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In ISRAEL HYDROPONICS we specializes in complete 'turn-key' projects so you can start your own hydroponic farm and business wherever you live.

ISRAEL HYDROPONICS - How to plant seedlings in rafts 23/06/2022

ISRAEL HYDROPONICS - How to plant seedlings in rafts

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ISRAEL HYDROPONICS - How to plant seedlings in rafts


guardians of the lettuce

Hydroponic farming - Determine the correct plant spacing in DWC 02/05/2022

Hydroponic farming - Determine the correct plant spacing in DWC

Simple method how to determine the proper spacing between plants in DWC setup

Hydroponic farming - Determine the correct plant spacing in DWC


The importance of due diligence for a project manager

Today i met an individual that sunk 1 million shekels into a hydroponic farm that is currently not producing due to equipment malfunction.

His project manager told him to purchase expensive and unnecissary equipment that caused him crop losses that eventually caused him to give up on the dream to manage a hydroponic farm.

A series of bad judgement calls and lack of expirience is usually the recipe for sad stories like this.

Moral of the story: before going 'all in' on a big project with a substantial investment, you must do your due diligence on the project manager, request to see with your own eyes farms that he designed and that are working. go down to the details and verify your project manager can deliver what he promises you.

I hope we can help the individual above to bounce back from the perdicament he is in.. anyone can manage a hydroponic farm if he has us on his team.


Short update from our greenhouse!


Business oppertunity - investor/shark required!!

2 Acre Hydroponic farm in Bet Shemesh, Israel.
Complete project management (design, construction & farm management) on us.

Contact for more details

*Crowd funding also a possibilty - please join our whatsapp group:
General business plan will be updated by the end of february 2022 for the group


Why Hydroponic farming is termd 'The future of food production'?

The main reason is that hydroponic farming accomplishes more with less.

While conventional farming fluctuates on seasonal climate, petrol & water prices, available labor and many other variables such as droughts, increasing pest and funguy resistance to insecti/fungu-cides, fertilizer prices, sporadic heat waves or frosts, soil errosion etc.

A hydroponic farm resembles and acts more like a food factory for producing at scale than a field with different crops subject to all of the above.

This is important, why?
In order to deliver food consistantly throughout the year and years to come, we must strive to minimise and if possible eliminate all the constrains that involve with the production of food while ensuring food safety, and zero enviormental impact.

How do we achieve it?
For one there is no need for crop rotation in a hydroponic setup, the closed loop system contains a solution that is maintained with the required amount of fertilizers and water so the problem of soil errosion is eliminated.
The only rotation is that plants that are ready to harvest make way for new planted seedlings..and the cycle continues.

No heavy duty mechanical vehicles are required, the labor is accomplished by a relative small work force that works in an ergonomiclly safe enviorment, the physicality of the labor is such that even elderly can perform it if they wish.

Having the food grown in detached (from soil) systems and in an inclosed greenhouse allows us to not use any fungucides at all and or pesticides thou there are 'organic' ways to minimise the population of pest that do make it in keeping a score of neglible to no loss due to pests.

Crop is grown year round, in small proximity between plants to get the most out of each square meter of the greenhouse and the climate is controlled to an extent by the use of shade cloths and ventilators (in hot summer days or when theres a chance of frost).

If you are looking to start your own hydroponic food factory, feel free to contact us, we specialize in 'turnkey' projects from design to construction and deliver you with a fully working and producing farm.

Photos from Israel Hydroponics's post 25/11/2021

A word about consistancy:
As professional growers we want to maintain a system that delivers the most consistant results throughout the year.
It helps create consumer consistancy, repeatabilty and trust between you and your clients. Delivering the same quality every single time is what makes wholesalers or private customeres the reason to buy from you consistantly.

even thou there are 'un-controllable' variables that are changing with the seasons like water and ambiant tempertures and hours of sunlight, humidity, winds etc we still want to be able to control what is within our control.

Anyone who buys a new car expects that the car will be identical in performence to every other car produced in the car factory. Same for lettuce.

So what can we do to achieve more consistancy?

Problems always occur, but the way to solve them fast and avoid them entirely to begin with is to first learn to identify a problem and to find the root cause to it (was the planting done correctly? Is it a nutriant defficiancy? Maybe we fertilized too much? Is the PH too high? Perhaps the water temperture is too high)

Rule - be vigilant and always look for problems and any potential abnormalities (for example: ec is high for longer than usual yet you haven't added any fertlizers => action!
start investigating: check the water level, check nitrite/nitrate levels, perhaps the ph is too high and fertilizer isn't being aboserbed well by the plants).
Document changes and actions done to rlue out possible reasons untill issue is solved.
When the 'root cause' is found, modify your protocol for the crop.

1. Nutritional consistancy - like us, plants transpire water to cool themselves off and as part of their natural growth cycle. transpiration accounts for the majority of water loss in hydroponics (not evaporation unlike in the field where its a combo of evapotranspiration).
As the plants transpire water and take in fertilizers from the reservoir, nutriant imbalnces begin to occur, that if not properlly maintained might cause defficancies and other problems.

Rule - maintain the reservoir at least twice a week.

2. Consistancy of leaf texture - this is somewhat related to nutritional consistancy, if you notice abnormailty in the leaf texture, considor lowering or raising the EC, and test with additional seedlings, no tap water is the same, and no EC value will deliver the same results, experiment and see what works best for your setup.

