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The Barber Shop

Traditional English barbershop in the heart of Orford! It’s a old school shop with a cool edge! SEN💙

For my mum who was cruelly scammed, organized by Michelle Pink 24/12/2023

We've all been there when we need help for whatever reason. This is just proof of how the world is messed-up in this day and age. Please help as it could quite as easily been someone you love # # #

For my mum who was cruelly scammed, organized by Michelle Pink Hi, I’m Michelle and I’ve set up a go fund me page for my mum who was cruelly target… Michelle Pink needs your support for For my mum who was cruelly scammed

Show your support: For my mum who was cruelly scammed 24/12/2023

Jeans been a family friend of our family’s for 30 ish years. What a terrible thing to do. 😢 I know she will be kicking herself. Thinking of you so much right now 💖
if anyone can donate Evan £1 please please do so ❤️
Really is the loveliest of ladies you could meet & to be targeted like this when she’s in treatment for cancer is just in thinkable. Cruel world 🥹🤍

Show your support: For my mum who was cruelly scammed Hi, I’m Michelle and I’ve set up a go fund me page for my mum who was cruelly target… Michelle Pink needs your support for For my mum who was cruelly scammed


Just wanted to say thankyou to all my wonderful customers! I’ve been spoilt again with Xmas treats, tips & tons of well wishes for us going in to the new year ❤️

It hasn’t gone un-noticed! Merry Xmas from my family to yours 🎅🎁


Lovely to see you Ryder ❤️🎅
Who was the winner of my freebie competition 🎉
And of course his josh 💜


Theo! Absolutely no tears today! dad was shocked 😳
have a wonderful Xmas & see you next year ❤️


Cooper looking fabulous ❤️
Merry Christmas copper & family 📸


As soon as we hear about anywhere else we will share 😁


Not taking extra bookings on now guys!

Fully booked till 29th December!

Have great Xmas everyone ❤️


Cash payments preferred this week 🙏💰

My last working day is Friday & I don’t want to be chasing late payments over Xmas. All card will be taken at appointment not as client leaves. If anyone is struggling for there hair cut just have a brief chat with me so I can organise a later payment. Just don’t presume I’m ok to wait days❤️

Hope everyone has a brilliant Xmas 🤶


Can all my customers who do card payments between Saturday & now please send them over 😘💈❤️

It’s Christmas so prompt payments please for the next week. You wouldn’t go to asda & pay 7 days later!

Thankyou ❤️🤣🙏🎉💈


Hellooo you lovely lot ✨

Right… as many of you know I’m exspecting 🤰

I hate to put this on my page but I’ve to put myself & my own safety first especially after last year 🙏

I really don’t want something terrible to happen & I just can’t risk being kicked in my tummy. I’m not miracle worker. I’ve worked with challenging behaviour for 10 years now but if it’s really not safe for me to do your child’s hair please do not request an appointment. I wouldn’t post this light heartedly however today was a very very close call 🥲 🏥

Thankfully me & princess are ok & Thank-you to all your lovely comments. We are over the moon 🌚

Thought I’d share the moment we found out we are team pink 💖

Thanks for your constant support 💖💖💖

To make a booking please text 07944026204. App appointments will be allocated on Tuesday-Saturday thanks 🙏


Christmas bookings have already been made 🧑‍🎄
Book now to avoid disappointment 🤦‍♀️😅
19th-22nd December ive a few slots available!
Comment below and I will contact you directly. Please do not comment below for other dates! 🎁
Thanks Sam ❤️


A reminder of my work ahead of Saturday 💚🙏💈


Well I’m adamant for a unofficial new opening this Saturday I’m feeling generous 🎉

I’m going to offer a cheeky freebie for one client💈

This can be anyone you think of! A child or dad, grandad or uncle or even an aunt with shorter hair💭🤔

Just comment below to be entered into a draw… I’ll give each comment a number!

Entry’s close this Friday!! I’ll announce the winner Saturday.

Gooooo!!! I’m so glad that IM BACK… alot of last minute graft to be done but the end is in sight. Reminder I’ll be contacting each of you for your requested app tomorrow 💚💈


Hey you!!!

Reminder!!! Now my new place is nearly finished 🎉

I do not work evenings, Sundays or Mondays 😇

There seems to have been a huge request of appointmen demands on these days. our family currently attends breavment services on Mondays & that is our priority!

