Trinity Church Lyon

Trinity Church Lyon


Our Good Friday walk will take place the 19th April in Rontalon. We will meet at the car park des randonneurs at 9.30. We can organise lifts.
The restaurant we used to go to is definitely closed but the second one, La Bergerie, is open. We need to book one week in advance.
Let me know if you want to register or get more info 😊
Please keep "Trinity Gospel Church -TGC", Chandigarh, India in your prayers 🙏 Thank you
Just a reminder that our introductory seminar for Positive Discipline (mainly aimed at parents) is this Sunday, 14th January, at 131 boulevard Yves Farge, 69007 Lyon. 5€/adult. We'll work with our trainer Krisztina for one hour, 12.30-1.30, and there's child care provided. After that, we'll share a pot luck lunch together. You don't have to be a member of Trinity Church to attend - everyone welcome!
23/12 in Lyon
Xmas Carols , Rue de la République
Lyon Anglican Church......
Hello my boss Antone La Vey wants to buy writing books and pens for all of his churches but he is looking for the best deal .if you know of good deal please contact him on 081 827 3076
If you like technology, please join us for a hackathon in Lyon (Ecully) on October 20th-22nd. #HackLyon
Anyone else fancy joining this project? To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Luther posting his 95 theses, join a choir directed by a top choir master to sIng psalms composed in Lyon during the reformation . What's not to like?

Trinity Church Lyon welcomes English speakers from all over the world, as we search, share and serve together in the hope of our loving and listening God.

Trinity Church Lyon formerly known as Lyon Anglican Church is a family of Christian faith, searching and serving together. We are primarily here to minister to English speaking people, but at the same time we have a role to play in the ecumenical life and witness in the city of Lyon. Trinity is our historical name, and is reclaimed as we seek to reconnect with our founding story of over 160 years

Fonctionnement normal

looking for a full-time pastor Lyon 25/02/2021

looking for a full-time pastor Lyon

Jesus - John - Polycarp - Irenaeus - You?
Lyon can trace discipleship in the city back to the very beginning. We are continuing the same mission for a fresh generation of believers, could you be part of it?

Trinity Church Lyon and the Eglise Protestant Uni of Lyon are forming a mission coalition. We have created a post dedicated to bilingual outreach, creating opportunities for French and English speakers in the region to engage with the Christian faith in new ways. It is something unique and something pioneering in Lyon, in 2021. Here is a brief introduction video be in contact to find out more.

looking for a full-time pastor Lyon United Protestant Church of Lyon Rive Gauche & Trinity Church of LyonEglise Protestante Unie de Lyon-rive gauche

Ben Harding, pasteur anglican : « Renouveller la passion de l'unité » 21/01/2021

Ben Harding, pasteur anglican : « Renouveller la passion de l'unité »

Ben Harding, pasteur anglican : « Renouveller la passion de l'unité » Ben Harding est pasteur et prêtre de l'église anglicane de Lyon (Trinity Church Lyon), marié et père de deux garçons.


L'Église entre aujourd'hui dans la 𝗦𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗱𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗲̀𝗿𝗲 𝗽𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗹'𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗲́ 𝗱𝗲𝘀 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗲́𝘁𝗶𝗲𝗻𝘀 ! Rejoignez les 4000 participants sur Hozana, et priez tous les jours avec nos frères et sœurs chrétiens 👉
⏰ 🙏 Tous les matins à 8h45 sur RCF Lyon, écoutez les voix des différentes églises chrétiennes : Eglise protestante unie de France, Trinity Church Lyon, Paroisse orthodoxe francophone de Lyon (Sainte Rencontre), Grande Famille De L'Assomption, Diocèse de Lyon, Église Évangélique Arménienne de Lyon et Décines-Charpieu

[12/12/20]   Hear ye, hear ye, dear friends
Seventeen entries sent
If you have more
Do send them errrr galore
For Trinity’s Limericks contest!

And you can see why I’m not one of them 😂🥳🤪💃🏻🎉!

Dateline this Sunday 13/12 tomorrow evening let’s say midnight! Winner(s) will be announced on the following Sunday 20/12! 🥳🎄🎁🎉!


