Tamago-DB is the easy-to-use, multilingual, multicultural cloud based platform designed with modern

•Clean and simple layout that is fast, intuitive and easy to use
•Interface and input in Japanese,English, Chinese and Spanish.
•Fast multilingual resume parsing and upload in Japanese and English, considerably reducing data entry time
•LinkedIn import tool to effortlessly important candidate profiles
•Mail and calendar synchronisation with main email providers – including Outlook & Google - im

Entrepreneur | The Key Strategy to Building a Winning Team 21/02/2023

Recruitment and staffing agency leaders often face a similar problem that has the potential to negatively impact growth: how to form a solid team that will work hard to promote the business's success. Whether it's a new business or an established one, the people you recruit will be crucial to your survival.

Entrepreneur | The Key Strategy to Building a Winning Team Here's why surrounding yourself with people with diverse skills and knowledge is a winning strategy for everyone.

6 Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System 14/02/2023

If you’re are using excel or google sheets for your recruiting then this article will provide 6 key benefits as to why you should consider moving to an applicant tracking system to improve your recruiting processes and success.

6 Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System Finding the best applicants in an extremely competitive marketplace requires an applicant tracking system. Here are the benefits of using one for your business.

How to Start a Recruitment Business 02/02/2023

The Japanese recruitment market is full of opportunities and it makes sense to consider potentially building your own business in recruitment. In a largely digital age, it’s also easier than ever to run a successful recruitment business from home or on the go should you wish, without needing to splash out on office space.

So whether you’ve worked in recruitment for a number of years and wanting to take the next step in your career, or you’re a serial entrepreneur who sees an opportunity in this sector, there are undoubtedly some things you should know about how to start a recruitment agency. This article provides valuable and actionable insights on what to consider. Reach out to the -DB K.K. team if you would like advice within the Japanese market.

How to Start a Recruitment Business Want to know how to start a recruitment agency and run a successful recruitment business? Follow these steps and advice from our industry specialists.

10 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Recruitment Process 30/01/2023

In tight talent markets like Japan, recruitment agencies and clients need to optimize (improve) their recruitment and selection processes. The 10 tips in this article will help you source the best talent through nailing your hiring process with ease. Whether you're struggling to retain staff or you're looking to improve the way you hire employees these tips are actionable for both recruitment agencies and clients in Japan.

10 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Recruitment Process Recruitment process improvement plans can seem daunting at first, but these 10 tips can help.

Employer Branding: Why This Strategy Is Important for Your Company 26/01/2023

One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment process is persuading (particularly in Japan) candidates that your organization is a great place to work. The best talent have plenty of opportunities; differentiating your organization as a preferred employer is therefore critical. The time to start thinking about positioning your company as a great employer is long before you ever post a job or interview a candidate.

-DB K.K. offers recruitment and staffing agencies a suite of recruitment marketing solutions to help with positioning your agency as an employer (and career) of choice. Get in touch if you would like to know more on how we can help.

Employer Branding: Why This Strategy Is Important for Your Company Learn why employer branding is an important strategy for the internal health of your company and how to start attracting the right job candidates with it.

Business Development on LinkedIn for Recruitment Agencies - Recruitment Juice 24/01/2023

If you’re looking for ways to promote your recruitment agency on LinkedIn to attract candidates (to roles) and or new clients, then this article provides a number of top-line and very actionable tactics that can be used by all agencies. While the article focuses on client acquisition, the tactics are also highly relevant to attracting candidates (internal or external), particularly in tight talent markets like Japan.

Business Development on LinkedIn for Recruitment Agencies - Recruitment Juice If you're looking for ways to promote your recruitment agency on LinkedIn, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll share some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of LinkedIn for business development.

Employer Branding: Why This Strategy Is Important for Your Company 19/01/2023

The way companies recruit candidates for jobs and retain employees has changed. In a large part due to technology advancement, social media, and career review sites that make it easier for job applicants to find information.

But the primary factor that decides if a candidate engages with you isn't the creative email subject line or the compelling offer. It's the brand. Its what that person knows about you already.

