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Local Perth-Mandurah laser-cutting and engraving business, dedicated to quality custom products.


We don't get paid by the hour ⌛
We don't get comped team lunches or Christmas parties (note to self: plan casino night for staff birthday) 💃
We don't get sick leave or annual leave (note to self: avoid all social gatherings and public areas) 🦠🧫
We don't get double pay on public holidays or weekends (note to self: start stockpiling Mi Goreng for next Christmas break) 🍜
We don't get HR to deal with difficult people (note to self: Hire a HR person) 😈
We don't get a free creche 🚫👧🏻🧒
We don't get travel allowance 🚗✈️⛵
We don't get free uniforms provided (note to self: order new branded work shirts) 👕👚

THIS is the reality of being a small business owner.

What's the point?

Why on earth do we keep doing this???

Well, I don't know.

If me or my kids are sick, I stay home and nobody gets to tell me I can't. 🛌🏻
If my car breaks down, I work from home or I take the day off.
If I make a mistake, nobody is looking over my shoulder I can just try again. 😬
If I wanna make stuff for myself or my family just for fun, I can do it in work hours and nobody can tell me off. 🎁
If I can't cope anymore and I want to quit, there's no awkward conversation with the boss and nobody talking me out of it. 🚫🚫🚫
If I want to totally overhaul the business logo, website, or product range, I can just do it I don't need to ask permission. 🪄🛠️🔄
If I swear or have a big rant at work about personal stuff, nobody is there to report me to HR 🔥🧯🚒

It's not all bad! Some days I feel like I could go and get a "real job" but then I realise I would be at work right now instead of enjoying a long overdue mental health day.

Just remember what you set out to do: be independent, have the freedom to express yourself, be able to take time to look after yourself, make money on your own terms, etc. if you can get ALL that working for someone else, then hold onto that job cos you've won the JACKPOT.

But if you are a small biz owner like me and you are questioning why you keep pushing on, I'm here with you. You can do it! And if you have a few days where the C and F words come out of you more often than your own breath? Well that's ok. Because it's worth it ❤️❤️❤️


Hi all you beautiful people!

It's time to share!
I want to see what you've all been working on 😍 You are all so talented, and it absolutely blows me away the stuff you come up with, and I just 🥹🤤😍🤩

Whether it's blanks or custom orders, I quite often don't get to see the finished product (or I forget to take photos 🫣) so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me the goods!!!!

PS if you don't feel comfortable sharing photos in the comments but you'd like me to see what you've created, pop me a PM so I can enjoy viewing your creations privately ❤️❤️❤️)


And that's a wrap!

Thankyou all for your support this year, we will see you again in 2024!

Keep an eye out for new products, new workshops and exciting collabs in the next few weeks ❤️

Stay safe, craft plenty, and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 🌟

# # # Thea from Bubble Blanks (the dork on the right 😜)


Omg there's so much MORE in the Clearance trolley!!!!

40% off everything in the trolley!!!!

Kelly's busy loading up our new clearance trolley!!!
40% off everything in the clearance trolley!!!!
We shut at 2pm today, but will be open from 9am till 12pm tomorrow ❤️


Christmas is almost upon us! Are you ready? Because I am not 😅

Tuesday 19th Dec 9-2pm,
Wednesday 20th Dec 11-5pm
Thursday 21st Dec CLOSED
Friday 22nd Dec 9-2pm
Saturday 23rd 9am - 12pm WORKSHOP ATTENDEES ONLY

I will be in and out tomorrow and Kelly will be in Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so please if you have an order to collect take note of the above opening hours (lest you end up having to wait till 2nd Jan to collect!!!!)

If you would like to attend one of our workshops, this Saturday we are running a Make Your Own Xmas Ornament Workshop. Bookings ESSENTIAL!!!!
This will be the absolute LAST chance to shop in-store before Xmas ❤️❤️❤️

To grab your ticket head to BBHQ.com.au/workshops

Much love and if I don't see you or speak to you, please stay safe over this holiday period and may you all have a Craftilicious Christmas!

WORKSHOPS | BBHQ DESIGN & EVENTS Here at BBHQ, our number one goal and motivation is to support humans making things. Whether it be making a business stand out, making art, making connections or just making a mess, everything we do is an endeavor to CREATE! We offer Workshops for various crafts, tutorials for using machinery and so...

Photos from Bubble Blanks's post 14/12/2023

Created something new for the store and as a gift to my fellow creator...
Who'd like to see these as a custom item?

Teacher's Gifts/Treasures Keepsake Box | Bubble Blanks 29/11/2023

Had a REALLY special teacher this year?

