Chikanga mutare

Chikanga mutare

All those who stayed and grew up in Chikanga,this page is an open source to all people,LETS INTERACT

On this page we want to socialize with those who grew up in this suburb(CHIKANGA) no matter where you are staying in this world. Lets bring the past into the present by sharing what we experienced as we grew up. IN LIFE HISTORY WILL ALWAYS BE PART OF THE FUTURE,LETS SHARE THE PAST AND THE PRESENT HERE.


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nyora maclassmate ako 3 ausingakanganwi apa.haushaiwe 1 anopindura....

Ndeipi classmate yausinga kanganwe nyora kana vatatu haushayi achakupindura pano.🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


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Makadini muchikanga

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Today they is a meeting of parents and school authorities at chikanga primary school please come let's share the way foward of the school as we face current challenging situations


We are upgrading the school but its high time we embrace ICT policy whats your view as a parent


Happy 2015


Morning all my friends.compliments of the new year


THE thought of her husband being in the arms of another woman led a Chikanga woman to assault the girlfriend resulting in her appearing in court facing assault charges. Susan Pangabuwe (28), a mother of two, appeared before Mutare senior
magistrate Mrs Sekai Chiundura and pleaded guilty to assault charges. She assaulted a St Joseph’s High School student (name withheld).The student sustained injuries all over the body.
She also had a swollen head and back. Asked why she committed the offence, Susan defended herself and said: “Your Worship, I heard rumours that she was dating my husband. My husband and I are struggling to earn a living, yet
he is busy wasting money on a girlfriend.“Seeing the two walking together triggered my anger,” she said. When asked whether she really loved her husband to the extent of risking imprisonment, Susan, said:“I have children who need to be looked after, Your Worship. “That will never happen again,” pleaded Susan.Mrs Chiundura warned her not to commit such an
offence again.She was sentenced to 60 days in prison. This term was suspended for five years on
condition that he did not commit a similar offence. Mr Cuthbert Bhosha prosecuted.


A MUTARE couple, both ex-soldiers, left a
Chikanga woman in a quandary after they
allegedly “dumped” their two children at her
residence in June before disappearing. Agnella
Rusakaniko (51) of House Number 2153,
Chikanga Phase 2, who is a mother of 15, was
left to bear the burden of two other children
belonging to Linsy Moyo and Busisiwe Madeya.
The couple left the children aged eight and about
14 months old respectively in her custody on
June 2, purportedly going to town and promised
to take them back later on the same day.
In an interview, the visibly distressed Rusakaniko
was accompanied by one of the couples’
daughters, Tibello, who looked malnourished.
Rusakaniko, a mixed-farmer in Chigodora said
the couple dumped the children with no clothes
to change or anything to eat. She said the
couple’s cellphones became unreachable from
the day they went away.
Continuous efforts by The Weekender to contact
Moyo on his provided Telecel number were
fruitless as it was not reachable.
“I used to go to Dangamvura where one of my
children resides and that is when I met them
since they were neighbours. The couple
explained to me their sad predicament of being
discharged from the army for various reasons
and were struggling to make ends meet.
“They begged me to take care of their children for
a few hours when they were going to town. They
told me they were going to the bank to withdraw
some money for rent because they had secured a
new apartment. It was around 7am.
“I trusted them and believed they were coming
back. I never saw them again. I love children,
but I am now afraid because I don’t know what
they are up to,” she said.
She said the couple seemingly pre-planned to
dump the children.
She also believes that the couple turned their
backs on their children because they do not want
to take responsibility of caring for them because
of their poor source of income.
“I realised that they had sold all their belongings
and were planning to settle somewhere else
without their children. They were very heartless
because their children are still tender and still
critically need parents’ love, care and attention.
“They left nothing. No blankets, no clothes or
even money! They don’t even know how their
children are surviving. I am, however, hopeful
that they will come back one day. They possibly
panicked owing to their sudden fall from grace.
But they were supposed to be open to me,”
Rusakaniko said.
The eight-year-old Tibello described her dad as
“irresponsible” and “uncaring”.
“Ndaidzingwa chikoro because of school fees.
And now I don’t go to school. He used to beat
me up. We were evicted from various houses
because my dad wouldn’t pay rentals. He also
shouted at me, verbally abusing me” she said.
Legal expert, Ms Memory Mandingwa, said by
dumping the children, the couple had violated the
Children’s Act.
“Baby dumping is a violation of the Children’s
Act. The woman should report the case to the
“The Ministry of Public Service and Social welfare
is a safe haven for children under those
circumstances,” she said.
Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesman,
Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda, concurred
that the couple had a case to answer.
“Abandoning children to a stranger is abusing
them. The children are subjected to suffering and
“It is an offence to dump children under the
Children’s Act. The children are very tender and
should be brought into safe homes like the social
“If the woman is not prepared to take care of the
children, she should report the matter to the
police and we will bring the culprits to book,”
said Asst Insp Chananda.


