Nails master Deimante København

I believe that your manicure is an opportunity to talk about style
without saying a word.
💜💜💜 Invigorate and restore the health and beauty of your nails.

Skilled technician offer exceptional services that will help you relax and enjoy nails polished to perfection. Let me, specially trained technician, melt your cares away by providing a relaxing and renewing experience you will not soon forget. So come let me take you into my hands, and help you relax and enjoy of your treatment for hands, feet and SHR laser permanent hair removal.


Women often enjoy doing their nails as a form of self-expression and self-care. It provides a creative outlet, allowing them to experiment with colors and designs. Well-maintained nails can boost confidence and contribute to an overall polished appearance, positively impacting self-esteem. Additionally, the process of nail care can be a relaxing and enjoyable ritual, promoting mental well-being. 😍💅
Girls share with me? Why are you doing your nails, why it is important for you? 🤗💅💜


Unlock radiant skin and say goodbye to unwanted hair with our SHR Laser Treatment! 🌟✨
Enjoy an exclusive discount on your session – because self-care should be a treat! 🔥
🏃‍♀️💨 Book your slot now and let the glow-up begin! ✨

Photos from Nails master Deimante København's post 25/12/2023

Merry Christmas my lovely people 🎄💜
Wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas filled with warmth, love, and cherished moments!

thank you for wonderful captured moments 💜


🤍✨Sculpted French Gel Nails!Where Art Meets Elegance. 💅🏼
Sculpted Perfection that Lasts. 🤩

Photos from Nails master Deimante København's post 05/09/2023

About last weekend 🥳
What an amazing experience to participate in a competition. 🤩Such a good vibe in the air with so many professionals which is like one family. ☺️💪
That is so amazing. 😍
This year I have won;
🏆 3rd place in stiletto master category
🏆3rd place in salon style master category
Can’t wait for next year 😝💪🎉
Special thanks to my models
and Ieva


The first whispers of autumn dance through the air. The lazy days of summer give way to renewed energy and a sense of purpose.
It's the season of fresh starts and new beginnings.
Plans for work, studies, and projects.
In September, we find ourselves caught between the nostalgia of summer and the anticipation of autumn's full embrace. It's a time for reflection, preparation, and the promise of what lies ahead in the changing seasons.


Behind every polished nail and radiant smile at my beauty space lies a world of dedication that often goes unseen. 💻 💪🤩
As a nail tech and salon owner, I juggle between crafting art on nails, nurturing my talented team, and curating our online haven. From blending shades to balancing spreadsheets, my world dances between creativity and strategy. Here's to the hustle that brings beauty to your fingertips and joy to your heart. 🥰💅✨


Embrace the artistry at your fingertips 💅✨ Nails, the ultimate accessory that never goes out of style. Just like a statement necklace or a chic handbag, perfectly manicured nails add that touch of elegance to your look. From bold designs to timeless classics, your nails are your canvas to express your unique style. Flaunt your creativity and let your hands steal the spotlight! 💅💃


Cheers for friday 🥳
Cheers for summer🌞
Cheers for dreams 😍


Spring breeze 🌸


Just a perfect mess. 🤩
Manicure with natural base coat,a bit of foil flakes, and black spider gel.
Fast and easy 🤩👌


Just happy to be in my place, in my path 🫶
Just was talking today with my girls about different professions. And I understood that I'm so happy to be here where I am today 🤩
I'm grateful for all good and bad moments.
So grateful to all my clients, which trust my knowledge and professionalism and keep coming back again and again through all those years. 🥰
How do you think, how many years I'm working as a nailmaster?


One of Artificial nails myths 😃

🧐 Artificial nails do not tolerate water.

This is probably the most common misconception about artificial nails. And it is actively spread by women themselves.

😏👉🏻Actually, artificial nails are not afraid of water at all. They are made from high-tech polymers that are used in medicine. The latest generation of artificial materials adhere so tightly to the natural nail plate that they are not afraid of any water.


There are endless ways to do ombre nail designs. 😍
You just need to use your imagination. 😃
Do you like ombre designs? Or you choose plain classic nails?
Share with me your favourite colour or nail design 😍🤩

Photos from Nails master Deimante København's post 30/03/2023

Have you noticed that 1 month of spring has already passed? 🫣😁
Just a little bit and the warmer weather will come unexpectedly.🤩 Therefore, I remind you and suggest that you think ahead and schedule a visit for a pedicure so that you kan be ready for the season of open shoes.
Do you already have an appointment for pedicure?


Spring and summer is on the way 😍
My favourite seasons of nail colours 🥳


😁Happiness is something that people seek to find, yet what defines happiness can vary from one person to the next.
Typically, happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfilment 💜
While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction. 😍
For me, my happiness is balance of work, which makes me happy and home&family where is my love and happiness. 💜
Have a lovely international day of happiness🫶
Be happy all of you 🥰


Happy 1st day of spring 💜
Finally, it is over with winter and we will have more sunny days. More happy faces and brighter colours on your nails 🥰


Is it easy for you to choose a colour? 💅
Nail colour for 3 weeks is a big dilemma for almost every girl. 😍
What about you?
Are you always know which colour you want?


Just love ❤️ what you do!
And success is guaranteed


Super cat eye effect
Perfect to use on the colour or under the glass colour. 😍


Summer time💜💛💚💙🧡
All seasons has their own beauty. 🥰
But Summer time for me, is the most lovely time.
Not because it is warm. 🥵😅
Because of a lot of sunshine 🌞 and so manny colours.
Who knows me, they knows I love bright colours.😍😏
We have so little of summer in Danmark, and we have so many colours, so let's do them all through the summer. 😄


How do I understand that I'm doing exactly what I have to do in my life? 🥳😍
I went for an amazing vacation in French mountains 😍🏂
And stuck there for 10 more days. 🙈
And only thing I can think now is nails 🤣 clients🥰 new projects.
My mind just exploding with new thoughts and plans I would love to implement.
And finally one project will be released very very soon 🥳
Can you guess what it could be?


Impeccable french look nails 💅

Do you ever thought about the history of the French nails?👇

Contrary to what people might think, French manicure did not originate in France, nor was it created by a French national. It was actually an invention of an American.

The term “French manicure/pedicure” was first coined during the late 1978 by Jeff Pink, founder of nail polish and treatment brand Orly. However, the technique is believed to originate back in the 1930s when Max Factor, the father of modern cosmetics, claimed he invented the look for the fashionistas of Paris (thus the French connection). Classic Hollywood stars were also sporting that look during the 30s. Others say the look was first seen even earlier during the late 1800s.

Do you like French look nails?


Diamond line gel polish 10ml 85kr
Perfect pigmentation
Most colours can be applied by one layer.

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