"Anjalendran’s works are very much considerate of sustainable living. Anjalendran was in a position to use easier, non-sustainable materials because they were easily accessible, and yet he chose not to. When we worked on the SOS Children's Village of Sri Lanka, for instance, much of the material we used were of sustainable choices. Considering long-term maintenance as well, the materials that were used were sustainable and he was considerate of every detail. In retrospect, I think that before the concept of ‘green building’ emerged, Anjalendran’s buildings have, for a long time, been much closer to nature. " - Engineer, Deepal Wickremasinghe, on C. Anjalendran for ARTRA Magazine, Architecture of Anjalendran E62. Await full article on

To purchase your copy/copies for yourself, loved ones, colleagues and for your table tops call us on +9477 570 1891. You may also purchase your copies from BAREFOOT, Paradise Road Sri Lanka, Paradise Road Galleries, PR and the ARTRA office at the 10th floor, Parkland, Park Street, Colombo 02 ( Mon - Fri | 9am - 5pm with prior appointments) or call +9477 570 1891 for doorstep delivery.

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Caught in between two worlds

Barbara Sansoni @ the Garden of Eden

A few days back, I visited this wonderful place. I'm simply astonished as if I was in paradise down there. I still carry this beautiful flower from there.

"I come from there as a young and radiant woman to accomplish some other things undone. There is a lot to explore. There is a lot to do."

Kala Suri Barbara Sansoni (22 April 1928 – 23 April 2022) was a Sri Lankan designer, artist, colourist, entrepreneur, and writer. She was known for her works in architecture, textile designs, and handwoven panels. She founded the Barefoot textile company, a company that is highly acclaimed for its handloom fabric. - Wikipedia

"Anjalendran is a social phenomenon; from his unique personality to his idiosyncrasies, and yet, there is an interaction between him and society. It is this way of thinking that also defines the civility of society as well, by distinguishing the way in which they embrace these idiosyncrasies, as they are open to that change, that they welcome his extreme personality and want to adopt it. This is also an example of how he influences that class or society of people, in which he promotes to accept cultural authenticities. As a cultural conduit, Anjalendran inhabits societies and the significance of his impact is seen in how society responds to him." - Contemporary Artist, Jagath Weerasinghe, on C. Anjalendran for ARTRA Magazine, Architecture of Anjalendran E62. Await full article on

To purchase your copy/copies for yourself, loved ones, colleagues and for your table tops call us on +9477 570 1891. You may also purchase your copies from BAREFOOT, Paradise Road Sri Lanka, Paradise Road The Gallery Café, PR and the ARTRA office at the 10th floor, Parkland, Park Street, Colombo 02 ( Mon - Fri | 9am - 5pm with prior appointments) or call +9477 570 1891 for doorstep delivery.

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𝑩𝒂𝒓𝒃𝒂𝒓𝒂 𝑺𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒊
23 April 1928 – 23 April 2022

My earliest memory of her was from when I was four years (or so) of age. She'd brought me the Barefoot Mouse- an iconic fabric toy - and asked me if I liked it.
Being generally dazed & confused (between the ages of 3 & 32) I responded with a vigorous shake of the head - "No".
She laughed and coaxed it out of me - I didn't like the tail for some reason. Out of her large (obviously BAREFOOT bag) came out - and I still remember gazing at them in wonder - a giant pair of scissors with which she docked that tail right off.
She cropped her own design to make this brat happy.

Here's to an iconic lady - a wonderful heart beneath a riot of colour and joy in every sense.
Barbara Sansoni was born amongst the mountainous regions of Kandy, Sri Lanka in 1928 on the twenty-second day of April to Bertha Daniel and R. Y. Daniel of the Ceylon Civil Service. Barbara grew up amidst varying cultural experiences of Ceylon as a result of her father’s occupation as Assistant Government Agent. His postings took him to Batticaloa, Mannar, Matara, Kurunegala and Kandy, taking them from one town to another in succession. She was educated at a boarding school in Kodaikanal, South India after which she studied for a year at St. Bridget’s Convent for her Higher School Certificate in 1945. She then went on to study in England for five years at the Regent Street Polytechnic. In 1952, Barbara married Hildon Sansoni, and gave birth to their children, Simon and Dominic. In 1981 after the demise of Hildon in 1979, Barbara married Dr. Ronald Lewcock. Despite her perpetual movements during which she hardly committed to a fixed location, she grew with a community of artists, designers, architects and friends who were likeminded.

