Association of the Performing Artists in Manicaland - APAM

Association of the Performing Artists in Manicaland - APAM


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Mutare iz rizin on dancehall dem zimta getto uths are mashin d vybz de likes of killan b knowk d slummer nd king faf sounds
um xo this page is gonna tek us to wher we wana go....thnx to the one who created ths platform for mtare artist -link wth me for riddims ,like my page MMB Records for new staff,u cn also hook me via app,inbox if you want my digits...luview all ...DJ TRADY
SHOUTOUT TO ANY ASPIRING COMEDIANS IN MUTARE whatsapp me on 0773822134 would be great to have you come share the stage with Carl Joshua Ncube and Q on the #FeelGoodZimbabweComedyTour in MUTARE on the 23 of August 2014.

APAM is an arts organization comprising of musicians both gospel and secular, poets, dance and theatre groups. Our mission is to acquire equipment and resources that will aid its members to become productive and viable in the music and arts industry.

For our calendar of events or to update us on your upcoming individual music and arts events you can contact us on:

Email: [email protected]

Cell: +263772651008

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- Hello, my name is DJ Critic Igwe the Oga.
- I am a radio presenter and producer for Diamond FM.
- I have been a DJ since 2016 up until now/ to date working for Diamond FM.
- I hope I find you guys well. I am going to talk about chart shows.
- How to vote pama chart shows epa Diamond FM.
- First things first. How many chart shows do we have?
- We have four chart shows that are currently running on Diamond FM.
- We have Super Sunday that happens every Sunday between 8 to 9pm.
- Super Sunday has 20 songs. We have trending 10 it has 10 of the most trending songs nationwide. It happens every Monday and Tuesday between 6 and 7pm.
- We have Manica fire 15. It happens on Fridays between 6 and 7pm. It has 15 local songs. It also includes artistes from Manicaland who are no longer based here. Manica fire for Manicaland artistes.
- We have big 20 countdown it’s done every Saturday morning between 6 and 7am. It has 20 songs most of them being secular. It’s a local, national, regional and international chart show.
- We have platforms for these particular shows.
- How to vote? We have Whatsapp and SMS platforms.
- The number usually used to vote is 0782228578.
- When we ask you to vote we recommend that you vote during the duration of that chart show for example if its gospel super Sunday you vote between 8 and 9pm etcetera.
- I have noted that there are artistes who send threads on social media asking fans to vote for them every day. That's wrong. If you vote before or after a particular chart show those votes will not be looked at or considered by the person responsible for counting the votes. We should tell people the right thing.
- It differs also with the presenters in terms of the number of songs to vote for.
- Some will tell you to vote for 2/3/4 songs and the presenter can also ask you to phone in. A live voting session. A line will be then be opened for you to vote and the votes forwarded to the person responsible for authenticity.
- To also make it easy when you are voting is to put the name of the chart show e.g. Hash tag Trending 10 then hi my name is so and so I am voting for the name of your artiste and song. It adds value.
- Another thing, as the year is coming to an end, we have big 50 countdown which is happening tomorrow the 31st of December between 6pm and midnight. We have also another chart show the super gospel 50 count down. It will be on the 1st of January 2021. That will be next year. You also vote using the same number. Like I have said before it’s good to mention the name of the chart show hash tag super gospel 50 and vote for 5 of your favourite songs. This minimizes confusion.
- That is it for now, I think I have covered all there is concerning the subject. I don’t know if you have any questions feel free to ask if you have any.

- Questions and contributions (Group 2)

