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Happy Republic Day Guyana
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Coffee is on us! At the international Energy Expo at the Mariott Hotel
Coffee is on us!
Find our Coffee stations at the International Energy conference and Expo at the Mariott Hotel.
ISO 9001:2015 certified ✅
Sheriff Security Inc. is pleased to announce that we are now ISO:9001 certified! ✅ #GrowSheriffGrow
Love and Cupid's arrows are in the air! Visit Movietown Guyana with your lovers and snap a picture on our loveeeeeeeee seat 🥰 #valentinesday2022
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Employees of the month go out to two of our very best supervisors; Mr. Kurtland Limerick & Ms. Sid Angel. These two have exhibited superior leadership styles and have made us extremely proud throughout their time here with us. We are lucky to call them our own. Congratulations! Keep up the impeccable work!
The only service with K-9 unit I’m Guyana
It’s here!!!


Operating as usual


Our CFO!

Feature- Roshmini Parsram

A woman led business

Becoming a successful financial officer requires more than simply a grasp of the numbers; they must be able to expand a business in the face of upheaval and manage change, says Roshmini Parsram, a Chief Finance Officer.

This 30-year-old was born under the beautiful star of Leo. Like the traits of this zodiac sign, Roshmini is known for her fierce courage, natural regality, generosity, and creative impulses, the very traits that pilot her significant role in a predominantly male company.

Roshmini hails from Big Baiboo, Mahaica Creek, a village that is nestled between Little Biaboo and Grass Hook at Mahaica, and is the last of five siblings born to Heera Parsram and chandrawattie Singh. She attended Big Biaboo, Mahaica Creek Primary, and Nursery Schools before relocating to Enmore at the age of ten, where she completed her primary education at the Enmore Primary School, thereafter to Ebascol Educational Centre where she attained seven subjects at the Caribbean Secondary Education.

Like the regular hard knocks of life, Roshmini’s life was not always free from challenges. So despite completing her secondary education, she struggled to find a job that would keep food on their tables. Roshmini stripped brooms and took them to the Market to sell just to make ends meet.

Apart from that, she worked in a popular Furniture Store where she was tasked with the sanding of furniture, before landing at the Bank of Baroda where she started her career as a Bank Teller before being promoted to a Loan Supervisor. She worked there for approximately ten years.

As faith would have it, the young woman during that period took the opportunity to pursue further studies in accountancy. as such she enrolled in the Accountancy Training Centre, completing a Diploma in Accounting, CAT, and ACCA.


During her tenure at the Bank, Roshmini was offered a position at Sheriff Security, as a Chief Finance Officer, which she accepted after a few days of pondering.

"Leaving the bank was the hardest decision I could have possibly made in my career, [because] I would have spent ten long years there, that is where I would have gained all my experiences, it allowed me to complete my territory education and I am grateful for that opportunity that was given to me for that ten years" she explained.

When asked why she decided to leave the bank, especially after building her career, this is what she had to say; "I choose to leave the bank because, I thought there was no more room for growth, as I mentioned I resigned as a loan supervisor at the bank of Baroda and I wanted to grow more, I am still young and vibrant, I didn’t want to spend the next 30 years as a banker or loan officer, I wanted to function in the field I would have studied in for four to five years and that is being an Accountant or something to do with financing."

Though her core responsibilities are with Sheriff Security Inc, she also handles financial affairs for Sheriff Construction Inc, (sister company), which she revealed is coming up sharply.

Despite Sheriff Security being a predominantly male company, It is led by strong and courageous women, one of which Roshmini holds."...

Being a Chief Financing Officer for an organization like Sheriff Security is a great opportunity because there are so many challenges or many different things you would be responsible for, which you would be required to do as compared to working in a bank," she underscored.

Regardless of the new challenges that this pose brings, Roshmini holds the bull by its horns. According to her, it's been one year, one month within a week since she has been employed at sheriff Security, and every day it's a blessing in disguise.

Despite having some remorse about the decision to leave the bank, she noted; "I’ve never had a thought or regret leaving the bank to work Sheriff Security, I love it, I love being challenged and there isn’t ever a dull moment."

"Though I have only been working there for one year, my experience has been nothing but great. My boss is a great leader and team player. Above all, he has trust in his employees and empowers them to excel in their fields. He is a great role model and anyone who works with him would agree," she gratefully said.


Indeed the simple things in life are the least expensive, she remembers the fun and sense of community living in a small village in the countryside. In those days, she said being a child of two cash crop farmers was far from easy, since at a tender age she and her siblings had to learn to take up responsibilities, such as helping around the house, tying bora, to name a few.

Growing up in Mahaica Creek it was a taboo to not know how to swim as the homes in Big Baiboo were situated along the creek. Between ages five and Six, Roshmini learned to swim, as it is a loved hobby. She also enjoys dancing occasionally and traveling the world.

Along with the simple things, this hard-working woman enjoys watching movies or playing games to aid in her relaxation after a hard day's work.


Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "if you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." The unwavering strength that this Chief Finance Officer possesses."

