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Powerful Media House who serves the meal raw from the coocking Jar We bring you as it is straight from the Horses mouth.


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Zii yacho boe here maguys angu?πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚


This is where we are standing in Kenya Election Results so far.

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In a very disturbing scene that happened around 1630hrs-1730hrs today at a robot,Samora Machel and Rekai Tangwena intersection,a popular government connected man and a close relative to police boss Godwin Matanga,Dumisani Mazibisa pictured below had to beat two unknown men for getting involved in an accident with his side chick.Dumisani was beating those men in the presence of police officers who attended the accident scene.One of the men asked the police officers whether it was now normal in Zimbabwe to beat an accident victim.For that question Dumisani rushed to the men and grabbed him then head butted his face several times.The police officers attempted to refrain Dumisani but he was on top of the situation and the police had to simply watch as Dumisani continued bashing the other tall guy.Later on He was heard calling his relative,police Boss Godwin Matanga for protection.He got his car towed away and he left the accident scene a free man.Is this the Zimbabwe we now survive in?Dumisani is a popular and we'll know guy around Harare.A lady who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said she is from Avondale and she knows Dumisani and he has strong connections from the police to the courts.


Did Saviour Kasukuwere really sneak in and out of Zimbabwe successfully a few weeks ago?
Unconfirmed reports say the G40 kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere managed to evade detection and visited Prophet Walter Magaya's house in Mt pleasant suburb.The raid conducted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police followed days later after the former Central Intelligence Agent had already left the country.After the team Lacoste took over from former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe,the former CIO agent had the guts to fly back into Zimbabwe and managed to gain access to some court documents for weeks before flying out of the country again.Efforts to get information from PHD founder and Prophet,Walter Magaya were fruitless as his phone was answered by a lady who claimed to be his daughter.


Parents are crying foul play as Kuwadzana High 1 Secondary school teachers demand US$10 per subject for extra lessons.Teachers at this school are doing away with all students who are not paying for extra lessons.A visit at the school's science department left us shocked as one teacher threatened all students not paying for extra lessons."You will all fail and I don't have time for you if your parents forget that your teacher want to eat.Dont tell me that your father is failing to save 30cents daily so that each monthend they give me my $10US to gain energy to feed myself and my family.If they follow what their government say then you will go and get your science lessons from Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.I am the one who make you pass Calas and you will never win by going against me.Without my money you just come here and sit but you will never get anything right.So go and tell your parents that I need my mind money here before I teach you,"said the teacher unaware of our presence.The Headmistress of this school a Mrs Ndlovu is said to be involved in this scandalous activity and she gets a certain percentage from the extra lessons money.

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The difference between real war and acting a movie is that in real war you will never wake up from the shot.The live bullet will piece through your body and you're dead forever.


Yellow iyo!
Honai Yellow?πŸ€”
CCC youthπŸ‘‡


Vladimir Putin and his Russia should hit hard on them untill they learn Africans are human beings with blood in their veins also.


If the claim by Western countries that Putin is evil then the Polish people are the devil himself as they were caught on camera ill-treating black Africans fleeing war from Ukraine.African students seeking passage back home through Poland were subjected to inhuman treatment on the videos.We urge all Africans to find passage through Belarus or Russia then as the Western countries remain tight lipped on this issue.The Polish were seen on several videos welcoming Ukrainians only and subjecting Africans to inhuman treatment.


Boe here ukoo?!


Harare Avenues Clinic vanhu varikurapwa vachipora.They are coming in numbers for treatment.


Was Netone tasked to raise striking teachers pay by the government?These new data tariffs are unjustified and abomination!


I am not finished yet,my come back is coming to haunt you!
This is Dr Cde Amai Grace Mugabe at Sarah Mahoka's funeral,Karoi.She is still looking fresh, energetic and very youthful.Give Dr Amai just one Like.


My daughter is tired of herding cattle alone in the bushes.I am in search of a Christian brother to help her with the cattle.Please show by liking the post or comment if you're interested.


Ungamudii zvako pawakati mhaa ipapo iwe Msoro bhangu?🀣🀣🀣🀣


Former Hurungwe east legislator,cde Sarah Mahoka has died.Sarah was involved in a horrific accident last night just 3 kilometres from her farm near Buffalo Downs.She was traveling towards Karoi town as a haulage truck encroached on her lane resulting in a head on collision.Cde Mahoka died at the accident scene.She was a well known critic to the current Zimbabwe president and a very close ally to the former first lady Amai Grace Mugabe.


