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The Kelpie's Trove

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In celebration of the new moon in Leo tonight, the 'Moon Child' Pendant is now available to order!🌙🦁✨

This pendant will be made to order... each piece may have slight variations, making every order unique!

The pendant is available on etsy for £23, however if ordered over DMs, it will be £20 (due to absence of etsy fees)🥰

Each pendant will come with faux leather cord, please specify when placing your order if you have a preference for colour/length!

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening!✨🌿💕



Another lovely summery pair of handmade sterling silver earrings sent off to their new home!✨☀️🌸🌿


Found this little mushroom growing in the forest!🍄🤭🌿


Happy Solstice to all of my friends, family and followers!🌞🌿🌹🦋🦭



A garnet ring I made a while ago that matched the most beautiful huge red poppy❤ I've considered making more like this, but I'm always getting distracted by new ideas😂 Maybe soon?🤔✨

I hope everyone is having a lovely sunny Monday!☀️🌻

Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 18/06/2022

✨This beautiful handmade sunstone pendant is now available! I'm wearing it as a choker here, but it looks lovely longer too!✨

☀️ An energising stone of joy and good luck.
☀️ Emits life-giving, restorative solar energy.
☀️Promotes optimism, confidence and strength.

Sterling silver, DM me if you're interested! Thanks for looking🥰


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 11/06/2022

A pendant I started a while ago and finally finished, I really love this one!🧡 Available on etsy🌿

Look at that opal!😍🌈

Opals are said to...
✨ Enhance creativity
✨ Provide optimism and enthusiasm
✨ Inspire passion
✨ Amplify emotions

Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 10/06/2022

I'll start with a warning⚠️ ... please only swipe to the second photo if you don't mind seeing a close up of my very own ear👂

😂I don't know why it feels so strange and WRONG to post a photo of my ear... is it?🤔 How else am I supposed to show you these lovely new styles of earrings that are available from etsy (or over DM for a lower price!).

I'll possibly only be doing a couple couple pairs of each, and they'll be made to order, so let me know if you'd like a pair!💕

I've been in a very earring-y mood and actually started making another pair today! I do love the simplicity of these but I'll definitely incorporate some crystals into my next designs💎💜🥰

Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 09/06/2022

My most recent custom pendant has arrived at it's new home! Here are some photos I took before posting🥰✨

Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 06/06/2022

Made these cute little studs using a new shot plate! I think they look like little sunshines 🌞
Sterling silver, available for a fab price if anyone wants them before I add them to etsy - DM me for info!💕


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 06/06/2022

Thought I'd try out a flush setting on a ring, and made myself this!💎💜 It was a lot harder to set the stone into D shaped wire, but I'm really pleased with it!🥰✨

Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 15/05/2022

Decided to try on this pendant yesterday while the sun was shining🌞 The perfect piece for a sunny day - available on etsy or through DMs 🥰



The start of some cute little leaves for a custom ring🌿😊❣



This mushroom pendant was one of the first soldered pieces I made for etsy and I would love for it to find a home , so I'm offering 20% off!

Just find the listing on my etsy (Link in bio!) and enter the code 'MUSHLOVE' 🍄❤🌿



Beltane blessings to all!🌸✨

I'm very short of time at the moment however I'm hoping to get on with some new jewellery projects soon (and finish some old ones!😂)🌷🌿

✨I'm also half way through planning my first giveaway so keep an eye out for that!✨


🌸30th April - 1st May🌸

🌿Beltane is an ancient fire festival marking the beginning of summer. It is a celebration of life and fertility. On the wheel of the year, Beltane is directly opposite to Samhain, and also shares the aspect of liminality; the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest on these liminal festivals.🌿

Ways to celebrate Beltane:

✨ Light a symbolic bonfire!🔥
✨ Listen to music and have a good dance!💃
✨ Let your creativity flow! Draw, write, cook... create something beautiful!🎨
✨ Walk in nature - take in the sun, acknowledge the plants and creatures around you, appreciating the birdsong, flowers and bees🦋🌻
✨ Indulge in a Beltane feast!🎂
✨ Whilst the veil is thin, leave an offering for the Fae.🌷

