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Smoke on the Coast 2024 - the Fifth at Whangateau 07/06/2024

Check out this epic video showcasing everything that Smoke on the Coast is, hands down our favorite competition, and has been ever simce our first rodeo 5 years ago! But now for a new reason too! You will see why when you watch the vid ;)

Massive thankyou to our Friends, Family, and most importantly our Sponsors for keeping the dream alive.

Rum and Que
FireBoard NZ
Team Bbqwar
Cutty Sharp Knife Services

I'll be back on the tools again soon enough, away for work at the moment! Can't wait to get back into it!

Smoke on the Coast 2024 - the Fifth at Whangateau Check out the awesome action from Smoke on the Coast 2024 - great BBQ, great weather, awesome people, and so much meat!


from Rum and Que all over some pork belly slices with a side of Truffle, Parmesan and Beef sausages from Mapari Meats

Rolled and cooked on the EspetoSul NZ and Team Bbqwar Riser combo in the Weber Grills GoAnywhere over Heat Beads BBQ Lump charcoal - Devine!

Homegrown is fast proving to be an absolute do anything, seasoning and rub!


The New kid on the block from Rum and Que is making waves around here. We absolutley love it!

Whipped up some bacon sausage and eggs for breakfast today and opted for Homegrown instead of salt and pepper! So glad I did!!

Grab some today and give it a whirl, and let's get the Sharpblacksnz to the world butchers challenge in Paris!

Photos from Carbon Addiction's post 09/05/2024

Its been a whole week since we loaded up the family and the trailer and headed up to Smoke on the Coast at the beautiful Whangateau Holiday Park

I do apologise for the delay in this post, firstly I was lost for words and secondly I have been away for work with minimal cell signal!

Here we go! It’s a read but hang in there 😊

Friday saw us cook up Pure South New Zealand lamb shoulder, And Scotch fillet, William tried his hand at competing against over 20 other young grillaz, as well as "anything with NZ rubs and sauces ancillary" and Swift Ribs NZ st louis cut ribs

Here are Fridays results we came to cook steaks! πŸ₯©

NZBA Lamb- 29th (277/300)πŸ‘
NZBA Ribs- 24th(282/300)πŸ–

Sca steak A, Scott 1st PLACE BABY!!πŸ†πŸŽ«πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

sca steak A, Nakita 10th

sca steak B, Scott 9th

Sca Ancilary "anything with" Nakita: 10th

Sca Ancilary "anything with" Scott: I have no idea! πŸ˜…
Kids on fire William, 20thπŸ₯°

As you all know, steak has been my passion ever since miles’ first day out of hospital after being born where I took 2nd place in my first ever solo SCA. A special mention to Derrick Paull, he has been there for me since that day, and has believed in me and pushed me to keep going ever since. Mate to earn 1st place at your competition, where we started as Ques and Clues 5 years ago was an epic achievement and one ill cherish forever, and I think the hug said it all! Ill never forget our little midnight steak cook on the Saturday night, what a perfect way to thank you for everything that you have done and founding Smoke On The Coast! You leave it in safe hands, and we will be there to help continue the legacy for you!

Right-o! Saturday results!

Huge thanks to Ribs NZ, and Waitoa free range chicken for the premium supplied products.

Overall, 5th out of 36 teams! ☺️

Chicken, finally making noise in the top spots, tied 3 ways for 11th (290/300)

Ribs, ran the exact same profile as the day before and got 2nd (297/300) πŸ₯ˆ

Pork, every day working on this one! 3-way dead tie for 4th (298/300)

Brisket, ok this gutted me, and I’m still kicking myself, oh how much different things could have been! I burnt it, I’ll be honest. 22nd (277/300) 🀦

All and all we are super proud of our achievements over the weekend. It was a mammoth task, but we did it! See you at the next one! Roll on Jack N Smoke

Massive thankyou to our sponsors, without you guys we couldn't do what we do!
Rum and Que
FireBoard NZ
Cutty Sharp Knife Services
Team Bbqwar

And a huge shoutout to Mapari Meats for the amazing pork and brisket we use!


And we are off!

See you soon Smoke on the Coast!


Smoke on the Coast prep is well and truley underway. Heading up to the beautiful Whangateau Holiday Park on thursday, where we first dipped our toes into comp bbq!

Whos coming to have a looksee and watch some of the best bbq chefs the country has on offer battle it out!?

Here's a look into our weekend last year, enjoy!


Absolutely epic show from the Kiwis across the ditch today competing at Meatstock Sydney!

4th place Rum and Que taking the win for the NZ teams
5th place The Smoking Meathouse
6th place Cook Cartel
14th Troy Bilbrough

Well done you lot! Time for a quick rest, see ya on Friday for Smoke on the Coast!


Grab a raffle ticket and help the boys to head to the states to wave the flag for NZ BBQ!

Memphis in May Team BBQWAR fundraiser raffle!! πŸ† πŸ’₯ πŸ”₯

Help support Team BBQWAR travel to Memphis and compete against the best of the best next month!!

$50 a ticket, limited tickets, with over $4000 of prizes

Click on the link to buy a ticket and support the team!