There is a serious corruption going at Zmra offices against all the people who are seeking Motor Vehicle change of ownership.Zimra officers are using middle man to fleece off motorists of large sums of money.In similar way like Central Vehicle Registry officers,Zimra officials delay with your papers for a month then they come up with a story after another story until you end up engaging their middle men.The Manager at Zimra Harare Offices has also his middle man who he uses to fleece people and his team follow suit.These middle men are always seen loitering around Zimra offices and even the guards who mann the door are involved in this scandal.Corruption is rife at the Harare Branch and they are now doing it as if it is the correctand normal procedure.At times these officers block emails for 2 or 3 days to create pressure among the motorists and they may blame network for days.Most motorists and Zimbabweans are suffering under such corrupt behaviour from a government office.Most motorists are left wondering if these are the fruits of the New Dispensation?πŸ€”


Yellow ichatonetsa!
Vese vatokanganwa pfuti dzavo.Vakuda kunanzva iyo "Yellow" yacho;Vanzwe kuti irikunaka here zvechokwadi Yellow 🍌🍌 banana.

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A 41year old man threw himself in hot frying pan after he cultivated dagga without a licence.Pasca Mathe of Peak Mine was arrested after police tip off by members of the public.A total of 104 dagga plants measuring between 3m to 5m tall were discovered in his garden.Police uprooted the dagga plants and took it Shurugwi police station as court exhibit and Pasca is in custody waiting for trial.Provincial police spokesperson, Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the case.


Zimbabwe Government has suspended striking teachers for 3 months with immediate effect.Most parents are disgruntled by the government move and by the cunning corrupt behaviour being displayed by the teachers also.We visited so many areas around Harare today and parents had a lot to share with us.
The parents labelled teachers as being rogue,corrupt and unfit to execute their duties well.The parents claimed that these teachers should not benefit from government as they were not teaching children but are in the habit of demanding money for extra lessons.'I payed school fees for my child at Warrenpark 4 primary school.she is not receiving any lessons as the teacher is demanding us$3 per week to teach my child.Why then should they demand salary increment yet they're busy with extra lessons only?"said an angry parent.
'Teachers are holding us parents at ransom and I applaud the government for suspending those thieves.We nolonger have teachers in schools but chalk armed robbers.How can I be forced to pay us$12 every month for extra lessons?If I don't pay my child won't have lessons even during normal hours with the teacher?I wish the president to chase those daylight robbers away from our schools for good,"said amai Molly who reside in Dzivarasekwa.
It is a well known system these days to pay for extra lessons if you want better results for your child.We haven't yet fully investigated but some teachers are claiming that Headmasters do not allow them extra time in classroom if you don't give them something.We spoke to a headmaster but he was reluctant to talk,then opened up later after some assurances from us.The headmaster claimed that the system involves big powerful people from their District Educational officers to the highest Education office.He seemed to finger point some powerful people in their Ministry.He said every school is sending proceeds of extra lessons money to their District Office.We will investigate.

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The yesteryear former Mbinga,Dr Phillip Chiyangwa,is so dead broke that he is failing to raise school fees for his children.The children are now spending time at home in search of mice in the gardens as most of their age mates are spending time at school.Dr Chiyangwa is a celebrity and acquired almost all of Harare land through unscrupulous means.Harate City Council was left without any land after selling it to Dr Phillip Chiyangwa through corrupted backdoor dealings.Chiyangwa is so popular and would drive any car of his choice during his hey days.We are watching if the crocodile will be able to catch this Mr Hare and return back to Harare City Council through the New Dispensation Era.We hope well wishers will donate to Dr Phillip Chiyangwa's children school needs.


What are they watching?


Thank you God,for human justice has found the Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder and Prophet,Tapiwa Freddy innocent from any r**e allegations.Today we are now looking at the prophet's scandals spiritually.Prophet Tapiwa Freddy failed to close his zip and ZBC presenter Mwanasikana Ruru,Rutendo Makuti Rukweza was enjoying the downward movement of your zip,yet you were calling the name of God daily Prophet T Freddy.Can you elaborate more on the difference between your wife and the Radio presenter?Why was it hard for you prophet to just apply for a Radio licence and employ your wife as a radio presenter then?You should not divide yourself between God and Satan my Prophet.Surely you will get torn apart from if God claim his share and the devil also claim his on you.Judging from your adulterous illicit affair with Rutendo Makuti,you were exposing your wife's failures to us the world.We end up with the real answer about your bedroom life.You told the whole world that your wife is not that good in bed or without the juicy bedroom taste.She is very unattractive when it's night time, meaning she got no shape when out of her clothes.
Ooh please Prophet,you should publicly apologize for cheating on your wife.You owe her an apology and Rutendo owes her in-laws an apology.The two of you are public figures and the world is suspecting a lot upon the two of you.We smell a rat here and please you owe us as the Zimbabwe nation an explanation.Rutendo Makuti we are warning you to stop dragging powerful political muscles in your Shenanigans.Stop spreading your dirty linen on public and down with your lies
and fabrications.Be ashamed of your cunning behaviour Rutendo and call a spade by its name.You were never r**ed but you attempted to use your disability the wrong way.Shame the devil and stand by the truth always.We know you marketed Prophet Tapiwa Freddy to high levels and you got involved in adulterous affair for the love of money.Both of you trespassed against God and did the worst before God.Your actions should get you charged for blasphemy both of you.

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