Huntin' Shootin' Fishin'

Huntin' Shootin' Fishin'


For those of you who did not see the sunrise on Sunday morning... frost everywhere. Phil Weller, Merlyn and Connor Chant walking down to the Dam Wall.
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2 weeks to go ....
Racing the clock......
HSF 2017 Paparazzi
The Road to HSF 2017 with the Days
If anyone is looking for a rider for hunt shoot fish! Please get hold of me. Would love to ride!!
Fuchs Lubricants in Zimbabwe proud sponsor of the Huntin' Shootin' Fishin' 2016 tournament. Well done to the committee for organising another fantastic weekend.
and Simon Mortimer displayed great acrobatic agility with a back somersault
Paul Grainger gave us a forward somersault
Winning is great, but it comes with a price - a plunge into the icy waters of the Troutbeck Dam. Tina Lowe first in.

Now that's what I call a weekend!


Memorable Moments

Who remembers that shootoff?

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Teams 2018


Yaaaaassss ... HSF2019!


Well done to all the winning teams and to all who participated in this year’s HSF, some fantastic results all round,
Special congratulations to the top rider – Zoe Day 440; top fisherman – Phil Weller 500 and top shot – Richard Fox 485!! Herewith a copy of the final score sheet….
Wonderful to see the fisherman shooting and some of them exploding the eggs in the combined event!!
I don’t think any of us will forget the Saturday night outfits!!! it was a memorable, fun-filled weekend!!…
The success of the weekend is the sum of many many people contributing in big and small ways out of the goodness of their hearts for the love of the weekend.
A very big and grateful thanks to the amazing people on the committee.
Thanks to Christine Hickey for judging with a very level head; Charl for timing, kissing the raffle balls and non-stop help; Carol Greebe our vet; Shabba for keeping the party going and Penny for the “Dog and Penn show” keeping us entertained with all her jokes, Guy Macilwayne for the amazing course, Debs for weighing all the fish and the lovely Sat Décor, flowers and catering, the Children who so kindly played music for us at lunch, and all who helped at the riding events:- Zaria Rutter, Joye Day, Fred Hickey and Jill Browne and the kids who helped with the combined event and Giles Selby who helped Mike set up the ranges.
Thanks to our sponsors:-
Fuchs, Mann Filter and Wix Filters for their generous sponsorship, shirts and caps.
Profeeds Sport for their sponsorship and top rider prize.
Metro Peech & Browne for their sponsorship and top fisherman prize.
Husqvarna and Hunter for their sponsorship of the shootout and winning team prize as well as all the fabulous giveaways and fun games over the weekend.
Swift for “swiftly and efficiently” transporting all the necessary equipment, 10 tonnes of kit!!. Not 1 breakage and nothing missing!!
St Clairs & Bally House – for their delicious Gin & Tonics, garnished with cucumber and blueberries setting the scene for a lovely weekend.
Rooneys for the wonderful décor, chairs, tables and much needed heaters.
Jaigermeister for the yummie shots at happy hour.
Castle Lite for 60 cases and kicking off the competition with a down down!!.
Tanganda for keeping us well quenched with their delicious Tingamira water throughout the weekend.
Fitness 360 for the second team prize
Zimdam for the top shot and flurry prizes and giveaways.
Stables Winery for the third team prize
Equigear for the top rider prize.
HRIB Insurance for taking care of our insurance needs and for sponsoring the photographer.
Stallion Shavings for keeping the horses cozy.
Hukuru for the exploading eggs for the combined event
Fishermans friend for 200 cups of complimentary teas & coffees at the combined event and giveaways.
Dudutech for the swiss army knife prizes
Warapp for the scoreboard and the raft
Kingfisher Cabanas and Blue Swallow lodges for the raffle draw prizes and
Troutbeck for all their hard work in catering, clearing dams, fixing stables, moving the stage… the list is endless.
A DVD with photographs will be available from the weekend.
The photos, kindly sponsored by HRIB Insurance are a collection by Chris Sheppard (email: [email protected], or 0772 283 652 to order a dvd @ $15).
Thanks to Jenny Stock capturing some highlights of the weekend on her Zimbabwe Equine News page and Brad Wroe on the Huntin Shootin Fishin page.
Best Regards
Sue Broad (0712601112 / 870627)

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 27/06/2018

Congratulations to HSF winners 2018!
First: Team Dudu
Second: Fishermans Friend
Third: Teeny Porky Morty


HSF2018 here we come! Travel safe!


Welcome to HSF 2018

Herewith please find attached
The Reminders
The Rules
The Running order & Saturday MEMORABLE MOMENTS theme list
(please advise of any final changes to teams & spelling of names)
The Police clearance

Please see the timetable below.
For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0712 601 112, [email protected]
We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 22nd June for a fun-filled weekend.

