Leigh thank you so much the massage was amazing had a full night's pain free sleep.

Offers personal training, sports massage therapy, swimming lessons and coaching for beginner to adva

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Does your child want to become fitter and stronger in Swimming, Biking, Running or all 3?
Register now!!

Starting Tuesday 20th September 2022

Tuesday and Thursday
Swimming - 2pm to 3pm
Biking and Running - 3pm to 4pm
Ages 5 to 18 years
At Innovate Gym, 100 The Chase, Emerald Hill

Contact Leigh-Anne - 0718085058


Today we look back at Kudzi's achievements

Kudzi started training with me in October 2020, looking to lose weight and get toned. She is always up for a challenge and is not afraid to lift heavy.

She started at the beginning of 2021 running 5km's and slowly worked her way up to a 10km and has done multiple since. She worked so hard and has now completed her first 21km.

21 months down and feeling much stronger, it is safe to say Kudzi now appreciates the holistic approach to exercise.

There is never a dull moment when Kudzi is around and we wish her a farewell on her new adventures.
A famous quote "I was wondering what was wrong" after she gets corrected on her form



"It suits me perfectly as it is low impact which is what I need, and feel routines are custom made with me in mind. I notice the difference in my fitness level all the time, especially when it's pointed out how i couldn't do a particular exercise and then find it almost easy." ~ Carol Hobbs


Today we look back at Carol's achievements

Carol approached me in February 2021 to assist her with her weight loss journey.
She struggled a lot with back pain and was only able to do minimalistic exercises in the beginning.
As the months have gone by, she has gotten stronger and doesn't suffer from back pain anymore.

She has been 100% committed to the process and now does strength or high intensity training twice a week, power walks 8km to 10km once a week and sticks to her diet plan.

She is now down by 54kg from the previous photo and looking and feeling great.
She is also 36cm down on her waist line, and down by 16 on the BMI scale and still achieving her new goals regularly.



"I had a leg massage done, it was great, calming and relaxing. It made me feel at ease and comfortable. The pressure applied was the right amount and done really well. Keep it up" ~Nicole Canary


Let's talk about Stretching:

First things first

The reason we stretch is to keep our muscles loose and mobile, and in doing so we prevent stiffness and injury from tight muscles.

Stretch all the muscles that you feel were being used during the session.

Hold for 10+ seconds to get the maximum benefit.

Don't wait for your muscles to get cold before stretching.

If you really want to get the most out of your cool down routine, you can add a foam roller to the mix and roll down those muscles to lengthen the connective tissue.

In this video I'm stretching calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, glutes, neck, hip adductors, abs and finishing off with some breath work in child's pose.


Xtrain class


Like if you agree

For Kudzi’s birthday we decided to switch things up a bit with a new gym

Now training at and


Kids Holiday Biking Activities!!

I was asked to put together activities for a group of 3 year olds during their holiday period, and here is their progress from first day to last.

From biking with training wheels, to learning how to bike on 2 wheels through cones, braking and also being able to balance the bike while catching a cone with one hand.

In the end, they received new bikes for doing so well.

We will be holding sessions during the school term so watch this space to enroll your kiddies this season.



Spinning is a low impact, high intensity workout that you can burn up to 600 calories in a 45 minute class.
That is 30% of your average daily amount spent increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


Post workout assisted stretching!!

The best part of the session where my clients get to relax and be rewarded for their hard work.


Instagram vs Reality

How satisfying is this?

In actual fact, it usually takes me 5 minutes to set up for my massages, and then a further 5 minutes at the end to fold my sheets and pack up.



"I had a sports massage session, with a beautifully set up room, with peaceful sounds and smells. A very relaxing massage which helped with all the bad knots and left me feeling refreshed !" ~ Annalise Mesley



"Leigh Anne was highly recommended and I had been feeling stiffness for the past two weeks so I decided to get a deep tissue massage. I was surprised by how stiff my right side was and it’s helped me relieve some of the muscle fatigue and tension in my body she knows what she’s doing and I would recommend her to anyone who’s feeling strained in certain areas or has any major issues to help relieve issues they may be facing. The experience itself was much needed and I will be using her more often for sure as it’s been a real eye opener" ~Tapy Macdonald



"Leigh-Anne is very professional in her work. I have had many sports recovery massages which are crucial in my training regime as a triathlete.
Her techniques are thorough, and she always asks which areas require specific attention. I would highly recommend her to any sports enthusiasts." ~ Dave Gardner



"Leigh-Anne was great for my husband and I. He had a weekly massage for tension due to stress and I had a personal training session with her which she tailor made just for me. She was always on time, and really helped us both. Professional, knowledgeable and very competent. We would highly recommend Leigh-Anne without question." ~Tracey Railton



Debz receiving her 1 hour Massage from our recent Giveaway

"Thank you so much. I am feeling good!
It was a very pleasant and comfortable massage!! The pressure was just right and the conversations kept it relaxed. The music was also very peaceful 😊
I would highly recommend this treatment 😊" ~Debz

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My client, Kudzi smashed one of her goals last Sunday at the Vic Falls Half Marathon.

She ran her first 21km in a time of 3:09:36, after having done multiple 10km runs leading to this point she kept her pace consistent throughout and persevered to the end.

Stopping along the way to take pictures and dance, this is proof that exercise brings people together.

I'm beyond proud of the goals Kudzi has achieved throughout the 20 months she has been training with me.


Decided to wake up at 5am on a Sunday to do a 10km run with my client.
Was so worth it.

As Kudzi would say we "thugged it out" and got her a new personal best time of 1:16:32


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"Dig deep for the champion inside you" ~ Johnny G


Don't miss out on this Winter special!!

Save this Winter with an amazing 50% discount.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, and sign up with a friend or two.


