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Likolo likoalia neng for mariha 2022
Let the shine💥
Ngoanenoa haele ena o nketsetsa liretse but butleng nthong tsa batho ketlo shoa le ena
Why Liquid fill the bottom of a container?
Why Solids have a definite shape?
Joo makhethisa ere kele joetse mhk ke mathela skolo so kele under 15 joale ka basiya sebile Barr ke moholo seke Matha lema under 17 🙂🙂🙂
Keep it up please pool up your socks so that you
Good day everyone. Our Computer Training company is running great specials
for the month of February.
R800 will get you a Computer Basics and MS Office Level 1&2 course and a Certificate
Click the link for details:
Bathong like li results hleng kapo haleya sebetsa hantle 😭😭😭
Naa lebota lee le ntse le sebetsa?
Results guys
The date tomorrow is 20th December( lifestyle) 2021 so are you ready😣😹😹🤡

The school was established in 1979 under the chieftaincy of the late Chief Seoehla Khethisa Tau. Khethisa High School is a government aided school belonging to Lesotho Evangelical Church under registration number 222007.

Our mission is to nurture a holistic child in terms of spirit, intellect, emotion and appearance. We mould young people to become skillful leaders and responsible citizens with an international outlook. Inspired by our motto: 'Let the sun shine and see the bright future', we are determined to make a difference.


Please note that the deadline for submission of 2023 Grade 8 application forms is extended to Saturday, 15th October 2022. This means that those who failed to submit the application forms should come along with them on the interview day.


2023 Grade 8 Applicants who sent their application forms via e-mail should ensure that they get replies acknowledging receipt of their applications. If there is no acknowledgement, it means your application was not received.


Please be reminded that 2023 Grade 8 Interview Sessions will be held on Saturday, 15th October 2022. Deadline for submission of application forms is Thursday, 13th October 2022.

Please give this the widest publicity.


Notice is hereby made that the date for Grade 8 Interview Session for 2023 has been changed from Friday 21st October 2022 to Saturday 15th October 2022. Deadline for submission of application forms is consequestly changed to Thursday 13 October 2022.

We regret the inconvenience caused by this.

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2023 Grade 8 Application Form.

This form should be hand delivered on or before 18 October 2022 with M50.00 non-refundable application fee payable to the bursary. Written interviews on the four core subjects (Sesotho, English, Mathematics and Science) will be held on the 21 October 2022.

Alternatively, this form can be sent electronically in PDF format to [email protected] bearing "2023 Grade 8 APPLICATION" as Subject of the e-mail. Application fee will be paid to the bursary on the interview day.

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Please give this the widest publicity


Rena le ho hetla morao moo re tsoang teng...!




Unto the Lord be the glory!

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President, deputy president, Executive secretary and Deputy Executive secretary of the student council.

We are very proud of our leaders this year.

Photos from Khethisa High School's post 27/02/2022

2022 Student Council Inauguration Day.

What is Student Leadership?

Student leadership means students take active roles in their education and develop positive skills in the process. The goal of inspiring student leaders is to create a culture of ownership, collaboration and community in the school. Student leadership development helps create skills that the students can carry over to adulthood.

KHETHISA H.S fosters Student leadership qualities through many different activities.


Tsebiso! Tsebiso! Tsebiso!

Ho tlaba le phutheho ea batsoali ba bana ba Grade 11 ka Labohlano lala 25/02/2022.

Phutheho e tla qala ka hora ea Leshome hoseng.

Rea leboha.
Tsebiso ka botsamaisi ba sekolo.


Phutheho ea batsoali


Application form for Grade 8, for the year 2021.



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Inaugural ceremony of Khethisa High School students' Council- We go for Gold



ON THE 07/02/2020 @ 1100



We are amongst the few schools that were selected to pilot the new syllabus, as such we are nolonger having junior certificate students. All our students are now doing LGCSE from grade 8 up wards.


Let the sun shine....


Our 2019 Science Club - Achieving excellence through commitment.

Its always our pride to add a smile on our principal's face.

We remember what our science club teacher said when we started this year. He said to us; "structure follows strategy"
And he went on to tell us how important it is to have good strategy in place before we can embark on the road.

