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Sharing waves with nature!
I'm not goi ng to lie, this shot is a flu ke, didn't even know I had it t il five minutes ago on the cu ll. I was shooting quite far aw ay on a telephoto so couldn't real ly see much other than a d ud wave! Reckon old mate might've g ot a fright hahaha!! Gold!

Tom's, Nor th Beach 15/06/20 10:20am

Surfer: Andrew Woo ds of HardLine Surfboards

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Established 1990
Hand made custom surfboards. Surfboar ds repairs. HardLine surfboards was started becau se I was fed up with buyi ng a surfboard and it didnt deliv er what I hoped.

Being a tradesman I decided to ha ve a go and make a boa rd. That started my passion for maki ng the best board I can. Cust om orders means I create a boa rd for an individual and to the ir requirements. Each board gets 100% ha nd made from start to finish. Tradition al methods are used as much as possib le and this ensures you get t he best I can deliver. Life's to sho rt to be sitting on the cou ch.

Operating as usual

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 08/09/2022

Make me one just like you rs but make it green.
Simple request fr om Nev.
9'3" fugu.
Resin swirl bottom lamination. Cle ar deck with green resin pin lines.
I ts fully cured and ready to ride.
Ha ve fun Nev.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 08/09/2022

Rosco ordered a copy of h is favorite twin.
Orange tint with yell ow swirls. Resin pin lines and polish ed finish.
He's had a few surfs on it a nd tells me he loves it.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 22/06/2022

Bit of twinny action in t he board room.

HardLine Surfboards updated their information in the ir About section. 09/06/2022

HardLine Surfboards updated their information in the ir About section.

HardLine Surfboards updated their information in the ir About section.


Jack Reeves is the craftsman glass er for many iconic Hawaiian shapers.
He glass ed my custom Brewer while I w as in Hawaii and let me wat ch and ask him question after questi on. I sent him a tshirt as a tha nk you.
Great to see it being wo rn and complete with resin drips.
Jack ga ve me time and advice. Wonderful m an legend glasser.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 01/01/2022

I've made a few longboards ov er the years but never for myse lf. Time to wax it up.
My favori te board is the fugu model a nd the design fits almost any length.
Th is ones 9'3" with a whisker o ff the blank width to keep it wide.
Mul ti colour resin lam work is a b it of pour and see what com es out.
Its for small wave f un so multi fin setups will be f un to try.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 11/11/2021

Mid lengths are fun to ri de. Anne has surfed a couple of my boar ds and asked for one for herself.
Go od luck keeping Russ off it.
I ho pe you have many fun surfs wi th your new custom board.
Thank you f or asking me to shape your boa rd.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 11/11/2021

Some customers know exactly what th ey want. Mark had specific ide as on the next custom shape a nd my job is to make it. He knows what he likes.
I g et to see him ride my boar ds and the man can move so me water. Looking forward to seeing h im on some decent waves.
Thanks Mark.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 16/10/2021

This shapers gauze is decades o ld (black one). When new they r ip into the foam and leave a b it of abrasive stuff on they fo am. They age and get better. Smooth er and softer in the hand wh en using it.
But, this one is d ue to be replaced.
Breaking in a n ew one takes time.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 04/10/2021

7'6" board for MrT.
Hybrid fugu wi th revised tail shape.
Tony didnt want t he sharp pin tail of the fu gu so the tail 1/3rd is fr om a Robert August mal i ma de a copy of many years ago.
Gla ss work is red translucent tint wi th black resin added to the fir st centre pour. Cut lapped rail wi th clear deck.
Grey pin to match t he logo and Tony's fish drawn wi th paint pens before finish resin co at applied.
Wet rub finish to semi gloss.
Plen ty of foam through the centre a nd curved away to slightly pinched rail.
He had his first surf on it tod ay and gave me a call to te ll me he had a great fir st paddle.
Thats the best thing a boa rd builder can hear from a customer.
Chee rs MrT. I hope you catch hea ps of waves, except the ones I wa nt.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 01/07/2021

New twin fin ready to ri de.
This one has no owner (b ut I may keep it) so it w as time to splash colour.
Red resin ti nt with black swirl bottom and r ed tint deck lamination. Cut laps ke ep the lines clean.
Matt finish so im n ot precious about a full gloss getti ng scratched.
Flat deck with rolled chine ra il. This keeps maximum volume in t he board.
Bottom is flat through middle in to single to double as it exi ts the fin area.
Should be fun to ride.
Ju st have to find the right fi ns.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 21/06/2021

Handover day down south with Ryan.
6 '6" step up for some serious waves.
T ea trees of Yallingup bring back ma ny great memories. Perfect backdrop to gi ve Ryan his new board.
Cheers to y ou Ryan. Thanks for asking me to ma ke another board for you.
I hope y ou test yourself and the board on so me amazing waves.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 10/06/2021

