MUST Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Students

MUST Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Students



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DATE: 20/10/2017

The MACSIT Executive committee would like to call for all participants to register entry into the competition, noticing the difficulty of having to submit entries through a CD.
Upon registering, participants will be required to present the project from their respected devices to a panel of judges assigned by the MACSIT executive committee.
Participants may register their entry with the MACSIT Secretary General (Hall 3, Room 52) by Wednesday the 25th of October 2017.
We encourage all to register and showcase talent to the panel of judges and also stand a chance of winning Sixty Thousand Malawian Kwacha.

With Thanks,

Flonny Saiwa
(Communications Director)

Timeline photos 12/10/2017


A General Assembly will be held on Friday the 13th of October by the MACSIT Executive Committee where the team will discuss activities to take place for this semester. The event will take place in the Library Auditorium from 15:00hrs onwards.
In attendance will be The President of ICT Association of Malawi Mr. Wisely Phiri who will deliver the keynote presentation.
We cordially invite all members of the University to attend this auspicious occasion. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

Yusuf Milazi
(Secretary General)

Timeline photos 01/07/2017
Timeline photos 01/05/2017

The MACSIT Executive Committe is pleased to announced the winner of the Logo Design Challenge:
The winner, Grace Kamunga a first year student taking a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology displayed creativity, simplicity and originality with her design. We are to use this logo for all future MACSIT official duties.
The award seremony will take place tomorrow at 13:00 hrs at the Malawi University of Science and Technology in building C room 2. The Head of Department of MIT, Mrs. Priscilla Maliwichi will be present to honor this function.
In total 35 logos were submitted, as such the committee will also like to thank everyone who submitted a design. We encourage everyone to participate in these challenge series for the rest of the year. Some times it is not always about winning, it's about presenting your skills to the world. We have opened a logo shop, from which interested entities can purchase logos from MACSIT. We will be outsourcing the requests to members of the department of computer science and information technology to increase diversity.
Furthermore we are to post the runner up and third place designs on this page shortly.
Congratulations Grace Kamunga!

Timeline photos 10/04/2017

THE MACSIT CHALLENGE: Part 1 (Logo design challenge)
Design a logo for "MUST Association of Computer Science and Information Technology students (MACSIT)".
The logo should be creative and original, and submitted in vector format.
Competition is open only to members of the Malawi Institute of Technology (MIT), at the Malawi University of Science and Technology.
All logos should be sent via WhatsApp to the logistics director(Gomezgani Soko) as indicated on the poster.
Winner gets MWK 10,000 in cash and the logo will be used as MACSIT's official logo.
Get designing!!!

Photos from MUST Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Students's post 05/04/2017

Today, CEO of First Discount House and persistent entrepreneur Dr. Thompson Mpingajira(ACCA) visited the Malawi University of Science and Technology to give students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology a public lecture on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mpingajira detailed his life story and compared his success in business to "climbing up Mulange mountain with a bicycle". He also emphasised that the road to entrepreneurship is never the same for everyone.

Tips given by Dr. Mpingajira on entrepreneurship:
- One must not start any business with a 100% loan. It never works.
- Business should not be interfered with politics. Malawian businesses start, strive and prosper through political patronage.
- Partnership is key in business.
- Move on to a change when you feel like switching. Take risks of doing new things and moving on in business
- Vision is requisite in business.
- Know a difference between profit and capital.
- Don't be a jack of on all trades, master in one discipline.
- Role of entrepreneurship is for national development and creation of employment, not to enrich oneself.
- Love what you do
- Take gradual steps to form the business.
- Learn how to promote yourself.
- Constantly take action.
- Make a plan
- Build a reputation.
- Its never too late to start.
- Build your trusted team
- Mind your attitude. Success depends on making mistakes and accepting the blame. Headon is what makes a business leader.

To conclude the function, the Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Address Malata, thanked Mr. Mpingajira and the department for organising this lecturer.