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Photos from Yoga in a Bottle's post 17/10/2022

The last two and a half months I’ve been getting up at 5am every day for my new job.

Besides enjoying more sunrises than I think I ever have before, I’ve also started the day with a quick ‘n’ easy home spa by adding a bunch (4-5-6?? 🤷‍♀️) of drops of this RC blend into the shower.

As the water steams up the essential oil rises with it creating the most wonderful huge steam bath.

The RC blend is such a refreshing and revitalising fragrance, created to open the airways.

And it always reminds me of being in Australia, the Australian nature after cleansing rain.

I also finish off with a quick cold shower. And have managed to keep myself fresh and healthy even under stressful circumstances.


Weekend’s baking project:
Gluten-free, LCHF Banana cake from .dk and chocolate ganache icing with Orange essential oil.

It’s basically good for our health 😂


Starting a new job? Preparing for a big presentation or performance? These two make for a magical and powerful combination when you want to be at your best, feel grounded, present and confident.

Been using this roller blend daily for the past two months as I embarked on a new job, exciting, fast paced and high energy work.

Equal number of drops of each and rolled over my throat chakra and my shoulders, for clear communication, courage and confidence.

And I’ll often add a drop of the Believe blend to my occiput, at the base of my skull.

Almost feels like pulling on a super hero suit.

Try it and tell me how you feel 🦸‍♀️ 💪⚡️


Inspired by the Freedom Sleep collection from , I’m trialling this beauty of a blend for bed time.

And I must say, after only the first night, I felt surprisingly well rested this morning. This is after a night with both kids coming into my bed in the middle of the night (wriggling and coughing), then me removing myself to sleep on a mattress on the floor in their room instead, an hour later.

So far, so very good.

Let’s see how I go tonight, in a hotel bed on my own, with a 5:30am start tomorrow 🛌 😴 💤💤💤


My skin loves this combo after a day of beach yoga, swimming, sunbathing, picnicking… general family holidaying ☀️🏖🥰💛

Organic whipped Shea butter from .dk

Mixed with drops of pure, authentic, skin-loving Lavender essential oil from


Photos from Yoga in a Bottle's post 11/05/2022

Been meaning to do this for AGES!!

I love this whipped shea butter from .dk especially for my kids - so softening and soothing (especially since my youngest gets very dry from the high amounts of lime/calcium in the danish water).

Because there are so many beautiful oils i love for skin, I haven’t wanted to mix a whole tin of Shea butter with one specific essential oil 😆

This morning the kids are with their grandparents and I have time to experiment with my oils and body care.

Used a drop of the Australian Kuranya with every small amount of shea, and gave my whole body some TLC


In Germany and meditating on love with a little help from Australia (and a little bit of bird song in the back ground, shame you can’t hear the hundreds of bees at work in the hives right outside).

Haven’t used this oil in ages, never really knew what to use it for. But when I was packing I instinctively grabbed it. And this morning, again I was drawn to this oil for a breath and love focused meditation.

Australia Kuranya is named “Kuranya”, the aboriginal word for “Rainbow”, because each oil harmonises to create something more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

Sweet, lemony and woodsy, a beautiful refreshing, uplifting fragrance for body and mind.

Containing oils good for soothing and loving your skin. Try cleansing blemishes; adding to DIY body scrub with coffee grinds and coconut oil; rubbing on your chest for deep cleansing breath; diffusing to clear and purify the air of negative energy and bad smells, filling the space with love and harmony.

And I love this from (my go-to site):

“This oil brings peace to the racing mind and you may even find the "pattern" of what causes you to go there. As you smell this oil you find yourself in a nurturing and supporting environment surrounded by nature elementals; and cultures that once were part in harmony with the land.”



Tools for a deep breath: the Breathe Again blend, and various balls for facia and diaphragm release.


Part of my arsenal this week:

-antioxidant- and nutrient-rich NingXia Red
- Inner Defence capsules with Thieves blend, plus oregano, thyme and lemongrass essential oils
- Thieves spray
- local honey mixed with Youngliving Plus oils: Thieves, frankincense, peppermint, lavender, orange, lemon (tastes similar to Riccola sweets)
- copious amounts of camomile tea with pieces of ginger
(Not to mention the oils I’m rubbing on my throat and neck: more frankincense and Thieves, the Melrose blend, the CBD Calm roller; gargling with Thieves mouthwash; washing hands with Thieves soap… sure does look like there’s a bit of a pattern with the good ol’ Thieves 😉)

All the stuff to soothe my throat, support and boost my immune system and energy levels.


