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2010 - 2020 Tribute to 10 years of passionate relentless work at Dataveyes, here is our very first #showreel 🎉

Let's see what the next decade will be made of, happy new year 2021 y'all #dataviz peeps! 22/10/2020

Dataveyes | Senior designer - data product designer

Nous recrutons un(e) "data product designer" senior pour créer avec nous de meilleures interactions humains données.

Plus d'information → Envoyez-nous votre CV si vous pensez pouvoir nous aider à construire de meilleures interactions humains-données.


New website! #10yearsDV

🚀 We’re excited to launch the brand new

✍️ Our signature visualization is back! We completely reimagined it from the ground up. It’s still visualizing our timesheet data, and displays how we make a difference by connecting skills usually compartmentalized.

🔥 You will find 10+ never seen before client case studies embedding our practice of human-data interactions as we envision it in 2020.

👔 We introduced a Services page to explain what we can do for our clients. You will enjoy the cute animations we crafted in it.

🎙️ We listed for the first time all the links to our video conference talks, podcasts and TV appearances, exhibitions, and publications.

🔟 years ago we launched our first website, with a bit of carefree attitude, eagerness, and a lot of curiosity. We feel it’s the beginning of our adventure and this rising industry, and we can’t wait to start another decade and go on with our passion #10yearsDV


We won the silver #iibawards category unusual tonight in London with our Commute project 🔥

Cheers to our lead designer Ludovic, the man behind this success!

Big thanks to everyone who voted for us, judges and general public, and the @infobeautiful team 🎉 15/11/2019

Dataveyes | Human Data Interactions

Nous recherchons un bras-droit CEO (stage, alternance, année de césure) →!/fr/jobs/bras-droit-ceo We share the firm conviction that the upcoming era of rich data and smart objects will disrupt the way data is conventionally used. Through our works, we take an active part in the revolution of Human-Data interactions. 16/10/2019


Dear followers, we need you 🙏
Commute has been shortlisted for the Information is Beautiful awards category "unusual" and the page is now open to public vote 🗳️ Commute is an immersive experience exploring the soundprint of a public transport line. It makes you see and hear the noise that surrounds us in daily commut...


Hi from the french Pyrénées #DataveyesAuVert #lightpainting #drone


This year our traditional retreat is taking place in the Pyrénées 💚⛰🚵‍♀️ 🧗🏻‍♀️ #DataveyesAuVert


Commute @ Futur.e.s

This is it! #Futures2019 is on 🔥Come see us and we'll show you our last data experiment: Commute #DataSonification


Ready for #Futures2019 #DataSonification @ Futur.e.s Festivals


Driving Data to Intelligence: a week with Michelin

How to display millions of trips data? We worked for the brand new Michelin Sustainable Mobility offer “Driving Data to Intelligence”: video sample #SaferRoads #dataviz #webgl #ServerSideRendering #performance


Data Stories for Orange Hall HQ by Dataveyes

How to turn millions of communications data into stories? Here is the result of our coding prototype for the brand new Orange HQ hall


Vivre la Ville

Comment apporter de la valeur ajoutée à nos données ? Caroline interviendra ce jeudi à Namur en Belgique dans le cadre de la conférence Vivre la Ville →

Comment donner de la valeur à nos données? Encore une question qui sera abordée en workshop lors de l'événement Smart City du 28 mars. Inscrivez-vous, c'est bientôt!


Encode London 19-20 September 2019

💫 Thrilled to be part of Encode London as speakers on the 19-20 September 20/03/2019

When you don’t really know what to do with this huge pile of strategic data - Strata Data Conference in London 2019

Big news! We’ll be speaking at the Strata Data Conference in London the 30th of April → This case study aims to show how to leverage data to rethink the way an industry builds its offer, improve the customers experience, and feeds its prospective reflection. We will focus on the appro... 29/11/2018

Dataveyes | Human Data Interactions

Nous ouvrons un poste de designer graphique junior chez Dataveyes en stage ou alternance, n'hésitez pas à en parler autour de vous et partager cette offre, merci !!/fr/jobs/junior-graphic-designer We share the firm conviction that the upcoming era of rich data and smart objects will disrupt the way data is conventionally used. Through our works, we take an active part in the revolution of Human-Data interactions. 13/11/2018

« On ne peut plus faire sans les données, elles sont partout »

Pour ceux qui ont manqué Caroline au KIKK Festival, voici un compte-rendu de son intervention par Usbek & Rica Rencontre avec Caroline Goulard, spécialisée dans les interactions hommes-données, au KIKK festival 2018.


