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If your child is financially dependent on you or your household income, have you given it a real hard thought on what your child's life will be if all of a sudden something happens to you or your spouse?

Will your child have the same QUALITY of life?


If ALL families have the proper insurances in place, there will be transfer of wealth and legacy from one generation to another and eventually, the endless cycle of poverty and sandwich generations can be defeated.

Each future generations can take off from a better starting point, and not always back to zero.

Sandwich generation: When you are sandwiched between taking care of your parents financially and taking care of your own family and children.

We pray for the day that all Filipino families can see the value of insurance. 🙏


The medical costs associated with the more critical illnesses can be overwhelming, sometimes to the point of BANKRUPTCY. Thats on top of your health insurance cover which can have ceilings and limits that are not enough.

All your hard earned savings and assets, gone, liquidated! Good news is...This can all be prevented.

Having a plan to cover critical illnesses specifically, can save you, your family and your hard earned legacy. The plan will pour in CASH to the family so that you do not need to experience the hardship of seeing the fruits of your lifetime of hard work, disappear one by one. You can focus on getting well. 😊

✅This can all be done for as low as QR 132/ month!

It is not that hard, it just needs proper planning and finding the right plan for you..

Send us a message: +974 77586059

Note: The top 3 leading causes of death are covered in our critical illnesses plan ( CANCER, STROKE, HEART ATTACK ) among a range of other illnesses...


Be Prepared. Set aside some amount and treat it as your "medical fund" so that when you need it and your family will be fully covered and you do not need to worry about where to get the money ...

We have the best plan for your entire family for as low as QR132 per month.

Send a message: +974 77586059




Let's find out what the NEED is and we will recommend the best SUITABLE product.

We will not sell a product and say it is good for all NEEDS.


We ♥️ You, Jesus! Thank you🙏


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You say you will do everything for them♥️...yet you refuse to set aside a tiny portion of what you earn to give them financial protection in case anything happens to you?💔


Being truly financially responsible...


When it comes to insurance applications, it is better to be HONEST than to be sorry in the end...


One of the scariest things in this world is REGRET...

Time lost is something no one and no money can buy back...No matter what you do, that's it, you cannot go just have to face the consequences head on...

We have experienced numerous cases where OVERTHINKING, DOUBTS and NO SENSE OF URGENCY...led to REGRET.

Protect yourself and your family NOW before it becomes too late.

👉Insurance is purchased not only with money, but with GOOD HEALTH and AGE...


It can be just a matter of time.
Are you prepared? What if?
👉The cost that comes with a Critical Illness can wipe out your entire life's savings and investments.
Do not sacrifice your whole life's hard work. Protect the fruits of your labor.
👉The cost of getting Critical Illness Protection can be as little as *$36/ mo or *QR 132/mo for a lumpsum CASH BENEFIT of minimum $50,000 to a maximum of $1,000,000!
Contact us to know how you can avail of this amazing PROTECTION product:

+974 70648959/ 77586059

[email protected]
[email protected]

*Terms and conditions apply


When it comes to Critical Illnesses, medical insurance may not be enough...
Get your Critical Illness Protection now!.
Get a lumpsum CASH benefit to cover all the other expenses not covered by your medical insurance plus the other expenses that comes with recovering from these illnesses.
For as low as QR 132/ month or USD36/month

Minimum $50,000 CASH Benefit

Message us!

+974 77586059/ 70648959


As parents, we understand that supporting our family financially means more than just ensuring there's food on the table and that bills are paid. It's also about giving our loved ones the time to mourn and recover if something were to happen to us.

The reality is that the probability of our passing is 100%. Yet, how many of us truly prepare for it? What would become of your loved ones if you were no longer there? Who would ensure the continuation of your family's lifestyle?

Insurance is a tool that guarantees your family will receive everything you've hoped for them in your absence. Consider it the ultimate "Gift of Love" to your family.

It's your gift — make it unforgettable. 🙌🏻

Take the time to speak with a financial advisor today. Ensure that both you and your family are well-protected. 👨👩👧👦


[For Financial Advisors] Join the Mentoring family for insurance foundation tips:

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Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer, affecting around 1 in 8 women in their lifetime.

At MetLife, we believe in empowering women with knowledge, encouraging self-checks and promoting early detection and protection. This Pink October, let’s stand together against breast cancer and prioritize women’s health and well-being.

Please reach me to learn more about MetLife’s Critical Illness Care solution.