Photos from Yoga in a Bottle's post 26/04/2022

Frozen Ningxia Red bringing smiles back to sad faces.

Theo and I have come down with the same laryngitis that knocked out Mila last week.

Swallowing is painful so this frozen treat is a very soothing way to get some nutrients into our systems:

30ml of Ningxia Red has the
antioxidant power of:
4 pounds of carrots
2 quarts of carrot juice
8 oranges
1 pint of orange juice
2 pounds of beets
2 cups of beet juice
3 cups of raspberries
2 cups of blueberries
More beta carotene than carrots
More Vitamin C than oranges
18 amino acids
21 trace minerals
Essential fatty acids
Vitamin B1, B2, B6
Vitamin E
Digestive fibres

And we doubled up, because each of the sachets contains 60ml 💥


When a woman gives birth to a child, she herself is birthed into motherhood.

And it is such a wild wild rollercoaster of a ride.

Stepping through a portal, coming out on the other side to where everything may look the same. But everything has changed, because the woman is reborn, stepped into the next level of her life.

And this rollercoaster, the emotions, the child, the motherhood, can also be a way to access one’s own inner child. The true self. Because through giving birth, we experience total surrender, shedding, release. And we can catch a glimpse of our inner child. Our true self. Which may have been long forgotten and tucked far away. But if we can access this inner child, reconnect with our true self, we can reclaim our true power. There is deep deep power found in the Mother.

And sometimes, a drop of sweet, beautiful oil, on the hands, heart, womb space, can help when establishing that connection. Allowing, holding space, creating a sense of security in making the inner connection.


Valor on my throat and shoulders. One of my favourite ways of preparing for teaching, presenting, public speaking of some sort.

And I notice a distinct difference in how I feel when I do it and when I don’t. I feel more confident, grounded, present and clear in my communication when I wear Valor.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, Valor means: “strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery”

I recently made this roller blend as a gift for those who attended my Sensing Within experience a few weeks ago.

I blended equal amounts of Valor with Highest Potential - another one of those blends which I feel has a very tangible effect on me. Just as the name implies, this blend really helps to instil a sense of confidence and belief in one self and abilities.

So those two blends combined (and topped up with the V6 vegetable oil as carrier oil) are a real powerhouse for when you want to feel cool, calm and collected.

And because it’s a roller blend, it’s super easy to apply to my throat and shoulders. Neck. Temples. Anywhere I want, really.

Have you tried Valor??


Combining restorative yoga with select essential oils, from Young Living, and Reiki healing, this 2 hour experience will lead you on a sensory journey designed to deeply relax, release tension, and renew your energy levels.

Be like the small seed soaking up a little more energy, in preparation for breaking out of the winter darkness, and blossoming refreshed and renewed into the springtime sun.

Rest your body, rejuvenate your mind and renew your energy levels as you are gently guided through relaxing and healing poses and meditation, with wellness-promoting essential oils chosen to enhance these practices, and supported throughout with healing Reiki energy.

This is time to pamper yourself with the healing benefits of restorative Yoga and the natural, harmonizing earth element of plants and essential oils.

A truly restorative, aromatic, and grounding experience.

Place: Ny Østergade 7, 1101 Kbh K
Date: Thursday, May 5
Time: 18.30-20.30
Investment: 360kr, incl. oil gift to take home

Spaces are very limited to keep this an intimate experience, so bookings are essential.

Register via link in profile.
Have any questions? Leave a comment below, send a DM or email at [email protected] 🙏🏼💜

Photos from Yoga in a Bottle's post 19/04/2022

Trænger du til at slappe af og finde lidt ro? Så kom med på torsdag 21.4 til Lydbad med æteriske olier, og modtag de gode vibrationer og den opløftende energi.

En masse dejlige instrumenter, klang, og skønne lyde.

Æteriske olier som ikke bare dufter eventyrligt, men vil gøre lyd-oplevelsen og energien endnu mere sanselig.

En oplagt mulighed for at at lade batterierne op, men også at komme i kontakt og mærke sig selv, uden at skulle præsterer.

Måske falder du i søvn. Måske slipper du spændingerne i kæbe og nakken. Måske du får oprigtig kontakt til for åndedræt for første gang i lang tid. Måske du oplever en øget fornemmelse af overskud.

Der er ikke noget der er mere rigtigt eller forkert. Det er bare en rigtig god at være der.

