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It's time to travel in Europe with our amazing fonts!


You can travel in America with a bunch of pretty fonts!


Have you packed all your Christmas gifts?
Embellish your gifts with pretty fonts!

Renata by Laura Worthington
Volte by The Indian Type Foundry
Natura by Resistenza Type Foundry
Mirador by Rene Bieder
Liebedoris by Liebe Fonts


Discover our Christmas selection on Fontyou!


You should see our Christmas selection on Fontyou!


Don't miss our Christmas selection on Fontyou!


Discover our Christmas selection on Fontyou!


Did you already packed all your Christmas gifts?

Marianina, Squirrel & Mandinor by FONTYOU
GoGipsy by LatinoType
Lulo by Yellow Design Studio


Pick your favourite T.V show and discover the new font selection on Fontyou! >>


Relax with these fresh fonts :))

Basic Sans by LatinoType
Dambera by Tour de Force Font Foundry
WallFlowers by Laura Worthington

Try all our fonts on Fontyou!


Some new fresh playlists fonts are available on the Fontyou selection! Let's take a look >>


We all need to be healthy before partying this weekend ;)
Bon appétit!

Torrent by The Indian Type Foundry
Weisshorn by Artcoast Design

Try the fonts for free on Fontyou!


Go on Fontyou and discover the fonts designed by Artcoast Design


It starts to be cold over here! Cup of tea?

Spade by @canadatype
Patagon LatinoType
Mandinor by FONTYOU
Yorkten by insigne Design

Try all these fonts for free on Fontyou ;)


Be energetic and create a colorful world!

Mirador by @renebieder
Marianina by @fontyou


Let's make some vintage logos this friday!

Lulo by Yellow Design Studio
Handelson by Mika Melvas
Trump Gothic by Canada Type


It's friday! Be brave, you'll have great times with your friends soon!

Crazymond by Tour de Force Font Foundry
Cera Pro by TypeMates

You can try these beautiful fonts for free on Fontyou!


There is some new playlist fonts on the Fontyou selection!
Go check them and try everything you like for free ;))


Happy Friday everyone!

Tondu by The Northern Block
Turquoise by Resistenza Type Foundry

Try it on Fontyou! ;))


New foundry on board! We are pleased to welcome Volcano Type's fantastic fonts on Fontyou! >>>



La nouvelle identité de FONTYOU.
Un projet réalisé en interne par l'équipe de FontYou.


Hey! Take care of your guests by creating beautiful invitations!

Niva by PeGGO Fonts
Silver by Fenotype Fonts
Burford by Kimmy Design

Try fonts fot free on Fontyou! ;))


And you? Where do you go in holidays? Follow Diane, our curator, for a trip.


Summer is almost done, comfort you with new fonts! ;)))

BerlinerFraktur by Resistenza Type Foundry
Torrent by The Indian Type Foundry
Petala Pro by @TypeFolio Digital Foundry

Try fonts for free on Fontyou!


Have fun this friday with fonts on Fontyou!

Selva by Gunnar Link Type Design
Volte by The Indian Type Foundry
Mynaruse by insigne Design

Let's try fonts for free!


New foundry on board! We are pleased to welcome Mika Melvas' fantastic fonts on Fontyou! >>>


Let's be greedy and try fonts for free on Fontyou! ;))

Nexa Rust by Fontfabric Type Foundry
Baker Street by Kimmy Design


Be creative with our fonts this friday!

Mandinor Modern by Black Foundry
Pontiac by La Goupil Paris
Spade by Canada Type

You can try all fonts for free on Fontyou! Have fun!


Melt for our geometrics fonts this friday! ☼

Objectiv by Dalton Maag
Tondu by The Northern Block
Arquitecta by LatinoType

Let's try them for free on Fontyou!


New foundry on board! We are pleased to welcome TypeMates' fantastic fonts on Fontyou! >>>


Have a good time with some pretty fonts! #graphicidentity

Concurso Italian & Directors Gothic by Font Bros
Wallflowers by Laura Worthington Type

Let's try them for free on Fontyou!


New foundry on board! We are pleased to welcome Typerepublic's fantastic fonts on Fontyou! >>>


The sun showed up! It's time to party and have fun! Discover our fresh fonts selection inspired by summer time!


Have fun this week with Bodoni Sans, Modelica & Thirsty Rough! ♥

Bodoni Sans by Jason Vanderberg
Modelica by Branding with Type
Thirsty Rough by Yellow Design Studio


☼ Discover 5 new amazing fonts on Fontyou ☼

Welcome to Rainer by Kimmy Design, Metlow by Type Sketchbook, Capriziant by Laura Worthington, Bressay by Dalton Maag and Bw Scuro by Branding With Type. Nice to meet you all!

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