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A new reputable *Satellite Internet Service Provider (S.I.S.P)* is looking for a well competent installers to employ.
*Minimum qualifications:* Diploma in Telecom Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT and other related field of sturdy..

🌐 _Must have a knowledge in *satellite dish installation*._
🌐 _Must be able *to work alone and as part of a team*._
🌐 _Must be able to *work for long hours*_.

*Closing Date:* 19th April, 2018

Interested applicants should *Send their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to* _*[email protected]*_

According to my ongoing research women are the world most mysterious creatures ever found on earth

GeniusTech Hub LLC is a Web Development Agency that handles all things technology. Premium quality is our hallmark. We deal in everything technology: Tech News, Web Development, Application Development (Mobile and PC), Phone Unlocking.

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Want to get to the explore page on Instagram? Follow these simple but effective tips.
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Instagram is the platform to go to. Why? People like visuals. It's easier to digest. It's easier to interact with.
Adapt these 3 creative types when planning for your Instagram posts.

PS: You can use any of these apps/platforms to create your content.

>> Canva -
>> Over - (Download for iOS and Android)
>> Snappa -

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WhatsAd is specialized in using WhatsApp Status in marketing. Want to give it a try?
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Happy Monday! 😀

Apart using the platform to promote your product or service, Instagram itself serves as a means for anyone to make an income.

All you need to do is find that sweet spot that resonates with you. As long as you have an (active) Instagram account, you can start making money using any, or all of the above methods.

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Simple strategy for making sales. Give it a try 👨🏾‍💻👨🏾‍💻👨🏾‍💻

Comment below if you use this same strategy 👇👇👇

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Having an online store comes with many benefits. If your business is not online, you'll be out of business and losing out to competitors. Here's why you need an online store:

🏡 No need for a physical office/store

🌍 Branch-less business

👨🏾‍💻 Get found easily by customers online

💰Reduce cost of brick-and-mortar store setup

🛵 Earn extra by charging for delivery

📦 Easy way to manage your inventory. Customers only see what's available

📣 Market your business easily via Digital Marketing

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If someone says your services are too expensive, you're talking to the wrong person. They're not your customer. Switch!

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This might interest you 👀

What if I told you there's a way to run Ads on WhatsApp Status? 🤔

How? Simply upload your flyer and have people post it for you for 24 hours, on their WhatsApp Status.

Visit for more info.

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Video Ads are the best option to use in advertising your business, product or service.
Luckily, it's easy to create videos on smartphones.

What's your take on this? Are you for video or not? Or are you the neutral type? 😎

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Check out this new method for creating a verified PayPal account in Ghana


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What do you sell? Advertiser it on WhatsApp Status


What are you selling?


How To Install Hubtel Plugin For WordPress

Hubtel Plugin for WordPress. How to install and configure >>

Download plugin at:

This video walks you through how to install the Hubtel WordPress plugin. Download the plugin from: Got questions? Drop them in the commen... 06/09/2018

Mazzuma goes Blockchain

New from the blog: Mazzuma, an online payment platform in Ghana, launched in 2015 with a record of over USD 1 million worth of trades till date and more than 26,000 enrolled customers is merging Mazzuma blockchain ad… 06/09/2018

Dr. Google and Patient’s Compliance to Treatment

New from the blog: For some, when sick, it tends to be simpler, speedier and less expensive to scan the web for an answer – however while it very well may be helpful to examine a condition, an exact diagnosis c… 03/09/2018

Techpoint is Visiting Ghana this September

New from the blog: One of West Africa’s largest online media company dedicated to technology and startups, Techpoint, is coming to Ghana as part of efforts to extend coverage to the rest of the continent. The 4-day t… 01/09/2018

The Future of Jobs: A Twitter Conversation Between Stanbic Bank Incubator and the Futurist, Kwame A.A. Opoku

New from the blog: The conversation on The Future of Work has already started and in some countries steps have been taken to that effect. Stanbic Bank Incubator, a 3rd gen business incubator, est by Stanbic Bank in p… 27/08/2018

How To Integrate Hubtel Plugin For WordPress

What Is Hubtel? Hubtel is a platform that enables businesses to sell their products and engage with customers easily. Part of their offering is a payment gateway that anyone can integrate into their online application or website. This plugin helps you to integrate their payment gateway into your WordPress site using woocommerce. Gain access to Hubtel API v3 WooCommerce Gateway Plugin which helps you integrate Hubtel payment gateway into your wordpress woocommerce installation to allow you to receive payments with mobile money and bank cards through Hubtel in Ghana. [ 447 more words ] What Is Hubtel? Hubtel is a platform that enables businesses to sell their products and engage with customers easily. Part of their offering is a payment gateway that anyone can integrate into thei…


How about promoting your business on WhatsApp? This app makes it possible.
Download WhatsAd today and start boosting your businesses on WhatsApp Status.