Yes, without a strong employer brand, your company is missing out on top candidates, potentially losing money, and affecting other areas of the business. And no where is this as impactful as within the Japanese recruitment market.

Here is a good article on the basics of employer branding.


Employer Branding: Why This Strategy Is Important for Your Company Learn why employer branding is an important strategy for the internal health of your company and how to start attracting the right job candidates with it.

The Recruitment Triathlon - Tamago-DB 09/11/2021

Have you ever done a triathlon? If you are a recruiter you may be engaging in something similar!

Here is some insight from our President about the parallels between these two challenging endeavors.


The Recruitment Triathlon - Tamago-DB Exploring the similarities between participating in triathlons and the recruitment business. It’s all about the journey.


Record Status feature in Tamago-DB allows you to set a temporary status on a contact record so that they don't get unwanted contact. The statuses can be set for a specific date range and automatically expire. Tamago-DB keeps a record of all the periods that the contact was unavailable. Statuses are all customizable!

Recruitment Simplified! - ATS/CRM & Services - Tamago-DB 17/10/2021

We see competitors in the market that are talking about entering the Japanese market recently. Tamago-DB has been here since the start of our business. Japan is our market! We thank all of our customers in Japan for using our products and services. Please reach out if you are interested in partnering with Tamago-DB for all your recruitment needs.



Recruitment Simplified! - ATS/CRM & Services - Tamago-DB The foremost knowledge leader in recruitment in Japan. Based in Tokyo, providing tech and business support using the Tamago-DB ATS in Asia.


With teams working remotely, teams need a place to communicate to keep their recruiting activity moving. Tamago-DB's interactive shortlists are one of many features that allow for the level of detail that helps teams to understand the current status of activities and what the next actions will be. tamago-db.com


Businesses in Japan call for border reopening as COVID curbs ease 10/10/2021

How much has your recruitment business been affected by the closed border?


Businesses in Japan call for border reopening as COVID curbs ease Entry ban on nonresidents remains, hitting companies and students



Tamago-DB ( #求職者管理システム ( ))の洗練されたメモ機能なら、求職者・求人・企業などに付けた各種のメモを、種類ごとにフィルターを掛け、見たいメモだけをまとめて見ることができますし、何にメモを付けたかのレポートもございます。
#人材紹介  #転職エージェント  #データベース

How to Shop for Candidate Sourcing Software 06/05/2021

"Post-sale customer support, starting with implementation and training, should be a key factor when shopping for sourcing technology."

Tamago-DB focuses on providing a level of support that helps you get up and running with your business and keeps you running. As we are locally based in Japan, support is just a phone call away.
[email protected]


How to Shop for Candidate Sourcing Software Experts say that prospective buyers should consider factors including integration capabilities, customization and reporting options, and post-sale support.

17 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely 14/04/2021

Strange times. This article provides some useful tips while working from home for people that like to maintain a work-life balance.


17 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely Are you achieving work-life balance in your new remote work lifestyle? We’re sharing the best tips for work-life balance when you work from home or work remotely.

Council Post: Why Is Customer Relationship Management So Important? 08/04/2021

“A CRM is an excellent tool that allows companies to increase not only their customer satisfaction but also their efficiency and profits.” It also allows scalability of data management as you hire new consultants into your business. A CRM system provides consistent data requirements for all users, something that Excel data cannot achieve. Contact sales.tamago-db.com

Council Post: Why Is Customer Relationship Management So Important? Consider making CRM a part of your strategy before it's absolutely necessary.


What percentage of features are you using on your CRM/ATS system? At Tamago-DB we stay in touch with our customers to ensure that they are taking advantage of recent feature updates and overall features in the system. Contact us for more details: [email protected]


Revenue Splits = Accurate reporting
Tamago-DB allows you to set up default revenue splits for Job Owners and Candidate Owners so that your business will have accurate revenue reports per consultant. You can also customize revenue splits per placement. Contact us for more details. [email protected]


Is your recruitment business using both? Tamago-DB combines a well-thought-out CRM with an ATS that helps move your business along. Contact us for a free demo or trial. [email protected]


Providing the best in technical and business support using an in-house developed ATS to the recruitment industry in Japan and beyond.
Contact Tamago-DB for a demo to learn more.
[email protected]

Tamago-DB K.K. on LinkedIn: 6 Steps to Make Your Recruiter Database Better 24/02/2021

This is a topic that we emphasize with our Tamago-DB customers, and provide training to reinforce. Data is your business asset, you should treat it like that.


