DJ Computer Services If you have problems with your I.T. Equipment you have come to the right place. Hi my name is Darran Jackson, I have been in the IT and electronics industry for over 25 years.

I am HP and Dell accredited for Desktop PC, Laptop, Servers and Laser Printers. I specialise in hardware repairs and installation of operating systems and software to keep your machines up and running. If you have a dead power supply or a faulty hard drive or even a broken laptop screen I'll have you back up and running in no time. Virus problems or just want some instruction on how to connect all

Operating as usual

Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 11 to more PCs 29/10/2021

Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 11 to more PCs

Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 11 to more PCs You should find a new prompt inside Windows Update.

How Researchers Squeezed Breakneck 44.2 Tbps Through Ordinary Fiber Optic Cables 12/09/2021

How Researchers Squeezed Breakneck 44.2 Tbps Through Ordinary Fiber Optic Cables

How Researchers Squeezed Breakneck 44.2 Tbps Through Ordinary Fiber Optic Cables A group of scientists in Australia used a "micro-comb" to accelerate internet connection speeds to the breakneck speed of 44.2 Tbps — roughly 1 million times faster than an average user's internet speed.

IoT Explained: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters 09/09/2021

IoT Explained: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters

IoT Explained: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters The Internet of Things is changing how we live and work. But, What is IoT and how it works? From cars to coffeemakers, there are inexhaustible IoT applications now. This article will help you understand the what, how, why of IoT. Read on!


Manchester Baby: world's first stored program computer

This video was produced by Google as a tribute to the "Manchester Baby"—the first computer to run a program electronically stored in its memory. This was a f...


Another laptop brought back from the dead. 12/05/2017

WannaCry ransomware used in widespread attacks all over the world - Securelist

Information on the cause of the NHS and now worldwide Cyber Attack.


The Transistor: a 1953 documentary, anticipating its coming impact on technology

Very Interesting....Transistors.

Made between the 1947 invention of the transistor at Bell Labs and the 1956 awarding of the Nobel Prize for Physics to its creators, this documentary is less... 11/10/2016

Energy first as UK successfully transmits data via national electricity grid New technology is a significant step towards the creation of virtual power stations that would enable smarter electricity use by homes and businesses 03/06/2016

Samsung's new 512GB SSD is incredibly small - MyMemory Blog Samsung announced that it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 512GB SSD with non-volatile memory express (NVMe), fitted in a single ball grid array (BGA) package, for use in next-generation PCs and ultra-slim notebook PCs. The new drive, named PM971-NVMe, contains all essential SSD compone... 07/04/2016

Meet the new ransomware that knows where you live | ZDNet

Be very careful with emails you open. The carefully-crafted and user-specific emails contains a link that tries to trick the user into installing a new kind of malware. 30/03/2016

Samsung Now Shipping 'World's Largest' Hard Drive The 15.36TB "PM1633a" drive is designed for use in enterprise storage systems. 20/02/2016

A loving tribute to all things Radiophonic on a £4 Raspberry Pi Zero A much cleaner recording than the one I posted yesterday, with some enthusiastic whooshing ... here's the backstory. Over 52 years ago, I heard the Doctor Who theme for the first time at my grandmoth 16/02/2016

Optical Data Storage Squeezes 360TB on to a Quartz Disc—Forever Well, 14 billion years. Who needs more storage longevity than that? 29/01/2016

Apple recalls plug adapters over electric shock risk

Another Apple Fail! The AC wall plug adapter in question, for use with Macs, phones and tablets, was sold by Apple for a period of 12 years. 17/01/2016

Apple stock destroys $218B: How low can it go?

Always avoided Apple products because they were overpriced, now its come back to bite them on the butt. Apple (AAPL) is the poster child of this market crash. It took a market meltdown to help expose just how overvalued the stock was. The question is how much lower can it fall.


Photos: LG Display shows bendable displays, transparent screens, and more at CES 2016 - Page 22...