3. Consistancy of size - important to consider that ambiant temperture directlly impact the size but if some of the plants are small compared to other plants from the same varaiety and the same setup stop and investigate! Check if anything is causing strain/stress to the plant, check the roots (color, length) maybe a lack of oxygen? Is it in a certain region in your setup?
Any piece of information will help you with the incestigation and will help you find the root cause.

There are no accidents, if the plant is in strain than something is causing this strain.

The more consistant you are with applying the necissary changes the better your end product will be.

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Check out our

שפירית או שפרירית? מישהו יודע?
בכל מקרה מדובר באחד היצורים הכי קטלניים בטבע, 93% הצלחה ברגע שהוא מתביית על טרף (מעופפים, כנימות ואפילו נמלים), גם במצב זחל (במים) הוא צייד לא רע.
המעופף הזה מהווה חלק משיטות ההדברה הביולוגיות בהם אנו משתמשים כדי להביא לכם את הירק האיכותי ביותר, #ללאריסוסים בכלל, יותר טוב מ #אורגני באחראיות

This assassin is one of the most deadly creatures in the wild, 93% success rate once it recognizes it's prey (flies, aphids and even ants), even in caterpillar condition (growing in the water for 3 months) it is not a bad hunter.
This fly is part of our biological pesticide methods we use to bring you the highest quality produce

Watch this reel by israelhydroponicss on Instagram 20/10/2021

Watch this reel by israelhydroponicss on Instagram

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Watch this reel by israelhydroponicss on Instagram 44 Likes, 2 Comments - on Instagram: “Winter is coming in our ”

אליעזר עזב את תעשיית הביטחון כדי לגדל מלפפונים 19/10/2021

אליעזר עזב את תעשיית הביטחון כדי לגדל מלפפונים

A few people asked me for my thoughts on this new system for growing plants like cucumbers and tomatoes without the need to weave the plants around a string.
Here it is:
The good: this system probably does what the inventor claims it does – keeps the fruit on the same height and saves 30%-50% of labor.
The bad:
1. This system is expensive, about $45 for 1 square meter of greenhouse – that’s $45,000 for a dunam of greenhouse... and this is just the upfront cost, not including installing it which is another $40 for 1 square meter as they claim on their website.
So a total cost of $85K a dunam.
2. I’m concerned about the systems durability, In short I believe it is susceptible to water & nutrient leakage (on a good day) and motor wear (on a bad day). At 4:53 can clearly see leakage from the NFT gutter system where it connects to the rotating shaft and on a demo video I saw, for tomato cultivation, on the company’s website, you can hear the noise that the motor is making and that makes me wonder how many motors will I have to replace each year…and that’s for a relatively young plant which still has little weight to what it could get.
“The best part is no part, the best process is no process” said Elon musk, That being said I believe the inventor successfully eliminated the process (or the problem) but too many parts makes me doubt this system could be economically viable or “the next agro-revolution after drip irrigation”.
*For anyone that is wondering, yes we have a solution for the process and with minimal parts/infrastructure required* - we think our solution is far better than the one proposed above.

POC is already underway and if anyone wishes to invest in the future of food production they should defiantly contact us.

אליעזר עזב את תעשיית הביטחון כדי לגדל מלפפונים כאן חדשות | אחרי שעבד שנים בתעשייה, וקיבל שני פרסים על המצאות יוצאות דופן - אליעזר אדלשטיין החליט לפרוש ולעבור למלפפונים. יחד עם אשתו הוא הקים סטארט אפ חקלאי...

Hydroponic lettuce harvest 17/10/2021

Hydroponic lettuce harvest

Lettuce train:

Hydroponic lettuce harvest

Organic Hydroponic celery leafs - happy harvest 14/10/2021

Organic Hydroponic celery leafs - happy harvest

Contact us to start your hydroponic farm!

Organic Hydroponic celery leafs - happy harvest Hydtoponic celery - best in the world


salanova harvest


for is easy as sticking a in a hole.

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Photos from Israel Hydroponics's post 11/10/2021

what is it going to be.. Another year of drought? prices will drop? bills wil sky rocket? not looking too bright?

We have a better idea of how to turn your land to an all year round producing with .

In ISRAEL HYDROPONICS we specialize in complete turn-key projects to allow you to maximize your yield while cutting down on your water/energy needs.

Want to invest in the ?
Contact us for more information

Israel Hydroponics


Common myths regarding starting a hydroponic busines:

Myth 1: This is just too complicated work for me.
Reality: Not true, anyone can learn this, if you stick to our plan and trust the processs, chances of failing are very (very) low.

Myth 2: This is 'back breaking' work.
Reality: Not true, our greenhouse design & and work methods take into considiration ergonomics and makes hydroponic farming easy as can be. Minimum lifting heavy objects and bending.

Myth 3: This is too time consuming.
Reality: Obviously this is not a but we are talking about a few hours of work each day that is mostly comprised of:

(You will actually be able to afford a full-time or part-time worker to do the work for you )

Feel free to with us your concerns, and we will try to answer to the best of our ability.


By 2050 we'll need to feed nine billion people!
This fact alone presents one hell of a business opportunity for small to big investors in .

Be the first to invest in the production in your area and turn your un-used land to a green machine.


In ISRAEL HYDROPONIC FARMING we specialize in complete 'turn-key' projects so you can start your own hydroponic farm and business wherever you live.

**No prior farming expirience is needed**

Invest in the future of percision farming in the most cost effective way, and turn your un-used plot of land to a money printing machine.

We have years of expirience in overall project planning and ex*****on, and we can deliver optimal results in a few short months.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

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Short update from our greenhouse!
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