These are literally my favorite to make right now. That cute smirk/lip bite when he pulled her in! ahh!

Hair by: Terese Artistry
Makeup by: Makeupby__yp

IG @makeupby__yp
Beauty bar located in Okinawa city

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Ball season ✨


Your girl finished her chemo treatment🥳 Can’t wait to eat salads and all the fruits I can’t eat right now lol

Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo
Major Brow lamination Gel
Translucent loose setting powder
lip liner strip down, lipstick Whirl


Gotta keep smiling an showing off my dimples because God has plans for my life🤍
I'm much stronger than ever, I've learned a lot from this experience and I think it's a blessing in disguise ✨ 3 more chemos to go!!


Great news to share with you guys🤍🤍 I had a progress scan to see whether my treatment has been working and I'm so happy to share that it has!!! The test showed no signs of cancer 🥳🥳

I felt so much relief to see everything is going in the right direction.

I just want to say thank you to my amazing family, friends, and everyone else for supporting me and for all of the sweet messages you guys have been sending me. It kept me going and it will keep me going through the rest of the treatment I have left.

Thank you thank you thank you 🤍


live in the moment , one day at a time 🤍 (I'm posting my positive thoughts here so that I can read them, again and again, to keep my head up😂)
So I’m just gonna enjoy this weekend while I feel normal before another treatment🙃 another step, getting closer! BRING IT ON!
Happy weekend friends 🫶🏼


I can’t wait till our 10yrs anniversary and vow renewal next year 🥰


Chemo #4 is done!! This time is the hardest one but this only lasts for a few days so I gotta suck it up 🙃 next week I know I'll feel much better than before when I started my treatment and I'll get to relax at the beach 😎
I think this HL was eating me up without me realizing it... I’m so happy that everything is going in the right direction🙏🏼 and again, I’m glad I caught it early! If you’re having any issues (even small ones) with your health, I suggest listen to your intuition and go get checked up!


Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 16/07/2022

It's time to explain why I've been so quiet lately...First of all, thank you to those who sent me messages after I shared my “health issues” in my story. Well, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (thank god I caught it early) after 2 surgical biopsies, so many blood tests, and scans. Unfortunately, that is why I’m not taking any appointments until December😞
Being diagnosed with cancer was a massive shock to me and my family and it has been a lot of ups and downs..I can’t believe how my husband coping with the situation so well and strong but I’m grateful for his love and support he’s literally my hero🧡 I know we’re gonna get through this. It’s been tough and it’s not easy at all but 1cycle is done💪🏼I’m gonna get through this.


Hey mamas!! Mother’s Day special is here 🤍


Soft glam✨✨
Looking for makeup that suits your face? Have problem getting ready for special occasions? I’ll help you to find your own favorite makeup style😉


Want baby smooth skin?? I mean look at that glow🫣✨✨


Benefits of facial waxing ✨✨👇🏼👇🏼
✴︎1. Improve skin health 🌿
When wax is applied to your skin and then removed, it peels away any excess dead skin cells with it so this will help support cell turnover, keeping skin clear 😉 it even helps your makeup go on a better like an instant primer🥳

✴︎2.Longer lasting result
It depends but it usually last about 3-6weeks!

✴︎3. Improve hair growth
The hair will regrow finer,softer, less regrowth over time. This makes hair less noticeable and waxing less painful going forward☺️

✴︎4.Less skin irritation
It’s less irritating than epilations or those chemical creams.

