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Second hand Soccer boots & Brand new Soccer boots, Brand new and second hand mobile phones available

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 08/11/2023

We still have some available boots from size 7 to size 10

Goalkeeper gloves available from size 10

Soccer sleeves available.... colours Green,Black & white.

Kindly WhatsApp or call if you need one (57582451/62695614)

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 01/11/2023

We are left with ....4 pairs of soccer boots for Adidas copa mundial from size 7 to size 10

We have available soccer sleeves socks⚽🔥🔥🔥

4 pairs for goalkeeper gloves size 10

So from tomorrow you can start purchasing your orders for new stock...ho fella on monday before 10Am...thank you all my supporters 🙏🏿🏆🔥🔥🔥😊we deliver world wide distance it's not a barrier to a good business.

kindly WhatsApp or call for more information [57582451/62695614]✓

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 27/10/2023

Finally our stock has arrived guys, Let's come and finish them!I would also like to thank you all my supporters!⚽🙏🏿🔥🏆❤️Ekare Molimo aka leetsa hantle kaufela,Ke leboha ho menahane!🙏🏿

Kopa batho baneba kentse li order tsabona tleba n'comfirm inbox, Again retlo hloka ho purchase our next orders fast e chaile guys h**e thepa etle qetelle e fihlile ka nako
Soccer sleeves socks M90.00 a pair
Goalkeeper gloves available M1400.00
Soccer boots start from as little as
M1200.00 to M1800.00 for now li price litlo change hanyane this month end.

Ke fumaneha Maseru ha pita near villa clinic

Kindly WhatsApp or call [57582451/62695614] open 24/7

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 26/09/2023

We are left with 1 pair of soccer can fit between...size 5,6,7
Adidas copa mundial,Black colour

Goalkeeper gloves size 7

Soccer sleeves socks,.....1 pair.. colour yellow 🤝🏾

For more details (57582451),We are also thank you for your support guys!⚽🏆🔥🔥, Let's get prepared good things are coming 😊🤝🏾

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 22/09/2023

Let's start purchasing our orders from now, Until monday morning before 11:00Am...
If you need anything hit me up um our plug,I sell all sports kit.

Mpesa 57582451
And eco cash available.. please confirm inbox after purchasing your deposit... remember we take 60% only.....

Order takes 7 to 13 days after shipping... remember we buy our products here ...UK, Vietnam,China & Turkey...good quality with an affordable prices...🇱🇸🇱🇷🔥🏆⚽

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 20/09/2023

Finally order has been collected 🤝🏾🔥⚽🇱🇸🇱🇷... Remember we deliver worldwide😊
Distance is not a barrier to a good business!
We have some few available pairs now & we are looking forward for more orders,Thank you for your support.🙏🏿🤎🔥⚽🏆

Available items

Adidas copa Mudual new,Model
Price M1200.00
Goalkeeper gloves sale price M850.00
Size 6 available now
Soccer sleeve socks M90.00 a pair

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 31/08/2023

🇱🇷🇱🇸Our brand new Upcoming stock for soccer boots,Sleeve socks,and goalkeeper gloves!
Price range
From M1200-1800....all for sale now,

This is what you will get as soon,If you want your own model,Just purchase your order and send your favourite boots pictures to us,🙂🔥🔥💪,Remember we sell high quality products only in our store!


I need people who are Really sure horr ba ready for ho reka soccer boots

Adidas copa ba mphe li size tsabona re bue inbox..... remember prices are going to change we are on sale now


Photos from Soccer boots store's post 21/08/2023

You all can Start purchasing your orders from Now, until Friday in the morning,

Soccer boots all sizes are available on order
We also sell outfits
Goalkeeper gloves
Soccer socks all available

Bank account ,Cash in fumaneha ha pita near villa clinic
Lay-by available on order🙏🏿,we also have readily available products!

We are here to serve you all players and supporters 😊⚽🏆🔥🔥,.......Contact us WhatsApp or call (+266 57582451).... Remember we sell High quality products only😌

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 19/08/2023

We have 3 pairs left size 5,6,6 available.

Remember layby is available for 2 months😊same price...

You can also send order deposit,by next week we gonna buy more boots😊⚽🏆🤝🏾

Order deposit allowed
Use:Mpesa,Ecocash & bank account

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 17/08/2023

Finally the boots has arrived,from size 5 to size 8..... Remember next week we need more orders!🏆⚽we are here to serve you!😊.....we need to shine footballers🔥🎖️🏆⚽

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 05/08/2023

Um your plug You all players, football Teams,And supporters if you need anything hook me up um here for you all sports lovers☺️⚽

May Got bless you all,You may have a great day ahead!🙏🏿🕯️🛐🏆

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 02/08/2023

We also have this running shoes,which are available on order, Inbox me if you need them☺️


Remember tomorrow we will start purchasing our order till monday😊, Goalkeeper gloves are on sale now🔥🔥🔥,nike, Adidas and puma inbox me for order deposit

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 31/07/2023

These is what we will have this week, Remember we will start purchasing our orders tomorrow up to next week monday

If you have ordered this boots you will enjoy🔥😊🔥🔥,very good, comfortable and high quality..👌👌🔥💦


From next week Wednesday you can start purchasing your orders!😊


Good Morning Followers and Friends,Next week Our Goalkeeper gloves will Be on sale!😊🥳

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 25/07/2023

Your orders will arrive next week, People who have ordered 😌🔥🔥🤎,,We sell brand new soccer boots,Goal keeper Gloves,and Football outfit!

If you need to make an order or need more information call or WhatsApp us here +266 57582451!We offer you Quick response and a good service!👏🏼


We are placing the order,of soccer boots next week Tuesday,brands,Nike,Adidas,Puma

Only brand new😊🔥,so if you need one inbox me!and choose your favourite Labels

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 15/07/2023

For you all goal keepers you will get this,soon

Photos from Soccer boots store's post 11/07/2023

Our brand new high quality, Upcoming stock.....Nike and Adidas only for now🔥🔥🔥☺️

If you need,Them contact me WhatsApp (+266 57582451)

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