Hanzi sekuru vakanga vari bofu ndokushanya
kumzukuru sikana wavo airoja one room wanei
mzukuru ari kugeza kubathroom. Vakapinda
havo mumba ndokugara mzukuru ndokuuya
zvake akamonera zambiya rake kwakurikanda
uko kutanga kuzora mafuta.Apa achibvunza sekuru zvekumusha ndiye tendeukei kufuratira
ozvizora zvake magaro.Apedza kupfeka zvikanzi
''ko kuuya nhasi kwakanaka here'',sekuru vakati
''Ndanga ndauya kuzokuudzai kt ndava kuona

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Don't be left out


This page unites all those who grew up in this community of chikanga in Mutare Zimbabwe. we share various issues that are happening in our community and share the way forward.
Here you will meet and interact with your long time friends
Like this page,share and contribute.


Good day to you all.
Was travelling from the city centre to chikanga yesterday and 4 boys from Mutare boys high and two boys from St Dominic's high were arguing.
Chikanga phase 1 has beautiful ladies than phase 3?
I developed interest and thought of bringing this issue on a large scale.
Is it true?comment with your contribution.


How are you the good residents of my community
Let's give our views.
Have u ever notice that many of African families only come to know about their relative during hard time like death of a relative.
when all is well they will never know each other, you will come to realise that,that other person you passed on the streets was or is indeed your close relative at a funeral.
Is it good for the future generations will we not end up dating our relatives.
What's your take of this.
Comment with your views.


Complete the sentence:

One thing I miss about Chikanga is __________________.


Published on 14 June 2014 Written by Manicapost
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Editor's recommended stories:
You are not the one who broke my virginity: Wife
with smelling privates tells hubby
Don't use condoms, 'rovai nyoro': Registrar-
General Mudede tells church members
Phillip Chiyangwa and Jah Prayzah are blood
Good News on Phillip Chiyangwa and his wife's
$230 million divorce saga
Boko Haram will not return all the 200 kidnapped
girls: ex-President admits
Church spiritual father forces
young girl to watch po*no, r**es
AN overseer with Apostolic Church Deliverance in
Africa Church in Chikanga high-density suburb,
Christopher Chinyai, was recently hauled before
the courts for allegedly ra**ng a 15-year-old girl
from the same church and ordering her not to tell
Chinyai (43), who is also a cameraman at
Meikles Park allegedly forced the girl (name
withheld) to watch a pornographic video before
ra**ng her.
He was remanded out of custody on $100 bail
when he appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr
Waini Makamera, facing r**e charges last
Prosecutor, Mr Cuthbert Bhosha, said sometime in
April, Chinyai and his wife travelled to Tanganda
in Chipinge and the 15-year-old teenager was left
in custody of Chinyai's house.
"Chinyai returned home after five days without his
wife. He arrived at 7pm and ordered the teenager
to carry some goods he had bought and
proceeded to sleep in his bedroom.
Chinyai woke up at around 11pm and entered the
dining room where the girl was sleeping. He
forced the teenager to watch pornographic videos
with him.
"He grabbed the teenager and forcibly made her
sit on his lap. Chinyai unzipped his trousers and
started fondling her breasts while covering her
mouth with his hand. Chinyai later r**ed her
once," said Mr Bhosha.
Chinyai allegedly threatened the teenager not to
disclose the matter to anyone. He left her
The court heard that Chinyai started calling and
sending the teenager some messages demanding
to meet her again a few days later.
Her mother bumped into some of the messages
where he was threatening her with unspecified
action if she reported the matter to anyone. The
teenager, who kept quiet about the ordeal for a
while, later revealed that she was r**ed upon
being quizzed by her mother.
The angry teenager's mother stormed the news
room on Tuesday morning saying she was in pain
considering that Chinyai was a trusted overseer
at church and took him as a father figure.
"He was our spiritual father. He betrayed us. We
all trusted him, but he let us down. I hope justice
will prevail," she said.