Tamago-DB K.K. on LinkedIn: 6 Steps to Make Your Recruiter Database Better This is a topic that we emphasize with our Tamago-DB customers, and provide training to reinforce. Data is your business asset, you should treat it like...


Customers that have switched over to Tamago-DB are always telling us it is the best decision that they have made. They say the system is easy to use, very functional, customizable and always improving. Tamago-DB provides regular updates and user feedback is always taken into account. Any issues or questions are always solved immediately and local support is always available. Reach out to us today to learn more about the product that customers are happy they switched to. [email protected]


A big update for Tamago-DB's reporting and KPI management. We've added fully customizable report screens, drag&drop widgets from numerous data sources onto a screen, and manipulate the chart to fit your preferences. Each chart allows you to deep dive into the underlying data. Add monthly target to your consultants, targets can be set globally and individually.
Contact us for an introduction to the new reporting or the full Tamago-DB experience!

SNSで求人掲載!ソーシャルリクルーティングの始め方と事例4選 19/10/2020

「 #ソーシャルリクルーティング 」はご存知でしょうか?SNSの浸透と共に、 をリクルーティングのツールに使う企業も増えてきました。


https://r-yell.co.jp/wp/post-13/ #リクルーティング #リクルーティングマーケティング #人材紹介 #人材紹介会社

SNSで求人掲載!ソーシャルリクルーティングの始め方と事例4選 この記事では、SNSで求人活動を行える”ソーシャルリクルーティング”について紹介しています。ソーシャルリクルーティングとは?というところから中途、アルバイト・パート、新卒等の活用事例、メリット・デメリット...

営業マンが覚えておきたい、トーク力を高める5つのポイントとは? 12/10/2020



#人材紹介 #営業 #トーク力

営業マンが覚えておきたい、トーク力を高める5つのポイントとは? 営業職にとって、商談相手へ何をどう伝えるか、つまり「話し方(トーク力)」は自身の成績に直結する大変重要な要素ですが、一朝一夕で身につくものではありません。そこで、営業につながる話し方について押さえてお...

コロナ禍で「ニーズが高まる職種」「地方で採用しやすくなる職種」[2020年7月] | Turn Up 徳島 23/09/2020




コロナ禍で「ニーズが高まる職種」「地方で採用しやすくなる職種」[2020年7月] | Turn Up 徳島 コロナ禍において、超売り手市場だった採用市場が、大きく買い手市場に転じています。 企業にとっては採用のチャンスと言える状況と思われるかもしれませんが、欲しい人材が簡単に採用できるかというとそうではあり.....

19 SEO Tips For Recruitment Agencies 07/09/2020

SEO has become an essential component for a business these days. What are the tips you can follow to increase your presence online?


19 SEO Tips For Recruitment Agencies there are rules that EVERY recruitment and staffing agency should follow to improve their site’s organic performance and build credibility with potential clients and candidates.

Masters of Mobile: Japan 17/08/2020

In which areas of mobile experience Japanese mobile sites poorly perform?

The report from Think With Google APAC shows the challenges of mobile sites in Japan and what Japanese consumers value.


Masters of Mobile: Japan Empowered by mobile, today’s intent-driven consumers don’t go into stores unprepared — they’re consulting their smartphones throughout their purchase journeys. To help brands elevate their mobile experiences, we commissioned Accenture Interactive to study mobile user experiences of the 197 h...