Matts new board is done. Co py of one of his favourites.
Cheers Ma tt, i hope you get many f un waves on it.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 02/06/2021

Matt's new board is ready f or its skin. Black paint on rai ls drying overnight and glassing tomorrow.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 29/05/2021

7'0" custom midlength for Fiona.
Oran ge tint resin layup with red pigme nt pin lines.
Beautiful board to look at a nd so much fun to ride.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 29/05/2021

New twin fin for Andrew Hought on.
6'2" custom based on Album Twinzman.
Hi gh volume, flat deck with chin ed rails to keep foam out to t he rails.
Single concave starts mid board a nd exits at double in single throu gh fins.
His wife said he should g et a new board to celebrate the ir wedding anniversary. 15 year anniversary is surfboa rd. So is 16, 17, 18......


Pin line day.
Orange tint lamination wi th red resin pinlines.
Dolphin model custom.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 24/04/2021

6'3" fugu for Ross.
Full gloss polish.
Yell ow tint with orange tint drizzle on fir st pour. A bit of colour contra st adds a bit of eye candy.
F in box and pin lines done in oran ge pigment.
Leash loop is drill throu gh from single fin box.
Ross asked f or a flat deck and all t he trimmings.
Hand over day and he look ed happy.
Thanks Rosco.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 15/04/2021

Fin box installed and board sand ed, bubbles for fugu done. Pin li ne then gloss coat next.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 12/04/2021

6'3" fugu resin work day.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 14/03/2021

Hand over day with Mike.
Dolphin mod el with blue fade spray on blank.
Mi ke wanted fin setup to include qu ad. He requested the fade and sty le of colour placement and im stok ed he asked.
Thanks Mike for aski ng me to shape your board.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 26/02/2021

Nephew turned 18 today.
Happy birthday Hazza.
N ew board yewwwwwww!

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 26/02/2021

6'10" mid length custom for Mi ke.
Today was colour day in t he bay. Blue fade requested.
Came out sweeeeeee et.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 12/02/2021

Hand over day with Mark.
Mark h ad a board he liked but want ed it with some changes and a b it of foam forward of mid. He 's got the ability to push a boa rd so im sure it'll get tested.
Than ks for asking me to make t he board Mark. I hope you cat ch some bombs.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 28/01/2021

Busy Thursday in the bay.
N ew board for Mark McAllister. He stopp ed in to confirm rail shape so tomorr ow it gets its rails finish ed before fin plugs then glassed.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 22/01/2021

6'8" midlength Dolphin model. Russell is o ne of our local crew. He to ok my board for a few wav es and put his order in f or a custom board for himself.
Cheers to y ou Russ, thanks for asking me to ma ke you a board. I hope he catch es many fun waves on it.
(Except f or the waves I want)


6'8" mid length. The Dolphin.
Custom boa rd for Russell
Basalt tail pat ch from Sanded Australia. New material f or me, not easy to work wi th but im happy with the results.
Coup le of days of resting the boa rd before final sanding is done.
Busy weeke nd.

Photos from HardLine Surfboards's post 17/01/2021

Twin fin. 5'10" x 21.5"
Full volu me board for fun summer days.
Nephew is turni ng 18 soon and this is pa rt of his prezzy.


Graeme took home a new 9 '2" longboard today. Good way to sta rt any year.
2021, bring it on.


Just in time for Christmas. Matt 's new 6'6" Pocket Knife.
Fun times ahead.
So stoked to shape him a board.
Mer ry Christmas Matt.


Matts board has some skin.
Next lay er of resin later today.


9'2" mal getting rail measure che ck before it gets rolled.
Busy day in t he bay.


Matts board is ready for f in plugs. He came over to fe el the foam and look at it befo re it gets its skin.


6'6" Pocket Knife (V3) for Ma tt.
Tomorrow it gets rails rolled a nd neaten up.


Materials have been hard to g et. Finally got some blanks for t he next lot of custom boards.
Time to m ow some foam.


Along time ago, early 90's, we ma de boards under the Pulse logo. Wou ld have been early 90's. No f in plugs then so fins glassed on.
Th is old one of mine came up on Mark et place.
Its in great condition for a boa rd 25+ years old.
I think the de ck grip was very early Squid gr ip. Test pilot for our mates n ew venture.
Stoked to find it the we ek before our surf clubs retro su rf comp this weekend.


6'10" Midlength. Dolphin model.
Peter Cox want ed one like my board but wi th slightly more foam in the rails.
Ti nt powder dusting on the bottom do ne by Pete prior to glassing.
Hes movi ng to our southern shores so I ho pe he gets many uncrowded waves on th is board.
Thanks Pete.



We have updated the look of t he V2 RPELA system, so we decid ed to give you a look at wh at you get inside the box of the se FRESH looking devices.


Daves always thinking of how to ma ke his product better.

Same Version (RPELA V2) just wi th a NEW design. What do y ou think?

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Fin plug repair into EPS epo xy board




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