So far in my career, I don’t have any fears, I would say I am a hard worker, I’m a dedicated worker, whenever I’m tasked with something, I go after it, I don’t need to be reminded. I would say I am a leader, I would get a job done regardless of how many obstacles may come my way, there isn’t ever a point in time where I was tasked with something and I am unable to do it.

With a smile, Roshmini said, "I am a full team player"

Though she believes persistence is key, she added that one must be able to not only dream big, but work towards making those dreams a reality as dreams without goals remain dreams.

Roshmini is the light at the end of the tunnel for her family, as she is the sole breadwinner for her family circle, with this in mind, she said giving up is not an option.

"On days when I feel like giving up or throwing in the towel and just call it a day or whatever the case is, I would become my therapist. literally, I would sit in a hammock in the night after a hard day of work and literally talk to myself, giving myself advice regarding my goals and ways of how to achieve them rather than just saying me int able with this anymore" she said gracefully.

Education is her pillar, and she believes that anyone can become anything they aspire to.

"My advice to young or even older persons out there is that you shouldn't take life for granted, life is short and you should try to make the maximum out of it," she advised.

Most importantly, Roshmini charged young people to empower themselves and make their education a priority. "Education is the key to success, education is key to anything you desire to achieve" the Chief Financial Officer added.

"You may have all the riches in the world, and that can be taken away from you, but one thing that cannot be taken away is your education… So I would encourage each and everyone, boys, girls, women, men, and everyone to take their education seriously. There is nothing wrong with your age, you can empower yourself with education at any given time" she further posited.


Hire the best Security Company with the most advanced equipment!


Hire the best company with the most advance equipment in Guyana

From Inventory Clerk to CEO of a predominantly male company 17/04/2022

From Inventory Clerk to CEO of a predominantly male company

Our CEO!

From Inventory Clerk to CEO of a predominantly male company Numerous studies have shown that companies led by women outperform those led by males, this is to the extent, where employees are engaged, inspired, and satisfied. Though many may not agree, this i…


The management and staff of Sheriff Security Inc wishes you a Happy Good Friday ✝️


Check out our new Corporate look!


Our Project Manager, Mr. Dave Choonilall donating kites to the Region 3 Police Easter Festival.


HON. Prime Minister Mark Phillips visiting Bartica Solar Farm and meeting with sheriff security CEO, Ms. Radica Ramdeen.
Ms. Ramdeen heads a company that is 99% male. (OPM pic)


Sheriff Security Services

HON. Prime Minister Mark Phillips visiting Bartica Solar Farm and meeting with sheriff security CEO, Ms. Radica Ramdeen.
Ms. Ramdeen heads a company that is 99% male. (OPM pic)

Sheriff Security Services Secuirty


Radica Ramdeen CEO of the Year!


Guyana’s Number one Port Security Provider. Our team comprises of certified Port Facility Security Officers.


Sheriff Secuirty Conducts daily tool box talk to all our Oil and Gas employees


We provide K9 Security


Sheriff Security Services

Sheriff Security’s District Managers being trained by Professor Daniel Gibran on Intelligence Analysis & Critical Thinking. This session is just the first of its kind here and we will continue to do what it takes to be the best.

Sheriff Security Services Secuirty


Sheriff Security Services

Aerial/ Sea Defense unit.

Sheriff Security Services Secuirty


Improving Security through Technology


Grow Sheriff Grow


Hull Inspection with our ROV


ROV unit


❗️WANTED❗️DRONE OPERATORS with valid permit or license.
-experience is required.
Please submit your applications to [email protected]


Congratulations are extended to Mr. Clifton Hicken on his appointment to Commissioner of Police.


Sheriff Ariel Defense in Action


Sheriff Drones

Sheriff Aerial Defense


Sheriff Ariel Protection

Sheriff Ariel Protection Unit (Drone)
Inferred Technology
Depth Analyst
Night Vision
6 Mile Range


Sheriff Aerial protection unit (drone)
Inferred technology
Depth Analyst
Night vision
6 mile range


Aerial Defense Unit (drone)

Photos from Sheriff Security Services's post 21/03/2022

The management and staff of Sheriff Security Inc. is honored to receive our ISO: 9001 certificate today. This accomplishment means so much to our company. It is easy to critique from the outside, but our team knows the hard work, late nights and extra steps we take to ensure that our valued clients are happy. We may not always hit perfection, but we do work hard. !

(Our CEO, Ms. Radica Ramdeen receiving our certificate from Ms. Bostwick of GCS)


Sheriff mobile response unit Georgetown Division
Grow Sheriff Grow


Happy Phagwah from the management and staff of Sheriff Security Services!


Sheriff Alarm


It’s here!


While any day makes for a great opportunity to celebrate the women in your life, International Women’s Day gives you one more reason to do exactly that .Happy international Women’s Day from the management and staff of Sheriff Security Inc!


Sheriff Security Service


Grow sheriff Grow


Happy Republic Day Guyana

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Sheriff Drones
Sheriff Ariel Protection
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