Vi glæder os i hvertfald meget til st dele denne oplevelse med jer, og føre jer gennem en nærende og nærværende rejse for krop og sind.

Familievenligt event for børn og voksne, i alle aldre.

Dato: 21/4/22
Tid: kl 15.30-17
Sted: YOJO Studio, Teglgårdsstræde 8B, 3. sal, 1452 KBH K

Tilmelding: 270 kr per voksen (børn er gratis) til Mobilepay 577933, skriv dit navn og antal deltagere i kommer


🌬Sums up exactly how this oil has felt for me the last few days.

I’ve really felt a true connection to breath. To a softening, releasing, receiving breath. Inspiration. Being. How a single breath can make me feel so present.

I’ve been using it to massage my neck, shoulders and head; rubbing on my chest and throat. And breathing it in, to the deepest crevices of my being. It’s as if I’ve been wanting to cloak myself and marinate in its energy.

As you can see from the old label, it’s not an oil I use much. But my goodness, it has so many layers, so much magic, depth.

I intuitively used it a few weeks ago for an upcoming yoga and oils workshop I’m preparing (Spring Refresh, May 5th, stay tuned). And have made a Springtime roller blend containing Juniper that I’ll gifting to participants at the event.

And then I grabbed it again when we went away for the Easter break. I thought I was going to be dousing myself in palo santo this week. But no, Juniper has been coming out to play.

Fun fact: traces of juniper berries have been found at prehistoric sights in Switzerland.

Used throughout history, Juniper is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. It was historically burned throughout hospitals to protect and keep the air clean (making it great to add to your diffuser)

Spiritually it creates a sense of protection and security, while also helps release feelings of suppression, insecurity and anger. Making it more easy to move forward from a place of peace, love and spiritual awareness.


Adding some Abundance and Joy to my morning yoga.

A few drops of the AH-mazing Abundance oil to the soles of my feet. Then holding my hands there, connecting with the energy, and my breath. This practice is usually done with the Valor blend, as is known as a Valor balance, for balancing the energies in the body. Especially helpful before doing any sort of energy work and healings. But this time, I felt like using Abundance.

Was also inspired by who once told me she’d put abundance under her feet before we went for a walk in the woods. Sounded magical.

Then a drop of another favourite, Joy. On my hands to breathe in, and on my heart. It always feels amazing, and my day ends up feeling even better.


Incorporating truly pure essential oils into your yoga practice adds an element of tangibility to the breath and the sense of energy that is often explored through the practice of yoga.

Creating a deeper sensory experience.

Also works when adding the oils to your meditation and other healing practices.

Add a drop of oil to your hands, rub your hands together clockwise, then hold by your nose for a few slow, deep, breaths. Then maybe rub the remaining oil somewhere on your body that you feel would feel nice (just avoid citrus oils, and blends containing citrus, on skin that will be exposed to uv light).

🌸 Geranium oil is a beautiful heart opener. Helping to soften any feelings of hardness in the heart, and emotions. An oil of love, it is relaxing and calming. It is a beautiful floral fragrance, which is also amazing when added to skin care for youthful looking skin.

How have you used Geranium oil? 💜


Oils for Sound Bath with

Sunshine, spring time, nature’s magic in a bottle.

These three blends very much also sun up the experience we are creating for Thursday April 21.4

Connection, grounding, joy, peace and calming.

As you lay under blankets, receiving the sounds and vibrations from the instruments, you’ll get drops of these oils, the harmonizing earth element of truly pure essential oils, to breathe in, maybe applying them to certain parts of your body.

Creating a deep sensory body-mind experience of sound, smell, touch.

Maybe you’ll feel the energy grow inside you. Maybe you’ll feel deeply relaxed. Maybe you’ll fall asleep. Join us and found out how sound bath and essential oils feels for you.

Family friendly event for all ages, quality time for mummy/baby, parent/daughter/son, grandmother and grandchildren…

Date: 21/4/22
Time: 3:30-5pm

Place: YOJO Studio, Teglgårdsstræde 8B, 3. sal, 1452 KBH K

Registration: 270 kr per adult (children incl.) to Mobilepay 577933, please include your name and number participants (children and adults).

Maximum 20 adults.

We look forward to seeing you and guiding you on this journey,

Warm regards,
Marie and Sidsel


Hurra for forår, solskin, fuglekvidder og smukke træer 💜💛 (event info 👇🏼)

Naturen, naturlyde, frisk luft.