O come, O come Emmanuel


Amazing Grace (Eglise Protestante Unie de Lyon rive gauche et Trinity Church Lyon)

Amazing Grace 06/11/2020

La prière œcuménique du samedi 31 Octobre 2020

You may recognise a familiar voice in this ecumenical prayer time. 🙂🙏 De nombreuses Eglises vivent sur Lyon rassemblant un grand nombre de chrétiens qui souvent ne connaissent les autres Eglises.


Snippet of Sunday Worship in Bron - 11th October 2020

"Our God is the Lamb, the Lamb that was slain... For the sins of the world, His love breaks the chains!" 14/10/2020

ICS Prayer update 9 Our latest installment of the prayer updates. 9th October 2020


Photos from Trinity Church Lyon's post

[05/20/20]   A quick question.... does anyone know a friendly farmer who has a largish field who lives within 2hrs of Lyon and who wouldn't mind if some Christians came and camped and did some worship and praying and stuff? I'd value your thoughts.... PM me if you like @BenHarding


The Church of England

A short video featuring Folli, who sojourned with us in Lyon for a number of years.

Have you been thinking about ordained vocations?

Rev Folli and Rev Kia discuss their experiences of being called to ministry, in this video filmed before physical distancing.

Explore God's call at 03/05/2020

Through a glass darkly

Timely reminder of walking steadily through suffering with God, as we were reminded at service today of our Good Shepherd, who guards us and guides us and will lead us through the valley. Thank you so much All Age Team (I will be wiggling my fingers all week long!) and to Chris for this timely wise piece 🌟🕊❤️🤗! The problem of suffering and evil Exposure to too much COVID-19 stuff can induce compassion fatigue. Too many people dying, unevenly distributed here in the UK in terms of class and ethnicity. And …


Hello! TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday parents of toddlers older kids teens seriously anyone who would like to meet and vent) is meeting whenever possible, a Friday or Saturday morning at 10am, so if you’re not already in the WhatsApp group, and you’re feeling a bit flat, like these Swedish walnut pineapple muffins, please feel free to comment here, or send a message. We’ll add you to the list for meeting dates, prayer support and virtual coffee tea cake time (and recipes shared are always real!). Blessings!


RCF Lyon

⚠️ ✝️ 🙏🏻 Ce matin à 9h30 une prière oecuménique proposée par Ben Harding de Trinity Church Lyon avec Trinity Church Lyon 29/03/2020


Did you know that UK taxpayers can donate to TCL via Gift Aid? That means tax relief for you, and 25p extra to the church for every pound donated. Just go to and hit the Donate button a the bottom of the page! Trinity Church, Lyon 21/03/2020

Bible Gateway passage: Luke 24:13-35 - New International Version

Dear Friends,
What an extra ordinary week!
It has been a real blessing to me, and I know to others, to have been able to share morning prayer together through the week. I have found the readings to be spot on for our situation and I have had a real sense that 2 or 3 gathering, even over the airwaves counts as a catalyst for HIs presence!

Here’s some quick info about Sunday’s service.
We will be sharing bread and wine together in a friendship and fellowship style meal, please have a piece of bread and a glass of wine/grape juice on standby. (if you want to read ahead we will be using Luke 24:13-35 ( at this point in the service.

To join in, you should be able to click on the following link and it will take you through to the meeting…

If you want to join us by phone, you can by any of these numbers:
+33 7 5678 4048
+33 1 7037 2246
+33 1 7037 9729

When you are asked for a meeting ID, tap in these numbers:
Meeting ID: 735 134 832

In the meantime, wishing you every blessing,

Ben and the church council.

دوستان عزیز،

چه یک هفته معمولی فوق العاده!

این برای من یک نعمت واقعی بوده است و من برای دیگران می دانم که توانسته ام در طول هفته نماز صبح را با هم به اشتراک بگذاریم. من یافته ام که قرائت ها برای وضعیت ما قابل توجه است! من یک حس واقعی داشته ام که جمع آوری 2 یا 3 ، حتی از امواج هوایی به عنوان یک کاتالیزور برای حضور HI ها حساب می شود!

در اینجا اطلاعات سریع در مورد سرویس یکشنبه ارائه شده است.