コロナショックで人材紹介市場に何が起こるか?リーマンショック前後の20年の変化がヒントに! - 人材紹介応援ブログ|Crowd Agent 29/07/2020

新型コロナウイルスが人材紹介業界に及ぼす影響はどのようなものでしょうか。経済低迷が心配される今後、過去のデータから中小規模の職業紹介事業者にとって、事業成長の機転と捉えることも出来ます。 #人材紹介 #リクルートメント #コロナ禍


コロナショックで人材紹介市場に何が起こるか?リーマンショック前後の20年の変化がヒントに! - 人材紹介応援ブログ|Crowd Agent 今回は、2008年9月15日にリーマンブラザーズの経営破綻を引き金としたいわゆるリーマンショックに関して、当社社内の人材紹介応援研究所でまとめてきた社内レポートを共有します。 人材紹介応援研究所とは? コロナショ...

How to Keep Your Recruitment Agency Running During a Coronavirus Outbreak | Recruitment Juice 27/07/2020

During this coronavirus pandemic and the rising shift to remote work, what can you do to keep your agency running?

As the article points out, it's essential to stay connected and organized. We can help. Learn more about our database by emailing us at [email protected]!


How to Keep Your Recruitment Agency Running During a Coronavirus Outbreak | Recruitment Juice Us, professionals, seem to be always wishing for more time to get things done. What a difference just an extra hour of productive work could make to all our careers.


It's always grateful to share a successful client website launch - this time, we're introducing the new website of The MLC Group, one of the best automotive, IT, and healthcare agencies in Tokyo. https://www.mlcgroup.co.jp/


In April, we added invoicing to Tamago-DB - The final step after successfully moving your candidate through the pipeline and making that placement.

Generate an invoice based on the contract data from the client company and placement information from the pipeline. The generated invoice can then be adjusted to add additional lines or add some extra information.

Keep your colleagues up to date with a customizable status field and write internal notes which will become visible on the company and pipeline record pages.


Tamago-DB Update 2019-11 21/11/2019

A new big release update went out! Introducing two new report screens, tons of interface updates and loads of user experience improvements to increase efficiency! Based on your feedback!

Tamago-DB Update 2019-11 Dashboard Added 'First contacts' to the status widget. It'll show the number of contacts with a 'First contacted'-date in this/last month. An 'expand' button has been added to the top right of the calendar to view a full size calendar. Jobs...

Best Practices For Mobile Web Design - SocialMedia.biz 20/11/2019

When I'm talking to clients about their website design a key UI & UX fundamental is keeping it simply. What works on desktop does not necessarily translate well to the mobile experience. Don't get stuck on trying to fill every square inch of screen real estate.

Best Practices For Mobile Web Design - SocialMedia.biz Mobile usage has increased by over 40% within the last decade. Last year, more than 36 million people in the U.S accessed the internet via their mobile devices. By 2022, the number of mobile online users is expected to be...

Peloton 05/11/2019

Another successful client website design completed by our development team. If you like what you see give us a call to discuss how we can help.


Peloton We work selectively with clients who believe people are the only real long-term competitive advantage. Top startups and Fortune 500 vendors trust us to find qualified professionals for their highest priority positions, from mid-career to executive level.


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EAGLYSは 「あらゆるデータを安全に活用し、価値に変える」をミッションとし、誰もが安全で自由にデータを利活用できる社会の実現を目指し活動しております。

Shibuya-ku, 1508512

GMO RUNSYSTEM - Subsidiary of GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM Official fanpage of GMO RUNSYSTEM in Japan operat

Pickup Generator Pickup Generator

Stunning graphic overlays for your guitar videos. Look slick, be informative & teach more without ev

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営業戦略・ターゲティングから商談獲得まで一気通貫で支援する「SalesNow」、企業データベースメディア「SalesNow DB(https://db.salesnow.jp)」を展開

Web Synergies Japan K.K. Web Synergies Japan K.K.
3-5-1, Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, 150-0002

Web Synergies is a Singapore based Software company, has global development centers in Hyderabad, Be

Mendix Japan Mendix Japan
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株式会社 inprog 株式会社 inprog
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ミチビク / michibiku ミチビク / michibiku
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ScanX JP ScanX JP
東京都渋谷区渋谷区1-3-9 ヒューリック渋谷区1丁目ビル 617号室
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