Thursday challenge!!

Carol Hobbs NeeKing and Mukunda Chiko weren't over the moon about this one, but they got it done.

Featuring an eager beaver in the back.

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What a fantastic week at the ATU Triathlon Development Camp.

A big thank you to Pam Fulton, Riana Robertson and Triathlon Zimbabwe for giving me the opportunity to Coach amongst these talented Junior Triathletes from Zim, SA, Kenya and Mauritius.

Photos from FiberMotion's post 17/03/2022

Our upcoming Triathlon Kids showing us how much fun it is to cycle through every puddle we come across on the road.

A competition to see who got the dirtiest was definitely the inspiration on this ride!


Home Personal Training

These ladies have been killing their goals with these home sessions, proving that you don't need expensive equipment to keep fit and healthy

For any enquiries on Gym/Home Personal Training sessions
Contact Leigh-Anne +263 718 085 058


Why get a massage?

Sports Massage helps athletes prevent injuries and get the well deserved rest and recovery they need, as well as helping relieve stress.

Deep Tissue Massage helps align the body to better posture and aid in releasing the connective tissue of the muscle.

Book now
Leigh-Anne +263 718 085 058

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Fun was had at the Triathlon earlier this morning.

Congratulations to all the triathletes!


Triathlon is an endurance based sport consisting of swimming, cycling and running.

It is an excellent activity that can be enjoyed by anyone from as little as 4 years old to 80 years old.

Contact us to join the team
Leigh-Anne +263 718 085 058


6 Reasons to Learn to Swim:

1. It is essential to safety
2. It is a low impact sport which helps tone and strengthen the muscles
3. It is an excellent way to workout and burns many calories
4. You can swim for the rest of your life and is especially good for people with arthritis
5. It is a life long skill you'll never unlearn
6. It is a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family


Do you struggle with sticking to a regular workout routine?
Have you gotten bored of your workouts?
Have you begun to see a plateau in your progress?
Do you want to lose weight / start working out but don't know where to start?

If you said yes to any of the above, this post is for you.

Not only will Personal Training keep you accountable, but I will be able to give you the professional exercise and nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Get started today!
Leigh-Anne +263 718 085 058


Get your New Years resolutions on. Choose your way to get moving this year from a list of activities including:

Personal Training
Swimming Lessons (beginners)
Swimming Training (intermediate to advanced)
Cycling Training
Running Training
Triathlon Training

And at the end of it all, give your muscles a break with a good old Sports or Deep Tissue Massage.

Home visits optional.

For bookings and more information contact:
Leigh-Anne +263 718 085 058


Treat your body with the most care, you only have one.

Its time to look back on Carol's year
Weight lost - 51kg
Waist measurement lost - 34cm
BMI down by - 15

Let's crack on with those new years resolutions
Register with me now for Personal Training
+263 718 085 058


All smiles when you start to feel good in your own body.

Its time to look back on Kudzi's year
• Weight lost - 7.5kgs
• Waist measurement lost - 10cm
• Body fat lost - 17%

Start your journey today.
Register with me now for Personal Training.
+263 718 085 058


_*December Holiday Swim Camp*_

*Lesson fees for 2 weeks*
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri - $100
Mon, Wed, Fri - $75
Tues, Thur - $50

*Lesson fees for 1 week*
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri - $60

*Note - Fees inclusive of pool access

To be confirmed
*30 min lessons

Innovate Gym, Emerald Hill

*Who can join*
Ages 5+

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Doing some sports massages for the triathletes this past weekend in Troutbeck to help get their muscles ready for the race, and to help aid recovery afterwards


Feeling stressed from lockdown?
We've got the perfect solution for you, for just $40 an hour
Book your massage now


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As the gyms get closed once again we try to resist the urge to be a couch potato.
Let me help you with structured online Zoom sessions specific to your goals.
Sign up now to get in shape this month💪


Looking to start your journey to a healthier you?
Dm us now to secure your spot for personal training or massage
Note: We have changed our contact number

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Who doesn't enjoy a good special?
Dm to secure your spot for 20% off your sports massage or deep tissue massage

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We are proud to announce that we are offering a new service
Contact us for all your massage needs


30sec work for each exercise:Rest for 2 mins after round
5 rounds:
Tyre flips
Toe taps
Plank up and down
Tricep dips


AMRAP with jump rope💪
30 mins of As Many Rounds As Possible
20x knee tucks
40x elbow to hand
1min jump rope
20x squat knee
40x jump lunges
1min jump rope
20x crocodile push ups
40x bulldog walk
1min jump rope
I challenge you to do this workout and send me your result


Shutdown day 12 workout
3 sets of 1min work : 1min rest
Alternating ankle taps (legs raised)
Superman plank
Cross over crunches
Mountain climbers (elbow & wrist)
Scissor kicks .


Shutdown day 7 workout
4 sets 12 reps
Lunges (raise back leg)
Jump squats
Band kickback
Band fire hydrant
Single leg glute raise
Side lunges .


Quarantine Day 5 - challenge your deep core muscles and balance
You dont need to leave home to be able to keep fit
3 sets 10 reps each side
1. Plank reach through and rotate
2. Tik tok lunge to squat
3. Bull dog kick back and through
4. Single leg deadlift to calf raise
5. Push up to toe touch


People tend to forget how important stability is.
These are a few ways to target stability in the foot, ankle and core muscles by challenging your balance using a bosu:
- Single leg deadlift to pistol squat
- Press up to mountain climbers
- Knee tucks


PULLEY WORKOUT (a fun one to try)😉

4 sets 12 reps • Bicep curls
• Tricep extensions
• Lat pull down
• Rows • Squat and press


I wouldn't be where I am today without the people that have been there for me this past year, and I'm so grateful, but this is only the beginning✊

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