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Videos by Once Upon a Time Nursery School. Once Upon a Time Nursery School is a thriving Pre-school in Harare, welcoming children aged between

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Once Upon a Time Nursery School. Our music teacher Sharon simging the Shona bersion.
The Shona version of “In the Leafy treetops” sung by our music teacher Sharon.

“Google Classroom” and our recorded sessions are so much fun and have brought us together. Storytelling is one of our many sections listed as a subject. One of our stories being read by the Blue Group teacher.

Our Music Teacher Sharon Nield Spencer singing “In the Leafy Tree Tops” in English and then the Shona version. Parents look on our Google Classroom online platform.

KidzCan Zimbabwe The children marching to “I could walk 500 miles”by Kenny and the Scots. The children had an absolute blast, having fun and raising money.

KidzCan Zimbabwe Cancer Relief for Children“Orange Day”. Once Upon a Time N/S played percussion instruments in our Marching Band, dancing to “I could Walk 500 miles”

KidzCan Zimbabwe More fun video clips of our marching band, “I can walk 500 miles” and raising money and awareness for Kidzcan.

KidzCan Zimbabwe Teachers showing the children how it’s done. The children had so much fun.

Once Upon A Time Nursery Schools fun Flash Mob Dance playing percussion instruments and dancing to "I would walk 500 miles" by Kenny Scott. So cute!!!

Kidzcan Cancer Relief Fund. The whole school dressed in orange in support of all those children who have cancer. This is our Flash Mob Dance. Too cute!!!!