🌸How do you plan to spend Beltane? Let me know in the comments!🌸

Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 19/04/2022

A few rough ideas for a custom ring for my lovely friend ... who has chosen the most beautiful piece of labradorite😍✨

Super excited to see where this one goes🌿



Finished this pendant! If it looks slightly different to the progress pic I last posted... it's because I melted the entire thing and had to start again😂Loveee this stone it's blue topaz and it's so glassy and clear... I'll have to post a video soon!💙🦋

Blue Topaz is considered to be the stone of opportunity and is associated with wisdom, communication and success✨

Also I'm thinking of doing a giveaway with this as part of the prize!🌻


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 05/04/2022



🌊A big ocean jasper and peridot pendant inspired by a stormy sea🌊

I made this a while ago but was never happy enough with it to post it...I really love the design of this pendant and I think the stone combination is perfect, however there are so many imperfections that I can't look past🦋

I'm somewhat tempted to take the stones out and try again now I've had more practice🤔



~ Work in progress ~
I had an abnormally productive afternoon yesterday and made a good start on these two pendants!😅 the stone on the left is opal, and the right is blue topaz💙
I'm especially loving the opal pendant at the moment🌿
Which one do you prefer so far? Would love to hear your thoughts🥰


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 14/02/2022

This floral pendant and earring set are up on etsy! 🌸
Available separately😊

I've been missing for a while but hoping to be able to post a bit more from now on🌟💖


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 22/01/2022

Loved creating this custom made pendant with the prettiest deep blue labradorite💙🦋💎


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 16/01/2022

My Calathea ornata was the perfect model for this lovely little rhodochrosite pendant🥰
This piece has already sold and I'm not surprised because the stone is absolutely gorgeous!

Rhodochrosite is an empowering heart chakra stone, which encourages emotional healing, passion, and brings out one's inner child.🌸
It increases self love and encourages a positive attitude💖

Handmade by myself with sterling silver🌟



I finally found time to finish the pieces I've been working on! Almost a week later than I thought but better than never😅 These are the two rings that will be available (I'll post more info and sizes shortly - just finishing pricing everything up!)🌸🌱


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 11/01/2022

🌟I forgot to post these weird little bird's nest fungi earrings I made for myself🐦 I used a mixture of copper, brass and sterling silver. They were perfect for the first time using my disc cutter and doming block!🌻

🍄commonly known as bird's nest fungi, the Nidulariaceae are a family of fungi who's fruiting bodies look exactly like tiny little bird's nests - how sweet!🕊

🌱Nature is so inspiring😊🌿



Treasure!🌟💎 A little look at some of the gemstones I'll be working with over the coming months😍 I'll try to post more info about each one as I go along🌿🔮💚

🌛Edit: I forgot to say, if you see any stones here that you'd like making into a custom ring/pendant, just send me a message!🌜



~work in progress~ My attempt to get these finished and on etsy by the end of the weekend didn't quite go to plan😂 So instead, here's another progress post🌿

I'm enjoying working on multiple pieces at the same time and seeing how the different designs end up influencing and complementing each other🌸

Hopefully I'll have these finished soon so I can start working on some other ideas I have😸🌟


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 29/12/2021

I have sooo many lovely crystals that are still yet to go up on etsy!
Like this lovely green moonstone sphere🔮

💚Green moonstone helps in attaining a deeper connection to your heart and understanding your feelings.
🌿It is green due to the presence of nickel ore🌱
🕊It is a soothing crystal which enhances self awareness and balances mood.

Please DM me if interested🥰


Photos from The Kelpie's Trove's post 26/12/2021

🌟My dad asked me to create something special as a Christmas present from himself to my mum and I came up with this crescent moon themed pendant and earring set🌜

I am really pleased with how they turned out and I really love the combination of labradorite and the amber, I think they look beautiful together! The amber really brings out the warmth in the labradorite🌞


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Another lovely summery pair of handmade sterling silver earrings sent off to their new home!✨☀️🌸🌿#sterlingsilverearrings...




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