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May the Lord protect you all wonderful people of Mutare-Chikanga this Easter and Independence holiday. May JOY and PEACE be yours throughout the weekend,if traveling drive safely observing and obeying all the road signs.Make sure you leave someone at home if travelling as a family..Don't drink and drive....SPEED KILLS!



MUTARE residents yesterday told the Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (IMPI) that the media in Zimbabwe should end polarisation and focus on developmental issues and exposing corruption. BY OBEY MANAYITI STAFF REPORTER(Newsday) Others said it was time the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services licensed new players, particularly community radio stations, so that they would provide alternative voices which suited particular communities. IMPI is on a countrywide tour to gather views of the people regarding the state of the media in Zimbabwe. “We are tired of the polarised media in Zimbabwe. We don’t want bias because it helps nothing to the generality of the population. What we want now is the developmental issues and focus on issues that might help grow the economy,” a contributor said. A disabled contributor added: “The media should do more to focus on people living with disabilities. If we feature more frequently in the media, then it means we get an opportunity to get help. We are facing too many problems, some of them which are abuse by our local authority. Had it been that we get the same assistance like that we get when voting (in the voting booth), then we will not be the same as we are today.” One elderly participant urged the media to continue exposing corruption and individuals who dip their fingers in the public funds. Others urged the country’s sole broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to up its game concerning news coverage. “We want the monopoly to end. ZBC should improve its programming and stop giving us stale news. They should move with time and they should not wait for weeks before we get their stories,” a contributor said. Some journalists attending the IMPI called for the introduction of a National Employment Council to look into their welfare. They also decried the continued harassment of journalists at work and the repressive media laws which militate against freedom of expression and access to information. Prominent Mutare lawyer David Tandire said more had to be done to align media laws with the new Constitution. IMPI, which comprises different media employees and stakeholders, is chaired by veteran journalist and former Daily News Editor Geoffrey Nyarota.