ما نان و شراب را با هم در یک وعده غذایی و سبک دوستانه به اشتراک می گذاریم ، لطفا یک قطعه نان و یک لیوان شراب / آب انگور را در حالت آماده باش قرار دهید. (اگر می خواهید از قبل بخوانید ، ما در این مرحله از سرویس از لوقا 24: 13-35 استفاده خواهیم کرد (؟search=Luke+24٪3A13-35&version=NIV).

برای ورود به سیستم ، باید بتوانید روی پیوند زیر کلیک کنید و جلسه را به شما منتقل می کند ...

اگر می خواهید از طریق تلفن به ما بپیوندید ، می توانید با هر یک از این شماره ها:
فرانسه +33 7 5678 4048
+33 1 7037 2246
+33 1 7037 9729
در این شماره ها از شما می خواهیم یک شناسه ملاقات داشته باشید:
شناسه جلسه: 735 134 832

در ضمن ، برای شما نعمتهایی آرزو می کنم ،

بن و شورای کلیسا On the Road to Emmaus - Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with....

[03/15/20]   For this morning's streamed service (details in previous post), here's some Information to pass on to those without computers/internet access:

For those of you without computers you can join the meeting by calling this number +33 7 5678 4048

Then enter the meeting ID: 735 134 832 followed by hashtag, then when prompted again hashtag.

Here are some other numbers in case that phone number is too busy……..

+33 1 7037 2246
+33 1 7037 9729 14/03/2020

COVID-19: 100 Ideas for Ministers and Ministry Leaders

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your input over the last few days. It has been encouraging to see how we have been rallying and moving towards each other, even if it is whilst maintaining ‘social distancing’! I am extremely aware of our church family members for whom isolation is the norm and that human contact is one of the most precious elements of our shared life together. We are going to make every effort to remain in contact and if possible, thrive, under these circumstances, making the most of technology and the tools that are available to us.

Worshipping Together
Firstly, to let you know that we are going to live stream our service together tomorrow morning at 1045, Jo and others will be reading, Armand will be leading us in prayer, Keith is preaching and we should be able to sing together. To join in, click on this link from 1030 or cut and paste it into your browser and it should take you through to our church service online… you don’t need passwords but the meeting number is : 735 134 832 if you need it… follow this link. Be sure to tick all the audio and video prompts.

This week, I will also be leading morning prayer at 0930. It will be a simple morning prayer service using the common worship service ( . You don’t need to bring anything just click in.

click on the link below.

Connecting with Each Other

Other ways of being in touch - we have the church page here: and here
Sign in if you aren’t already signed in. This is much more active and responsive than the website

We are conscious that people might want to connect on a more informal basis during the week, if you would like to be on a church Whatsapp group, sign up to WhatsApp and send me ([email protected]) your telephone number and I will include you in the group.

General Information
Here is some information that hopefully you will find helpful over the next few days.

Here is a link to the Carrefour delivery service, perhaps we can organise for food drops for each other?

For general health information
French governmental advice -
UK, NHS website -

And finally, many thanks to Alison Heal who has found this BRILLIANT blog, there are some excellent suggestions on here!

Needless to say, if you are feeling unwell, please let me, Roy or Jerry know. Phone the health line number (15) if you have a fever or flu symptoms (they will tell you to stay at home and only contact them later if you feel extremely unwell).

In the meantime, remain vigilant in our care and thoughts for each other, please don’t underestimate how valuable a phone call can be to those who are unable to get out and about.

More soon as we mobilise and organise ourselves better and better as a church council and family.

With peace in Him,


2 Corinthians 4:8-10 New International Version (NIV)
8 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 10 We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.

کلیسای ترینیتی - همه جا در او

دوستان عزیز،

خیلی ممنون از ورودی شما در چند روز گذشته. این دلگرم کننده است که ببیند چگونه ما به همدیگر راهپیمایی کرده ایم و به سمت یکدیگر حرکت می کنیم ، حتی اگر این در حالی است که "فاصله اجتماعی" را حفظ می کند! من از اعضای خانواده كلیسای ما كه عادی بودن انزوا برای آنهاست ، بسیار آگاه هستم و ارتباط انسان با ارزش ترین عناصر زندگی مشترک ما در كنار هم است. ما در تلاش هستیم تا در این شرایط با هم در ارتباط باشیم و در صورت امکان ، شکوفا شویم و از فناوری و ابزاری که در دسترس ماست استفاده کنیم.