Read the full portrait of Barbara Sansoni featured on ARTRA Magazine E60 (2021) from

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Nestled in the heart of Colombo, the dining experience that you obtain from Table by Taru is simply unmatched with its exemplary 1960s modern architecture and equally delectable food. It is a fine dining experience like no other.

To learn more about what you can expect, purchase the latest issue now available on Pickme :

The latest issue of the magazine is also available on UberEats, Celeste Daily, Sarasavi Book Shop, Vijitha Yapa Bookshop (Pvt) Ltd., Home, @Cargills FoodCity, Cool Planet, @BAREFOOT bookshop, Dilly & Carlo, Poru Flore, IC Collection, The Gourmet Boutique - Sri Lanka, EatMe and SPAR Sri Lanka
"I can hear the colours of my paintings creating diverse sounds.This journey, in my thought, should be taken in silence and simplicity in expression." - Kingsley Gunatillake's latest exhibition, 'Oto (Sound) will be showcased at the Barefoot Gallery from the 21st of April to the 22nd of May.

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本日は、色鮮やかなテキスタイルが魅力のBAREFOOTの創業者であり同ブランドのチーフデザイナーあるバーバラサンソーニ(Barbara Sansoni)の94回目の誕生日です(1928年4月22日生まれ)。







【A Worlds of Colour】4分36秒
監督・撮影:Misha Conrad
写真:Dominic Sansoni

#スリランカ #barefoot #BarbaraSansoni #ベアフット #バーバラサンソーニ
ARTRA Magazine's 'Architecture of Anjalendran' Edition, printed copies are out now. "Living legend, C. Anjalendran is a spirited modernist who draws from Sri Lanka’s rich vernacular traditions in his authentic approach to architecture. Simple and sincere in his applied art, Anjalendran's refined eye and erudite understanding of the artistic mind distinguishes his buildings to be of cultural integrity, vicarious in character and respectful to the environment. As we enter our decennium, we take great pride in publishing this inaugural edition of our milestone year”- Azara Jaleel

The main essay for this edition ‘More from Less’ is written by David Robson, revered architect and critic David Robson as well as short essays of the prolific works of Anjalendran. We also conversed extensively with Anjalendran’s family, friends and colleagues, Radhika Coomaraswamy, S. Dharmavasan, Julie van der Bliek,
Jagath Weerasinghe, Rajiv Wanasundera & Deepal Wickremasinghe.

To purchase your copy/copies for yourself, loved ones, colleagues and for your table tops call us on +9477 570 1891. You may also purchase your copies from BAREFOOT, Paradise Road Sri Lanka, Paradise Road The Gallery Café, PR and the ARTRA office at the 10th floor, Parkland, Park Street, Colombo 02 ( Mon - Fri | 9am - 5pm with prior appointments) or call +9477 570 1891 for doorstep delivery.

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Fareed Uduman (1917-1985) was an artist who, in his time, remained unknown. Many of his paintings were untitled and unsigned. A posthumous exhibition of his works, "Odd Man Out" was held at Gallery 706 in 1993. The artist's oil paintings as well as selected copies of his political cartoons will be on exhibit at the Barefoot Gallery till the 16th of April, 2022.

#artra #dailyartra #srilankanartmagazine #artramagazine #srilankanartmagazine #srilankanart #srilankanartist BAREFOOT
ARTRA Magazine's E60 encapsulated the colourful and wondrous life of one of Sri Lanka's foremost art legacies, Barbara Sansoni. From conversations with renowned artists and critics, friends and family, as well as a curated selection of exquisite line drawings and paintings, ARTRA Magazine’s Barbara Sansoni Drawings, capture the artist’s astute play of colour and geometry, wit and humour, along with her adoration for picturesque buildings across the island. You may purchase your own copy of ARTRA Magazine E60, 'Barbara Sansoni Drawings' on on or call +9477 570 1891 to reserve your copy.