The overall pass rate for November 2013 was
20,72 percent, a 2,32 percent increase from
November 2012 pass rate of 18,4 percent. Esau Nhandara, the Zimsec director said November
results had been dispatched to Zimsec regional
offices countrywide and thanked those who took
part in the marking as well as Zimsec staff for their
commitment and dedication to duty. He said female students had a percentage pass rate
of 18, 51 percent while their male counterparts
registered 27,41 percent, a difference of 8,9
percent. 2013 Pass Rate School Rank Order for Ordinary
Level Registered 5+ and passed 5 and above. Top 100 Position Centre Name
Candidature %Pass rate 1. Monte Cassino Secondary School
82 100 2. Anderson Secondary School
69 97, 1 3. Zimbabwe Republic Police
117 96, 58 4. John Tallach Secondary School
130 96, 15 5. Nyanga High School
100 96 6. St Ignatius College
74 95, 95 7. Nyazura Adventist School
149 94, 63 8. Regina Mundi Secondary School
144 93, 75 9. St Dominics (Chishawasha)
89 93, 26 10. Kriste Mambo Secondary School
104 92, 3 11. Moleli High School
117 92, 3 12. Langham Secondary School
88 92, 05 13. St Faith's Secondary School
124 91, 94 14. St Augustine's Penhalonga
136 91,91 15. Sandringham Secondary
194 89, 18 16. Chikwingwizha Secondary School
42 88, 1 17. Marist Brothers Secondary School
126 87, 3 18. St Davids Bonda Secondary School
196 86, 73 19. St Antony's High School
185 86, 49 20. Alpha College 42
85, 71 21. Ruya Adventist Secondary
107 85, 05 22. Serima Secondary
140 85 23. Hama Secondary School
88 84, 09 24. Goromonzi High School
191 83, 77 25. St Francis of Assisi High School
147 83, 67 26. St Francis Xavier's Kutama
157 83, 44 27. Howard High School
184 83, 15 28. Nyadire Secondary School
128 82, 81 29. Bernard Mizeki College
63 82, 54 30. Bradley Secondary School
139 82, 01 31 MT ST Mary's Secondary School
129 81.4 32 St Dominic's High School
260 81.15 33 ST Columba's High School
167 80.84 34 Gokomere High School
241 80.5 35 Marange High School
189 80.42 36 Marondera High School
166 79.52 37 Hartzell High School
174 79.31 38 Shungu High School
82 79.27 39 Sanyati Baptist Secondary School
151 78.81 40 Pamushana Secondary School
195 78.46 41 Mazowe High School
120 78.33 42 Waddilove High School
202 76.73 43 Lundi Secondary School
106 75.47 44 ST Anne's Goto Secondary School
98 74.49 45 Mandedza High School
133 74.44 46 Rusununguko High School
211 74.41 47 Mukaro High School
159 74.21 48 Nyahuni (Makunde) Secondary school
155 73.55 49 Chibi High School
184 72.83 50 ST Patrick's Secondary School
184 72.37 51 Nhowe Secondary School
130 72.31 52 Zimuto Secondary School
187 72.19 53 Dadaya Secondary School
150 72 54 ST Albert's Secondary School
133 71.43 55 Berejena Secondary School
103 70.87 56 Makumbe High School
113 70.8 57 Maranatha Adventist Secondary
School147 69.86 58 Hanke Adventist Secondary School
88 69.32 59 Mutendi high School
104 68.27 60 Daramombe Secondary School
153 67.97 61 ST Peters (Mbare Secondary School
78 67.95 62 ST Paul's Musami
177 67.8 63 Nyashanu Secondary School
152 67.76 64 David Livingstone Secondary School
104 67.31 65 All Souls High School
118 66.95 66 Emmanuel Secondary School
133 66.95 67 Murewa High School
266 66.92 68 Usher Secondary School
133 66.92 69 Green Gables High School
38 65.79 70 Minda Secondary School
97 64.95 71 ST Johns Secondary School
131 64.89 72 Presbyterian Secondary School
91 64.84 73 Silveira Secondary School
167 64.67 74 Nagle House
113 64.6 75 Queen Elizabeth School
175 62.86 76 Holy Cross Secondary School
102 62.75 77 ST KIlian's Secondary School
81 61.73 78 Adventist Secondary School
106 61.32 79 Mtshabezi Secondary School
198 61.11 80 Mutare Girls High School
143 60.84 81 ST Michaels' High School
108 58.97 82 Mt Selinda High School
156 58.97 83 St Benedict's Secondary School
95 58.95 84 St Joseph's
151 58.94 85 Makumbi High School
177 58.76 86 Kwenda Secondary School
152 58.55 87 Pakame Secondary School
130 58.46 88 Chindunduma No 2 Secondary
119 57.98 89 Loreto Secondary School
130 57.69 90 Msengezi High School
143 57.34 91 Thekwane High School
126 57.14 92 Chemhanza Secondary School
140 57.14 93 Mashoko Secondary School
104 56.73 94 Jameson High School
120 56.67 95 Ngezi Secondary
203 56.65 96 Inyathi Secondary
87 56.32 97 Lydia Chimonyo Secondary
116 56.03 98 St John's High School
61 55.74 99 Mucheke No 2 Ndarama School
229 55.46 100 St Mathias Tsonzo Secondary
150 55.33 O-level


