MVPV Global Network Men's Ministry

MVPV Global Network Men's Ministry

Guided by the Master Principle RE-IGNITING GENUINE MASCULINITY

MVPV for raising awareness of the neglected boychild and emancipation of men to minister chiefly to men (Gen 3 :9), boys, young people and other vulnerable people groups worldwide.


The Age of Consent Petition Press Conference 24th February 2024 Harare Zimbabwe


Title: Embracing Forgiveness: A Biblical Perspective for Servants of God
*An ideal, strategic and winning attitude for 2024*
(Sunday 31st December 2023)

**What is Forgiveness?**
Forgiveness, in biblical terms, is a transformative act of letting go of resentment, granting pardon, and reconciling with those who have wronged us. It involves embracing themes such as inclusivity, tolerance, accommodation, yielding, submission, and a commitment to peace.

**Why is Forgiveness Essential?**
Forgiveness aligns with the teachings of Scripture, fostering unity and harmony among believers. It reflects God's mercy and sets the stage for healing, both individually and collectively.

**How to Practice Forgiveness:**
Forgiveness requires a humble heart and a commitment to love even when wronged. As servants of God, our role is to exemplify forgiveness, being conduits of God's grace. This involves actively seeking reconciliation, understanding, and offering mercy, mirroring the divine forgiveness we have received.

**When and Where to Forgive:**
Forgiveness is a timeless and universal principle. It should permeate all aspects of our lives, from personal relationships to broader community interactions. The sacred space of forgiveness extends beyond the church walls into our daily encounters, fostering an atmosphere of peace.

**Who Should Forgive?**
All believers are called to forgive, following the model of Christ. It's not reserved for a select few but is a shared responsibility among the followers of Christ to embody forgiveness in their interactions.

**Dealing with Anger and Bitterness:**
Scripture admonishes us to "get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger" (Ephesians 4:31). As servants of God, we must confront these emotions through prayer, seeking God's guidance to replace anger with compassion and bitterness with grace.

**Scriptural Insights on Quarrels and Disorderliness:**
The Bible warns against quarrels and disorderliness, urging believers to pursue peace. Servants of God are called to be peacemakers, promoting harmony and understanding in the face of conflicts.

**Benefits of Healing and Forgiveness:**
The healing that comes through forgiveness brings restoration to broken relationships and inner peace. It fosters unity within the body of believers, creating a testimony of God's transformative power.

**Position, Roles, and Responsibilities:**
Servants of God play a pivotal role as ambassadors of forgiveness. Our position is one of humility, our role is to model forgiveness, and our responsibility is to actively engage in peacemaking, bringing about reconciliation in our spheres of influence.

In conclusion, as declared by the Information and Publicity Desk, our focus on forgiveness aligns with the biblical mandate to live at peace with everyone. By embracing forgiveness, we contribute to the stability, sanity, and strategic focus of the transformative movement, echoing the words of Romans 12:18.

Rev Oliver Mandisodza
MVPV Founding CEO & Executive President
MVPV 2024 *Year of Productivity and Multiplication*
(Genesis 35 :9-12)
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Phone *+263 77 562 8762*


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MVPV Global Network Men's Ministry 2023: A YEAR OF SHINING, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE (Matthew 5:14-16)


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