Show them your appreciation with something they can keep forever with our "Teachers Treasures" Keepsake boxes, which come with a library card style register inside so they can record each and every sentiment fondly for years to come ❤️

These boxes are uniquely designed by us and made to order, so if you'd like to change the wording or add a name to really make this gift one of a kind, just add a note at checkout (or send us a message to order) 😊

Teacher's Gifts/Treasures Keepsake Box | Bubble Blanks Engraved Keepsake Box Plywood. Measuring 30cm long x 25.5cm wide x 11.5cm deep.


Probably one of my favorite designs, the First/Last Day Boards are so simple, to keep the focus on the beautiful people holding them! We also have an option for interchangeable name plaques, so one board can be used for multiple children (please message us to order this option, it's not yet available on the website)

This order is heading out today, along with a bunch of other goodies!

Get your own personalized board here:
Check out my product! https://www.bubbleblanks.com.au/product-page/first-day-last-day-of-board-personalised


If you haven't checked out this page, what are you waiting for? Lobe & Behold is our partner in crime, we share our shop space in Port Kennedy, WA because quite honestly I couldn't do this without her 🫣

Kelly at L&B can make your business vision a reality, whether it's printed or acrylic/plywood signage, custom square reader stands and price tags, name tags, wedding and events invitations and favors, pretty much if you pitch her an idea she will move heaven and earth to make it happen! And she's running a MASSIVE sale on her pre-made stock, which is all just fabulous 😍 There's loads of perfect gift ideas for Christmas, or spoil yourself with your favourite pop culture accessories.... Whatever tickles your fancy ❤️

Please head over and show her a little love if you are shopping handmade and small this Christmas, and give her a reason to do a little happy dance ❤️❤️❤️❤️


OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER - I got FOMO from not having a black Friday sale... So now I'm offering 40% off all ready made earrings, pins, stickers & accessories online.

Excludes custom made to order items & shipping.

Free pickup available from Parmelia 6167 or BBHQ in Port Kennedy.

Use code FOMO40
Valid now until Xmas Eve!
Tell your friends, share this far and wide!


Every year, Auspost let us down a little harder with their delivery times for Xmas.
Therefore I am letting you all know early that if you want something in time for Xmas, order NOW!
We cannot guarantee delivery by Xmas for any orders placed in December, because every time we set a cut-off date we get screwed 😅
So the sooner you order, the sooner you can breathe easy knowing it's arrived in time :)
This Xmas, we're taking a break from 21st December till 8th January, this is time we need as a family and to get some much needed work done behind the scenes, so we can bring you bigger and better offerings in 2024!

That means we have only 3 and a half weeks left till break! WHAAAATTT???!!!!


The shop will be closed tomorrow due to family commitments, we will be opening again Tuesday at 9am.

Thanks for understanding ❤️


Yesterday was just EPIC!

I am so grateful for all the support from everyone, whether you guys attended or not I felt the love well and truly! If you'd like to see what our setup looked like, head on over to bubbleblanksau on tiktok to watch the walkthrough :)
We are so excited for this big adventure, already have a head full of new ideas and list of designs to work on soon as I get to work tomorrow!

Today is my birthday so I'm offering a special discount that expires end of this week (12pm Friday 25th November)

Pop in the code "BDAYBUBBLES" at checkout to score 10% off storewide (excludes postage)

Here's to a really good year ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Representing some beautiful small businesses!

Rainbow Studs from Love from Poly
Rainbow hairbows from AJ Creationz
Rainbow Medium Scrunchies from Tuckle

I usually would be wearing some Lobe & Behold accessories but tbh I think Kelly's wearing enough for the both of us 😜

Come and see us before 4pm today, there's still some goodie bags left and lots of gorgeous stocking fillers, accessories and more!


Hi all!

Just a reminder that I am taking a break today until Saturday so I can recharge before Saturday's launch event!
Any outstanding orders will be completed and posted/ready for pickup today, however if you have a request or are planning on placing an order it will be responded to/dealt with next week Monday onwards.

I am SO EXCITED to share with you the massive projects we have been working on for the shop, I plan to take some last minute videos so I can do a walk-through for those of you who aren't local or can't make it on launch day ❤️

If you haven't already, please please please head over to BBHQ Design & Events Space on Facebook and give us a like and follow (and share if you are feeling generous 😅) so we can reach as many gorgeous people as possible!

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for every purchase, every bit of support you all have given over the past 2 years, and without you we wouldn't have this exciting opportunity!

I think of each and every one of you fondly, I do my best to remember all your faces and names, and although I don't always have the means to show you how grateful I am, please know you make my heart so full! 💓💓💓

Thankyou for taking the time to read this far 😍
Happy Crafting!
Thea @ Bubble Blanks/BBHQ


Bubble Blanks will be CLOSED from Wednesday 15th till Friday 17th November, while we put the finishing touches on the shopfront before our launch event on Saturday 18th!

