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UV is the colour expression of our own energy, a force that resides within us and that expresses that same duality everyday. With UV, we highlight and fully embrace what nature has already created for us. The sun’s rays illuminate this look, filling it with energy as it brings out the hair’s authentic, natural nuances.


Creativity is a dream that is born from the subconscious, where the unit of measurement is a limitless image.A deep base leaves free expression to the creative vein, in which in the darkness emerge bright colors that emphasize the face enhancing the character of the woman wearing them.
Hair styling:


Widespread or patchy hair loss? Sinergy post is a vial rich in essential oils such as: Hinoki, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender, bitter Orange, Sage, Bergamot, Blue Chamomile,Tea Tree essential oils, Nettle Extract, that helps restore balance to metabolic exchanges in the scalp, reducing irregular hair loss and encouraging its natural growth. Ask your hairdresser for advice.



Densifying shampoo is ideal to counteract the imperfections related to miniaturization and baldness of the hair. It helps maintain the natural level of nutrients for a healthy scalp. Serenoa Repens controls synthesis of Dihydrotestosterone, prevents miniaturisation and baldness. Did you already try it?


Shake, apply, leave on, rinse.
Bring Densifying Sinergy Pre into your daily routine with three simple steps:
• Pre wash, apply the lotion on dry scalp, applying light pressure with the fingertips to facilitate the absorption
• Leave on for 10 minutes
• Rinse and proceed with Kyklos shampoo
Kyklos-tips: relax, let yourself be carried away by aromatherapy, light a candle and your Spa is ready!


It’s tea time! Let yourself be pampered in the Jean Paul Mynè salons by the functional herbal tea, which restores the balance from inside and outside. Choose "Rinsetox" and let your hair enjoy all the well-being of a functional rinse.


Delight your pose time with Jean Paul Mynè herbal tea and awaken your inner well-being. Orthosiphon, Ribes Nigrum, Equisetum Arvenze, Urtica Dioica and Birch, rich in functional substances, play a revitalizing action on the scalp, strengthen the hair and support its growth. It’s time to detox with Jean Paul Mynè.


Kyklos, a real pampering of well-being for your hair. Enrich your wellness routine with a new healthy habit. Start your year with all the richness of Kyklos synergies. 4 different vials created specifically for different blemishes. Fall, baldness, sebum, dandruff and other skin anomalies. For your New Year choose the naturalness of plant extracts, the strength of essential oils and the well-being of a healthy and restored scalp.


A new year full of news is about to begin. And you? Have you already written your list of resolutions for 2023? Let’s start with these small, simple gestures to face the new year with the right spirit. Dance, drink some tea, call a friend and ... take care of your hair.


Frenzy at the end of the year, adrenaline for the new beginning and don't you know which look to give your hair? Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of holidays and have fun embracing your hairdo with all the well-being of the HUG line, rich in natural and multifunctional ingredients to interpret every style, nourish and protect in a single gesture. Impress everyone with a "fake fringe" and define it with a hairdo worthy of the most elegant red carpet. Ask your hairdresser for advice.
Hairlook by


To you, who love to color your hair, to you, who love the fringe, to you, who don't leave home without your favorite gel, to you, who always choose the same treatment, to you, who love to change your looks, to you, who love Kyklos... To all of you Jean Paul Mynè wishes happy holidays!


Thanks to the Keratin Plus Empower curl definer balm Leave in, your curls will be defined and bright for a long time. It nourishes and defines curls protecting them from moisture and weathering. Empower your curl, with Keratin Plus Empower.


Make your holidays go smoothly with the new Leave-in smoothing cream. A cream without rinsing, that facilitates the smoothing action. Enriched with avocado oil and Aloe vera juice, it helps maintain natural hydration and softness.


This Christmas give yourself or to someone you love a Refurbishing treatment. Its action enhances the structure of the hair, maintaining the long result. Its action enhances the structure of the hair, maintaining a long-lasting result.
Significantly improves breaking strength.
Recovers the damaged structure.
Protects the hair fibers from chemical, thermal and environmental stresses.
Plumps the keratin protein matrix.


This Christmas make a trichological check-up in the Jean Paul Mynè salons and discover how to restore the well-being of your hair. Kyklos acts from the inside and the outside, respects the sensitivity of the scalp thanks to the gentle action of essential oils and extracts of plant origin, able to restore the well-being of your hair. Each imperfection has its own protocol for action. Ask your hairdresser for advice and restore your balance.



From Jean Paul Mynè laboratory research, Oxilamine®, the exclusive complex of organic substances of natural origin able to interact with the main amino acids of the capillary structure protecting, restoring and strengthening the hair during all our treatments and services. Today also in the new wave system Keratin Plus Sound Wave.


Keratin Plus Sound Wave also changes its external sound. From 100% recycled source, its sustainable sound design, shows extreme sensitivity to environmental impact, with the desire to choose a pet 100% recycled than a virgin. We firmly believe in second chances, especially when it comes to making our new formulas live in a pack that takes back new life; reducing environmental impact, CO2 emissions and the use of virgin plastic. With Keratin Plus Sound Wave is completely another sound.



We often allow noise to confuse us, oblivious to the harmony of sounds around us. Keratin Plus Sound Wave, is the wave system that gives your hair achieve movement with the right sound. Change the rhythm of your waves. Only in the Jean Paul Mynè salons.


In the salon we take care of women, their appearance, but also their soul, every day and with every gesture. But the first ones to take care of you are you.
If you are a victim of violence, react, call 1522. Remember to love you every day.