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Free Business Promo on WhatsAd

Got a business you want to promote on WhatsApp Status?

We're running a free promo for 20 selected businesses.

Here's how to apply:

1. Visit our Instagram and Facebook accounts:

2. Follow us, like our page and share this offer on your timeline. Tag us in the shared offer and in a photo from your Instagram page or page

3. Send us your WhatsAd username, a description of that product image you want us to promote for you via dm: Price, contact number and caption to use.

4.The image will be entered into a draw and winners will be announced on both our Instagram and Facebook accounts on the 1st of August.

5) If you are selected, we'll dm you on Instagram/Facebook and ask for your WhatsAd username. Your account will be credited with Ad Units so you can use that to post your Ad for free.

NOTE: You must first have a WhatsAd account to join this promo. Selection will be done randomly.
T&Cs apply.

You could be one of our lucky 20 business owners and get to advertise your product on WhatsApp Status.

Signup to for a free WhatsAd account here:

#WhatsAd #WhatsAd #Marketing 16/07/2018

‘Ghana is the future of Africa’: Why Google built an AI lab in Accra

New from the blog: Accra, Ghana (CNN)”Google is just a giant scientific research company that happens to make money,” this was my first impression when I visited their offices in Mountain View for the fir… 16/07/2018

SeedStars Accra Event Awards Cowtribe Technology Ltd The Title of Best Startup in Ghana

New from the blog: On 13th July 2018, during Seedstars Accra, Cowtribe Technology won the Ghana round of Seedstars World and will represent the country at the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland to compete for up to USD … 12/07/2018


New from the blog:   Admittedly, the dilemma of what one really wants to do being an entrepreneur as against what one ought to do, how to start it and it’s repercussions is just half the challenge of a bud… 12/07/2018

Your Selfies Can Look Better. Clean Your Noisy Pictures With Nvidia and MIT’s AI

New from the blog: For the selfie gurus and the picture takers, I am sure most of you are familiar with the noise that distorts your pictures with colored specks, especially when taking pictures after sundown. It is … 10/07/2018

If You Want To Appear Rich To Other People Just Buy An iPhone Says Economic Research Paper

New from the blog: There are a number of ways to appear like you are rich. You could rent an expensive sports car. Buy a fake Rolex. Or you could buy a monocle and dress up like the Monopoly Man. But according to a n… 09/07/2018

How To Make Money Using WhatsApp Status

New from the blog: WhatsAd – It’s time to start making money using your WhatsApp Status   How often do you open WhatsApp and check the status section to see what your friends posted? I’m guessi… 09/07/2018

Instagram secretly launches Instagram Lite

New from the blog: In the wake of presenting IGTV a week ago, Instagram is discreetly opening up to the developing markets by propelling Instagram Lite – a thinned down variant of Instagram that is intended to utiliz… 07/07/2018

Ugandans to Pay Social Media Tax

New from the blog: Every new day comes with its own package of surprises; the month of June did not fail the people of Uganda with such surprises. The administration of Uganda passed another law that would expect nat… 07/07/2018

MTN App Challenge 5.0 winners

New from the blog: Ghana faces a ton of difficulties in tech and in view of this; there has been a drive to cater for these issues. However, it’s either these thoughts are not very much sustained or don’t… 07/07/2018

Andela Secures 40 million dollar funding

New from the blog: Recently, the Nigerian tech organization that builds high-performing teams with Africa’s most capable programming engineers, Andela declared that it had anchored $40 million in Series C finan… 07/07/2018

Malawian Student Develops Smart Stick for The Visually Impaired

New from the blog: Leszek Borysiewicz, vice-chancellor of Cambridge University one said “Africa is the continent with the youngest people, one full of opportunities and with an amazing amount of young talent. I… 04/07/2018

Tech Era; Derick Omari, Breaking Boundaries, a step at a time

New from the blog: Inspired by his exceptional will to serve while growing up, Derick Omari, knows firsthand the significance of pushing beyond boundaries and looking for new opportunities to improve himself and the … 03/07/2018

Google AI Center in Ghana: What Google’s big show means to you

New from the blog: You might have heard that Google, the world’s Tech giant is opening an AI center soon and it’s in Ghana the company’s first facility of its kind in Africa. In the past years, Goog… 03/07/2018

Facebook’s first hub space in Africa kick start in Lagos – Nigeria

New from the blog: Facebook has disclosed NG Hub in Lagos, Nigeria. This is its first in Africa, in association with CcHub. The mission for the hub is to create organize and join the world. In a week-long celebrati… 03/07/2018

TigoAirtel Appoints new CEO

New from the blog: On June 19, 2018, AirtelTigo declared that its CEO Roshi Motman has chosen to leave the organization to seek after new openings. She will be replaced by Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi. Ms Motman has de…


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