For all your skin problems



Available for M100 call or WhatsApp 63604848. Or get it Lesotho Kingsway Mall


Available for M100 call or WhatsApp 63604848. Or get it Lesotho Kingsway Mall

Photos from Botle's post 09/09/2021

She has a week now using Botle soap and cream and the results are already astonishing. We are the best skin care providers and thats a fact. Re fumaneha Kingsway Mall ground floor pela my loan or on 63604848


Sesepa sa rona se thusana haholo bakeng sa Eczema, Makhopo, letlalo le botsikinyane le rash. Se monya mafura letlalong. Se fumaneha ka M100 fela re fumaneha Kingsway Mall, ground floor next to My Loan. Call/whatsapp us on 63604848



Photos from Botle's post 06/08/2021

Introducing Coffee and Charcoal facial and body scrub... exfoliation is good for our skin. E fumane Kingsway Mall,ground floor Maseru. Call/whatsapp 63604848


We offer the same quality and our aim is to make you look good and glow 🎀 get Botle Cream for M80 now on promotion we are located at Kingsway Mall Maseru

Facial and body cream e ipabolang ka makhabane a eona e ‘ngoe fela ka hara naha ka mona ke Botle🎀

Photos from Botle's post 18/02/2021


Photos from Botle's post 02/01/2021

New year new beginnings... lets try and restore back our beauty. Introducing botle🎀 glow tablets, vitamin E oil, soap and coffee and charcoal scrub this month 🛍

Photos from Botle's post 29/09/2020

Photos from Botle's post

Photos from Botle's post 29/09/2020



Facial and body cream e ipabolang ka makhabane a eona e ‘ngoe fela ka hara naha ka mona ke Botle🎀


The only cream that works as promised🎀
Iphumanele ya hao ka litheko tse tlase tlase!!
40g for M100
20g for 55
Whatsapp me on 63604848 (whatsapp only) or inbox

The lady on the picture is still on her treatment and the results are showing already 💃🏻💃🏻

Photos from Botle's post 15/06/2020

The only cream in Lesotho that will never disappoint you!!!

Whatsapp us on 63604848 to place an order 🎀

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Special! Special!!!!
Get 40g for M100.00 ONLY

Restore your BEAUTY With Botle🎀

Bua le nna ho 57419186 kapa 62228986
Whatsapp only 63604848


Bakeng sa lefafatsane baneng le
Bathong ba baholo letlalo le omellang kapa le bang lets’o ha ele maria.
Esebelisoa le ke ngoana oa lesea a qetang ho hlaha!

Ke 55 fela
Bua le nna ka
Whatsapp:) 63604848
Ntetsetse ho 🙂 62228986/ 57419186


Fumana Botle🎀 ba hao now before the Lockdown....

Call:57419186 or 62228986
Whatsapp only: 63604848

Photos from Botle's post 10/03/2020

So far we are still happy with the feedback from you guys 🙏

Get Botle🎀today

Photos from Botle's post 24/02/2020

Yet another happy customer!!
Hoza Botle🎀.....💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Yours for just M55.00

Whatsapp me on 63604848 to order or give me a call on +26662228986. Or 57419186

Photos from Botle's post 19/02/2020

Because patience😁
Whatsapp 63604848 or call
62228986/57419186 to order yours


4 days of using Botle🎀= a happy client


Botle🎀 ke makoya


We are now in Pretoria....SA hello👋👋
Get Botle🎀 on +27 78 247 1097


Find us here...

Photos from Botle's post 28/01/2020

Haole mmali otla ipalla ebe o nka qeto... Botle🎀 ke makoya ebile ha hona skin product etla tshoana le ena at all!!

Jwale baneng banang le dry skin le eczema hakesa bua 💪💪

Give it a try and be happy
We choose Botle🎀

Whatsapp 63604848 and get yours


Lil story of how we came up with Botle🎀. So i had a skin problem( chubaba) and my lil girl had Eczema, we tried our local dermatologists bt the healing process was taking too long that we lost hope. I went to one of the dermatologist recommeded by a sister in south Africa when we got there this idian dermatologist gave us a body cream...i mean no injection, no pill!! I was like how can i come this far for just a simple body lotion?? The guy was like; "try it and tell me its just a lotion after"..🤔🤔 my daughter and i used the cream after 2 days of using it her eczema was vanished 🙌 and i was like wow!! Then in about a week chubaba eaka yaba entse e hlaka hanyane, hanyane ka libeke ho palama🧐🧐 till i was absolutely happy with this cream

I then made a deal with my owesome dermatologist bcoz i knew i was not the only one undergoing the skin problem in my country and i knew the product will help most of my brothers and sisters in our country😁😁

I gave this cream the name of Botle🎀 it is now working wonders within the country and 98% of whose who tried it are happy.



We are looking For Botle sales Agents from the below mentioned districts:
Qacha's nek
Thaba Tseka

If interested please whatsapp us on 63604848
Or call 62228986 or 57419186
Batho ba rekisang ka bokhabane keba sebelisang product hobane ba tseba makhabane a yona 🎀🎀


To our beautiful clients;Botle🎀 wishes you all a happy new year, may all the problems and tribulations of 2019 vanish with it 2nyt...

Botle🎀 for Botle ba hao...


Botle changed my life in jst a month! To think i was told that it will take approximately 2years for this horrible melasma to be vanished, this i was told by one of the country's best dermatologist and that would have cost me couple of thousands! Bt with less than M300.00that i spent on Botle🎀 I am more than happy with my new look😍😍
Be like me and use Botle🎀

Call 57419186 :62228986
Whatsapp: 64604848

Photos from Botle's post 20/12/2019

Our friday morning motivation
We are Botle🎀
Order yos for M55 only
Calls: 62228986/57419186

Fumana Botle Butha Buthe,Hlotse,Maputsoe,Ty, Maseru, Mafeteng le Mohale's hoek


Botha buthe client is happy after jst 2weeks since she has been using Botle🎀


Botle🎀 eo ts'oere jwang??


Mohale's hoek where at??
Inbox me if you are in Mohale's hoek serele teng ka Botle🎀






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