Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe


Fellow Pan-African Wavers, it is a sad moment to hear about the death of a revolutionary Leader Mama Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela. We are guided by her revolutionary ideas for total independence and BLACK DIGNITY AND PRIDE. May her Soul Rest In Revolutionary Peace. Her revolutionary ideas and her legacy will carry forward.....ALUTA CONTINUA
Afternoon. I wish to ask, how best can we bring economic development in Zimbabwe as young pan africanists in this 21st century? What exactly is the problem (In economic terms).

We are a Pan African Society that is championing the African cause for total independence and development in all aspects of life. WELCOME! We are a movement, an institution, an independent agency and advocate of Africa's empowerment, development, emancipation and advancement (politically, economically, socially and technologically etc) We are completely apolitical and therefore non aligned or affiliated to any political movement or party.

Operating as usual


As the world battle against covid 19 pandemic, our Pan African Wave virtual community continues to grow and we should remain resolute that a better future lies ahead. Please take head, stay home, and be safe.

Timeline photos 05/09/2019

As Pan African Wave we stand against Xenophobia activities in South Africa. Africa Unite. United we stand divided we fall.
#Saynoto Xenophobia


We are Pan-African Wave..... lets see who can react


Habits for Failure
1) Procastination
There is nothing that turns bright students into failure more than procastination. Whether the assignment is hard or you have other fun things to do,never put off finishing your priorities. When you put something off, you will probably end up doing it in a hurry. Hurry brings errors and errors bring failure.
#Failure is not an option
#Equiping future leaders
#Don't Procastinate

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it keeps getting better and better
#ED Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe

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Clubfair MSU Zvishavane cumpus
Rebuilding Pan African Wave and getting new recruits for the club to ensure its sustainable future. African solutions for African problems.
Around 120 students visited our stand. Around 12 on campus organisation participated in the club fare. The event was organized by Union of all Clubs. We managed to get more popular on campus this gaining more exposure in how to interact with other clubs and collaborate for a common cause


Its Club fare again Join a club and make a difference

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Welcome back everyone. This is Pan African Wave " a raging wave...."


Vladimir Lenin was a prophet who foresaw the dangers of capitalism and exported capitalism in the form of imperialism. Years after we forced the imperialists to take their flags and trek back to their countries, we still remain in colonial quagmire trapped by our dependency syndrome . There is therefore a need for a new revolution led by the proletariat and a vanguard of the people. This continent has been captured as a whole, we still look outward for solutions to our internal problems. Why do we need food aid when we have more arable land than them, why not organise Africa in regions? One focuses on Agriculture, the other technology, the other medicine and so forth.


It's happening tomorrow, the day has finally arrived. We will be exchanging literature with the great intellectual, a man who inspires a whole generation, the great fundi of our time Mr Richard Runyararo Mahomva of Leaders for Africa Network. Be there and don't miss out, media coverage will be there to cover the event Tafadzwa Tee Cee Chitifa Chris Mdue Tshuma Blessing Chasi

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Today MSU was doing its pan African club festival alongside other clubs that also exist on campus. It was quite intriguing... Today they unveiled their semester theme called #Melanin which is a campaign that shuns loss of identity and esteem.



The best place to be is the place where your greatness is acknowledged.

Good morning !


Pan African Wave wishes you a blessed holiday and a prosperous 2018...


Speci presentation by Mr P.Zhou


Dr Tirivangana special presentation


1 Day Symposium with guests


The summit


Summit MSU

Swahili Travel Companion 10/10/2017

Swahili Travel Companion

The reason why we are mentally enslaved is because we have denied to market our languages in the technological world....
This is a new application to use on your Android phone for all the people who would like to visit Zimbabwe called Shona,Ndebele and Swahili travel mate. Download and let's support our own

Swahili Travel Companion


It's a new season for MSU again ... Let's all watch and come in numbers !!!


Afriquote by Zvikomborero Kapuya


Afriquote by Jr Tapfumaneyi

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We introduce to you Afriquotes by our new age Pan-Africans.... Help us grow bigger and better


Africa needs its own givers .... No more handouts from elsewhere but from those with a few to share with those that need help..... Future leaders implement their ideas


Last Friday was quite a successful day for PAW. Watch this Documentary reporting the event of the day..... #MAKINGADIFFERENCE Brought to you by Pan-African Wave

Timeline photos 14/09/2017

Tomorrow we are going to be at Shabane clinic ... We will be helping those who need us the most .... We will be visiting the sick and we will also give them a word of hope. We will be there at 2:30.... This event is brought to you by #MAKINGADIFFERENCE P.AW

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe updated their information in their About section. 13/09/2017

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe updated their information in their About section.

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe updated their information in their About section.

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe updated their phone number. 12/09/2017

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe updated their phone number.

Pan-African Wave-Zimbabwe updated their phone number.


Thomas Sankara once stated that, "...he who feeds you controls you", let us as students of this adage continue to strive to feed ourselves. When we manage as an African people to produce for ourselves and be masters in entrepreneurial ventures we can be totally independent from the vestiges of imperialism.


On a day like today an idea was born into existence, a movement was birthed, a way of life was created and fomented. A year on, the Wave is still raging raising an army of 21st century young Pan-Africanists.

Ladies and gentlemen it is with pride and joy that the Wave family celebrates the 1st of many birthdays of the organisation. A year ago in Lecture Room 1 at Midlands State University Zimbabwe the Wave hosted it's inaugural launch. What had started off as an idea became alive as a movement, uniting people of diverse backgrounds and cultural persuasions all under the banner of Pan-Africanism. It is worth mentioning that you are not African because you were born in Africa but rather because Africa is born in you. The Wave endeavours to keep growing in spirit and in numbers, to spread across the globe, uniting all Africans under one banner.

We also adhere to the African Union agenda 2063 and the harnessing of individual abilities for the beneficiation of the African global village. For us the struggle is just beginning, many challenges have we faced and many shall we face but we will not be dissuaded and unity remains the rallying point in our fight. The goal remains the same an African renaissance in our life time.

Viva PAW Viva!
Thank you.

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I'll continue to blame my predecessors for Nigeria's woes -Buhari - Punch Newspapers 03/10/2016

I'll continue to blame my predecessors for Nigeria's woes -Buhari - Punch Newspapers

I'll continue to blame my predecessors for Nigeria's woes -Buhari - Punch Newspapers Nigeria news, news in Africa, politics, Entertainment, Sports

Photos from Midlands State University's post 01/10/2016

Photos from Midlands State University's post

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