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Barefoot is a store, bookshop, gallery, cafe, performance space and place to hang out

Operating as usual


Wishing you all a gentle and safe Vesak ❤



Our cushion covers come in two different sizes and are available in a variety of stripe and plain styles.

Made with our handwoven fabric, the designs vary depending on what our in house designers decide to put on the loom. These designs are then woven by our talented and skilled weavers at our weaving centres.

This is how we at Barefoot are able to offer a vast selection of different fabrics.


Photos from BAREFOOT's post 06/05/2022

Our vegetable dying process produces beautifully unpredictable colour. This is not seen as a flaw but an intrinsic part of our fabric. Sustainable, nontoxic and biodegradable, our dyes are made from plant roots, flowers, leaves, fruit and discarded sawdust from wood mills. An organic binding agent fixes the dyes into the cotton yarn from which our hand woven fabrics are created.

* * *

Every piece at Barefoot is unique and individually handmade.

Photos from BAREFOOT's post 05/05/2022

Mother's day is just around the corner! Here are some gift ideas to celebrate them on this special day ❤


She walks in Colour 🧡💛💙


Our clothes are made from our lovely, colourful handwoven fabric. We tend to stick to simple rectilinear proportions and our colours are inspired by land and seascapes, earth, plants and animals of Sri Lankan.


You can shop our clothing collections and other textiles at our Colombo and Galle Shops as well as from our online store.

Barbara Sansoni: Shades of a pioneer 04/05/2022

Barbara Sansoni: Shades of a pioneer

David Robson remembers the life and times of our Barbara

Barbara Sansoni: Shades of a pioneer In April, Barbara Sansoni died at her home in Colombo, a few minutes after her 94th birthday. She was the last surviving member of a pioneering group of creative designers and makers, among them Bevis and Geoffrey Bawa, Ena de Silva and Laki Senanayake, who were born during the final decades of the....


Our new opening hours ✨


Eid Mubarak!
Wishing a happy and peaceful time to all our friends celebrating.


The lovely details of our prithipura mats.


These beautifully hand-knotted mats are made by the Prithipura Communities in Wattala using Barefoot fabric.

Each one is unique, strong and colourful, perfect for livening up the living space. Prithipura Communities provides a loving home across 4 locations in Sri Lanka to 250 people with disabilities in order to develop their abilities and independence.


Simple Elegance with Barefoot✨


Here comes the Sun🎼 ☀️

We love this luminary collection of Manel Jagoda's hand painted ceramics. Each one is individually hand painted and no two pieces are the same.


These beautiful ceramics are available at both the Barefoot Flagship store in Colombo and at Barefoot store in the Galle Fort.


A close up of the Dumbara details ✨

* * *

UNESCO has recognized the skill of the the craftspeople of Uda Dumbara, a skill which has now been added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We have been fortunate to work together with Somawansa Snr and his family for over 35 years now. It has and continues to be the most interesting, inspiring and creative of partnerships.


The Unmarriageable Man by Ashok Ferrey is longlisted for the Gratien Prize 2021.

Having lost his mother at a young age, Sanjay de Silva lives in Colombo under the thumb of a controlling father. When his father is diagnosed with cancer, he feels the ground shift under his feet, the balance of power realigning. Though it is something he has dreamed of all his life, he is uneasy when it happens. Learning that he is entitled to live in England, thanks to his English mother, he moves to London.

It is 1980, the start of the glorious Thatcher years, when every girl looks like princess Diana but not every boy looks like Prince Charles. He meets and falls in love with a fellow Sri Lankan, Janine, who is old enough to be his mother and infamous in the acid-tongued Sri Lankan community.

