Sculptor of miniature models. Check out my blog on http://www.artmikh.blogspot.com For commission inquiries, please, contact me by email or social medias' PM.

Former Rackham's lead sculptor and sculptors team manager, freelancer since 2006, with 1 year passed on Asmodée's HellDorado, back to full freelancing job.

Photos from MIKH's post 11/07/2023

Few pics showing the Step-by-step of the making of The Wandering Dwarf’s Backpack 😊

After designing it, I sculpted the wooden structure in Magic Sculp 😊

Find out more details, with more than 30 pics and my own words describing my process on Patreon !
(Link in bio)


‼️Important announcement ‼️
My « Art Mikh » Facebook account, that I use for my professional activities as sculptor, seems to have been hacked.
It is blocked for now and Facebook might decide to delete it, pur and simple…
I am waiting to know more.

This MIKH page is still accessible but not by an easy way, and I can’t receive any alert…

So, if you need to contact me, please, use Instagram or my email 🙏👍

Thank you,

ÉDIT : No spam, ni quick recovery, THANK YOU.
I’ll be waiting from FB and if my account is deleted… well, life will not end there 😉

Behind The Scenes 02 – Second Photography Set Up | MIKH on Patreon 13/06/2023

New post on Patreon 🙂
Exclusive videos following and linked to this post are coming too 😉

Behind The Scenes 02 – Second Photography Set Up | MIKH on Patreon Join MIKH on Patreon to get access to this post and more benefits.

Behind The Scenes 01 – Taking pics of The Wandering Dwarf… | MIKH on Patreon 09/06/2023

For the next few days,
it’s only 2€ to get access to all contents 😉🎁
Don’t miss it !

Behind The Scenes 01 – Taking pics of The Wandering Dwarf… | MIKH on Patreon Join MIKH on Patreon to get access to this post and more benefits.

Photos from MIKH's post 08/06/2023

Great news !
I am on Patreon 😊

Join and become a patron of mine !
Oh !
You may want to go to my blog before… 😉

Link to my Patreon :

Link to my Blog :

MY PATREON ! Come join me on Patreon ! 08/06/2023

New adventures.
New post on my Blog 😊

MY PATREON ! Come join me on Patreon !

Photos from MIKH's post 02/06/2023

Happy retirement John ! 😊🎉🍾
Take great care of yourself, go on and enjoy creating more grimdark art !

I had the privilege to work one time for John.
He and Zoé commissioned me a model for the Femme Militant range, a 40mm scaled range of resin miniatures they created.
I met him in the Bugman’s Pub and he showed me all his drawings, his book of greatness and vision for this collection ❤️
Each time I met him then has been a real treat !

I loved sculpting her ! ❤️❤️❤️
Unfortunately, the range was stopped before her release (she was part of the fourth set of miniatures).

The experience was really nice, John was kind and open, giving me all the latitude I needed; he made it clear : he wanted my own interpretation of the character ❤️

There were just few resin castings made by then and John offered me one.
I gave it to my great friend and one of the most amazing painter, the 2 Golden Demon Slayers winner Benoit Menard😊
He painted it and offered me back as a gift ! ❤️❤️❤️

You may or may not like John’s work, a very special style and vision, but you have to celebrate him for what he created and as one of the pillar of the miniatures and wargames industry !
We would not be here without him !

And don’t stop ! 😉🙏

Photos from MIKH's post 29/05/2023

So nice to spend time with my friends !
How many prices, Golden Demons,…Swords ! surrounding me ???
Glad we could reunite after so much years !

Though I am not a talented painter like these guys, I do my best to be a descent sculptor 😉😁

Thanks to the event/contest organized by Les Chevaliers Du Centaure this weekend !

Photos from MIKH's post 29/04/2023

Sneak Peek 2 😉
Progress on the face I showed on my previous post 😊
Head is about 5 mm tall.

Commissions are open, contact me for any inquiries.

Commission / Work in progress / 35mm scaled / Fimo.

Miniature Sculpting – Filling The Gaps (Not Edited) 15/04/2023

The full, not edited, video at normal speed 😊
Using Duro (also called Green Stuff), I show how to fill deep gaps and holes for molding and casting purpose.