Thankyou ❤️


After many, MANY requests....
Baby Blue Mirror has FINALLY arrived and boy is it absolutely stunning 😍

I am spending this afternoon adding it to our website (it takes a while so bear with me). I plan to have some ready made earring blanks available in Blue Mirror for our Launch Day, who's coming? 😜 You might just be one of the first to get your hands on some!

How gorgeous are our Dolphin Dangles in Blue!!!! Cant wait to see what you all choose to use it for ❤️

Happy Crafting!
Thea @ BB


Hi all! We're back online finally, hopefully nobody has been too impacted by the outages today!

Thanks ❤️
Thea @ BB


We are currently experiencing the Optus outage and won't be able to access orders, emails or messages until Optus fixes the issue. Currently piggybacking my teenagers Aldi mobile data to post this so will be unreachable until it's sorted 😞

I apologise for any delays and inconvenience, hopefully it's fixed quickly!

# # # Thea @ BB


I would be so grateful if everyone could pop over to this page and give it a like and follow!


Bubble Blanks is my business and BBHQ is my new premises, shared with my wonderful friend Kelly and her two small businesses, Lobe & Behold and Papercuts Designs

We are located in Port Kennedy, and we will be opening on 18th November ❤️❤️❤️

Love to you all!
Thea xx

BBHQ Design and Events Space BBHQ is a one stop shop for your events, design, craft supplies and gifts!


Hello beautiful people!!!!

If you've been following the page recently, you might remember we announced we are moving Bubble Blanks to a Commercial premises!
Well the move went smoothly, we're in the process of setting up but have locked in our official LAUNCH DATE!
You can now follow our BBHQ page, which will be where we post all the updates on our shop ❤️

Opening from the 20th November 2023, you can find us at BBHQ in Port Kennedy, where we will be working with Lobe & Behold & Papercuts Designs, to bring you a one-stop Small Biz Shop!

⭐ In-store shopping for Craft Blanks, Earrings, accessories and giftware!
⭐ Design Consult bookings available for Events, Small Business Branding and printed media, and Market/Pop-up/Retail Displays!
⭐ Witness the magic of our Laser operating through the Workshop Viewing Window!
⭐ Networking opportunities with fellow local small businesses, through our BBHQ Preferred Suppliers Directory!
⭐ Hire "The Packing Table" space for your own private workshop (Paint & Sip, Scrapbooking, Poly Clay or Jewellery, Team brainstorms, etc)- our massive 2.4 x 1.2 metre custom made table with 8 - 10 seating capacity, workshop hire includes coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, Grazing Platters can be pre-purchased as an add-on.

Please bear in mind that we are still taking orders, while we get set up, however turnaround times are currently between 3-5 business days, not including shipping time. If you need something urgently, please don't hesitate to send us a message, we will do our best to accommodate :)

Thanks, and keep an eye out for our Launch Day Event post!


A little update on the move:

No sneak peeks of the store ready yet.... But mark your calendars for 19th of November!!


As many of you know already (because someone is not very good at keeping secrets 🤣) we have some exciting, thrilling, MASSIVE news!

We are moving!🎉💐🌟🎂🪅🎊🎈

For the last 2 years, we have worked out of the garage, which has limited how much we can offer, and has probably irked our neighbours a little bit 😜 It's also been really frustrating to have nowhere for people to come and browse in person....

We are CRAZY EXCITED to announce we have secured a Commercial premises!

We are in the process of getting moved in and everything set up, which means turnaround times are a little extended, especially due to the laser itself being out of commission while we relocate. Any orders already in I will be trying to get completed on Wednesday, however if I don't please be patient we will hopefully only be down for a couple of days 😁

We will be announcing the location and giving a little sneak peek over the coming weeks, we are also tentatively scheduling a launch date so keep your eyes peeled for updates 😁

Also don't forget, we will be at the Hogwarts Family Fun Day at Peel Manor House THIS SUNDAY from 11am till 3pm, come and check out our exclusive HP themed products, watch a real life Quidditch match, see some incredible Fantastic Beasts, and get your face painted 😍


Stuck for end of year educator gifts?

Why not give them something they can keep forever! Let's face it, not every gift can be used often, but our educators value each and every sentiment nonetheless!

Our Teachers Treasures Keepsake boxes are a truly special way to thank your educator for their effort and time (and patience) throughout the year!
Each box comes with a Treasure Log (in a very cool library-book-stamp-card format) where the gift, the date and the gifters name can be recorded.

Limited stock available! Head to our site bubbleblanks.au to order ❤️

Want your business to be the top-listed Shop in Port Kennedy?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Sneaky peaky 😜
Themed Mystery Packs Sneak Peek
There's also appointments, family drama, I'm a little behind on quoting and designs.... Please be assured I appreciate y...


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Monday 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 9am - 2pm
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