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Dear all please be aware we have a brand new logo. From now on this logo will be using in all of our video productions


King Mandela is Back

It's been 2years and change he didn't perform with a live band
1,day 1,hour of rehearsal
He is here like he never left

@mandelaselassie @mandelanaturecorner


Very soon
Watch out for it

Babylon fi burn up


Thank you for choosing us


Stay Tuned.....

Friends with Benefits by GT Natureboy


It's always a good thing to keep the memory of your loved ones alive. Call us for Photo/Video productions of the funeral service of your loved ones


Misyon'm/ My mission

Sondy Ceran new video check it out Guys


Ladies, let us take care of your looks.


Grab this opportunity and run with it.
Call us today. Tell us the story and we will make the magic happen


Call us
Book your time
Showcase your talent

Photos from Sc productions's post 09/11/2021

Sc productions
We were out today
Big videoshoot for @Mandela (Guyana International Artist)

Call us for yours +5926625003
Christmas season give away
Book your time today only 35,000
Professional video recording and editing


Choose for me by Nature Boy

Brand new video by Sc productions
Call us for yours +5926625003

Only for 30k


Nature boy "Choose for me" new music video dropping soon
Watch out


Reprisal by Nature Boy

Everyone react to crime in a different way
Some people don't like revenge some will not allow you to do them wrong and walk free from it.
Watch this video to understand more

Reprisal Nature Boy


Things tight

Watch till the end guys
Things tight


Conversation with Hon. Sherod A. Duncan

Check out this Interview


Stop looking for media attention using our situations


Hon. Sherod Avery Duncan will be our guest on Wednesday 29th
save the date


Join us live now


Excellent pianist needed for music production. Must have experienced


Male and Female actors for a series call "Insecure"
Must be talanted
Good English skills


Join us in whishing our Chief Executive Producer Sondy Ceran an Happy birthday
May God bless you and keep you in perfect peace.
Blessings on you sir
We love you!


Male and Female actors for a series call "Insecure"
Must be talanted
Good English skills


Please Forgive me

Help me share family

be bless!

Here are some reasons why your relationships always FAIL 20/07/2020

Here are some reasons why your relationships always FAIL
Before you give up on love
Watch this video

Here are some reasons why your relationships always FAIL BEFORE you say done with love, please watch this video I'm sure it will help you see things in a different way. remember to share like and subscribe.

Ayitifm on Mixlr 01/07/2020

Ayitifm on Mixlr

Would join me in prayer on AyitiFm right now

Just click on the link👇🏻

Contact: +5926625003

Ayitifm on Mixlr AyitiFM se premye radio Ayisyen nan Guyana nou lokalize nou nan 40 Durban street Lodge

La femme 01/07/2020

La femme

ou te rate emisyon yeswa a?
al koutel kounya, m potel pou ou selman klike sou lien an

La femme Live Talk broadcast from Ayitifm

Ayitifm on Mixlr 29/06/2020

Ayitifm on Mixlr

Right where you are
Join us in prayer by clicking on the link bellow

Contact: +5926625003

Ayitifm on Mixlr AyitiFM se premye radio Ayisyen nan Guyana nou lokalize nou nan 40 Durban street Lodge

l'amour VS avoir envie de quelqu'un 29/06/2020

l'amour VS avoir envie de quelqu'un

siw te rate'l men li

l'amour VS avoir envie de quelqu'un Live Talk broadcast from Ayitifm 28/06/2020

Siw te perdu emisyon aswe a men li

Byenfe ak mefe Souvni nan on relasyon 25/06/2020

Byenfe ak mefe Souvni nan on relasyon

Siw te rate emisyon sa
Kouri al tande kounya

Byenfe ak mefe Souvni nan on relasyon Nan on emisyon radio sou AyitiFM Sondy Ceran tap trete suje sa: byenfe ak mefe souvni nan on relasyon anpil bon bet tonbe, pran on ti tan pouw tande emisyon ...

Danie birthday party 25/06/2020

Danie birthday party

Danie birthday party

Danie birthday party It's was her birthday we surprised her.

Zanmi ki renmen AyitiFm 23/06/2020

Zanmi ki renmen AyitiFm

Selman klike sou lien sa pouw fe pati fane page

AyitiFm, se premye Radio Haitien nan pays Guyana, ou menm ki ta renmen gen plus enformation de Pays Guyana rete konekte ak AyitiFm ap edew chak jou pouw konnen plus de pays a.

Selman klike sou lien an lap mennenw dwat nan group lan.

Zanmi ki renmen AyitiFm WhatsApp Group Invite

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King Mandela is Back
Choose for me by Nature Boy
Reprisal by Nature Boy
Interview avec Kerdyson Laguerre
Quarantine freestyle hosted by Sc productions
Bonjour Madame by Nature boy
Mica met dufe sou nouvo track Sc production an vin gade



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