This year we managed to bring 7 trophies from all science competitions.....# ha ke re shapeleng science club matsoho!



Ho tsebisoa batsoali le bana ba ngotseng Form C ka 2018 Khethisa HS ka kopano ea ts'ohanyetso e tla ba ka labobeli lala 08/01/2019 hoseng ka 0900hrs, bana bona ka laboraro la LA 09/01/2019 ka 0800hrs

Tsebiso ka mosuoe hlooho.




Top tens 8
Merit 26
First 51
Sec 88
Third 1
Ungraded 0
Let the sun shine and see the bright future!


To our 2017 Form Es After final exam

Our final words to u, kip them fresh and sound.
"You have to leave the city of
your comfort and go into the
wilderness of your intuition. You
can't get there by bus, only by
hard work and risk and by not
quite knowing what you're doing,
but what you'll discover will be
wonderful. What you'll discover
will be yourself."

Tsela ts'oeu bana ba rona, Molimo a be le lona.

Now Rona re le mesuoe Ea lona re phethile mosebetsi Oa Rona ho lona, tsamaeang and face the world with boldness.

As you start your journey, the
first thing you should do is throw
away that store-bought map and
begin to draw your own.

Our happiness is your success.


Khethisa HS Teachers vs Ex-students from tertiaries around Maseru

We are ever proud of our students who leave our school to pursue their studies. They are also proud of their school. As such, there will be a FRIENDLY FOOTBALL MATCH on the 14 October 2017.

Venue: Lits'ilo Stadium.

All are invited to such a wonderful time. Its worth coming.


Once again....Khethisa HS brought yet another smile on our faces...
Last week Science club made us proud.
This week our school choir maintained their position again Champ of Champs for second time in a row....

It's really a wonderful day at Khethisa HS. Our choir conductor is the best in the world. We really thank God.


Dear Form Cs n Es , 2017 group, we wish to remind you Ka selekane sa Khomo between Khethisa n Molapo HS. We know that you have all what it takes to bring the same glory in our school.

Re le tsepile haholo our beloved. Last year Khethisa HS got position 1 in Leribe in both LGCSE Mathematics and Biology.

We know you are going to maintain the same record.

Let the sun shine!

Timeline photos 26/03/2017

Khethisa HS Science Club was invited to exhibit a science project at the Earth Hour event on Saturday 25/03/2017.

The programme was held at Lehakoe in Msu. The boys did very well to put our school on the map. We r very proud of you boys. Keep it up.


Lesotho Education is now changing in a very significant manner..... The Physics and Mathematics we teach in Form D, is now in Form A. We no longer have Form A, we call it Grade 8.
These changes start from tomorrow. Dear X students, those hu were doing science, plz hlp ur little brothers n sisters whn thy get home wth assignments.


Ha Likhang e fihla hae lapeng

Timeline photos 24/02/2017

Khomo ea lona keeo hee retsoa e lata Molapo!


Hale chaba re tlabe re kokota ka Molapo hs reeo lata khomo ea molatelle ke bua ka Likhang bahesong hleng! Ke kopa tsela ntate,w r nothing without U! LET THE SUN SHINE!!!!!!


May we please have the admission requirements from different institutions please. All people who can help we need them in our group.


Metsoalle thusang bana ba rona hleng,hothoe NUL hoso apply online,joale hare qeta ho download lifomo li tlatsetsoa hona moo kapa we print nd fill den?mr Lekhooana buang na bana ba etseng?


A* 8
A 60
B 204
C 331
D 252
E 141
F 63
U 19
Top Achievers 6
District ranking 4
National Ranking 11
people united shall never be defeated#
the cow must come back#

Timeline photos 28/01/2017

Another step forward at Khethisa HS.... Now introducing Chess.

This is open for all students, from any club. Today we have visitors from Lesotho Sports and Recreation Council. They are facilitating chess game to our students.

Very interesting activity with good attendance of students.


JC Results 2016
4 top tens
10 merits
53 first classes
101 second classes
Viva Khethisa Viva
the cow must back!

Timeline photos 24/09/2016

The one and only Khethisa Marvellous Voices Lesma 2016 champ of champs

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