I won’t respond to app requests on these days. Tuesdays you shall exspect a response 💛

I can’t wait to show you updated pics 💚


Closed today for some family wellness- we’ve been UNwell the majority of half term. Sickness is doing it rounds & unfortunately until we are all better I will
Not be working. Family always comes first. ❤️

When we’re back to 100. My customers will be the first to know! 🥹💖

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. Everyone’s kids looked great! The photos cheered us up! I’m hoping to have Halloween number 2 over the weekend. It was our first year in 13 we’d missed. Obviously I’m gutted 😪

Thanks so much Sam❤️💛


Not posted in a while! Hope everyone’s well! We’re doing really well. Bar from these dreaded bugs 🤧😷

Just a quick one…

there’s been a massive spike with people testing positive for covid. Despite guidelines due to me being high risk please avoid coming to me if you have symtoms/tested positive. It’s detrimental on me if I catch it with my health problems and with being self employed it’s also a financial nightmare 🙏

October half term bookings are now available…

please be quick as half term is always chocker. I do not offer same day apps. This is due to the additional extra support I offer each client. Especially if there an anxious sitter or need extra incoursgement. Last half term I was turning down work & I don’t like doing that but I am one lady!

I am not working 14th October due to our engagement party… no exceptions (Evan my boys will be getting there’s the day before) 😂🤘

Positive hugs to everyone! Thanks for the constant support Sam 🥰💜🙏


I’ve some last minute space today

(this Will be mobile due to a reschedule)

Between 12-3 💈💚

Perfect for any anxious visitors as I can come to you!
I’ll keep an eye on the comments today 👍☺️😘💈⭐️💖


Heads up on appointments tomorrow 💚

Please allow time between clients some take longer than exspected (sometimes it’s a case of how long is a piece of string) 🙏⏰

It’s going to be a hot one so nice relaxed day for us all after all child’s pace is best🔥💈☀️🤌🏻

I’ll be giving a message to you all first thing to confirm ETA. For now enjoying 1 more day off with these. It’s been the most beautiful weekend in our faverite place. Photo courtesy of my teddie who’s not keen on pics on demand but that’s his choice 😎 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏕️☀️🌊🩳

I’m fully booked till WEDNESDAY 💚💈

I always get a rush on over the holidays to make sure you get booked in why not book on my quieter days when the kids go back to school! Perfect for kids who struggle with anxiety when having trims! Good luck to all my little followers who are going back to school this week!

I can’t wait to see you all looking gorgous & smart in your uniforms’ 📚🚍🚌🏫

Sam 💚💖

P.S. mind Denzels butt 🤪 🐶

Photos from The Barber Shop's post 31/08/2023

Now fully booked till Tuesday 💈💚
Unfortunately! There’s just not enough hours in a day. I must put a block on bookings so I can start adding more new clients to my 📕 this will ensure I’m able to offer enough time for each visitors. Here’s Theo! What a joy he was. Mum said “I cannot thank you enough sam you are amazing and incredible and the time you taken to get to no theo and actually acknowledged him and spoke to him means the world your beautiful nature and the way you do your job is amazing. and theo has never been so calm so thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️” welcome to our secret Sen family 💚💈🤌🏻


I am away over the weekend. So have various sides Monday available 💚💖📚✏️🚍👱‍♂️
07944026204 ✏️🙌


Heyyyyyy sorry I’ve been super busy!

My SEN baby is now 8! He had a belting day from start to finish. I hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday (I’m shattered between work, kids, building work commencing on my secret Sen garden & just life 😂) I’m going to be going through as many requests as I can this week. Be patient it’s school holidays for us too!
Taking bookings via text 07944026204.
TIA Sam 💚🙏🥳


Omaris first visit with me 💚☺️💈🙌
Mum said “you are MAGIC “ 🪄


Back to school 🏫 hair apps available 💜☺️🙌

Monday 28th- Thursday 31st available 💚💈

Please 🙏 text 07944026204 🙏

My diary is open 📔

❌ now fully booked 30/08/23❌


Guys I’m off the last weekend in august!

31st this is due to family camping holiday 🏕️

First time in years! No exceptions ☺️🌎


Space available tomorrow & Thursday 💈

Various timed appointments available 💚

Text my work number on 07944026204 or comment below for me to message!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far’ love Sam 💈💚🧩


Little announcement 📣

I hate having to do this. But I’ve not been giving much choice. I’ve smashed the past few here’ at norris street and you all have been a huge part of my life and i feel i owe you a explanation.

