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Thank you Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar for the trust! Its an honor 🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪
Woot woot!
Hello from Cebu Fireblade Dragonboat Club!
Paddle Salute to all the teams that represented Qatar 🇶🇦 in the 2nd International Tbilisi Dragon Boat Festival. Congratulations to everyone! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Doha Dragons, Wireless Warriors, PDWQ representatives, you guys were fierce! 🐲🐲🐲
Saturday Attendance
Land Training
We Love Dragon Boat...
We are Onslaught...
September 29 Saturday Attendance...

April 28 Attendance (Saturday)
Thank you everyone for another wonderful session. Keep it up, stay motivated.

April 28 Attendance (Saturday)
Thank you everyone for another wonderful session. Keep it up, stay motivated.


This is the official fan page of Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar (ORDQ), another forefront dragonboat racing team in Qatar. Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar (ORDQ) was established on April of 2015 by Sir Alexander Tubar who is also the Vice Chairman for Qatar Dragon Boat Federation, Sir Reygie Superal also a member of the original Onslaught Racing Dragons Philippines and Sir Jason Villareal of San Beda dragonboat crew.

Operating as usual

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 05/12/2021

💚 Thank you Kasagwan Dragonboat Qatar & PDRT - Fireblades Qatar for organizing a comeback mock race and to the whole QDBA community for participating in the said event.
It feels great to finish the year with a race. Good luck to the teams who will compete in Dubai this coming weekend.
It’s an honor to send you off.
Represent QATAR well. Your victory is our victory.

This mock race is not about winning for us. It is about resiliency.
During the pandemic, some of us contracted the virus. Most were mild, some severe.

Some of us took 2 years before we see our loved ones back home. Most of us are still waiting for the chance to see our families up to now.

Many of our members (brothers and sisters) had to leave Qatar and go back home due to the loss of jobs.

Coming out stronger from all of these is the victory much more worth shouting out rather the hoisting the trophies.
This is not to discredit our adversaries nor the effort and work put into the sport by all paddlers.

The recently concluded mock race is a testament that Onslaught way of life is more than just dragonboat.
Together we are bigger than the sport and will be here until the finish line.

Once again thank you to the organizers, the participating teams and the whole QDBA community.

We are ONSLAUGHT! 🖤💚🤍

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 26/11/2021

💚 Be stronger than your strongest excuse 💪🛶


- November 26, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 19/11/2021

💚 Never give up and never stop grinding 💪🛶


- November 19, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 14/11/2021

Team building continued….
Chant competition + awarding ceremonies + sumptuous lunch + outstanding performance by Jollibee = FUN! FUN! FUN!

Congratulations to all winners of the challenges, finishers and special awards. Indeed a fun-filled and fruitful Friday for all.

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 14/11/2021

November 12, 2021: ORDQ has held various team building activities to strengthen the bond and improve camaraderie among members. Several challanges included team jog, team crawl, exercise relay, puzzle solving, charades and team paddling. Of course, the day is not complete without the oreo challenge and a new favorite, ORDQ’s version of squid games. Team Angas (Black) emerged as winners, making Team Bangis (Green) as runner-up.
Two teams, one goal. At the end of the day, we are one family - Onslaught Qatar 💚🖤
The morning concluded with breakfast shared among teams. Here are just few snippets of the much awaited event.

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 06/11/2021

Everything starts with a sunrise, but it’s about what we do before it sets that matters -
K. McGraw 🌅😊

06 Nov 2021 Saturday AM boat training 🐲

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 05/11/2021

💚 Friday training with team Angas & team Bangis 🛶


- November 5, 2021 -


The ORDQ dance crew 😬

Boat training or tiktok training? 😅🙈


- November 01, 2021 -

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💚 Friday morning feels like _______ 🙈🤣🛶


- October 29, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 22/10/2021

💚 Good morning! Happy Friday 😊💪🛶

Welcome newbies and returning paddlers 🤗


- October 22, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 19/10/2021

💚 Hustle for that muscle 💪


- October 19, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 16/10/2021

💚 The grind doesn't stop just because it's Saturday 💪🛶


- October 16, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 15/10/2021

💚 Good training is priceless 💪🛶


- October 15, 2021 -

Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 08/10/2021

💚 Good energy is contagious 😀


Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 01/10/2021

💚 Start your weekend with adventure 🛶

and a big breakfast 😄



Mock race

Every setback is a setup to make a comeback. Felt good to be back in racing waters again.

