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EC-SL announces re-run of Village Head Elections

The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (EC-SL) on Tuesday 7th November, 2023 declared a re-run of Village Head Elections in Bonga Wharf and No.2 River, situated in the Western Area Rural District.
The decision, in accordance with Section 33 of the Constitution of Sierra Leone (Act No. 6 of 1991) and Sections 68, 93, and (106 to 109) of the Public Elections Act 2022 (Act No. 17 of 2022), will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2023.
The EC-SL has affirmed its unwavering commitment to ensuring that these elections are conducted with the utmost integrity, aiming for them to be free, fair, credible and transparent.


First Lady joins planning for 16 days Activism

Sierra Leone's First Lady, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio on Tuesday November 7, 2023, the Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs, Dr. Isata Mohai, and the UNAIDS Country Director, Isaac Ahemesak have united in planning the 16 Days of Activism at her Goderich Office in Freetown.
The partnership aimed to combat gender-based violence and promote equality. The discussions focused on grassroots engagement, policy reform, and global support.
The meeting produced a roadmap for collaborative events and programmes, fostering inclusivity and progress.
Sierra Leone's commitment to a just society serves as a global inspiration, showcasing the potential of collective action for positive change.


APC MPs return to Parliament

Members of Parliament of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) Party yesterday 7th November, 2023 took the Oath of Office, fulfilling a clause in their peace accord with the Bio-led government.
Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Abass Bundu welcomed the new MPs to the House and praised Hon. Mohamed Bangura of Karene district for his courage in assuming his duties despite facing backlash from his party.
Hon. Bundu also noted that the APC members' attendance at the swearing-in ceremony conformed to the multiparty laws of Sierra Leone, as set out by the country's constitution.
Prior to the swearing-in, the APC announced its leadership group for the 6th Parliament of the 2nd Republic of Sierra Leone. The decision, which was made after a long dialogue with the government, is aimed at consolidating the party's position and advancing its goals.
The newly constituted leadership group comprises Hon. Abdul Kargbo - Opposition Leader, Hon. Daniel B. Koroma - Deputy Opposition Leader 1, Hon. Aaron Aruna Koroma - Deputy Opposition Leader 2, Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara - Opposition Whip, Hon. Catherine Zainab Tarawally - Deputy Opposition Whip 1, Hon. Kemokoh Conteh - Deputy Opposition Whip 2, Hon. Unpha Sorie G. Koroma - Opposition Spokesperson and Hon. Alpha Ben Mansaray - Opposition Deputy Spokesperson.
The Opposition Caucus expressed gratitude for the understanding and support they have received thus far. They emphasised their commitment to serving the citizens of Sierra Leone diligently, holding the government accountable, and advocating for policies that address the needs and aspirations of the people.


*Maada Bio SLPP Leadership gets all the 3 MCC Green Ticks - 5 Years in a Row.*

The United States Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Scores for the next Fiscal Year (FY2024) are now ready and they show that the Government of H.E. President Julius Maada Bio has, for the fifth continuous year, once again received all the pertinent three green ticks in the following required areas:
1. Passing Half of Scores
2. Controlling Corruption
3. Ensuring Democratic Rights
For the control of corruption, this is the 6th time that the country is passing under the leadership of the Bio-led Government.
Whilst the full scorecards are not yet publicized but a colour comparison of last year's scoresheet with the printed, non-publicized document held by H.E. Bio & U.S. Ambassador in a shared photo, shows Sierra Leone this year actually passed some of what it failed last year - creating Employment Opportunities got a pass this year.
However, Sierra Leone failed some of what it passed last year like Control of Inflation which it failed. Sierra Leone also failed on Health Expenditures.
This our analysis is purely based on colour coding comparisons of the photo shared with last year's scoresheet.

Photos from DAILY DOSE BLOG's post 08/11/2023

*APC Caucus are Numerically Smaller but Better Debaters - Hon. Abdul Kargbo*

By Awareness Times Newspaper.
Wednesday November 8th 2023

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Honourable Abdul Kargbo has stated that the amount of elected main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) Members of Parliament may be numerically smaller than the governing Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) but the APC will soon show the world that they were politically savvier and better debaters than the SLPP.