Miniature Sculpting – Filling The Gaps (Not Edited) Full, not edited, video showing at normal speed how I fill the gaps of the parchments I sculpted.Using Duro (also called Green Stuff) and several tools, "Fil...

Timeline photos 31/03/2023


🔴BREAKING!🔴 UNESCO calls for countries to immediately implement its Recommendation on the Ethics of . This comes after over 1000 tech workers called this week for a pause in the training of the most powerful systems. UNESCO’s Recommendation on the Ethics of AI is a global normative framework, adopted unanimously by the 193 Member States of the Organization, that provides all the necessary safeguards. It guides countries in maximising the benefits of AI and reducing the risks it entails. To this end, it contains values and principles and detailed policy recommendations in all relevant areas. Learn more: https://on.unesco.org/3nvUgme


A looonnnggg time ago (about 25-30 years 😅), long before to even think I could sculpt, not to mention becoming a professional sculptor….

…I started a Dark Angels army ! 💚🖤

Fun fact, years later, I was contacted by Forge World for designing and sculpting the Dark Angel Venerable Dreadnought ! 💚🖤❤️
(Pics at .sculptor 😉)

Seeing the new (and really nice) 40k Terminators, I thought of these metal ones I painted for my army 😋

It was definitely tabletop quality but I was very happy (by then) with it ! 🥰

Miniature Sculpting – Once Upon A Rope Trick. 29/03/2023

⚠️ Miniature Sculpting Video Tutorial ⚠️
…A Step-by-step journey in French with English subtitles 😉

Made with Duro & Fimo.

Enjoy and share ! ❤️

Miniature Sculpting – Once Upon A Rope Trick. Video Tutorial showing how I sculpted the volume of a Rope on a miniature.Using Fimo and different tools that I show and mention, watch me create this volume...

Photos from MIKH's post 27/03/2023

How I sculpted Ropes 😊

Watch the full Step-by-step tutorial video on my YT Channel :

Private commission.
Contact me (PM or email) for any inquiries. 😊👍

Step-by-step Ropes / Duro & Fimo / 75mm scaled / 2022.

Photos from MIKH's post 25/03/2023

⚠️ WIP !! ⚠️
The journey has begun ! 😊

Commissions are open, send me a message for any inquiries 👍

Warhammer - Nantes
Lil’ Legend Miniature Painting Studio

Photos from MIKH's post 16/03/2023

Hey !
Still working and finishing few projects (pics, videos, details coming soon 😉❤️) but I felt like sharing what’s coming on my desk…

Stay tuned to know more !

Thanks to Warhammer - Nantes for their efficiency to get me Horus ! 👍

Photos from MIKH's post 23/01/2023

Another Oldie, Another Style !

This is The Gob Without Name ❤️
…Remember Gob’Da and Gob’Nan ? (search my feed’s page 😉).
Well, I sculpted (and designed/adapted) several other Goblins for the project : Gob’Z’Heroes by SkullsMini.
Find more details about it on my Blog ! (Link in bio)

This one was huge, lot of different designs and volumes, so challenging, so exciting !
I loved the mechanical parts as for the Gob himself and the story he inspires ! 🥰

Commission designed to be produced in resin.

I take new commission, contact me for any inquiries !

Like it ? 😊

Gob Without Name / 32mm scaled range / Gob’Z’Heroes project KS / Fimo, Magic Sculp, Duro & Metal / 2016.

Photos from MIKH's post 19/01/2023

Part 2 : The Back ! 😊

Following my previous post showing Frank Hyde, character I sculpted back in 2012, designed and freely inspired from Mr Hyde for a 32mm skirmish wargame created by Infamy Miniatures, I show you his back and his backpack 👍

Same kind of twisted anatomy and details made with Fimo, chains are more present and I added some kind of syringes, fueled with horrible mixtures in my mind 😁🥰

The backpack is made with Brass and Brown Stuff, very fun to do this ! 😊

Hope you’ll like it !

Photos from MIKH's post 18/01/2023

Oldies = Goodies ! ❤️

Back in 2012, I give you… Frank HYDE !