Thanks to PDRT Fireblades for organizing the mock race 🔥🔥🔥

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Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post 25/09/2021

💚September 24, 2021 Mock race



Onslaught Qatar highlights (2019-2020)

It was a good 2019 for Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar. The year saw the team grow in numbers & more participation in international races. The team has competed in various races in Georgia, Indonesia, Malaysia & have coalesced with other top-tier Filipino club teams to compete in China, Japan and USA. Several races won accolades while some were tested. The fact still remains that all of these became a barometer of how the team has grown & learned. That itself is already a trophy.

2020 may have been a tough year for all, and for Onslaught Qatar, it was a year of perseverance, of strong will, pushing limits, and creating anew. Onslaught has lit the year still with fitness challenge, inviting all members to better themselves, push further & come out stronger.

Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar opens 2021 its doors wide open to new challenges to conquer & continue our pursuit of excellence. We hope that our ethos as a team, help inspire & creat motivation to many more.

Below are clips of ORDQ’s best moments & highlights from 2019-2020. The song “Isang Bangka, Isang Lahi” (One boat, One race, One Flag) is every Filipino paddler’s song, taking pride in what a true & innate pinoy is actually made of. It was specially written for the Philippine Dragon Boat Alliance as they represent the country competing around the globe.
Onslaught Qatar’s very own paddlers have collaborated in this song.

“Isang Bangka, Isang Lahi”
Official theme song of Philippine Dragon Boat Alliance
Collaboration by various Filipino paddlers across the globe
Written & composed by: Emil Pama

-Emil Pama (LA Thunder Dragons, USA)
-Ryan Doc (DC Lapu Lapu Warriors, USA)
-Karen Binay (Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar)
-Tapati Itapat, Chantress - Anima Tierra (Philippines)

Music arrangement & scoring:
-Jason Villareal (Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar)
-Angelo Garcia, AG Silver Productions (Philippines)

Video edits: Jerwin & Karen Binay (Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar)


Isang Bangka, Isang Lahi
(Available on spotify and other music streams)

Join us for a competitive dragon boat racing, camaraderie & fitness every Fridays & Saturdays at Katara Beach from 5-8 am. Send us a message here in Facebook or whatsapp 50223989.


Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post


Photos from Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar's post


The year 2020 has brought us many challenges. With the cancellation of international race events to the restriction of team sporting activities, we had to step up to keep the Onslaught fire burning. And so the Fitness Challenge 2020 was launched. This challenge involved grouping of individuals into different teams comprising of different body types (ecto, endo, meso) with programs tailored for specific goals - shred, gain or maintain. For the past 12 weeks, all participants put on their best effort in gym and land trainings and battle it out during boat races. During this journey, individuals have come together to help/support each other and in the end, have aspired to become better versions of themselves.
A huge congratulations to all finishers of this challenge, winners of special awards, runners-up and champions and organizing committee. Indeed, the Fitness Challenge 2020 was truly a success. Looking forward to what’s in store for 2021.


Let the wonders of Christmas fill your heart with peace and joy 💚❤️💚❤️



QBS Radio

Catch us again at 2:30pm (GMT+3)

QBS Radio 97.5

On this episode, Khaled Soltan interviewed Martin Escober, a Dragon boat Athlete with Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar (Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar). The two discussed the difference between dragon boating and normal rowing. They also spoke about teamwork and how to join the team for anyone who’s interested to try it out.

To find out more about Dragon Boating in Qatar, make sure to tune in today at 2:30pm for the full interview.

Thank you Martin for chatting with us!


In solidarity with the nation, Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar is celebrating Qatar National Day, 18th Dec 2020



heal as one - Tribute to front liners

ORDQ ladies Tribute to all Frontliners in the team and all around the world, we heal as one, encourage exercise as one key to survive and fight COVID-19 and ...