Best Regards
Sue Broad


12:00 - 14:00 Casual lunch outside Sun Lounge ($10)
12:30 - 13:00 Register for Husqvarna Shootout (at Dam).
All welcome to try.
13:00 - 16:00 HUSQVARNA SHOOTOUT (over Dam)
From 14:00 CHECK IN with hotel at Troutbeck Reception
13:00 - 16: 00 ST CLAIR’S GIN TENT on Front Lawn
16:00 - 17.00 Happy Hour in Hare & Hound Pub
*RAFFLE TICKETS for sale outside Pub
17:30 - 21:00 Children's Dinner, Movies & Bingo in Beck Restaurant
18:00 - Briefing & Introduction in Rainbow Trout Room
Welcome packs, team names & shirts distributed
20:00 Dinner - served outside Rainbow Trout Room
Crumbed chicken breast or Fish, chips, greek salad ($12)

05:45 - Fishermen's briefing in Sun Lounge
& start of Fishing session 1
NB: Hotel breakfast for fishermen is after weigh in.
Restaurant open for breakfast until 11:15
06:30 - Shottists’ (staying at hotel) breakfast
07:45 - Shottists' Briefing (session 1) in Golf Course Gazebo - Hole 6
08:00 - Clay Pigeon Shooting (session 1) starts
08:00 - Riding judges, scorers & time-keepers briefing (Sun Lounge)
08:15 - Riders' (session 1) briefing in Sun Lounge
09.00 - Riding session 1 – Cross-Country Challenge commences (front of Hotel)
10:15 - Fishing Siren announcing 15 mins to weigh-in
10:30 - Fishing session 1 weigh-in, in Sun Lounge
11:30 -14:00 Casual Lunch served Sun Lounge Terrace ($10)
Kids Jam session – please feel free to play an instrument or sing during lunch
13:15 - Shottists' Briefing (session 2) - Golf Course Gazebo - Hole 6
13:30 - Clay Pigeon Shooting session 2 starts - Hole 6
14:30 - Fishing session 2 roll call (outside Sun Lounge)
14:35 Fishing session 2 commences
13:45 - Riding judges, scorers & time-keepers briefing (Sun Lounge)
14:00 - Riders' session 2 briefing in Sun Lounge
14:30 - Riding session 2 – Top Score Gamble commences in front of Hotel
17:00 - Fishing Siren announcing 15 mins to weigh-in
17:15 - Fishing session 2 weigh-in closes (weigh-in tent outside pub)

18.00 - 19.30 Children dinner – Sun Lounge ($15)
19:00 - late Children’s Coke & Crunchie dance off in Sun Lounge
18:45 Saturday score sheet available in Rainbow Trout
19:00 RAFFLE draw & AUCTION in Rainbow Trout
20:00 Memorable Moments dinner in the Rainbow Trout Room
Buffet Dinner will be served in the Beck Restaurant (please wear prepaid wrist bands)
Please feel free to eat dinner at tables in the restaurant or bring your plate to the Rainbow Trout

08:45 - Combined Event briefing at judge's trailer by the dam (all competitors)
09:00 - Combined Event commences at dam
12:00 - Prize Giving AT DAM
13:00 - Casual Lunch - Sun Lounge Terrace ($10)

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Some nice fish were caught last year!


Gazza always works hard on reaching his limit...


There’s a reason that HSF is THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! These two are part of an amazing team that make it happen 👌👌👌


We are working around the clock .....

HSF2014 11/06/2018


HSF2013 11/06/2018


Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 11/06/2018

Some memories from 2012 ...

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 11/06/2018

Yes - some of Africa's Finest will be found up in Nyanga on the 22!


Being on the water by 0600 can make a one feel a bit queasy ....


Less than 2 weeks to go!
Are. You. Ready!


22 days to go to The. Best. Weekend. Ever.

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 10/05/2018

From all of us at HSF - Happy, Happy Birthday Sue!

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 04/05/2018

2012 Teams - some are all still together for the 2018 event :-)


2012 - when it all started again!


There's always one ...

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 03/05/2018

It's definitely a family affair at HSF!

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 28/03/2018

The Huntin' de brief is always a barrel of laughs .....

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 28/03/2018

The 2017 Winners - Lingerie...
Can they retain the title in 2018?


Entries are out for HSF2018!

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 27/02/2018

The Sunday morning combined event always has the crowds on their feet ...

A night At The Movies (2) 16/02/2018

A night At The Movies (2)

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 16/02/2018

A Night At The Movies (1) ... and what a night it was!

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 15/02/2018

All the competitors ... 2017 ...

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 15/02/2018

Shootin' 2017

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 14/02/2018

Huntin' 2017

Photos from Huntin' Shootin' Fishin''s post 13/02/2018

Fishin' 2017

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