1st Prize
Kiwi Can Q
Espeto Sul Rotisserie
8 piece Starrett knife set
1.75L Bottle of Jack Daniel's
3 racks of Swift ribs
1 x Ultimate Tinfoil
2 x bags Samba charcoal
Rubs and sauces

2nd Prize
Rheem Chilly Bin
Rheem Stoney Creek Jacket
8 piece Starrett knife set
1.75L Bottle of Jack Daniel's
3 racks of Swift ribs
1 x Ultimate Tinfoil
2 x bags Samba charcoal
Rubs and sauces

3rd Prize
Rheem Fishing tackle Bag
Rheem Stoney Creek Jacket
Rheem LED Baseball Cap
2 piece Starrett knife set
1.75L Bottle of Jack Daniel's
BBQWAR Burger Press
2 x bags Samba charcoal
Rubs and sauces

Photos from Kiwi Coffee Karts's post 20/04/2024

Cmon down!

Photos from Baste-On BBQ's post 19/04/2024



We are super proud to announce that BBQ Pro NZ are Back onboard as one of our epic sponsors!

To celebrate we have launched a discount code on the website, use the code Carbon10 at the checkout for 10% off everything on the website.

Make sure to check out the clearance items including:
Napoleon BBQs and accessories all 50% off
Premium Coco-Shel Briquettes 10kgs $39.95
and a massive 50% off all ProQ Products
dont forget to use the code Carbon10 for an extra %10 off!

What else do they sell?? well of course BBQs Thermometers and Accessories! including FireBoard NZ, Pit Barrel NZ , PureQ, ProQ, and TipTopTemp


Hey addicts!

Smoke on the Coast our favoirite competition is coming up quickly in just a few weeks time.

Ever thought about cooking a competition steak? Why not throw your number in the hat so see what its all about?! πŸ˜‰

I'm offering 1 individual that has never competed before a priceless oppurtunity, im offering my time, advice and everything I've learnt in my SCA NZ Group journey including earning the title of north island champion in 2022!πŸ…

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯You can cook along side me (just need your own bbq, accessories and to pay entry fee) I'll help you through eerything thats needed, what the judges are looking for, how to cook the perfect steak. Everything from what you need to bring, to how to hand it in!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Get in touch


Brisket ❀️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀️

Photos from Carbon Addiction's post 31/03/2024

Happy Easter everyone!

What's cookin today??

FireBoard NZ


Ran a Lumnia Lamb shoulder from Pure South New Zealand today on the bronco to get a gauge of what we are in for at Smoke on the Coast, these things are amazing, such epic flavor and so tender!

Roll on SOTC!

Photos from Carbon Addiction's post 24/03/2024

Thanks to Everyone that purchased some Ribs off us yesterday, the feedback has been amazing!!

What's on the pits today?


Hey Everyone!

We are running a fundraiser for our competition barbecue team Carbon Addiction

This weekend we will be practicing our competition spec ribs, and we thought why not share the love, we can't eat em All!

So? Who wants some juicy tender ribs this weekend?!

Flick me Scott Matthews or the Carbon Addiction a DM or email [email protected]

$55 for a full rack of ribs (enough for 2 or 3 people) , $28 for a half rack (enough for 1 or 2 people)

We are based in lower bayview, so happy for pickups or we can drop off for $5 extra in the area

Cash or eftpos avalible

Limited numbers avalible

Alternatively if you wish to donate or potentially discuss sponsorship options please reach out we would love to hear from you.

Thankyou- Scott.

Photos from Carbon Addiction's post 17/03/2024

And this my friends is fomo all summed up! Steak eggs and chips..

Firstly, congratulations to everyone that cooked their hearts out today over in Fort Worth, Texas for the SCA World championship. You have done us all proud! Good luck to those who made their way into the finals tomorrow!

We Popped onto Mapari Meats yesterday and walked out with this STUNNING scotch fillet and decided It needed the full treatment!

Ran my award winning process on the Weber G.A including being rubbed down with Rum and Que intensify, bulldust and finished with garlic butter

The best damn steak I've eaten in some time! So damn tender and perfectly cooked. Honestly the quality of meat rolling out the doors at Mapari is next level! Get in there and find out what it's all about!

Of course the perfect steak could not be achieved without the help from the Team Bbqwar steak weight and riser, FireBoard NZ keeping a close eye on temps making sure it comes off at the exact right temperature and of course Cutty Sharp Knife Services making sure the trimming is carried out with razor sharp knives, sharpened the right way, old-school with stones and a careful hand.

Served up with some southern style coleslaw, garlic bread and a brisket, jalapeΓ±o and cheese kransky.


Good luck to all our kiwi brothers and sisters of the grill competing at the Steak Cookoff Association World championship in texas today!

We are all behind you back home, go well!


I'm not here to put socks on centipedes!!

Happy 40th wedding anniversary mum and dad!


Good luck and God speed to everyone competing over the weekend in nz and america!

Gutted to be missing Brewtown Barbecue Competition this year!

Fomo is at a mouth frothing level and we will experience the weekend through all of your posts!

