Enlisted Listings

Enlisted Listings

Welcome to Enlisted Listings! This page is dedicated to the properties we have in Okinawa for rent to Home is available for your stay in Okinawa!

Enjoy being close enough to base, but far enough away to feel like you are in the culture. Housing allowances ranging from 150,000-220,000 can apply. We look forward to showing you the house, please call us today!


New property acquired! This is in the Kaiho area close to the Fish Market near the bay in Awase. Working on finalizing now and will be base inspected. This is a 3 Bedroom, 2 bath house. 1050 sqft.

Stay tuned for more details and pics. Estimated availability November 2023.

コートヴィレッジ住吉 / 沖縄市住吉2丁目 / 71.29m² / 21.57坪 / 3LDK / 1,550万円の売買マンション | 沖縄の不動産情報 【うちなーらいふ】 (m-6508-8230131-0654) 31/01/2023

Hello! Today I have listed for sale one of my first rental units I purchased in Okinawa. It is listed for the locals on a few sites, but wanted to paste it here as some of you have asked me in the past about the units I have, and how to get into property investing in Japan.

This unit is base inspected for 180,000 and has been rented at an average of 155,000 over the past 5 years. At 15,500,000 that is a gross yield 12% ROI. Net 9.6%. Location is great as it is 5-8 minutes from Kadena Gate 2, perfect for single E-4/E5 who just wants to be close to work.

This is based off a cash price, however with bank loan, you can finance. Japanese spouse, or if you are a resident with 2-3 years of income 7,000,000+ you can qualify yourself at most banks.

Question I usually get is, can I do this if I am SOFA? Yes you can, just need to be in a position to pay cash, or have a local spouse that can get approved for a bank loan. The ROI is of course different with a bank loan, as you would need to deduct your mortgage from the rent you receive to see how well you are doing.

Given the yen rate, the cash USD price is just under 120K. It is being represented by Star Housing. Comment or PM me if you would like me to get you in touch with an agent for a viewing. Here is a link to the VR tour:


Here is the link on E-Uchina:


Some of you might ask why I would sell if this a great investment. My plan is to take the proceeds from this and some other funds to get a house and continue investing. This a great starter property for anyone who is looking to get into this out here.

Thanks for looking!

コートヴィレッジ住吉 / 沖縄市住吉2丁目 / 71.29m² / 21.57坪 / 3LDK / 1,550万円の売買マンション | 沖縄の不動産情報 【うちなーらいふ】 (m-6508-8230131-0654) コートヴィレッジ住吉 / 沖縄市住吉2丁目 / 3LDKの売買マンション情報です。沖縄市住吉でマンション(新築・中古)を購入するなら、沖縄生まれ、沖縄育ち! 不動産情報満載のうちなーらいふにお任せください。


50,000 yen cash back at lease signing!
Please contact for a viewing of either property that are available!


Mascot Megumi

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 14/12/2022

Mascot Aki


Mascot Shuri


Mascot Kiki


Mascot Yumi

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 26/11/2022

🌟Okinawa-city Apartment🌟
!!VR Tour!!
160,000 yen (Negotiable)
1 car parking
700 sqft
Inspected by Base Housing!
❤️Japanese washer, dryer, stove and American fridge are installed!!
🚗5 minutes from Kadena
10-15 minutes from Camp Foster/Futenma
25-30 minutes from Camp Courtney
✅Queen size bed will fit in the master bedroom
✅Walking distance to the convenience store
✅Quiet neighborhood
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested😊
Rio/ 080-6487-7424
Star Housing

Explore Dragon House in 3D 11/01/2022

🌟Pet Friendly House in Uruma-city🌟

210,000 yen

Please click the link to walk through the property virtually.

3bed/ 2bath
2 car parking
❤️Japanese dryer, dishwasher and American washer are installed!
You can borrow the stove and fridge from Base Housing!
🚗15-20 minutes from Camp Courtney
20-25 minutes from Kadena
✅King size bed will fit in the master bedroom.
✅5 minutes away from Don Quijote
✅5 minutes away Farmer's market and grocery store!
You can see the sea from the patio💙

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested!
Rio/ 080-6487-7424
Star Housing
*More pics in the photo section*

Explore Dragon House in 3D Matterport 3D Showcase.


Dragon House is still available! Tell your friends and ask about the holiday special!

Happy Holidays!

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 28/04/2021

Nakasone 2

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 19/02/2021

Nakasone 2! Does not have an anime name just yet! This one is a deal! On the 6th floor, still has an ocean view and only ¥150,000!!! Yes that is correct, you can take your 165,000 you are eligible for, and use the difference to pay some utilities! Close to Kadena base, about a 7-10 minute drive depending on traffic on Gate 2. One car parking right in front of the building and an elevator as well!

2 Bedroom 1 bath. One of the bedrooms is double size as it use to be a 3 bedroom, so lots a space in the Master.

Hit up my agent Rio for a showing now!


Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 05/02/2021

Price as reduced! ¥150,000 with one car parking, second car parking optional, please ask for details.

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 16/11/2020

Goku Apartment is available for move in now! Contact Rio for a showing. Video walk around on the page.

¥172,000 (Negotiable)
Based inspection approved.
2 Bedroom + Tatami 1 Bath
700 sqft
1 Car Parking
Pets Ok (up to 2!)
City View
Close to Kadena Gate 2

Close to the bowling alley and Kadena Gate 2. Good area for night life.


26°20'17.9"N 127°48'16.2"E

Agents info for scheduling:


Rio can accept messages here or you can call below!

Star Housing
098 923 3956

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 16/11/2020

New photos of Goku Apartment (Sumiyoshi)

Photos from Enlisted Listings's post 02/10/2020

New updated photos of Dragon House! Still available! Please contact my agent for a showing!



Vegeta’s Mansion (Nakasone) has been rented! Dragon House (G House B ) will be available soon!


Video walkaround of Vegeta's Mansion!

¥160,000 monthly rent

7-10 Minutes to Kadena
10-15 Minutes to Foster

1 Car Parking
Pet Allowed

TEL 098-923-3956
555-7 AZA, Kamisedo
Chatan, 904-0101
[email protected]

Call the agency above or comment and PM for more info and to get with an agent. They are doing showings now.

Thank you!

Please message for individual pictures.

*I do not own the rights to DBZ! Just using the names for fun!


Hello! If you’ve been following today you probably noticed I uploaded a bunch of pictures and descriptions of all 4 properties. At this time, Vegeta’s Mansion (Winds Nakasone) is available for rent! Please see the post to contact and agent for more info and a showing!


Floor plan


House Front


Dragon House



Photos from DBZ Properties's post 02/07/2020

Outside view


Just became available!


7-10 Minutes to Kadena
10- 15 Minutes to Foster

2 Bedroom 1 Bath
1 Car parking
Pet Allowed

TEL 098-923-3956

555-7 AZA, Kamisedo,
E-mail [email protected]

Call or email for more info! Feel free to comment or message as well!


Coming soon! Vegeta’s Mansion


All leased up! Will post again when one of the properties are available! Thanks for looking!

Photos from DBZ Properties's post 26/03/2019

More Photos of Trunks House

Photos from DBZ Properties's post 26/03/2019

More Photos of Dragon House

Photos from DBZ Properties's post 12/03/2019

Some pictures of Dragon House


Stay tuned! Trunks house will be available soon for rent. Also one more property not yet one here 😉


Both Trunks House & Goku Apartment have been leased as of today, when one becomes available again I’ll let you all know!





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