Honourable Abdul Kargbo was exclusively speaking to Awareness Times Newspaper in a short interview after taking his oath of office in the Well of Parliament yesterday November 7th 2023.

Elected under the APC ticket from Port Loko district, Kargbo is known to be a great debater and has now been chosen by his peers to be the Opposition Leader in Parliament.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world and the APC Caucus is full of thoughtful leaders fully gingered up to represent our people who sent us to Parliament," the Opposition Strongman asserted.

He confessed that given the sheer numerical strength of the SLPP MPs, the APC party may not be able to get the numbers to effect legislative matters as the APC may desire.

However, Hon. Abdul Kargbo said they will be speaking to the wider national audience to shape the discussions even outside of Parliament.

"We are in parliament not to win the votes but to have our say and for sure the world will hear us as we debate and make our points. That is a promise," Kargbo ended with his usual confident smile.

The remaining 52 APC MPs finally took their oaths of office yesterday thus joining the earlier two APC MPs, the 81 SLPP MPs and the 14 Paramount Chief MPs who had already taken their oaths since July. The 52 had delayed to take their oaths as a protest over what they termed as rigged elections results.

That protest has now ended and the Parliament is now fully constituted as per Law established.

©️ *Awareness Times Newspaper*

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Thank you Istanbul and thank you H.E Emine Erdogan First Lady of Türkiye for your hospitality, I am truly grateful.

Heading home fulfilled with what we’ve accomplished together as a team.
First Lady Fatima Maada Bio

Photos from DAILY DOSE BLOG's post 06/11/2023


The just appointed Executive Director for the Drug Law Enforcement Agency is not the usual armchair executive. He is so absorbed by the seriousness of this drug Pandemic that he has taken the war against it personal. Mr. Andrew Jaiah Kaikai is visiting the most deplorable communities, listening and getting firsthand information from victims of drugs. "Kush is destroying the future of this nation", he says. Mr. Kaikai is the first appointed person to go deep into Burmeh, Kroo Bay, Govt Wharf, etc., where the worst hit of this plague are residing.
We need a National Drug State of Emergency declared. The fight against kush and like drugs should and must be a high level national emergency concern. Our youth are dying...


Limkokwing University orientates over 400 students

The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Innovation has on Friday 3rd November, 2023 held an orientation ceremony for over 400 freshmen that are due to attend this academic year, with the theme; “Over 7 years of Driving Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Transformation,” at the university’s campus on Hill Station in Freetown.
At the event, Hon. Abdul Murray Conteh commended the over 400 freshmen for choosing the university, adding that it’s a decision that cannot be regretted, as the university is among the best in the country.
He went on to underscore that the university has operated over 7 years, and since then they have been doing absolutely well academically as well as preparing students to meet the many competitive challenges in the job market.
He explained that Linkokwing University of Creative Technology is an international University with a global presence across 3 contineHe said the university was established in 1991 by founder and President, Tan Sri Dato Sri Paduka Dr. Limkokwing.
He concluded that the university has over 30,000 students coming from more than 165 countries, studying in its 13 campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and United Kingdom.
“Its main campus is in Malaysia. Limkokwing University has established worldwide recognition through its innovative brand of creative education merging the best of East and West education,” he said.
According to Aiah James, the University’s Registrar, Limkokwing University Sierra Leone campus was established by the Ernest Bai Koroma administration with the aim of transforming the tertiary education landscape and to help meet the country’s high demand for graduates in the field of digital techtechnology.
“The university opens its new campus in Sierra Leone in 2014, but through the Ebola scourge, the University started its transformation in 2016 by creating the most high-tech learning environment to empower students with the latest in digital technology,” he stated.
He further stated that the university was officially opened by the former president of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, on 18 March 2017.
“The University has the honor of being Sierra Leones first foreign university. It offers creativity-centered courses. This is in line with the country’s vision to produce graduates that will go on to become technology-savvy movers and shakers of the society.
At the Limkokwing University, a student from even the most remote part of Sierra Leone will become a technology competent individual who is creative and innovative. It is a global tertiary University that blends holistic education with industry-driven skills,” the registrar mentioned.logy.nts.n.
In an interview with this medium, Hassan Kamara, from the university’s Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting, said Limkokwing is a blessing to Sierra Leoneans because it helps impart digital and technological know-how in students.
He ended that in 2014, the University first cohort number of students went through the rigorous admission process before they were issued admission letters.
“The first and second batch of students applied to the Ministry of Education for government Grant-in-aid and went through interviews before they are finally awarded letters of Scholarship ranging from Diploma to Degree courses,” he said.
The orientation ceremony ended on departmental briefings, statements from heads of faculties, and the university’s choir made some performances as a way of welcoming the freshmen.