Do us all proud


On a day like this, nothing beats coming home and cooking up a perfectly tender, perfectly Medium Juicy Scotch fillet steak from Mapari Meats sprinkled with Rum and Que intensify and given the rough comp treatment!

I may have got saturated cooking it bit it was so worth it!

Smashed potatoes, mix veg and pork sausages on the side

I'm off for seconds ;)

Photos from Carbon Addiction's post 03/03/2024

Meatstock Hamilton WOW!

This was simply the biggest moment in our BBQ Journey.

We had an amazing weekend competing alongside over 50 of the best Pitmasters Australia and New Zealand have on offer. we fought, we battled, we celebrated and in our eyes we won!

We had two goals for the weekend and to be able to tick those both off was epic! Hand in every protein to our best standards, and come home with a trophy! not only did Scott get a THIRD in steak on Saturday we heard our names called allot over the two days we were competing. we are stoked!

Day 1 SCA we entered in Steak, Burgers and Anything with Flying Goose AUS & NZ sauces.

Steak, Third place!! Another trophy for my favorite thing to cook! πŸ₯‰
Burgers - 13th πŸ”
Chefs choice - 8th πŸŽ‚

Day 2 - NZBA, chicken, ribs, pork, lamb and brisket

Chicken - 27th, Hang in there chook your time is coming ;)
Pork ribs - 21st
Pork - 7th with a perfect taste score (first time we have managed this!)
Lamb - 32nd
Brisket - 15th
Overall 17th out of 51

Not our best results but definitely our biggest achievement!

MASSIVE congratulations to Matt and Tracey from Rum and Que on winning probably the biggest competition in the southern hemisphere this year! that moment was priceless

Not to forget Cook Cartel consistently in the top tier for second place overall

Huge thankyou to all of our amazing sponsors, we love you guys and couldn't do this without you!

Rum and Que
FireBoard NZ
Cutty Sharp Knife Services
Team Bbqwar

And huge shoutout to some other businesses we use and trust!
Swift Ribs NZ
Aber Living
Heat Beads BBQ
Oklahoma Joe's Smokers NZ
ProQ Smokers
Urban Lumberjack
Mapari Meats

Good luck to everyone competing at next weekend. We will be back for our favorite competition of the year Smoke on the Coast at our favourite camp ground Whangateau Holiday Park on ANZAC weekend!


And in the blink of an eye Meatstock Hamilton is done!

Home and un packed now but absolutely jaded. Will do a post tomorrow.

Oh, this happened too 😜


Guess what, time to see how it all went. Prize giving for the nz bbq superbowl! Meatstock Hamilton!

Man I've got some epic stories to tell you all. But you can all wait πŸ˜‰

Will try and share a link to prize giving if you cant find it, but don't hold me to it...


The butterflies are real, here we are. Awaiting prize giving at Meatstock Hamilton!


Let me paint a picture for you, in 2016 we fell in love with the art of real barbeque.

We were drawn in, we met some amazing people and forged life long freindships.

Times have been hard.

Moments have turned into memories.

Hardship has turned to success.

Over the last 4 years competing we have been working towards being good enough for this event.

We have poured blood, tears sweat and our souls into our passion and love for barbecue.

The times come to test our selves to our limits and push through to be the best we can be!

This weekend we are throwing it ALL out on the table. At the biggest event we have ever been part of, where the passion began for us Meatstock Hamilton baby!!

Lets fu***ng go!

Photos from Carbon Addiction's post 11/02/2024

Stepped outside my comfort zone today and pampered mum for her birthday

After a quick stop to Mapari Meats this morning for a couple of beautiful scotch fillets and a pork belly fit for the God's I headed home to start on lunch.

Lunch was :
Salt and Pepper Scotch fillet with chimmichuri, recipe courtesy of Black Dog BBQ.
Creamy prawns.
Cheezy wine and garlic sauce Smoked crayfish tail with apple wood from Urban Lumberjack.
Rum and Que Garlic butter crayfish tail.
All served on toasted Italian bread.

Then the main course for dinner pork belly with szechuan inspired beans, brocolli salad, and buttered lemon carots for dinner, sadly no photos as family took priority over the camera but it was out of this world good.

Bellies are happy and hearts are full β™₯️

All cooked on the Oklahoma Joe's Smokers NZ Bronco with Heat Beads BBQ Lump charcoal and the trusty Weber Grills go anywhere with the Team Bbqwar riser and GrillGrate


Photos from Meatstock Hamilton's post 05/02/2024

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯FINAL CALL!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

See ya there, going to be a weekend to remember!

Photos from Meatstock Hamilton's post 29/01/2024

Show of hands who we are gonna see over the weekend?!

I dont wanna hear any excuses πŸ˜†

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Smoke on the Coast prep is well and truley underway. Heading up to the beautiful Whangateau Holiday Park on thursday, wh...
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Practice cook of a Lumina Lamb shoulder from Pure South New Zealand for Smoke on the Coast
Let me paint a picture for you, in 2016 we fell in love with the art of real barbeque.We were drawn in, we met some amaz...
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