space. The heartbeat of the restaurant feature live cooking so that customers can see the mastery of the chefs and delectables, sizzling fresh dishes as the end results.

@ Qatar

Photos from Daya's post 11/06/2019

The design tells Wagamama’s story and reflects the care and consideration that goes into every bowl of food. The thoughtful understated details add sophistication and a premium touch to the interior. The simplicity of it all gives every bowl of food and the burst of its delightful colours shine as it sets on the light ash wood table and the outburst of flavours caressing your taste buds!

@ Qatar

Photos from Daya's post 09/06/2019

Wagamama material and colour palettes are restrained as shown in the fabrication of this restaurant’s trademark furniture. The mixture of low and high stools are made from a mixture of clear finished blackened steel and various timbers including Redwood and Ash to create the signature sleek interior and shared seating for the renowned eatery and attention to details and crisp finishes add to the stylish environment.

@ Doha

Timeline photos 03/06/2019

Here’s our next project that we will share with you: Wagamama, a fast-paced, Japanese ramen bars and a celebration of Asian food. Our interior design of Wagamama’s restaurant in Doha Festival City is restrained in the material and colour palettes giving the burst of flavours and colours of the Asian inspired dishes come to life as it sets on the table. Stay tuned as we unveil our processes and the outcomes!

Timeline photos 03/06/2019

May the magic of this Eid bring lots of happiness, peace and prosperity to everyone. We, at Daya wishes you Eid Mubarak! ✨

Timeline photos 29/05/2019

We created the aesthetics and the identity of Military Fitness to simultaneously look and feel hip and fierce. The intention was for it to appeal to millenials as well as balancing that with the attributes of military.

Photos from Daya's post 26/05/2019

The big idea behind Military Fitness is that it is a real life bootcamps, instructed by real life soldiers where no two workouts are ever the same. They have a very strong community spirit in which is driven by the social culture of armies as well as bravery and persistence following the ethos of warriors. These attributes and the significant British army insignia were incorporated in MIlitary Fitness logo in which we transformed the military essence into something hip. . . . . .

@ Doha

Photos from Daya's post 20/05/2019

A client engaged us with a vision of revamping their brand identity - Military Fitness; a group based and unique fitness concept where no two workouts are the same. Instructed by ex-military soldiers, the tailored-to-fit military strength and intense workouts will surely get you out of your comfort zones and deliver results. Founded by a British military veteran, the concept was born in Qatar and expanded all the way to London.

We developed their logo with a refreshing brand identity that reflects the distinctiveness of Military Fitness and the intense workout programmes that they offer. We'll dive deeper on the concepts of this brand in the next post so be sure to follow us along!

For more info, visit their website at:

@ Doha

Photos from Daya's post 19/05/2019

Huawei Innovation Lab: The Journey & Final Ex*****on

The Innovation Lab consists of a number of different spatial experiences and functionalities. Thus, a smooth transition must be one of the factors that needed to be meticulously curated.

From the user's first touchpoint, to the conference rooms, think tanks and all the way to the end of the journey, user's needs are being carefully well thought out and executed to give innovators spaces of ultimate experience to ideate and create great things for the future!

Photos from Daya's post 16/05/2019

Huawei Innovation Lab: Design Concepts

The design concepts of this Innovation Lab revolve around three notions. The first one is focused on the spatial layout that promotes chi or energy - circulation that propose an effortless transition within the space.

The second is where advanced technological merge with a radical approach. In which, Huawei's technological capabilities and direction led to the design of a rotating seated platform.

Lastly, the introduction of 5 natural elements in the design which provide contrast of purpose in different spaces.

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