Some pictures of our workshop about the power of “data visualizations with a strong identity” last week for the #ieeevis arts program. Thank you to all the participants! @ Berlin, Germany 12/10/2018

Baromètre santé et qualité de vie au travail

⚡️Notre dernier projet public a consisté à restituer les 10 ans d'enquêtes réalisées par Malakoff Médéric sur le bien-être au travail et son évolution.
Résultat : une interface qui conjugue storytelling des données et exploration libre Découvrez les résultats des 10 ans du Baromètre sur la santé et la qualité de vie au travail réalisé par Malakoff Médéric 15/06/2018

Rendre visible l'invisible - Web2day 2018

🎙️On sera cet après-midi sur la scène de Web2day 2018 - 10th edition ! Au programme, une conférence sur le design des données : "rendre visible l'invisible" Les données produites quotidiennement par nos vies, nos usages, nos objets, sont une matière brute pleine d’enseignements, à condition de savoir l’exploiter. Le bruit, la pollution, la population, ses mouvements, les activités humaines en général, sont en effet autant de phénomènes avec ...


Tomorrow on OpenVis Conference's stage!

🎤 Tomorrow Caroline and Ludovic will be on the main stage of OpenVis Conference for the Tuesday keynote! They’ll discuss hidden data and how to make it visible. They have an awesome project to share
→ here is a quick snapshot #ambientdata #sounds #noise #IoT #datavisualization


123 data

#123data exhibition is now open at Fondation Groupe EDF: a mix between sciences, art and design! Very happy to have one of our works displayed


What if robot draw cities?

🤖 Our Datagraph drew its first data visualization! Guess what city we reshaped through datavis?
A hint: we used sections data for input and rendered them with a force layout. As a result, clear zones are parks... or a mythic river whose curve separate Right and Left banks.
(Check out our Instagram account: 20/02/2018

Les décodeurs de l'éco : replays vidéo - BFM BUSINESS

📺 Dataveyes on air 📺
Dès 19h, Caroline sera sur le plateau des Décodeurs de l'éco sur BFM Business pour parler #RGPD et data literacy.
A suivre en direct ici : Retrouvez tous les replays de l’émission Les décodeurs de l'éco sur BFM BUSINESS


Visualizing the blockchain

What's inside the blockchain, and what's inside the blocks? Our work in progress to visualize and explore Bitcoin transactions in real time 21/11/2017

Le direct de BFM BUSINESS : la chaîne TV et Radio 100% Economie sur BFMTV.COM

"A vos écrans" ! Caroline sera l'invitée de BFM Business à 19h pour parler des GAFA dans la ville du futur. Le live est par ici : Le direct de BFM BUSINESS : la chaîne TV et Radio 100% Economie sur BFMTV.COM 07/11/2017

KIKK Festival - KIKK.Reboot

Nous serons ce soir au KIKK Reboot du KIKK Festival à Liège. Au programme : un talk sur la "ville du futur" KIKK Festival is a mix of technology, visual arts, music, Architecture, design and interactive media 16/10/2017

Are you experienced ? - Social Media Club France

Nous serons mardi au Social Media Club France pour revenir sur les enjeux, les techniques et les bonnes pratiques du design d'expérience La conception d’interfaces intuitives qui réduisent l’ensemble des frictions pour l’utilisateur, jusqu’à rendre celle-ci indolores et transparentes, est au fondement du design d’expérience. Portée par la multiplication des interfaces à l’heure du numérique la discipline a largement essaimé sur toute... 10/10/2017

Design is the keystone to reveal the potential of AI

[New article] Our point of view about Artificial Intelligence #Design #AI #HDI #MachineLearning Ever since the Industrial Revolution, we have been constantly striving to optimize the way we work. From the first scientific organizations of production, such as Taylorism and Fordism, to the…


push conference

We are really looking forward to being on stage of the push conference on October 21! We will give a talk about the most unwanted dashboard ever designed!

Only two weeks left till push.conference 2017. Very few tickets left. Grab yours today if you don't want to miss out. 30/06/2017

Affinity Index by Outbrain

Before going on weekend, play with our last work we crafted for Outbrain


Dataveyes's cover photo




We are at #VivaTech until saturday: pop by our stand C15-010 and say hi, we'll show you our last dataviz works! 14/06/2017

What makes data visualization so effective?

What exactly happens in our brain when we look at data visualizations? Check our article and see how to "augment" humans with cognitive tools! The answers we shared during our last talk at Algolia meetup

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New website! #10yearsDV
Commute @ Futur.e.s
Driving Data to Intelligence: a week with Michelin
Data Stories for Orange Hall HQ by Dataveyes
Encode London 19-20 September 2019
Tomorrow on OpenVis Conference's stage!
123 data
What if robot draw cities?
Visualizing the blockchain


5 Rue De Tracy
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Paris, 75020

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Nanogramme - NG Création - Agence Digitale Paris Nice Nanogramme - NG Création - Agence Digitale Paris Nice
20 Rue Marx Dormoy
Paris, 75018

NANOGRAMME, AGENCE DIGITALE PARIS | NICE Construisons ensemble votre solution digitale, vos besoins sont uniques, nous nous adaptons.