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Herbalist My aim is to help those in need ,giving health tips and home remedies for those who believe in the power of herbs as I do .

[08/29/21]   Eventually I was told the herb that can treat cancer , you may want to know it .Jus like the page and I will send you a pic .

[08/23/21]   Did you know if you take fig tree leaves and sock them in hot water for a while then drink the water, it's a treatment for BP

[08/20/21]   It's now summer time, drink a lot of water my dear friends . Another easy way to drink a lot of water is to carry around a water bottle .

[08/20/21]   It's now summer time, drink a lot of water my dear friends . Another easy way to drink a lot of water is to carry around a water bottle .

[08/17/21]   A glass of warm water with lemon in the morning before any meal will help you to detox and lose weight.

[08/15/21]   Are you struggling with fungus between your toes? Contact me I have the remedy at a fare price.

[05/07/20]   love your neighbor as you love your self ,stop the spread of covid

[04/09/19]   Hello people! Instead of just planting roses in your garden consider planting herbal flowers and spices that can benefit your health.

[04/08/19]   Go back to your roots and start introducing wana njera,mhunga,derere,nhungumira,nyevhe\runi,mbowa\mowa,huku dzechibhoi,unprocessed honey, wild fruits to stay healthy ,civilization is gud but can also kill ,u say madhara ekare they were not civilized than this generation ,civilization is not technology but thinking right ,our ancestors knew what to eat but us hey it's a catastrophe ,we think having a Cook over pfuko maheu is forward ,sadza rewhite over mhunga it's also forward kkkk we are doomed let's get back to our root's maybe you can live long like ROBERT MUGABE only GOD willing !

[04/08/19]   Have 1 or 2 bushes of nhungumira\ blackjack that you maintain @ your home ,make it a point that you have it as your relish twice a week .This plant is not seasonal that's the added advantage ,it's a very good herb to boost your blood and regulates it all the same .

[04/07/19]   Don't just ask questions,but also promote the page by liking it or sponsoring my researches because a lot of people has been helped,it also help me to reach you more .Thank you!

[03/31/19]   Take a glass of warm water with lemon early every morning before you eat anything ,this will help you to cleanse your system especially fat then start having meals after at least 2 hrs later ,you will also notice that your bowel movement will also improve if you were experiencing challenges and also if you have acids ,try it !

[02/03/18]   Hello guys it's been long happy new year to you all

[10/24/17]   Go green and your health will stay green too. ...

[09/20/17]   Prevention is better than cure ,why can't you introduce some herbs in your diet today and live healthier tomorrow.

[09/19/17]   ALLERGY

Carrot juice, combined with beetroot and cucumber juice, is an effective home remedy for treating allergies.

[08/29/17]   The roots of a papaya tree can relieve toothache if massaged onto your tooth or gums

[11/30/16]   Ask me ,if you are looking for any herb to help get rid of a curtain disease .


0ne apple a day keeps the doctor away .

[11/28/16]   I crazy way to get rid of strees:
Lock your self in a room and cry a lot ,then ask your self y u are crying ,u will lough to your self until u are feeling real good trust me it rilly helps.

[11/24/16]   Drink 2L of water every day n stay healthy .


STIFLE HICCUPS:Swalloow 1 to 2 teaspons of sugar.The dry granules stimulates and reset the irritated nerve that is causing the spasms of the diaphragm .Any coarse substance ,such as salt can work in a pinch,but sugar tastes best .

[09/13/16]   Is w**d a good herb or not,support your answer with a reason .

[09/12/16]   Did u know eating unprocessed honey can help u to manage ur asthma,if u a having an asthma attack and u have forgotten to carry ur inhaler with u , u can u honey instead ,dis hw u do it : pore some honey on one side of a piece of clothe cover ur nose and inhale from the opposite side to avoid anything to enter ur nose as u wll be inhaling

[09/12/16]   Did u know w**d can cure coughing problems as well as relief pain n stress


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