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The Pink Room


Evie absolutely loved her Christmas 🎄 nails 💅 thank you so much
Ladies, my working hours are
Mon Tues Wed 10am-7pm.
Fri 10am-3pm.
My evening appointments and Fridays book up really quickly so please book in advance. You can book online via The Pink Room BOOK NOW button, to see my availability. X
Well today I had the great pleasure of having a relaxation massage by the lovely Louise , well what can I say . I’ve never had a massage before ever so for this being my first one ever I felt very relaxed at ease and was amazing ! I myself suffer with nerve damage in my neck / right arm so have chronic pain and well what can I say it definitely helped ease some of the dull aching pain . After I had my massage I the went on to work myself for 8 hours workin in hospitality it’s a long slog of a shift but wow I will definitely returning for another massage ! X
My FAVE set from today loved the little daisy accents on the ring fingers, we also added them to the thumbs 🤩🤩🤩 loved this weekend at The Pink Room
Stunning set of Gel-x extensions done yesterday at The Pink Room 😍💅🏻
A lovely evening for a wine night, attention to detail and very attentive. Thank you we all really enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely come again ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you to Emily at The Pink Room, for my amazing wedding nails, I love them x
Hi Dawn. I have got an appointment for nails and toe nails with you on Wednesday 22nd July at 2.45pm. Appointment booked ages ago and I've not heard if this appointment still stands? I didn't know if you would have to shuffle appointments around as you were not allowed to open as early as you originally thought? Anyway, just in case, I've made another appointment with you for Wednesday 29th July at 10am... just for nails this time as Trestwell wouldn't seem to let me book for toe nails with you as well? query is... shall I come to appointment on 22nd July or 29th July? I don't want to block spaces for other ladies. Thanks Hun. Annmarie 😁 X X
I would like to take this opportunity to say that Dawn, you are a truly amazing, driven and hardworking and most of all genuine and a beautiful lady!
The support and genuine care for others you have is inspiring and I'm grateful for all of you ladies @The Pinkroom!
I miss you sooo much Kirsty 😘
Till we meet again, stay well ❤
Just seen this & thought of you guys. Fingers crossed for my nails done on 9th ###
Where can I find the prices for acrylics and eyelash extensions
Congratulation Dawn and team for being awarded being in the best 6 Nail Salons in Warrington! All your clients knew this tho

Nails and Beauty and Tanning salon in Hood Manor/Great Sankey. Nails Tanning and Beauty Spa in Great Sankey, Warrington.


Another set of Builder gel nails for the gorgeous Laura ❤️


A touch of autumn by our Ania @annaszewczyk_permanent_makeup


Cute ghost builder nails by our Ellie ❤️🥰

Photos from The Pink Room's post 23/10/2022

Look at these gorgeous Halloween nails by our Meg @drag_me_to_gel


OH MY GOD has anyone watched the Dahmer series 🙈🙈
Thoughts 👇🏻


New colours ready for the autumn/winter season 🥰🥰


You’ll be pleased to know we have your Syrups back in for vanilla and caramel lattes 🥰🥰


Another set of nails 🥰❤️


Hiii Ladies
I’m back for the next 12 days before I go for my big stint 3 weeks away until Nov 3rd.

This last time away was really hard and I struggled as I missed the salon, my team and you lovely ladies.
With the current climate I am determined to not be another business that goes under, so please bear with me. I’m so thankful to my amazing team that has been holding down the fort whilst I’ve been away, I’m so proud of all of them ❤️🥰❤️
Once I’ve finished my last trip I’ll be home until at least April/May and will breathe easier knowing we will financially survive the winter ahead.

That being said, I’m home for the next 12 days so if any of my ladies needs to see me before I leave then send me a message ❤️
Love and miss you all


How cute were these nails done on our gorgeous Lashie Emma ❤️


Shelley is now offering Massage.

£15 for 30 mins introductory price this Saturday

Phone the salon to book 01925558004


Gorgeous colourful set on the lovely Laura ❤️🥰


Such a sad day today. A moment to reflect on our Queen who was constant through our lifetime!
It was an honour to paint these nails for Sophie in dedication 👑

I will never forget where I was when it happened as I’m sure many won’t….
I was sat on a ships Captains table and it was my birthday….
I was approached at my table by the Hotel Manger who delivered the news. I went into utter shock and I couldn’t control the tears and was shaking. I then had to go on the PA system to inform the guests of the sad news and invited everybody for a minutes silence. Everyone was crying and you could feel the emotion in the all around the ship.
What touched me though was my crew members who gathered around me after the announcement to hug me. We huddled in a circular hug several of us and I could see tears in their eyes, crew members from all over the world were upset and at that point it struck me how far her reach was!