✴︎5. Excellent exfoliator
It works as an excellent exfoliator. Hello baby-smooth skin🥴

Next post will be Pre wax prep!
If you have any questions feel free to message me ☺️


Facial waxing FAQ
✴︎1.Is it painful?
The answer is yes and no😅 it really depends on the people. Some people describe facial hair removal as painful; others say it’s a mild discomfort.
Waxing may cause pain that usually lasts for only a quick second as the wax gets peeled from your face. In most cases, waxing may be painful only for those who have extremely sensitive skin😌
✴︎2. How does it work?
Warm melted wax will be applied to the treatment area and pulled off to remove by its roots.
✴︎3. Will my facial hair grow in thicker after the waxing?
The answer is NO! It’s opposite! They’ll grow back thinner and with repeated waxing treatments, your unwanted hair will likely become noticeably thinner and more sparse🥳
✴︎4.How long does it last?
It’ll last about 3-6weeks! which is highly recommended for those who have fast-growing hair, and who typically lack time to tweeze or shave facial hair🤗
✴︎5.How does my skin reacts after waxing?
It depends. And it mostly has to do with your skin sensitivity. You may experience redness or the waxed area might feel more delicate. You’ll get calming facial mask after waxing here😉 In my next post I’ll share the benefits of facial waxing! Ready to get baby smooth skin and say bye to the facial fuzz? Stay tuned to see the benefits of facial waxing in my next post 🧡


Let me introduce you to the new services 🌿 New Herbal Peeling 🌿 some of you may know that the original herbal peeling has downtime (Redness,Skin peeling) and feel a little tingly..but this one can vitalize your skin without skin peeling and the pain! To get the best results it is recommended to start with 3 treatments a month 😉



Activates cells, promotes cell turnover and improves skin quality🌿 $80 → $70


Botanical Placenta 🌿

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 05/03/2022

I got to see her and her baby twice last week 🧡 hearing the baby talk from the nursery room and chatting with her during the session was so fun and relaxing ☺️ thank you so much for having me!

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 26/12/2021

Merry Christmas from mines to yours 🎄✨
I hope everyone had an amazing time ✨


Such a beautiful mama🤍
You look amazing !! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures 🥺



This was a go with the flow kind of creation and I love how it turned out🙌🏼

colorfix foil Nebulalondon loose pigment
Liquid Matt lipstick Extra saucy


Bronzy natural glam ✨✨
thank you so much for having me!


Look at this beauty😍 I'm obsessed ✨

Timeline photos 01/06/2021

A little something different 🦋🦋🦋
I can’t believe she’s leaving here soon🥲 I’m going to miss her a lot I had so much fun with this girl 🥲 The last hug you gave me made me so emotional 😭 thank you for always trusting me, letting me help you to enhance your natural beauty, and always making me laugh 😌🧡 wishing you all the best girl !!

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 24/05/2021

Matte eyes🤍

Timeline photos 22/05/2021

I usually don't talk about personal stuff on my social media but I’d like to keep this one here as a reminder.
Last Friday, I had a last-minute call from a special person. My aunt asked me to do her hair and makeup for her daughter's wedding. They had to make this wedding happen so last minute because my aunt has cancer and she only has a little time left. I tried to be gentle as much as I could and made her skin look healthy and beautiful as she asked. I was so nervous when I got to the hospital to do her makeup but it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling moments I've ever had throughout my career. This opportunity made me realize how much this means to me and I am glad that I didn't give up on my career. I'm so happy I got to help her to make her look and feel beautiful. It was such a beautiful wedding and the best wedding I've ever been to 🕊.

Timeline photos 12/05/2021


I love love working with this gorgeous ✨

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 11/05/2021



A little glam won't hurt 🤍

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 07/05/2021

Doll 🤍
Happy Friday!


Beautiful before and after 😍✨ It's always fun to do her makeup and chat with her🧡


No filter needed✨ Isn't she GORGEOUS?! It was my first time meeting her today, but you know when you meet people and immediately you feel there's something special about them? Not only because of how they look? Yes, it's her🤣🧡 I've been working with new faces more often lately, and everyone is so sweet and fun! I'm so grateful for all the support and feel blessed to have amazing people around me🥰

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 26/04/2021

Got to enhance her natural beauty and look how beautiful she is😍😩 isn’t she beautiful?


Hair and makeup by yours truly ✨

Photos from Makeupby__yp's post 13/04/2021

Family pictures ready ✨


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