عبادت کردن با هم
اولا ، برای اینكه به شما اطلاع دهیم كه قصد داریم خدمات خود را به صورت زنده پخش كنیم ، فردا صبح ساعت 1045 ، جو و دیگران می خوانند ، آرمند ما را در نماز پیش می برد ، كیت موعظه می كند و ما باید بتوانیم با هم آواز بخوانیم. برای پیوستن به این لینک ، بر روی این لینک کلیک کنید یا آن را در مرورگر خود برش داده و آنرا به سرویس کلیسایی ما بصورت آنلاین برسانید ... شما به رمزهای عبور احتیاج ندارید اما شماره جلسه این است: 735 134 832 در صورت نیاز ارتباط دادن. حتماً تمام پیامهای صوتی و تصویری را تیک بزنید.

این هفته ، من نیز نماز صبح را در ساعت 0930 برگزار خواهم کرد. این یک نماز صبح ساده با استفاده از سرویس عبادت مشترک است ( منابع / عبادت مشترک / روزانه-نماز / صبح-و عصر). لازم نیست چیزی را کلیک کنید فقط کلیک کنید.

بر روی لینک زیر کلیک کنید.

ارتباط با یکدیگر

روش های دیگر در تماس بودن - ما صفحه فیس بوک کلیسا را ​​در اینجا داریم: و در اینجا

اگر هنوز وارد سیستم نشده اید ، وارد سیستم شوید. این بسیار فعال تر و پاسخگو تر از وب سایت است

روش دیگر ارتباط برقرار کردن از طریق واتساپ است. اگر دوست دارید بخشی از یک گروه WhatsApp کلیسایی باشید ، در واتساپ ثبت نام کنید و شماره تلفن خود را برای من ارسال کنید ([email protected]) و من شما را در این گروه قرار می دهم.

اطلاعات کلی
در اینجا اطلاعاتی وجود دارد که امیدوارم طی چند روز آینده مفید واقع شوید.

در اینجا پیوندی به سرویس تحویل کارفور وجود دارد ، شاید بتوانیم قطره مواد غذایی را برای همدیگر سامان دهیم؟؟gclsrc=aw.ds&؟cda_medium=adwords_search&gclid=CjwKCAjwgbLzBRBsEiwAXVIygBa2upJiP-gmT60jUEoXaRiMIDWH-oFs3mtDmiBT4LLDBIeq2YUmIBoCns0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

برای اطلاعات عمومی در مورد بهداشت
مشاوره دولت فرانسه -

UK ، وب سایت NHS -

سرانجام ، با تشکر فراوان از آلیسون هل که این وبلاگ BRILLIANT را پیدا کرده است ، در اینجا چندین پیشنهاد عالی وجود دارد!؟fbclid=IwAR2FcsD_WESjTX61VaMQnZlKgmBpLeHQY8STsKPm5wY4zUoYUev9z0

اگر نیازی به گفتن نیست ، لطفاً به من ، روی یا جری اطلاع دهید. اگر علائم تب یا آنفولانزا دارید ، شماره خط سلامتی (15) را تلفنی کنید (آنها به شما می گویند در خانه بمانید و تنها در صورت عدم احساس ناخوشایند با آنها تماس بگیرید).

در ضمن ، در مراقبت و افکار ما نسبت به یکدیگر هوشیار باشید ، فراموش نکنید که یک تماس تلفنی چقدر می تواند برای کسانی که قادر به خارج شدن از محل زندگی نیستند ، چقدر ارزشمند باشد.

هرچه زودتر به عنوان یک شورای کلیسا و خانواده خود را بهتر و بهتر سازمان دهیم و سازمان دهیم.

