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the design is our life for everything Hi
I want to say thanks for all who give the support for Success this work for us
This page give you the way to design your home and your office and anything inside the wall by tow designers who will help you to put what in your mind from idea and dream to make it really .

أريد أن أقول شكرا لجميع الذين يقدمون الدعم للنجاح هذا العمل بالنسبة لنا
هذه الصفحة تعطيك طريقة لتصميم منزلك ومكتبك وأي شيء داخل الجدار من قبل المصممين الذين سوف يقدمون المساعدة على وضع ما في عقلك من فكرة وحلم لجعلها حقيقة .

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التصميم حب وابداع 💙💙💙

م . شرين عبدالله


Shereen abdullah


Proo design

ضيفونا حتى تشوفو شغلنا ☺️☺️☺️


ضيفونا حتى تشوفو شغلنا ☺️☺️☺️


ضيفونا ☺️☺️☺️


Designed by / shereen abdullah


I want to thanks all for your support to like our page
thank you all for your help :)
daniel fayyad


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جمعة مباركة عالجميع .......


simple & perfect 27/10/2014

How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer. Here are tips and tricks that designers use everyday to enhance your interiors.


designed by :
shereen abdallah


designed by :
shereen abdullah


Proo design


Feeling comfortable :)
Shereen abdullah 24/10/2013

Uplifting New Design Enhancing the Feeling of Space: Westgate Residence, Brentwood The Westgate Residence is a 1948 house located in Brentwood (California), recently renovated by Kurt Krueger Architect, a design centered architectural pra 24/10/2013

Daring Monochromatic Interior Scheme: "Home in Black Serenity" in Taipei

good morning dears
today we will start with home in the black
daniel Employing a single color in a residential design scheme is a daring decision. When this particular color is black, then the outcome may range from shocking


good morning all .
wish to have a great day and beautiful morning .


hello all how are you today ??? and how was your day ??
im sorry because i didn't post anything before but i was so busy with my work
have a good night with smile in your face
with a big dream you wish to make it in your life
good night all .


Happy Eid for all .
Wish to have a beautiful Eid with your family
And be in good halthy . Smile and enjoy the Eid
From page admins daniel fayyad and shereen abdalla


Good morning my dears friends hope to have a great day
Daniel fayyad


have a good night . and wake up with a smile on your face and you will found the life
daniel fayyad


daniel fayyad 12/10/2013

Stunning 3D Wall Surfaces Inspired by Contemporary Art Trends

something nice no put it in your room wall something new and creative
bu daniel 3D SURFACE is an innovation which arose from a meeting between three experienced craftsmen: Romano Zenoni and Alessandro and Stefano Fazzuoli. The combinat


Welcome to the new morning with smile on ur face
happy new day from admins to all friends


from interior PH
by daniel

Nothing completes your bo***ir like a -- it provides a focal point and makes the whole room more inviting. The store-bought kind can be expensive and bulky, so try this shortcut: Using the lines in a graphic as your guide, cut out a silhouette that serves as a virtual headboard.
More Products & Ideas at 11/10/2013

Ancestral Contemporary Architecture: 3D-Like Volumes Defining a House in Peru

by daniel Longhi Architects designed this spectacular house with a futuristic look in La Planicie, Lima (Peru). The clients, when asked what exactly are they hoping 11/10/2013

10 Hot Trends To Bring Metallic Influences To Your Interiors

be daniel Bring metallics into your interiors - like this gold tone wallpaper This season is the best for bringing out metallic inspiration throughout your interio 10/10/2013

How to Choose the Right Style Garage for your Home

daniel fayyad How to choose the right garage doors for your home There is no doubt that your home’s interior takes all the fanfare when it comes to your decorating a


Good morning all
Have a great day and beautiful week end enjoy it
Be happy be smile and do something for your self
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