What is the sound of your hair? Try the Keratin Plus Sound Wave treatment in the Jean Paul Mynè salons and write us in the comments the rhythm of the wave chosen for your hair.


Turn up the volume of your hair with Keratin Plus Sound Wave. Two different formulas specifically designed to meet the need for all kinds of hair. What are you waiting for? Now turn up your volume.


Keratin Plus Sound Wave with formula designed for treated and bleached hair. The formula is enriched with a particular type of Oxilamine® that works in synergy with the wave system. Formulated by Jean Paul Mynè laboratories, the precious blend of organic substances interacts with the main amino acids found in keratin and repairs and protects hair. Establish the movement of your wave!


Change the sound of your hair with Keratin Plus Sound Wave system. Enriched with Aloe vera extract and fermented white horseradish root extract, the formula allows you to achieve the desired level of movement while delivering hydration and shine from root to tip, for healthy, supple and radiant curls. N creator is the formula specially designed for natural hair or lightly treated. Turn up the volume of your hair in the Jean Paul Mynè salons.


Choose your sound, live your movement. Coming on November 6th.


Remember: volume is not just a button on your phone... Coming on November 6th.


Be surprised by the sound of your hair moving. Serious or high, and what sound are you? Coming on November 6th.


The technology behind our formulas helps us go further every day. Coming soon.


The sound we love the most is that of research & development, which gives rise to a new system. Coming soon.


Keratin Plus Empower, the strength of your hair! For you who want: restructure and enhance the resistance to breakage of your hair with a plumped and full-bodied application after application. Thanks to its Refurbishing action, it reaches the deepest layers of the cuticle, giving strength and new life to the entire structure. Discipline, regenerate and recover the keratin protein matrix. Try it in the salons Jean Paul Mynè.


Summer memories are the most beautiful, the long sunny days, the holidays, swimming in the sea... but our hair? After summer they appear more brittle, fragile and frizzy. We need a bump action! Oxilock Plasma is the molecular reconstruction, which thanks to its technology restores and rebuilds the keratin fiber. It strengthens the damaged fiber, multiplying the keratin bonds.


A new idea, a new awareness, a colour that emerges from a spinning, centrifugal force that unleashes colour, light, and energy. Purple reflections give brightness and rigor to a deep black.


The first "grayness" of autumn makes you sad? Don’t worry, life is made of color and "seasons" and each has its positive side! ARMOMYNÈ, is the system of analysis armocromica, that combines the harmony of the color to the world hair professional Jean Paul Mynè. A rich and precious formative event, to discover the origin of color, the awareness of the differences between the 4 seasons, the choice of the most suitable nuance according to your undertone. This and much more is Armomynè. Check out the dates on!



Hormonal changes, heredity, stress, nutrition can cause different imperfections to the scalp. Kyklos offers an In & out protocol for each anomaly. Rich in essential oils and plant extracts, restores the imperfections related to alopecia, miniaturization, fall, sebum and trichidine. 1 vial per week, a treating fluid to use when needed and two tablets per day.
100% reduction in fall
88% increase in thickness
96% increase in density
92% higher breaking strength
* Dermatological analysis at the internationally recognised JSH HAMILTON research laboratory


"Genetics predisposes but does not determine." Let’s talk about BALDNESS AND THINNING! In these cases it is important to understand that the genetic factor could be the cause of a degenerative mechanism that leads to the thinning of the hair with a consequent reduction in the mass of the hair. What to do at this point!? Play in advance and take a systematic path to maintain the balance for a healthy scalp, a good microcirculation, enhancing the Anagen phase (birth) and thickening hair, blocking the process and reversing the gear. Password?! Action and consistency!



Often a busy life-style and an unbalanced diet also causes visible consequences for the hair. It is very useful to combine with professional cosmetic treatments, the use of specific food supplements to compensate for the vitamin deficiencies that our hair needs. In Active is the supplement designed to give strength and resistance to hair and nails. Formulated with Cystine and Methionine, Coenzyme Q10 and polyphenols extracted from red vine and green tea help fight oxidative stress. It also contains vitamin D3 and group B vitamins and zinc, iron, copper and selenium which help keep hair healthy.


Summer is ending and your hair speaks to you? Sun, salt, wind, chlorine have stimulated hair and scalp. Make the tricological consultation in a Jean Paul Mynè salon, our experts will advise you on the most suitable path to restore the normal balance.


WHEN HAIR FALLS NOT EVERYTHING GOES WRONG, BUT WHEN HAIR DOES NOT FALL NOT EVERYTHING IS OKAY! Have you ever thought about the causes that alter the normal cycle of your hair? Remember every organism is different and for this reason the same effective path for one person it is not said that it brings the same results in another person. Discover the true nature of your hair and request a personalized diagnosis in the salon.


SUN AND HAIR. Did you know that excessive exposure to the sun can encourage an increase in hair loss and can damage the bulb? Protecting yourself with a hat and with an effective sunscreen is important for the hair as for the skin, exposure without protection, for long times can cause sunburn and redness and degenerate into fall and alopecia. Make in our salons a free consultation on the well-being of your scalp and find out how to prevent or treat blemishes.


"Beautiful shining... your seductive blond... " forgive us in August the heat gives us to the head! But let’s get serious, on blond do not joke. Shades and intensity make it unique and unrepeatable. Enhance your golden highlights with Sesame, Curry and Milk Navitas Organic Touch and finish with a touch of Let’s Shine Hug that gives an instant shine.

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