MUTARE – Student unrest rocked Hartzell High School since Sunday evening with the militant pupils demanding the removal of their headmaster, Mr Shorwi Kawadza, from the school, accusing him of being insensitive to their welfare and education. So tense was the situation that it had to take the
intervention of the police in full riot gear to stop the
pupils from marching to Mutare on Monday
morning. The police, who were first called in on Sunday night
when the demonstration started, had to fire teargas
canisters to disperse the rampaging students who
had vandalised the girls’ hostels fence. When The Manica Post visited the school on
Monday, heavily armed police officers had just
intercepted the students at Mutare River and were
marching them back to the school. The police were back at the school on Tuesday
night as some students had ganged up to attack
one of the teachers’ houses. It only took the intervention of acting Manicaland
Education Provincial Director, Mr Andrew Chigumira,
to restore normalcy at the school as the responsible
authorities and different delegations from the
Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education had
failed to offer a solution to the unrest. The school authorities had resolved to hire four
buses to ferry form threes and fours back home,
but Mr Chigumira on Tuesday shot down the
suggestion, saying it was against the children’s
right to education. The students’ petition, which this paper has in its
possession, had 15 issues which they want
addressed. Among the issues raised was the decision by the
school to spend $3 800 on prefects orientation at a
local hotel, yet no maintenance like cutting of long
grass was done prior to the opening of the school. Mr Kawadza was also being accused of renovating
his office and personal toilet, while the
infrastructure at the school was suffering from
neglect. The students complained that the ablution facilities
in their halls of residence leave a lot to be desired
and to confirm their allegations a penchant smell
emanating from the toilet at the beit-hall engulfed
the whole area as students were being addressed
by United Methodist Church’s education secretary, Reverend Timire on Monday. The students also complained that their Science
studying counterparts were paying an extra $40
for laboratory chemicals, but they accessed the
laboratory less than three times last year. Mr Kawadza was also being accused of enrolling
less than 25 ex-Hartzell students for Lower Six. He
was also accused of using vulgar language while
addressing students, as well as being rude to
students’ parents. The students said the decision by the school
authorities to enroll just 45 A-Level students was
having a telling effect on sporting activities as the
school is no longer a force to reckon with in extra-
curriculum activities. In an interview on Wednesday, Mr Chigumira,
confirmed the unrest and said his investigators
were on the ground and was expecting a report
from them today (Friday). “The student said they no longer wanted the
services of the headmaster. I first dispatched my
team on Monday to solve the problem, but their
efforts failed to find a solution. I sent another team
on Tuesday, but it was a deadlock until I had to
drive there. “We were frank in our discussions and we resolved
that students should continue with their lessons
while investigations into the allegations being
leveled against the authorities continue. “We could not allow the school to send children
back home as a solution to the impasse because
their lessons should not be interrupted. It is true
that the school authorities had hired four buses to
take the children back home, but this should be the
last thing to do,” said Mr Chigumira. While addressing the students on Monday, Rev
Timire, tried in vain to have dialogue with them, as
they at times hackled him. At times they disrupted
his addresses by singing songs denouncing the
headmaster. “As the responsible authorities we promise to look
into the issues you have raised. We urge you to go
back to your classes while we look into your
grievances,” said Rev Timire. However, some authorities at the school are
accusing some teachers of inciting students to
revolt against the headmaster over the issue of
incentives as well as personality clashes. Manica Post