Træk vejret, mærk ind, giv slip, slap af.

Det er den oplevelse og jeg vil skabe for jer næste torsdag, d. 21. April med vores lydbad event.

Så i kan opleve ro og energiløft, helt inderst inde.

Vibrationer og healende lyde spillet på forskellige instrumenter af Marie, tilsat dråber at ren natur i form af de reneste æteriske olier med en mærkbar energieffekt. Jeg har udvalgt blandingerne Joy, Peace & Calming, og Valor, for at gøre det allerede sanselig lydbad for en endnu mere sanselig oplevelse.

Familievenligt event for børn og voksne, i alle aldre.

Dato: 21/4/22
Tid: kl 15.30-17
Sted: YOJO Studio, Teglgårdsstræde 8B, 3. sal, 1452 KBH K

Tilmelding: 270 kr per voksen (børn er inkl. i prisen) til Mobilepay 577933, skriv dit navn og antal deltagere (børn og voksne).

Plads til maks 20 voksne.


Photos from Yoga in a Bottle's post 11/04/2022

A midday bath with Epsom salts, sea salt, coconut oil and AH-mazing skin/muscle/emotion/energy level/mind -soothing oils.

Ahhhhhh 💆‍♀️🧖‍♀️🥰 mama feels a little more normal again.

Can you guess the different blue drops? 💙💙💙

Photos from Yoga in a Bottle's post 06/04/2022

These beautiful cistus roses were in bloom in the Algarve, Portugal this weekend.

I always love seeing the plant I have as an oil, in real life. A beautiful, soft, delicate flower. Just like the beautiful, soft, comforting fragrance from the essential oil.

Cistus flower buds have been used as tea throughout history, with powerful benefits for supporting a healthy body.

While it’s the leaves and branches containing the essential oil. Anointing a drop of oil to your temples and base of the scull, as well as inhaling from your hands, can invite a soft connection to the senses, and refresh the mind.

And indeed this weekend’s trip was like a much needed breath of fresh air: full of salty fresh sea air straight from the Atlantic, walks in gorgeous nature, nurturing yoga, belly’s full of delicious food and loud laughter shared with dear friends.

I love this description of cistus oil, and so appropriate for me right now “Cistus essential oil is spiritual oil and has been used for centuries for meditation. It opens the third eye and promotes inner vision.

It helps quiet the mind and may calm nervous flow. It also stimulates the five senses: touch, feeling, hearing, sight and taste.

It will assist those who need to be constant rescuers to the point where they exhaust and drain there own chi (energy source). And don't understand that by draining their own life blood, they can't give to others, and can't.” ~ Experience Essential Oils


Trænger du til at lade dit indre batteri op?

Tag med på en dybt beroliggende, sanselig drømmerejse med lyd, vibration, og det harmoniserende jordelement af ægte æteriske olier.

Oplev et energiløft med vibrationerne fra lyd og klang, samt synergieffekten af de højfrekvente æteriske olier fra Young Living.

Liggende under tæpper, modtag lyde og vibrationer fra en masse forskellige instrumenter, som arbejder sig ind i systemet, påvirker krop og sind, f.ek.s nerve- og energibaner. Det vil blive understøttet af æteriske olier, som skaber en synergieffekt med vibrationerne fra lyden og en øget sanselighed.

De instrumenter som bruges er: tibetanske sangskåle, tromme, gong, shakers og rasle, handpan, m.m.

De æteriske olier som bruges er rene, naturlige og børnevenlige olier af den højeste kvalitet fra Young Living.

Familievenligt event for børn og voksne, i alle aldre.

Dato: 21/4/22
Tid: kl 15.30-17
Sted: YOJO Studio, Teglgårdsstræde 8B, 3. sal, 1452 KBH K

Tilmelding: 270 kr per voksen (børn er inkl. i prisen) til Mobilepay 577933, skriv dit navn og antal deltagere (børn og voksne).

Plads til maks 20 voksne.

Vi glæder os til at se jer og guide jer gennem denne oplevelse.

Kærlig hilsen
Marie og Sidsel



While I love the ritual of burning Palo Santo, there really is nothing like a drop of the real oil to truly appreciate its power.


Place a drop on your temples and your heart. Leave your hands on your heart and allow yourself to drop into stillness, arrive in your body, let everything land, softly.

Palo santo promotes connection with the Divine, supporting and grounding the body through periods of transition and growth.

Use it during meditation to stay focused.

It has been used traditionally in South America to purify and cleanse the spirit of negative energies.

