Dr. Sagnika Dash

Trying to bring a change in Women's Healthcare through evidence based , empathetic and unbiased clinical practice.


I am working, I have babies, I have late nights, I am doing household chores, children have exams, people are sick at home and I have to take care of them...it's been a long list of things which puts you off from the goal of working towards your fitness.

Chores aren't exercise, walking alone won't be an exercise if the entire body and strength is considered.

If one hour of the day can be spent on strength building in the form of body weight training, the results will be dramatic! Which is a mere 4% of a day......

Build up yourself be strong and motivated.
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This post goes to every women who is working inside or outside home. Work life balance isn't balancing family and work, it's managing your priorities.
Subtle conflicts with the subconscious might lead to mental health issues which is not only disregarded but also looked down upon( in certain parts of the world).
Next time you feel like hitting the work-life balance goals, ask yourself what do you need the most?


Its a common saying that a woman loses her hair when the baby starts smiling.

Come to think of it, the social smile heralds the beginning of hairfall! You begin losing your crown of glory at the time when you wished to take some cute pictures as memory.

It might be trivial for others but its life changing for the new mum.

Surely , the hormonal changes , stress of motherhood, poor nutrition contributes to these changes and that's why

it is important to take remedial measures to prevent and treat hairfall after delivery.

1. stress: try and reduce stress from life.

2. eat enough PROTEINS: eggs, chicken breast, lentils, fish are some of the good sources

3. have a BALANCED diet: too much of carbohydrates(to increase breast milk) , too much of fats or too much of proteins can ultimately lead to imbalance of micronutrients .

4. multivitamin supplements: adding one multivitamin to the daily routine can have deep impacts to long term health including hair, nails and skin

5. change the shampoo, go for oil massages and use hair masks.

If the above doesn't work, visit a dermatologist to identify the cause.

stay happy , healthy and keep shining!🤗


Women face challenges, or shall I say that challenges find the toughest people on earth so it chooses women!

You tend to rise, fight and be resilient even though the challenge might be indomitable. To all the strong and resilient women, I take a bow....
This league of wonderful women are our everyday superheroes without capes. I am humbled and obliged to be serving them and hope that I am able to bring a change.🤗


Break the bias!



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