There was commotion in Mutare when a masked armed robber pumped four gunshots in a rank marshal's body. The incident took place last week at around 7pm at Fuserice Wholesale and Supermarket in Chikanga suburb where the armed robber stormed before ordering everyone to lie down. The unidentified gunman who is still at large was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle which he was hiding in his jacket
when he entered the supermarket. he was also putting on a mask. The Mutare-based rank marshal, Tandadzai Mazikana (43), who miraculously survived after the armed robber shot him four times thanked God for saving his life. "His gun was hidden in his fleece jacket, but he was wearing a mask which somehow caught my attention, but I just ignored it and continued walking out. Some seconds later, I heard him ordering everyone in the shop to lie down. That is when I immediately realised that he was a robber. On impulse, I was quick to size him up, and gathered the guts to take him on after realising that I was much stronger than him," said Mazikana. He said everyone else was so scared to fight the gun-wielding robber but the rank marshal sacrificed his own life for the benefit of the public. So brave was Mazikana that he fought with a robber believed to be a trained gunman with his bare hands and the masked man failed to accomplish his mission. "I quickly moved back into the supermarket and ambushed him. We wrestled down the stairs, tumbling outside the supermarket. That is when he was able to fire the first two shots which shot my left hand. I, however, maintained my grip on him and continued to fight trying to remove his mask. I called for help from others, but people were afraid after gun shots were fired. I then lost my grip while pinning him down and he managed to fire another shot which went through my ribs on the left side and another one that shot me on the left buttock," he said. Mazikana was latter admitted at Mutare provincial hospital where he got 29 stitches on his left hand, nine stitches on his left buttock and another nine on his left ribs. In total the strong man got 47 stitches. Unfortunately, before fighting with Mazikana, the robber had already looted cellphones and cash worth nearly US$1,000. he robbed Mr Hardlife Magureyi of GJ Investments of two mobile phones, $350 from their Eco-cash venture and $465 from the grocery shop’s cash register. "He came in our shop around 7pm wearing a woollen mask and a blue fleece jacket. We were six in the shop. He ordered everyone to lie down and fired a single warning shot. He fired another shot into the wall on the same spot, shouting out again for everyone to lie down on the floor. He demanded money from the grocery shop attendant and the Eco-cash attendant. As soon as he got the money he quickly ran out and threatened to shoot at anyone who dared follow him," said the GJ Investments shop owner. Upon robbing his first victim, the unidentified man then went to Fuserice Wholesale and Supermarket where he met Mazikana who tolerates no nonsense. It is reported that 13 people where in the shop including the rank marshal. "The robber fired two shots at the same spot into the wall. He also wrestled Mazikana reasonably well for a small guy he was, and still kept his firearm on him. I think he was a professional and much drilled in using fi****ms," added Mr Magureyi.


Have been busy but right now am free,would like to thank all the admin staff for keeping this page moving till this present day.wish you all happy 2014.Be blessed


We wish the the Zimbabwe national team all the best today in their CHAN clash with Morocco at 1700Hrs.


1day to go..

Yet another year is coming to an end, with all its memories, both happy and sad events. Some lost or gained weight, lost or gained new friends. Some bought new cars, houses, new clothes and shoes, new jobs to fill etc :) We saw the weather and seasons changing, but God never changed! 2013 may have not been a perfect year but it was another year where we saw God's hands when He says "never will I leave you nor forsake you.." Yes, the storms came, we experienced pain, disappointment, discouragement, heartbreaks, loss of loved ones but we are still alive and sustained by God and we know He walked with us through it all...

2014 is upon us, and we are looking at it with positive expectation despite all that has happened in 2013. When the Israelites were about to cross-over Moses assured them to say "the Egyptians you see today, you will see them no more.." in Exodus 14v13. Beloved, as you are about to "cross-over" as well, may you leave some things and some people to go with 2013 and make that conscious decision to go with QUALITY as opposed to QUANTITY. May you also understand that all you went through were merely lessons that are preparing you for greater things in 2014, learn to let go and let God!! What you saw and experienced in 2013 is done and dusted, we are crossing over to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living as we await with positive expectation (Psalm 27v13). Amen !!


Happy Xmas to all chikanga residents be blessed this xmas

Timeline photos 23/12/2013
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