Thank you for your service 💔
May she rest in eternal peace 👑


Woohoo! We are hiring!
We have reached the point that we need a receptionist to help keep us all under control 🙈

Must be someone who can chit chat, loves to clean, is up to date on Social media trends and likes to be a bit bossy 💪🏻

Bonus if you love crisps 🤣

Part time hours to start building up to full time. Must include Saturdays.
Minimum wage to start.

Message for more details ❤️


Model required Tuesday 12 noon
Full set of extensions using Full Tips
Only £20 with Ellie
Message to book ❤️

Photos from The Pink Room's post 21/08/2022

Long post alert ❤️ if you keep reading you’ll also find out why we are called The Pink Room ❤️

My clients know about me and have heard many of my past stories but as the salon and the team and clientele is growing I thought I’d introduce myself and help make sense of a few things and why I may occasionally be absent ❤️

My name is Dawn and I’m a professional singer. I started singing when I was 14 on the gig circuit. Those who know me know I’m a workaholic and I gigged far too much for my body to handle and after a few years ended up developing nodes on my vocal chords. I lost my voice and ended up having surgery to laser the nodes off my vocal chords, the surgery damaged my chords and I lost the top end of my voice. It took about 18 months to return to gigging🙁 in this time I thought about a life without music and went back to school to study hairdressing and beauty. Hated hair but loved nails 💅🏻
Thankfully, my voice came back with a stronger bottom end and I returned to gigs.
Before long I was invited to join a production team onboard my first ship as the lead female vocalist! It was on this ship that I learnt the true meaning of hard work and dedication and the ability to let my hair down and party hard 🤣
I met my now darling husbands and some of the best friends I’ve ever met. That ship was home ❤️

The contract ended after 2 years and I bought a house with Imre in Wales where my family is from. I went back to gigging and spent some time travelling wales and performing in most venues along the south coast. However I never really felt settled and the call of the ocean was too strong!

I was then invited to work as an assistant cruise director on Seabourn. I went and fell in love with the more managerial position and quickly set my sights on being the Cruise Director, managing the entertainment producing shows and managing the ents team ❤️
I then became the youngest cruise director for the company 🙌🏻

I travelled to the most amazing places around the world and love waking up in a different country or city every day.

Take my relationship for example, me and Imre met in Gibraltar, went on our first date in Guadeloupe, came out as a couple to the crew in Madeira, got proposed to in hoh chi Minh city and accepted/engagement party in Shanghai (longer story) married in budapest ❤️

We then moved to Warrington in 2013 where my Dad lived and when he sadly passed shortly afterwards we decided that the oceans kept us away for far too long from our families, that we moved our careers to the Rivers of Europe and shorter contracts.

It was on the rivers that I became a Program director managing more than the entertainment. I also manage all the excursions and make sure the guests get from A to B and have a fabulous time! I also double up as a bit of an onboard history lecturer having to know the cities costed inside out.

Me and Imre started to feel there was something missing in our busy lives and then Our Riley Roo came along in 2017. We met him on his first birthday and fell in love! He moved in with us a few weeks later and I gave up being away full time!

In the run up to him moving in I didn’t know what to do with myself so my Husband came up with the idea to do some nails from home as I found that really relaxing. So we turned our spare bedroom into a nail salon. I didn’t know what to call it and said to Imre “what should I call it?” He said “you mean the Pink room?” It was the only room in our house (all white and grey) that had one wall with a bit of colour in it! So there you have it! The Pink Room was named by my husband after a piece of wallpaper 🤣

Well I did nails around Riley’s routines working up until midnight some nights 🤣 My client base got so full and I decided in true Dawn fashion that it was time for the next step! Luckily a salon came up near Riley’s school and I jumped at the chance against Imres thoughts 🙈

Fast forward 3 years and we have been awarded best nail salon in Warrington and also 23rd best nail salon in the country. We have also opened another salon in lymm alongside Imres new champagne bar 🥂
I absolutely love the salon and I love my team of fabulous women and what we have all achieved collectively! The pink room is nothing without the team and of course you our beloved clients 🥰

I never quit the ships though as it is now in my blood and so much a part of me forever. I am lucky to have a partner and team who supports me enough to keep going away to continually better things and secure financial freedom for my family especially after covid destroyed our bank accounts trying to keep the salon open. I have hardly taken a wage since the salon has opened and have put it all back into the business, but now it’s time to restore my finances back for my family’s sake.

So maybe now a few things make more sense.