So fun to create these twisted volumes and anatomy, all these veins and hypertrophied muscles !
And the pose directly inspired from gorillas 🥰😊👍

Created for the old Infamy Miniatures steampunk range of 32mm miniatures, freely inspired from an original drawing they provided.

This is a kind of version of the infamous Mr Hyde 😉

Frank Hyde / 32mm scale / Infamy Miniatures / Fimo, Brass & Scrap Metal / 2012.

Photos from MIKH's post 16/01/2023

⚠️ Old WIP ! ⚠️❤️
Some pics of the work in progress of a giant evil Polar Bear I sculpted back in 2018.

Created for Lumberjacks Studio‘s KS « ELFES », a range of 54mm scale miniatures from the famous French comic books 🥰

Directly inspired from the cover of the 11st volume of the series, I got liberty to adapt and imagine the scene ❤️

The second pic (grey bear) is a rough/sketch volumes attempt in plasticine that I used as reference.

Find out more detail & pics of the WIP on the article I wrote on my Blog :

Want to see the result and final scene ? 😊
That’s here :

You’ll see the other models I sculpted for the same KS 😉

Giant Evil Polar Bear / 54mm scale / Commission / Fimo, metals, Duro & Magic Sculp / 2018.

Hope you’ll like it !


Happy New Year to Everyone !
Welcome 2023 !
With exciting projects to finish and others to come ! 🥰😉

Stay tuned !



Photos from MIKH's post 15/11/2022

‼️ DWARF ! ‼️
Close-up of the finished eye with its scar 😊

Like it ?

WIP / 75mm scale / Private commission / Fimo.

Contact me by DM or email for any inquiries about commissions 😊


❤️ Happy birthday to me ! 🎁😁
Thanks to my grandmother ! 🥰

Got already the Dracula book, can’t wait to read this one !


Miniature Sculpting – Short about detailing a rope.

Watch soon the long version on YouTube. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and find more videos !

Work in progress / 75mm scale / Private commission / Made with Fimo.

Photos from Stéphane Simon's post 08/11/2022

Only 4 days left to pledge Stéphane Simon’s Kickstarter !
And less than 250€ left for unblocking the next huge model (55mm) !
Go have a look and support him ! 😊👍

Photos from MIKH's post 07/11/2022

Here is a miniature I sculpted long ago for the board/dungeon crawler-type game CLAUSTROPHOBIA, taking place in HellDorado universe.

This sculpture has been designed to be produced in PPP (pre-painted plastic) and so, had to be adapted : the final model will lose quality, details and volumes !
Then, as sculptor, you have to manage it : more smooth areas, less details and each has to be thicker, the miniature has to be taller than the final product, etc.
Here, the actual sculpture is 37mm at the eyes, the PPP final version is about 34mm, and more important, the miniature lost lot of thickness is the production process.

I am still very proud of this work !
I think it works very well 🥰

What do you think ?

Find out more details and pics on my Blog :

Created from the original concept art by Bertrand benoit art (on my Blog 😉).

La Brute / 37mm at the eyes / Claustrophobia (Asmodée) / Made with Fimo, Magic Sculp & Milliput / 2009.

KAYN's EPIC QUEST 03/11/2022

Stéphane Simon Miniatures Kickstarter is running with nice and detailed Barbarian & Dark Elves Miniatures !
They are compatible with all ranges out there ! (Warhammer, Confrontation, etc) 😊😉
Go have a look and pledge if you like it and want to support him !
It is traditional handmade sculpting, a true « real » artist !

KAYN's EPIC QUEST The creation of a range of resin miniatures , in a dark fantasy world for painters and miniature game players.


Stéphane Simon‘s New Kickstarter starts TODAY (20h – French Time) !!!
Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/simonminiatures/kayns-epic-quest for more details !
Don’t miss it 😊


Trente Deniers !

Miniature I sculpted for HellDorado range when working in Asmodée studio ❤️

This is one of the most challenging work I encountered since it was created for metal production, with only few parts, with this very stance ! 😱😅

After all these years, I am still very proud of the result ! 🥰

Trente Deniers / 30mm / HellDorado / Fimo, Brass & Super Sculpey Firm / 2008.

Concept art by the very talented Bertrand Benoit.

The original video of this presentation can be seen on my YouTube channel (link in bio) 😊

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