Turkish Airlines make historic landing in Sierra Leone

Turkish Airlines’ A330-200 graced the runways of Freetown International Airport in Lungi, Sierra Leone on Friday, November 3rd, 2023, in a move to redefine the nation’s transportation and aviation landscape.
The arrival of this cutting-edge and efficient aircraft represents a major leap in Sierra Leone’s pursuit of innovative transportation and aviation services. With its cutting-edge features, the A330-200 promises an unprecedented level of connectivity, comfort, and safety for travellers.
This remarkable development fulfills Sierra Leone’s longstanding mission to fortify its infrastructure and bolster global connectivity. The Turkish Airlines A330-200 is poised to ignite economic growth, paving the way for increased tourism, trade, and international collaboration.
As passengers disembarked from the aircraft, the atmosphere was filled with smiles and palpable excitement, encapsulating the optimism and hope that this breakthrough brings to the people of Sierra Leone. With Turkish Airlines now linking Freetown to the world, the opportunities for progress are boundless.
Sierra Leone’s commitment to advancing its transport and aviation sectors has become a reality with the arrival of the Turkish Airlines A330-200. It transcends a mere plane landing; it symbolizes progress, unity, and the promise of a brighter future.
In the days and years ahead, the far-reaching impact of this historic moment will reverberate across the nation as Sierra Leone thrives and prospers in the global realm of transport and aviation.


EC-SL announces Village Heads Elections result

The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (EC-SL) has on Friday 3rd November, 2023 officially announced the results of the Village Heads Elections that took place in the Western Area Rural District on Saturday, October 28, 2023.
Chief Electoral Commissioner at EC-SL, Mohamed Kenewui Konneh said the election process was conducted in accordance with the constitution and the relevant electoral legal framework, with the Sierra Leone Police ensuring security at all polling centers.
Out of a total of 121 villages in the Western Area Rural District where candidates’ nominations were declared, 305 nominations were received. After two candidates withdrew, 270 candidates contested in 88 villages, while 33 villages were declared uncontested after nominations.
The Commission received a total of 45 petitions from candidates who participated in the elections. After reviewing the petitions, 42 were dismissed due to a lack of sufficient evidence to overturn the results. Re-elections will be held in Bonga Wharf and No.2 River, and investigations continue regarding the petition received from Samuel Town.
Due to a logistical issue in Sussex Kingtom village, only one out of two voting centers in Sussex village voted on October 28, 2023. To rectify this, the voting process will be completed on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the REC Primary School at Mile 13.
Provisional results were announced, with 647 polling station results representing 96.85% of all polling stations in the 84 villages/towns where elections were conducted. The Electoral Commission’s Commissioner of Western Region, Zainab Umu Moseray, read the provisional results.
Chief Electoral Commissioner Mohamed Kenewui Konneh declared the winners, stating that the candidates who received the highest number of valid votes cast are duly elected as Village Heads in their respective villages.
The Sierra Leone Electoral Commission (EC-SL) assures that the election process was conducted in a largely peaceful manner, and the results reflect the will of the people in the Western Area Rural District.