This is the story of an Asian builder in south London. But at its heart, The Unmarriageable Man is about grief: how each of us copes in our inimitable way with the hidden mysteries of family and the loss of loved ones. Because, as Sanjay is about to find out, grief is only the transmutation of love, of the very same chemical composition-liquid, undistllled-the one inevitably turning into the other, like ice to water.


In the early hours of this morning, our remarkable founder Barbara passed away. She had just celebrated her birthday the day before, and passed peacefully surrounded by loved ones. It is not an overstatement to say she changed our lives in Sri Lanka and inspired many globally. We will continue to embody her legacy of joy, colour and love. When we see colour, we see her and she will guide us in this next chapter, asking us to be bold and fearless, just as she was.

Our stores will be closed on Sunday and Monday to pay respects to Barbara.
Please wear a little extra colour today to celebrate with us the life she led.
Thank you and our love to all.

Barbara Sansoni-Lewcock
22/4/1928 - 23/4/2022

Photos from BAREFOOT's post 22/04/2022

Build your own mini aquarium with our fun and colourful collection of Sea themed toys!

Made with our handwoven fabric and finished with delicate crochet detailing, the Sea Collection are colourful and fun toys that can be used to familiarise kids with the many wonderful members of the marine family.

The Sea collection is currently available at our Colombo flagship store.


For further inquiries please contact us on whats app +94773882811 or email [email protected]


Wishing our matriarch and founder Barbara a very happy birthday! She turns 94 today🥳

Thank you dearest Barbara for all the fun and colour over the years. We love you very much ❤️


Garnet top

Available in a variety of colours, our Garnet top follows our rectilinear tradition and pairs perfectly with either pants or a sarong. The high neck is fastened with a single button made from coconut and the structured loose fit makes for an elegant look. ✨

The Garnet top is currently available at our Colombo store!


For further inquiries please contact us on whats app +94773882811 or email [email protected]

Photos from BAREFOOT's post 18/04/2022

Our lovely and colourful Sea Banner - a wall hanging designed for a children's room however certainly not restricted to that!


Sri Lanka is an island nation blessed with an incredible array of marine life and this banner is our little ode to that 🌊🐠🐟


Wishing you all a gentle and happy Easter ❤🌼


Pictured above is a necklace from Barefoot's beautiful handmade jewellery collection.

Barefoot does its very best to utilise every piece of fabric we have. Using remaining silk & cotton and cotton fabric, our clever designers made a collection of accessories of which our fabric jewellery is a part of.

You can find them at both our Colombo store and Galle fort store. For further inquiries please contact us on whats app +94773882811 or email [email protected]


Wishing everyone a peaceful and radiant new year ✨ May this year be better than the last and may we all continue to stand together and work towards a happier and more prosperous future for all Sri Lankans ❤

Happy New Year,

with all our love,



Today’s highlight is:
Avurudu in Sri Lanka by Peummi Premathiratne.

Sri Lanka is a country with some of the richest traditions and customs passed down, here is the chance for your child to learn those New Year Rituals and Ceremonies with fun and vibrant illustrations bringing life to these long-lived traditions.

Each year, Rusiru looks forward to visiting his grandparents for Avurudu. He has lots of fun with his sisters, parents, and grandparents at their Mahagedara up in the hills and away from the city.

Come join Rusiru as he tells us all about his Avurudu holiday. Tell us what you enjoy most about Avurudu. Hope you have a wonderful Avurudu this year!


Available in a variety of colours, our Gardenia Blouse has a relaxed fit and pairs perfectly with either a sarong or pants! The thick straps of this tunic style top have delicate crochet detailing, detailing which is expanded on beautifully at the hemline. ✨

The Gardenia Blouse is now available at our Colombo store!


For further inquiries please contact us on whats app +94773882811 or email [email protected]

Photos from BAREFOOT's post 08/04/2022

Available in a variety of colours, our Katarolu blouse is mid length top with a relaxed fit. With thin straps and adjustable pull tie at the waist, the top is finished with delicate crochet detailing on the torso and on the hemline. ✨

Now available at our Colombo store!


For further inquiries please contact us on whats app +94773882811 or email [email protected]

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Book launch: Life Under the Palms
A story of a loom...




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