Did you know, the tree must die naturally and then, only after 2-5 years, will the essential oil appear.


Ever find yourself beating yourself up for having made a mistake? Or didn’t feel like you did something well enough? Reliving the moment again and again in your head… (🙋‍♀️) Or hey, just in general?

Place Forgiveness on your heart, and let it help to soften the attachment, let go, and remember you are doing your best.

I have a roller blend on this bottle which makes it easier to roll all over my heart. And I can feel it softening, my chest, my heart space, my breathing, my shoulders, my mind and all its thoughts.

Like a clenched fist releasing its grip. 💗


Just like yoga.

These oils here for physical, mental, emotional, energetic support. Oils for balance, grounding, clarity, release, presence, inspiration, connection to Self.

The Feelings collection from 💞

Sunday’s Sensing Within event integrated these oils into various flowing yoga flows for a deeply sensory and synergistic effect.

These are my tools for lifting my mood, raising my vibration, greater sense of energy, joy and ease.

I love that this is my job, creating experiences for others that bring them a greater sense of joy, energy and ease.



In his book “Natural Home Health Care using Essential Oils”, Dr. Daniel Penoel M.D. puts forward the concept that therapeutic-grade essential oils have an innate intelligence. This can be explained in terms of the complex “fingerprint” of a true essential oil. Comprising hundreds of individual constituents, each with an individual action on the body and emotions as well as a collective (synergistic) action, an essential oil works on whatever level the recipient needs it to work. Its effect can be emotional, physical or spiritual.

So it also means, make sure you know where your oils come from. If you want them to really work, to have this innate intelligence, make sure they really are pure. Know your oils, where they come from, how they were grown.


Oils for yoga, same same but different:

For last night’s yoga class, we were all in need of some calm. Setting the scene for some slow flow and connecting with our own energy field, I let students choose intuitively between lavender and Copaiba. Both being very helpful for calming down, and soothing moods and emotions, but in different ways…

Copaiba is the first oil on the list of ingredients for the Stress Away blend, lavender is the last.

Ok, so Lavender and Copaiba, both useful for “stress away”-ing.

Lavender is probably the most well known essential oil, and very commonly associated with calming, relaxation, and sleep. But did you know, lavender is adaptive, because of its chemical make-up, lavender can be both calming, therapeutic and sedative, as well as having a stimulating effect (which is perhaps also why it is found on the ingredients list of eg both the Brain Power and Gentle Baby blends).

Copaiba, not so well known, contains endocannabinoids which activate specific receptors in a part of our nervous system, regulating and balancing many processes in the body. Which is why a simply breathing in can have a positive effect on feelings of anxiousness and mood.

Both lavender and copaiba are also very good for skin care, again similar but when you look at the chemical make-up, for different reasons and in various ways, therapeutic, cleansing, soothing, and improving appearance of the skin. And both of these single oils from Young Living are gentle enough to be used directly on your skin.

Which oils do you use to calm down and relax?


Not sure what a single oil is good for? Ever feel like using a blend, but then don’t have it? Or vice versa, need a single oil but don’t have it?

Check the ingredients of the blend you have in mind, the first on the list will be the main ingredient.

This will give you a quick indicator of what the single oils are useful for, and can also inspire you to find an alternative to the oil you had in mind but don’t have on hand.

Do you prefer single oils or blends?? Let me know below 👇🏼🙏🏼


For the last half a year I’ve been using these three blends from the Young Living Europe Divine Destiny collection for my morning meditation.

I incorporate it with a chakra meditation, where I move down through the chakra points, rather than upwards, which is the more common approach.

Initially it just came to me, I noticed myself working downwards, from Crown to Root, and noticed how it brought a sense a grounding.

Then when I look at the labels, the story they tell makes total sense. This is the order they are recommended for use, and it really matches with the top-down approach.

Daily Divine, for opening the connection and being ready to receive inspiration and guidance.

I Am Blessed, as a reminder as the focus moves downwards, bringing the energy and activating the energy centres with blessings on its way.

I Am Creative, for inspired action; bringing into fruition the thoughts, birthing the ideas of the mind, from a place of Divine connection.

What a quick guide for this chakra meditation, head to my latest post on Yoga Sidsel

Have you tried this trio of oils? Would love to hear about your experience 🙏🏼

If you would like my help to order some oils, please get in touch, DM or leave a comment below.

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In Germany and meditating on love with a little help from Australia (and a little bit of bird song in the back ground, s...
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