- [30/12/2020 18:48] Tonderai: Fellow ministers how are you? Trust I find you well. We have today our last presentation of the year. And before we resume next year, it would be beneficial for us to do a revision of all the topics covered. It is my sincere hope that all this effort is benefiting us.
- Taking us through the presentation tonight is our own musician/ Rap artiste and Diamond FM Radio DJ Kritic Igwe. He is going to talk to us on a topic entitled, How to be in a top 20 chart show program and also top 50 iriko mangwana and the other gospel top 50 irikozve kuswera mangwana. So let’s be informed
- [30/12/2020 18:49] Tonderai: We will be starting shortly
- [30/12/2020 19:05] Kritic: Good evening guys, my name is DJ Kritic Igwee just as my brother here has already mentioned and I will be taking you through tonight's topic, hoping I find you well and that you have bundles😎👍🏼
- [30/12/2020 19:08] Kritic: There we go.
- [30/12/2020 19:19] Tonderai: Thanks Kritic I hope ma bundles tinawo kkkk. Hoping also that the guys are not tied up watching TV or with other things but pavanouya online vanongotibatira ipapo
- [30/12/2020 19:19] Kritic: Iribho mukuru
- [30/12/2020 20:15] Tonderai: Thank you Kritic. To me this is very valuable information because I have never had a song in a chart show. One of the reasons is because of lack of information. Not knowing the number of chart shows there are, their slots or starting times and days and also the voting lines. You have also clarified the correct voting procedure that we should vote during the time of the chart show.
- As gospel artistes, one of our challenges is that our songs are only limited to Gospel Super Sunday which is run once per week apa isusu ma gospel artistes acho takawandisa vari kuda kuridzwa ipapo. I have witnessed vana Winky D nana Killer T ma songs awo achitovhoterwa pama gospel chart shows. Chinotadzisawo kuti ma songs edu aridzwe pamamwe ma chart shows asiri egospel chii?
- [30/12/2020 20:54] Tonderai: And since there are also a few gospel shows on radio our music does not get to be played much unless the song is commercial or it becomes a hit then it can be requested for and played anytime. We need to work on our songs being commercial so that anovhoterwa pa top 50 ine dzakavhengana neku gospel kwacho.
- That the task ahead.
- To those who have had their songs voted for on radio, the hustle is to mobilize people (church and work mates, friends and family) to vote for us as many as we can convince. Zvakadii kuti nesu vaimbi tivhoteranewo nekuzvivhotera?
- [30/12/2020 20:54] Kritic: As I understand it, I think it depends with how big or how good a song can be, kuti song irikunetsa kuSuper Sunday chart show can spill on into a secular chart show, it just depends w the ratings, votes n support its getting plus other visible things kungoonawo kuti song yacho ine vid here, kurongeka kwe artist wacho kwakamira sei, etc things that boost the song's image. Yu wl find kuti thr r so many great songs out thr bt artists depend too much on radio n song ikabuda ikaridzwa they relax. Song ikaridzwa ikapinda muchart that’s whr the job begins artists then need to be creative about how they create a buzz arnd their songs... Kusecular for example sm artists do challenges for their songs wotoona song yotopfumbira cz of that. Otherwise zvinenge zvichingonzi vesecular macharts avo vega, vegospel kwavo vega.
- [30/12/2020 20:57] Kritic: True
- [30/12/2020 21:12] Tonderai: Thank you for the insight. One sad truth is also that kana shamwari nehama dzakuvhotera worira mu chart show, kana song yako yakanaka nevasiri hama neshamwari vanofanirwa kutangawo kukuvhotera nekuti vanenge vafarira song nekuti yakanaka. That one measuring line you can use to assess if your song is good. Your message must be relevant kune zviri kuitika muhupenyu hwevanhu kunyange munyika. The sad thing is the song may not even be scripturally correct asi iri relevant wotoona yatovhoterwa neZimbabwe yese nekurira mumota. Inofanirwa kunge ichibatikawo zviri kuimbwa zvekuti vanhu vanogona kuitedzerera. A good melody. Kozoita kutambika kana kupinza munyasha then quality etc. Ngatisangotii tiri kuparidza asi tinofanirwa kuva varedzi vane skill yekuziva nekubata the different types of fish. Kunyange vafundisi vari kutodzidzawo kuma book kuti unoita sei kuti church ikure
- [30/12/2020 21:13] Tonderai: Nyaya yekuita create a buzz iyo Kritic ndaibata
- [30/12/2020 21:23] Kritic: Yeah it’s something most gospel artists overlook, zvaakungodawo kufambirana nenguva so that yu grab pple's attention, keeping up with trends. Some gospel artists haven’t conformed to the usage of internet. Of course a lot happens on social media but as a gospel artist you can use social media platforms to give life to your art
- [30/12/2020 21:24] Kritic: That’s wat I mean wen I say artists need to be innovative n creative now more than ever if yu want to survive in secular-dominated industry coz vesecular r dng whatever it takes
- [30/12/2020 21:25] Tonderai: Amen
- [30/12/2020 21:27] Tonderai: 2021 tinenge tichitambirapo pa social media. Ma EPK tiri kugadzira uye nema videos
- [30/12/2020 21:28] Kritic: You know It gets harder for gospel artists who are from smaller towns such as ours, parikuda innovation yakasimba.
- [30/12/2020 21:45] Kritic: We get a lot of music submissions from gospel artists, mamwe masongs anouya asina masong titles, mamwe masongs anouya ari mawhatsapp audios aye akanzi AUD2020383.... asina label. Then artists expect the music compiler to edit the songs for them apa hapana pakanyorwa matitles acho... So yu then try to make contact with the artist via social media uchida kuziva whr they r from etc woona havapo pasocial media pacho
- [30/12/2020 21:47] Tonderai: Kkkkk ndaseka asi hazvisekesi. Totenda nezvidzidzo. This is serious business
- [30/12/2020 21:57] Kritic: Shaa unenge uchiti wato submitter not knowing kuti yu wldve taken your own music for granted n then wonder kuti sei zvisiri kurira paradio pacho. *Presentation* is very important.
- [30/12/2020 21:59] Tonderai: Well. I have been checking kuti kune vamwe here besides us vari active mu discussion kunyange havo vakanyarara vasina cheku contributor kana kubvunza nekuti vazhinji nziyo dzawo dzakambovhoterwa pa radio. Ndaona kuti varipo vanga vachi follower and mangwana vamwe will have a chance to read the chats. Personally I have really benefited from this discussion tonight. The spilling over to other chart shows, creating a buzz around your song, the chart shows, top 50 and innovation etc. I am glad nyaya ye innovation waitaura. Nyaya ye social media presence and having correct info there. Ndadzidza zvakawanda. We can call it a night and I know you are now at work. Thanks a lot for the priceless contributions to our local industry. Much love
- [30/12/2020 22:10] The Harper: Thanks Kritic for your insightful contributions. As gospel artistes we should not be confined to gospel charts only. We should strive to mix and mingle with fellow artistes. Our products should cut across all genres. A good song knows no genre. It cuts across all genres. A good song should be easy to market. The fact that gospel music should minister to those beyond gospel. This is the reason why Mhere used a plethora of musicians some secular ones in order to market his music.
- [30/12/2020 22:19] Kritic: Yes Mhere is a very good example n he’s done well
- [30/12/2020 22:21] Kritic: Thanks, glad to know I have helped🙏🏼goodnight.
- [01/01 01:13] Tonderai: Happy New Year Wazali wam
- [01/01 01:50] Bro Tk Mupfawa: Happy new year
- [01/01 06:05] Rodgers Bepete Gospel Artist: Thnx Kritic and the whole family.

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