*H.E. Maada Bio is Now Missing from the Action; fails to attend slated Events but is Purportedly on Social Media*

From News Desk

The President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio, has gone "Missing From Action" for this whole week so far and unless he shows up for work today Friday November 3rd 2023, it would mean he has spent the whole of this week being absent from sight. Well publicized high level events where President Bio was supposed to appear and carry out key functions, all had to go on with no sign of him. Bio has been missing from all the activities he was slated to attend.
Meanwhile, burning questions have now been floated about the exact identity of the mysterious person said to now be operating the Social Media accounts of His Excellency President Bio.
Tongues have wagged furiously about authorship of much of what is written as if it is the President himself.
Fingers have pointed at "mysterious developments" but a senior officer at Office of the Government Spokesman has debunked those rumours and asserts to Awareness Times that it is President Bio himself who authors those materials and gives them to his media people to post.
Whilst this newspaper will continue our ongoing investigations into this matter, the latest post purportedly by the President was posted this week on Wednesday November 1st 2023 at a time when the President was nowhere to be seen by the general public.
Here is what the person posted as the Head of State or on his behalf:
"Dear Fellow Sierra Leoneans, I remain inspired by the resilience and determination of citizens as we make concerted efforts to improve the quality of lives of our people. Let's start November with a moment of reflection and anticipation, taking stock of our progress and setting new goals for the future. As a nation, our leaders have amicably resolved our political differences and are determined to join their collective efforts in building a more peaceful, stable, inclusive and prosperous Sierra Leone. As we build back better together, let us remember the values that define us as a nation – unity, compassion, and the belief in a brighter tomorrow. We have achieved much, but there is still work to be done. I implore us all to remain dedicated to the principles of unity, freedom, and justice as good citizens, pooling our collective efforts to build a stronger, more inclusive, and prosperous society. I dedicate November as a month of Unity, Hope and Progress. Happy New Month!"
Meanwhile, investigations by the Awareness Times Newspaper continue.

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⛓️⛓️ 🧎🏿‍♂️🧎🏿‍♀️🧎🏿🧎🏻‍♀️⛓️⛓️

By Awareness Times.


Prominent female Sierra Leone activist Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR who is the great great grand child of Edward Wilmot Blyden (the Father of Pan-Africanism), has taken TV and Radio Journalists on a comprehensive tour to re-trace the painful journeys that captured Sierra Leone indigenes traversed before they were loaded on to slave ships centuries ago in order to be then sold as Slaves into bo***ge in the Americas and in Caribbean Nations like Jamaica, Virgin Islands and Barbados.

Edward Wilmot Blyden, born in 1832, was the leading voice of the 19th Century in the Calls for descendants of slaves to return to the African continent. Due to his activism, he has been termed as the Father of Pan-Africanism.

His great great grand child Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has now embarked on steps to emulate her late ancestor in working to connect Africa with Blacks in Nations that used to harbour Slave Plantations.

To ensure she can get the fullest experience of trying to understand the pains of slavery has happened on this side of the Trans-Atlantic Trade, Dr. Blyden took Radio and TV journalists from the State Broadcaster SLBC, the private AYV and FTN Media Houses, Epic Radio, Rise Radio, 98.1FM Radio and this Awareness Times newspaper on a journey that lasted the whole of Friday November 3rd 2023.

Using the SEA BIRD boat service, the team traveled by ocean to many slave related monuments including the old Slave Fortress on Bunce Island, the old Slave Fortress at Rotumba Section of Koya Chiefdom, the Kent Village Slave Plantation and Pen and finally, the Banana Islands Slave Trans-shipment point.

The aim of the tour, according to Dr. Blyden who hails from the Krio ethnic group that is composed of descendants of freed slaves, was to help her understand the feelings of anguish and pains which her ancestors must have felt when they got captured as slaves and forced to leave Africa centuries ago.

The adventure started at Bunce Island where official Tourism Ministry guides, took Blyden and the media team to examine the Slave Fortress and the "point of no return" which was the gates through which Slaves passed to go and board the ships.

Also visible were cannons used by the British Slave Traders to repel pirates when attacked. Also toured were buildings and yards with walls that separated the male slaves from the female slaves and children slaves.

Also shown was the structure where slaves were marked with a hot red iron as a symbol of ownership.

Many other sad and poignant things were experienced on Bunce Island including a deep cave which was used to keep arms and ammunition as well as separate graveyards; one for the whites and another for the blacks.

Bunce Island was one of the forty major European commercial Forts built along the West African Coast during the slave trade era, where the British traders purchased goods like gold, ivory, timber and most of all, Human Cargo as slaves.