That’s me ❤️ thank you for reading if you got this far 🤣😘 your very own singing cruise directing nail tech salon owner ❤️

Photos from The Pink Room's post 21/08/2022

Continuing with our training this week. The girls have been learning the full on tip extensions. Check out this before and after done jointly by Ellie and Katie ❤️❤️

Full on tips coming soon to our menu ❤️❤️


So we had some training in the salon this week! Look at this cute set our Katie designed ❤️❤️


Rainbow Oil Slick nails on our gorgeous Lashie Emma ❤️❤️


Love this colour combo ❤️🥰


N**e marbles ❤️


Can we show some appreciation for this amazing set our Kate did! Insane work ❤️❤️ @painted_ladies_nail_art


Sat at a kiddies birthday party so thought I’d post a pic of my freshly done nails! Opted for a short set of BIAB nails with a skinny French using the new magpie colours ❤️


We have managed to get some FM Tan accelerator in the salon. This stuff sells out fast and has amazing reviews! I’ve been trying to get my hands on these for months.
☀️ use on sunbed and natural sun
☀️ moisturises & improves elasticity/firmness of your skin
☀️contains cocoa butter & coconut oil
☀️ it contains vitamin E to help minimise the effects of ageing
☀️ tans you quicker and deeper

Limited stock in salon! First come first served. Message for more information £20


How amazing is this foil! I’m so in love with it ❤️ @magpie_beauty

Photos from The Pink Room's post 09/07/2022

Loving these new colours from Magpie Beauty ❤️ inspired by @glamourphile ❤️


If a rainbow was a storm this is what I would imagine at the eye of the storm ❤️


Who else can relate 🤣🤣
Who’s watching?


Are you Flip flip ready for the warm weather?
We have availability this week for gel toes and pedicures and all your other beauty needs. Click our book now button for availability tomorrow ❤️


So Love Island starts tonight 🙈
Who’s watching it this season? ❤️


A few sets from the past couple of weeks ❤️


Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us ❤️
It’s taken me a few days to digest this and we are all still in shock but very very happy. Well done to all the other salons and our old Apprentice Emily for placing in the top mentioned salons ❤️
The Pink room is a collective of so many amazing women who show up daily to support each other and raise each other up and I love each and everyone of them ❤️❤️

We have exciting things happening in the salon at the moment and it’s been a crazy 3 years of trading. Particularly with the pandemic and impending financial ruin 😫🙈
But creating a space for our lovely clients to come to and start to feel like we are living again has spurred us on to keep going.
This is a lovely accolade that proves that although sometimes we may get things wrong, we may also get things right and is very humbling.

Our clients are the beating heart of what keeps the Pink Room alive and we love you all as is the same for any small business out there ❤️❤️

So we accept this award on behalf of every other small business in Warrington that keeps showing up to do what they love for those that they love 💕

Thank you for your support and love always

Team Pink 💕 @painted_ladies_nail_art @loubloumua @klassyshell @lash_em_ @annaszewczyk_permanent_makeup @kbeautywonderland @nb_makeupandbeauty @xoxellie_txox and Katie @drag_me_to_gel

Photos from The Pink Room's post 16/05/2022

Did you know our SMPU Ania @annaszewczyk_permanent_makeup is also a nail tech 😳 and bloody good too! Look at these sets she’s done the last few weeks ❤️ to book Ania click our book now button ❤️

Photos from The Pink Room's post 16/05/2022

A lovely set for our SMPU Artist @annaszewczyk_permanent_makeup christening ready for Norway


Gorgeous holiday nails for our @lash_em_ hand painted on natural nails with builder gel 🥰🥰

Eight of the best nail salons in Warrington as chosen by you 12/05/2022

Eight of the best nail salons in Warrington as chosen by you

Ladies, our Pink Team has made it to the top list of nail salons in Warrington ❤️ thank you so much for your support and loyalty ❤️🥰 we are nothing without you x

Please could we ask you to vote one more time for us for the final position. We made it to the top 6 just before lockdown and it would be amazing to see if we could get to the top 🤞🏻🙈❤️

We are up against stiff competition though and all the ladies and salons who are in the top list are amazing including our very own Emily 🥰 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Love you all lots and good luck to everyone out there ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Eight of the best nail salons in Warrington as chosen by you Warrington Guardian Best Of 2022 top eight nail salons have been revealed

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New colours ready for the autumn/winter season 🥰🥰
A few sets from the past couple of weeks ❤️
How has it been 3 years!! 🙈 Happy 3rd Birthday to the Pink RoomI’ve taken the time to look back and see how far we’ve co...
Just in time for Mothers Day - we have a small selection of our Hand-made Sterling Silver bracelets & rings back availab...





Raikes Close

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Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
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