As a lot of you my work life has taken off and I've been doing really well. Literally everything I told myself I was going to do I have achieved after the most hurrendous years. I’ve now a little business. No matter where I work. My business is me & I’ve knocked back offers because my little business doesn’t have a taking price. It wasn’t supposed to be what it is. That I am proud of. 🎉

But I want to do even better. This isn't me doing one of those cringy "I'm retiring" posts. I’m still Sam. I’m still working just at a more suitable setting around the children. 😴

I will never stop barbering this saved me from another life. It’s the only thing I can do with the struggles of adhd. I will always look for that creative release. Due to my beautiful kids I’ve a passion for children just like mine. it's all I've ever really been good at and it's truly the only thing I love to do. However with the heaviest of hearts we recently lost our mum & my babies really NEED there mummy. 💈

I hope you all atleast try to understand my decision. In order for me to do better i also need to be happy. The system it’s self has worn me down. im exhausted with the constant battles. I can’t miss all these years & in years to come regret the opportunity to leave now knowing I’ve tried every option or network so I didn’t have to make this choice. It’s so hard being a single mum, working, providing & all there apps, school, ehcps, medications, therapies & being able to commit when I littlrally do everything for all 3 alone. Working at home will slow some time for me & my family. I’ve been offered regular contracts of nursery’s & special needs respite day visits which is HUGE! career wise… that’s the end game. IM established 💖

These will be set days monthly… so my usual hours apply. Just not at norris street. Ultimately my family have to come first & my mental health has came last to everyone else recently. I’m so sad & in the mids of all this stress. I’ve forgot who I am that I need to go find the sparkle back. I believe that sparkle is still there. Somewhere. I’ve a lot of therapies coming up & I need to find some peace ☮️

Thankyou so much everyone for your constant support! As I’ve said earlier I’m still working & I hope many of you join me! 💖

All bookings now will be made via 07944026204. this is a working number so will be turned off when I’m unnavailble. 💤

This is so home life can be improved. I’ve the most amazing children & partner & they deserve to have there slice of happiness back too. 💈


Still in engagement bliss 💍

I was gobsmacked! 🤦‍♀️ were now planting a beautiful party for all our friends & family to celebrate as despite this year being the worse, we’ve been super blessed to have each other & were praying this hand of bad luck won’t stick around. We often forget how wondeful life can be. My mum would want me to be happy & she knows how important family was to me & I know she wouldn’t of wanted to miss this for the world as she knew this time it’s for keeps🤍 🥂👰

I just thought the staff were taking a pic till he got on 1 knee & pulled out a ring him & the girls had been shopping back months ago in a festival full! No wonder I cried. We both sobbed 🤦‍♀️🥂❤️👰

I’m trying to work what I can physically this week (mainlly mobile but if you would like to book in please please text me: 07994026204 school holdidays & I’m juggling like always) 🥂


Hey everyone!

Hope half Terms treating all my lovely family’s well! If it’s not quite how you pictured it… lock yourself in the bathroom & cry!

We’ve all been there 😂😂😂

Anyway! Can anyone who’s visited recently spam me with pictures of your little ones or be kind enough to leave a Gorgous review for me 😇💖💙

I’m busier than ever & that’s due to your lovely reccomendations! 🥳😘💚🧩

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Hellooo you lovely lot ✨Right… as many of you know I’m exspecting 🤰I hate to put this on my page but I’ve to put myself ...
Sorry for the late update! My lucky winner was josh or Ryder! Your booked in so you’ll have one full price trim knocked ...
Omaris first visit with me 💚☺️💈🙌 Mum said “you are MAGIC “ 🪄
Still in engagement bliss 💍 I was gobsmacked! 🤦‍♀️ were now planting a beautiful party for all our friends & family to c...
Sooooo a lot of my gorgous customers wished me well as I’ve told you all about my bungee….It was the scariest thing othe...
Little Hugo fetched me flowers on Friday 💐🥹Going to be opening my diary tomorrow so expect that message 💚🧩
Enhancements now available! Fake it till you make it! Delay ya trim to turkey 🇹🇷 Totally safe, cheaper alternative, last...
I’m so happy to present the new barbers work here at the Barbershop- Norris street. This 13 year old is another one of o...






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