Happy Women's International Day! 💐

The Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar aims to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women.

We also focus on helping women gain full and equal participation in a sport such as dragonboating.


iloveqatar.net 28/02/2020

Here's how you can be a Dragon Boat paddler in Qatar!

Based in Qatar?

Join us!

Dragon Boating is fun and good for your health too!

Click the link and learn more.


iloveqatar.net Looking for a new and a fun way of keeping yourself healthy and fit this year? Watch our video to know more!


Weekend shindig 😁
Weekend attendance 😊🚣‍♂️🐲

Join us every weekend (Fridays & Saturdays) at Katara beach during early mornings 🚣🏻🐲

Send us a whatsapp message at
50223989 or
Send us a private message here in Facebook.



Dragonboat 101 c/o Coach @alexander2bar

Join us for a dragonboat basics session and learn the history of the sport. Only brought to you by Coach Alex of Onslaught Qatar

Newbie sessions every Fridays at 8am so hit us up and inquire.

"Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent." - Wendy Flynn


Let dragonboating be your lifestyle.
@ Katara Beach


Onslaught goes RED (and blue, black, white, green) for Valentines day.

#FebIbig sa sagwan @ The Pearl Qatar


Ready for a healthier more active you?
Come and join ONSLAUGHT NEWBIE FRIDAYS! 8:00am-9:30am at Katara, Beach 1

Bring your jackets, wind breakers
*Bring water for hydration
*Wear water sports appropriate attire - leggings preferred for ladies
*Bring extra clothes to change after training
*Clean & return your used PFD (life vest)
*Ensure to throw any trash & keep the area clean after training

Send us a message here if you are interested.
See you there!



Ending January & welcoming February 😊
Full house weekend training (31 Jan-01 Feb)
Welcome to our newbies. Hope you enjoyed & we look forward to see you in the next trainings ☺️

Join us every weekend (Fridays & Saturdays) at Katara beach during early mornings 🚣🏻🐲

Send us a whatsapp message at
50223989 or
Send us a private message here in Facebook.



Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar

It's never too late to start the year right.

Join Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar dragonboat team.

Fridays and Saturdays
0530am to 0830am
Where: Katara Beach

Things to bring :
1. Water 🥛
2. Running shoes 👟
3. Flip flops👣
4. Towel 🚿
5. Clothes for changing👕
6. Drifit clothes or rashguard👕
7. Sunblock🧴
8. Jacket (Winter) 🥼
Things to know:
1. Paddles will be provided for new joiners
2. Life vests will be provided for new joiners.


Join us for a competitive dragon boat racing, camaraderie and fitness.

Where: Katara Beach
When: Fridays and Saturdays
Time: 0500am - 0800am

Send us a whatsapp message at
50223989 or
Send us a private message here in Facebook.


In the spirit of bayanihan, Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar dragonboat team is supporting relief efforts for communities affected by the recent eruption of Taal volcano. A total of 4 barangay evacuation centers in Batangas were reached out and been handed over donations pledged by team members. Thanks to the whole team’s initiative and to Mr. Paolo and family who delivered the aid personally.

We salute our fellow kababayans who despite the challenges, have shown incredible resilience. Onslaught Qatar will continue its relief efforts to aid returning victims to their homes through the next wave of pledges.


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The ORDQ dance crew 😬
Mock race
Goodluck Onslaught Racing Dragons Qatar, Penang crew 2019!#WeAreOnslaughtQatar
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We support team Philippines! 🇵🇭💙💛❤️Wishing our Philippine delegation all the best at the 14th IDBF World Dragon Boat Rac...
All the best and goodluck to Onslaught Padang crew on their races today till finals! We are very proud of you and will b...
The Team Captain Reygie Superal receiving the championship certificate for DB12 - Open 250m along with Sir Nick,  Sir Je...
Friday attendance (June 21)Wishing our mother team ORDP all the best at the 2019 PDBF regatta leg 2 😊💪🏻🐲#weareonslaught



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