It is said that thousands of Africans were transported from the Bunce Island Fortress into slavery for some 200 years from the 1600s until slavery got abolished in 1800s.

After leaving Bunce Island, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and team also visited Ro-Tumba Section of Koya Chiefdom where they explored a Portuguese slave fort constructed in the 15th Century right on the banks of the Sierra Leone river across from Bunce Island. The site portrays a testimony of Portuguese historical linkage with the British on Bunce Island.

At the Ro-Tumba Fortress, a tower spanning hundreds of years was still standing strong and visible. It reportedly was built for the slave masters to look out from there to prevent the slaves from escaping and also critically, to spot any advancing Pirate Ships.

From Ro-Tumba, another boat ride took the team to Kent Village to examine the King's Slave Yard which has a basement called a "pen" where the slaves were kept like pigs and hogs in the night. During the day, the slaves would be brought out in chains to get some sun and a little food.

A drinking trough carved out of stone, was still standing just outside the slave pen and the Tour Guides explained how the slaves will have to bend down to drink like dogs from the trough when they got thirsty.

Back then, after capturing large numbers of slaves in the Kent Village Yard, the large numbers would be transported from the Slave Pen on to an island known as Banana Island. The slaves would be forced to walk through a gate known as the Gate of No Return.

When the British and other Nationalities Slave Traders arrived on Ships at Banana Island to buy slaves, the captured slaves will be forced to walk through another gate that was also known as the "Gate of No Return" and then they will be taken out to the Big Ships on the ocean in small boats.

At Banana Island, the team also examined cannons that were used to fight pirates and most poignantly, a deep pit of a depth of several dozens of meters was examined. The pit on Banana Island was where slaves were thrown in to die, as a result of being sick or unable to work since the slave masters had no use for sick slaves so they did not allocate food to feed them. When you fall sick, you are thrown alive into the deep pit to die down there.

Horrors of the Slave Trade were explained diligently throughout the trip. The entire trip was very educative and brought the horrors of the Slave Trade into a very sharp and painful focus.

It can be recalled that last month of October 2023, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden got to be highly honoured in the United States Virgin Islands which is where her great great grandfather Edward Wilmot Blyden was actually born as the son of freed slaves.

Dr. Sylvia Blyden says she has been inspired by her experience on the United States Virgin Islands to resuscitate what her great great grandfather started many years ago - the ardent Call to convince Blacks across the World that their place was the African continent.

She noted that her plans go way beyond Sierra Leone. So for her to be able to seriously address the issues on a global level, she has to have a feel of what the slaves went through, hence her visit to the Slave Forts on the Islands and to Slave Yards.

She explained that her next tour will be in Ghana where she plans to visit other Slaves Forts such as Elmina Castle so as to have a more indepth experience and knowledge about the slave trade in Africa.


Stand by for them.




I have just filed a WRIT OF SUMMONS at the High Court of Sierra Leone against Chief Observer Evin Incir, Deputy Chief Observer Inta Lase, Social Media Analyst Lukasz Wilda Domaradzki, Legal Analyst Sylvian Ollier and the European Union Elections Observation Mission (EU-EOM) itself for their malicious, defamatory publications against me.

The impugned EU-EOM Report clearly states that it does not represent the official views of the European Union but are merely the views of the Observers hired by EU to observe. So I don't expect Sierra Leone Government or EU Mission in Sierra Leone will use "Diplomatic Immunity" claims to impede my strides to get Justice.

The legal papers that I filed today in Freetown, are just the first of several legal steps that I plan to diligently take; including to file for a restoration of my right to my reputation at the European Court of Human Rights in France.

A longer Press Statement detailing legal and other issues will be issued during the week.

𝑫𝒓. 𝑺𝒚𝒍𝒗𝒊𝒂 𝑶𝒍𝒂𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒌𝒂 𝑩𝒍𝒚𝒅𝒆𝒏 𝑶𝑶𝑹.
Freetown, Monday October 16th 2023.

Photos from DAILY DOSE BLOG's post 17/10/2023

*First Lady Fatima Maada Bio Joins Dr. Kandeh Yumkella in Significant Political Reunion*

From News Desk.

