Financial Literacy With Ryan Vusi CEA

Financial Literacy With Ryan Vusi CEA

We all need a better tomorrow but we aint doing something about tomorrow. This page is about address


Never let the environment change you, instead change the environment.


"For you to grow don't only do what you already know, add some creativity to stay competitive".
Financial Literacy With Ryan Vusi CEA


"You measure your chances of success by the type of clientele you choose to be your target market" Literacy with Ryan CEA


"Money is just a special paper attracted to those who take risk" FLwithRyanVusiCEA


"Money is just a system, just create one and see it coming automatically"

Financial Literacy With Ryan Vusi CEA updated their phone number. 19/04/2022

Financial Literacy With Ryan Vusi CEA updated their phone number.

Financial Literacy With Ryan Vusi CEA updated their phone number.


"It's not about what you know that can give you growth you need, so keep learning don't be too skeptical"


Use what you have to get what you want. #




Money is simply a system that you have created, if you carefully follow your system money comes automatically.


Develop financial insticts when taking financial decistions, specifically when dealing with calculated risk.


Money management is financial literacy. If you master one you have mastered all.



Never be afraid to lose money in any kind of investment because thats the road of being different from the rest. The moment you become skeptical, you are automatically becoming normal. After all no lesson in life comes for free including our academics.
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Life is all about taking risk including taking a step out of our door steps going to work, because anything can happen.

NB:Take calculated risk and do some background check first.



The only battle you should fight is to make sure your daily expenditure is less than your daily earnings.


One stream of income is never enough to sustain your dreams. Do side hustle even if you are employed. The first clients are your friends just find out what they like and before you know it they will bring their friends to buy from you. Do clubs both tradional clubs(rotating) and business clubs( when you recieve the money you spin it and pay it back with some bit of interest). By so doing you getting the oppotunity to make funds available to you at some point instead of going to the banks for loans or microfinance companies that will need collateral.


Strategically money is not the mode of payment, it is the main product everyone is looking for.

It has been evident by seeing a massive number of illegal forex changers on the street specifically in Zim. We also have equity business and online forex trading.

with money you can get almost everything but whereas with your assets you would first need to turn them into money first.
NB: Never forget that assets are very safe keep to your money safe.



Money is also a product, you should develop a skill to spend it simply because its on demand.

When you have that paper, keep in mind that you have the upper hand when negotiating.


It doesnt matter what you do for a living be it you employed full time, part time or self-employed the fact is your stream of income has to grow at some point because your responsibilities also expands as you age.

Whatever you do remember you are gaining more experience and knowledge so should your income. If you are self-employed simply gain more confidence and charge your clients a bit more coz you are the right guy for the job. If you are employed talk to your bosses for a raise or work hard for a promotion or simply have a side hustle. After all everyone is selling something at some point so dont be that person who says you are not good at sellimg coz you are currently selling your time plus knowlegde in exchange for a fixed salary.


The little knowlegde we get from different people based on experience contributes almost 80%/to our financial freedom.