با آرامش در او ،


2 قرنتیان 4: 8-10 نسخه جدید بین المللی (NIV)
8 ما از هر طرف به سختی فشار می آوریم ، اما خرد نمی شویم. ناامید ، اما نه ناامید. 9 مورد آزار و اذیت ، اما رها نشده؛ زده شد ، اما نابود نشده است. 10 ما همیشه مرگ عیسی را در بدن خود می گذرانیم تا زندگی عیسی نیز در بدن ما آشکار شود. A lot of us are wondering how church will be the same (or different) now that we’re in the middle of a lot of changes related to COVID-19. I think this is a time for us, as church leaders, to show …

[03/13/20]   Dear Friends,

I’m guessing you will have been following the news as attentively as I have been. We were at Priere, Pomme Pain this afternoon when it was announced that all meetings of over 100 people have been forbidden by the french government! Church wardens Roy, Jerry and I met yesterday and have exchanged today and with the support of the church council, it is with heavy heart that we have decided to postpone Sunday gatherings for the next few weeks. We feel it is important to a) follow the legal protocol and b)protect each other in the short term. I know that many, if not all, other churches around the city are doing the same thing in an effort to protect the most frail and vulnerable in our communities.

Between now and Sunday we will work out a way of sharing worship together, it might be on formats like Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or Youtube, whatever it is, we are going to do our best to remain connected and worshipful through this season! I am very aware that some of our church family members don’t have email or social media, please can you spread the words around.

Sorry for the brief note but I was eager to transmit the news as early as possible - more to follow tomorrow.

Every blessing to you all, what strange times we are living in! Keep your hands clean and your prayers active!!

Ben and the church council

ps. My Bible notes for Thursday were taken from Philippians 4

"The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Vidéos (voir toutes)

Snippet of Sunday Worship in Bron - 11th October 2020
Carol Service at Trinity Church Lyon
Carol Service with Salvatian Army band playing


50 Rue Bancel
Autres Centres religieux à Lyon (voir toutes)
Soeurs du Prado Soeurs du Prado
14 Rue Du Père Chevrier
Lyon, 69007

Eglise catholique, organisation religieuse, fondée par le Père Antoine Chevrier

Shâtibi Shâtibi
8 Rue Notre Dame
Lyon, 69006

L'institut Shâtibî propose depuis 2006 à Lyon des cours de langue arabe, Coran et sciences islamiques. Cours en présentiel

Maison Paradise Lyon Maison Paradise Lyon
10 Rue Henri IV
Lyon, 69002

Suivez l'actualité de toutes les propositions de la communauté du Chemin Neuf pour les jeunes de 18 à 30 ans à Lyon.

Temple du Change Temple du Change
Place Du Change
Lyon, 69005

Eglise Saint-Georges de Lyon Eglise Saint-Georges de Lyon
Quai Fulchiron
Lyon, 69005

Les messes sont célébrées par des prêtres attachés à la forme extraordinaire du rite romain.

Eglise Lyon Centre Eglise Lyon Centre
1 Place De L'hippodrome
Lyon, 69002

Pendant le confinement rejoignez-nous pour une messe en direct pleine de louange et de joie, dimanche à 10H30 !

Centre Tawhid Lyon Centre Tawhid Lyon
8 Rue Notre Dame
Lyon, 69006

Créée en 1987, l'UJM propose des conférences grand public, des cercles spirituels, des cafés littéraires, des quizz, des activités pour enfants ...

Paroisse Notre Dame de Bellecombe Paroisse Notre Dame de Bellecombe
57 Rue D'Inkermann
Lyon, 69006

Paroisse Catholique du Diocèse de Lyon

ABN Lyon, les soufis tijànes issus de Baye NIASS ABN Lyon, les soufis tijànes issus de Baye NIASS
44 Rue Pierre Delore
Lyon, 69008

Dahira Ansaroudine des disciples de Baye Niass à LYON - ABN. ENSEMBLE POUR BATIR LES CHANTIERS DE LA FAYDA. > Hadra et wazifa hebdomataires chaque vendredi > Dourouss > Lecture du Coran > Zikr bimensuel > Conférence anuelle

Paroisse Saint-Gabriel de Vaise - Lyon 9 Paroisse Saint-Gabriel de Vaise - Lyon 9
3, Boulevard Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
Lyon, 69009

Paroisse catholique Saint-Gabriel de Vaise

Grande mosquée de Lyon Grande mosquée de Lyon
146 Boulevard Pinel
Lyon, 69008