Impressive Display Technology. LG Display showed off a 55-inch transparent display, tons of curved screens for TV and cars, and an 18-inch screen you can roll up like a newspaper. - Page 22 07/01/2016

You could be prosecuted if your broadband interferes with radio signals Ofcom proposes that people with "power line" networking equipment could face prosecution if it interferes with radio signals 05/01/2016

Nvidia announces ‘supercomputer’ for self-driving cars at CES 2016 Nvidia is kicking off CES 2016 with its traditional first keynote. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang wasted no time getting to the "punchline," a new computer for cars he's calling the Drive PX2, the follow-up... 25/11/2015

Dell acknowledges security hole in new laptops Major U.S. computer company Dell Inc said on Monday a security hole exists in some of its recently shipped laptops that could make it easy for hackers to access users' private data. 11/11/2015

Li-Fi Gets Ready to Compete With Wi-Fi Visible light communications could outshine Wi-Fi in industrial settings 04/11/2015

What is 5G? And why should you care? Leaving 3G and 4G behind - it's the next generation data for your phone 04/11/2015


The blue light from your display device may be keeping you up at night. Software to warm up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting. 28/10/2015

How to create the most secure password A strong password is an essential part of your online security but trying to remember complex characters can be difficult. 28/10/2015

3D Computer Chips Could Be 1,000 Times Faster Than Existing Ones A new method of designing and building computer chips could lead to blisteringly quick processing at least 1,000 times faster than the best existing chips are capable of, researchers say. 07/10/2015

Aurora Forecast

Interesting Site. 16/09/2015

'Dislike' button coming to Facebook - BBC News Facebook is to add a 'dislike' button to its social network, founder Mark Zuckerberg says. 11/09/2015

Recreated-ZX-Spectrum -

For Geeks of a certain age, The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum --> The ONLY full-size recreation of the 1980s personal computer - the Sinclair ZX SpectrumAuthentic rubber-key, play-control of games both classic and modern! Supplied with FREE(1) ‘Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum’ iOS** / Android** apps Includes 'Chuckie Egg', 'Si… 17/08/2015

Samsung made the world's largest hard drive, with nearly 16TB of storage There's a thing called the Flash Memory Summit in California, because of course there is. And there, reports, Samsung has introduced the PM1633a: the world's largest hard drive, packed into a 2.5-inch case. 03/08/2015

2016: The Year of the Zettabyte So, just in case you didn’t get the memo that data is growing exponentially, XO Communications published this neat infographic to make it crystal clear. I like to hang up a new infographic at my desk every week or so; this one wins the prize for this week. Remember when a terabyte was a big deal? Ac… 21/05/2015

Heating houses with 'nerd power' - BBC News All computers produce heat, but computer servers produce a lot of heat - why isn't this used to keep homes and offices warm?


Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures

Amazing 3D Printed Art.

Watch updated video here: These are 3-D printed sculptures designed by John Edmark to animate wh...


Windows 10.
Just a quick note, if anybody offers you a machine with Windows 10 installed, don't expect it to have full functionality as the Win10 release available is not the full product and is still in the testing phase for developers. Please wait for the official release and if you have a Win7 or 8 version you can claim your free copy of 10. 19/02/2015

What is HTTP/2 and is it going to speed up the web?

Internet to get FASTER! Biggest change to how the web works since 1999 should make browsing on desktop and mobile faster 18/02/2015

4K Blu-ray confirmed with 100GB discs, HDR support, and more

Blu Ray here to stay now with 4K. It looks like 4K Blu-ray discs should be a thing by Christmastime. The Blu-Ray Disc Association, which is an official body that decides Blu-ray specifications, has just a set a standard that will allow ultra HD material to be stored on Blu-ray discs. The BDA took its time because it not only had to…


Wales Air Ambulance Charity

Want to raise money for us, just by using Facebook?

Hydraquip are donating £1 to us each time a photo in their merchandise is shared, to reach their £1,500 target :)

Hit 'share' on this selfie of our paramedic Gareth to raise £1 for us!

* This campaign has now ended. Thank you to everyone who shared the image and helped us to raise £1,500 *




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