Act today, Let’s beat Breast Cancer ! We are stronger together.

My contact info:

Tel Mob:
+974 70648959/ +974 77586059

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]


👉History of family illnesses will make you a likely candidate for a similar illness.
Be protected!
Introducing our CRITICAL ILLNESS Protection plan with GUARANTEED CASH RETURN
Your money will not go to waste if you don't get diagnosed within the coverage period. You will get cash back, GUARANTEED!

Send a whatsapp message for more details: +974 77586059
+974 70648959


What legacy do you want to leave your family?

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All praise and glory to God...without You, Lord, we are nothing...🙏
Thank you to all those who have given their trust to us. Each one of you is the best part of this job. You have made this job more fulfilling for us...♥️ We will always put you FIRST.




Our children's FUTURE is our PRIORITY. This is the HEART AND SOUL of PARENTHOOD.
WHY wait for later when nothing is CERTAIN?
Prepare NOW while we are CAPABLE.
Would you rather PAY INTEREST or EARN INTEREST for their EDUCATION?
Would you rather just SAVE and be DEFEATED by INFLATION RATE?

*Current Inflation Rate= Around 6%
*Savings Account Interest Rate= only 0.25%-1%
Take advantage of your money's GROWTH POTENTIAL and ensure NOW that their FUTURE is SECURED.
Serious about their EDUCATION?
Get in touch with us:

+974 77586059/ +974 70648959

Note: below figure is minimum and adjustable based on your desired or target figure.

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Happy to support this great advocacy...

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Life Insurance Myths vs Facts:

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With our new Accelerated Claims Payout Benefit, beneficiaries will receive 20% of the life benefit, up to USD 10,000, sent within 2 days, even while the full claim is under review!

Contact me to know more about MetLife Protection value propositions.

Our contact info:

email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Mobile No: +974 70648959/ +974 77586059


✅6-8 times your ANNUAL INCOME

👉Re-visit your insurance plan and check if you have "ENOUGH' coverage...

👉How long will your family survive with the coverage amount of your existing life insurance policy?


Which type of insurance is more suitable for your unique circumstances?
Contact us to guide you accordingly:

+974 77586059/ +974 70648959


Term vs Whole Life Insurance

Choosing between Term and Whole Life Insurance? 🤔 Consider your budget, how long you'll need coverage, and your financial goals. Remember, the best choice aligns with your unique situation and objectives. The best is to consult a financial advisor for guidance. Life insurance isn't one-size-fits-all. Find the right fit for you!


Protect your entire family from CRITICAL ILLNESSES!

It may take only one critical illness in the family to completely wipe you out financially!

Be secured! Be insured!

👉Note: This plan has protection against:


👉Your plan will remain active for the next 6 months even without premium payments if due to the above conditions.

👉Plan is portable as you will be covered WORLDWIDE!

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The younger you are when you start, the earlier you achieve your future financial goals!

🆕insurance Agents In Qatar ▶ Insurance Agents In Doha Qatar Must See! For insurance agents in qatar call or message +974-70648959/ 77586059In order to learn about insurance agents in qatar you need to click: ➡

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Pinay-Financial Advocates

Jacqs and Cecile- your financial advocates in Doha Qatar. We try our best to give valuable content that we think are helpful in opening up and widening our financial mindset. We aim to share contents that can be useful for OFWs specially in here Qatar so that we can maximize the potential of our hard-earned money.

We are OFWs like you for more than 20 years and we have been through the ups and downs of life. We have learned so many things along the way, when it comes to managing our finances. We have learned the hard way, that without proper financial knowledge and management, all and everything we have been working very hard for, and with all our sacrifices, may lead to nothing and we can end up going home to our beloved country with nothing, nada, zero or even negative!

We all have the responsibility to educate ourselves and equip ourselves with the correct knowledge and understanding about managing our earnings while we are here abroad so that we will not regret it when it is already too late...Let us protect our income and protect our families!

We hope we can somehow contribute using our own personal experiences and learnings. Goodluck and God Bless us all!

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Being truly financially responsible...
When it comes to insurance applications, it is better to be HONEST than to be sorry in the end...#insuranceapplication10...
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"Insurance?....No!".Why? 👇
May this year bring more joy, love and security for you and your families! .Have a blessed 2023 everyone!
So many stories of OFWs who took bank loans to buy a house and in the middle of paying for the loan, something bad happe...
How much is at stake?Are going to leave your family's future to chance? Or are you willing to take the proactive action?





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