Sale of GTP fabrics, African beads, slippers etc.

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Rush now 0243949337


Always trending


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New collections loading..😘😍

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Hot Deals!😍😘

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There will be increases in Woodin prices by the end of the month (March). Order for your woodin materials at the below prices.

Metallic (6yards)- 150ghc/ 25ghc per yard
Non Metallic (6yards)- 144ghc / 24ghc per yard
Metallic (4 yards) - 100ghc/ 25ghc per yard
Non Metallic (4 yards)- 96ghc /24ghc per yard

Just name your colour (s) & will get u the perfect design

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Beautiful Friday!!!

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Thank God it's Friday!

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Finest Sheabutter for your skin and hair for the whole family πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

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What's ur style?!

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Happy Vals to all 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Nt too late to get a gift for urself or ur loved one. What's app 0243949337 for ur order

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Sparkle Valentine
Day 3πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€©πŸ’–

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Sparkle Valentine
Day 2😍😘🀩. Contact 0243949337

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Sparkle Valentine (Day 1)
Get a gift for urself or ur loved one😍😘

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Enjoying life with TexTrends😎

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Classy Shoes!!! For all kinds of events

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Bags For Sale!!!!!

a. Prada
b. Yves Saint Lauren
c. Givenchy
d. Chloe
e. Victoria BeckHam
g. Gianni Versace

Different colors and designs. Very durable and Fashionable!!! For Orders, Kindly contact 0243 949337


Beautiful but Crazy, isn't it ?!!!!


On page 37 of today's Daily Graphic, the President encourages all citizens to sell, promote and engender the course of wearing fabrics made in Ghana.

TexTrends supports this campaign....... Order your GTP wax at an affordable price (cheaper than the market price) and look as beautiful and elegant just like our President.

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New Arrivals !!!!
More of the African slippers are available in different sizes and designs.
Inbox me for your order(s). Delivery will be made to you wherever you are!!


Have you ever wondered the history behind the fabric designs you wear?!! Guess most of us, the answer will be "No". Lets start by looking at a brief history of the Angelina Fabric (Traditional Pint)

Traditional print, or dashiki style clothing is becoming increasingly popular in this age, and it’s not hard to see why! From vibrant colors to an exotic design this style is a great way to bring attention to your African heritage. But what does this design mean? Is there any significance to this popular print? Let’s find out!
The β€œtraditional print” fabric actually goes by many names. In Congo and Ghana it is most commonly referred to as the Angelina cloth. Why? The Angelina cloth was given its name because the popularity of the print coincided with the release of the hit song β€œAngelina” by the legendary Ghanaian highlife group The Sweet Talks.

This fabric has also been called Addis Ababa fabric, Miriam Makeba fabric, Mashallah fabric, or β€˜Dashiki Print’ fabric. Why does it have so many names? At Vlisco, the textile company that distributes its fabrics all over Central and Western Africa, the consumer of the product gets to name the fabric they buy. Miriam Makeba, Masallah, and Addis Ababa, were some of the first people to appreciate this particular pattern and purchase it for themselves.

What was the inspiration for this print? Vlisco designer Toon Van De Manakker based the design on a garment worn by a 19th century Ethiopian noblewoman. After seeing this design he tried to recreate it, and that’s how we have the β€˜traditional print’ of today. Where the Ethiopian noblewoman found the print we may never know, but it’s probably safe to say the original design came from somewhere in Ethiopia over 50 years ago.

I am glad to have this wonderful Fabric with a great History. If you have, post urs on this platform to increase the attention to this beautiful Heritage. If you don't, just contact me for urs.

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New Day, New Week!!!, Look smart in your official outfit by wearing one of these sleek shoes. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to walk around with. Just call 0243949337 and Get one for yourself.


I heard this statement from a renowned Professor and I totally agree with him. He said that the greatest disease killing Ghanaians and human beings at large today is known as the "Comfort Zone". You might be in a great and lucrative business and your customer and market base is a amazing but note that you have not captured all markets yet including mine.
You have a small business and your products are amazing. Note more customers are eagerly waiting to experience and enjoy your products. Leave your "COMFORT ZONE" and reach out to TexTrends to help you extend your customer and market base


Wow! This is Beautiful and be assured it will be more beautiful on your feet. Order one or more for office, school, party, hangout etc. Don't miss out on this. Call now!


TexTrends is back again with more exciting products and flexibility in doing business.
We deal in the sale of African Prints (esp. GTP), bags, shoes, beads etc.
We also have TexLife which deals with the sale of General goods.
We also help smaller businesses to expand their customer base and markets by advertising products and services and introducing one to new markets.

There's an offer for everyone! Just get in touch and lets explore the "colors" of life with ease

It's now easier to call TexTrends. 07/09/2017

It's now easier to call TexTrends.

It's now easier to call TexTrends.

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Wow! This is Beautiful and be assured it will be more beautiful on your feet. Order one or more for office, school, part...



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