In a momentous event that symbolizes unity and collaboration, the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, has joined Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, a prominent figure in the political landscape, in a heartfelt homecoming to his former party, the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP).
The event, held on Saturday October 14th 2023 at the party's headquarters in Freetown, marked a significant moment for both Dr. Yumkella and the SLPP. Esteemed members of the party's National Executive, including the Chairman, Dr. Prince Alex Harding, Secretary General Umaru Napoleon Koroma, Hon. Mathew Nyuma, Hon. Manso Dumbuya, and other prominent stakeholders, were in attendance.
Dr. Yumkella's return to his party has been hailed as a strategic maneuver that aligns him with the values and principles that initially propelled him into the political arena. Party members have enthusiastically welcomed his decision, seeing it as a powerful endorsement of the party's core values and principles.
First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, recognized for her advocacy of women's rights and empowerment, extended a warm welcome to Dr. Yumkella in a moment of political reconciliation. Her willingness to join forces with Dr. Yumkella demonstrates the potential for a shift in the political landscape and signifies a renewed commitment to shared values and goals.
In her inspirational address to party members and supporters, the First Lady emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving the party's shared goals. She expressed her gratitude for the warm reception extended to Dr. Yumkella, stating, "Together, we have the potential to create meaningful change and address the pressing issues facing our nation."
The First Lady underscored the prevailing unity and cooperation between herself and Dr. Yumkella, highlighting the strength of their collaboration. Her endorsement of Dr. Yumkella's return to the party further solidifies her commitment to President Bio's objectives and the party's pursuit of progress, inclusivity, and development.
Looking ahead to the 2028 elections, the First Lady called on party members to begin preparations for future campaigns and emphasized the importance of a united SLPP working diligently to secure a brighter future for Sierra Leone.
The reunion between Dr. Yumkella and the SLPP offers a glimmer of hope for a more unified and collaborative political environment, focused on the betterment of the nation. Dr. Yumkella's experience and expertise in areas such as economics and international affairs make him a valuable asset in the party's pursuit of its objectives.
This momentous reunion signifies a significant step forward for both Dr. Yumkella and the SLPP, as they work together towards a shared vision for the nation's future.

CREDIT: Office of the First Lady.

Photos from DAILY DOSE BLOG's post 17/10/2023

*LIBERIA: Presidential Elections sees Nation Prepare for Possible Second Rounds Run-Off*

From News Desk

With neither the incumbent CDC candidate President Weah nor the main opposition UP candidate poised to reach Liberia's constitutional 50% threshold, the people of Liberia are poised to go back to the polls for a Second Rounds Run-Off Elections.
This emerged as, with over 90% of the votes tallied so far, both Weah and Boakai are neck to neck with a difference of only 800 votes.
According to a statement dated October 16th 2023, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Liberia, the Former Vice President Joseph Boakai has surged ahead of President George Weah by a razor-thin margin of just 800 votes, according to the latest data released by the National Elections Commission.
Boakai, who had been trailing behind Weah for the past three days hitherto, now boasts a total of 748,463 votes, representing 43.70% of the tally, while Weah follows closely with 747,578 votes, representing 43.65%. These numbers are from 5,467 polling places out of a total of 5,890, indicating that the counting process is near completion.
If no candidate gets up to 50% of the votes, the first two candidates will be pitched against each other in the Run-Off.
Since the election results were first announced on October 10, Boakai and Weah have consistently taken turns at the top spot. Weah led the charge for three consecutive days, displaying considerable strength in the polls. However, Boakai has now made a remarkable comeback, securing the lead by a margin of only 800 votes.
The results are indicative of a nation deeply divided between two experienced leaders with differing visions for Liberia’s future. Boakai, who served as Vice President under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, represents a more moderate and traditional political approach, while Weah, the former football superstar, symbolizes a more populist and change-oriented agenda.
This close race has captured the nation’s attention and raised the stakes for the upcoming days of counting and tallying. Observers from both national and international arenas have been closely monitoring the situation, commending Liberia’s commitment to a transparent and democratic electoral process.
Partial Source: Liberian Observer

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