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How are you good people. It's a great honor as Munyarari Primary School to be recognized by Mwana Trust through Fish Project.

Below is a photo for Fish pond which will going to change Munyarari Primary School for good. We ran short of words to thank Mwana Trust with.
Rev Adam Mutemachani
(Munyarari Mission Station Chair)
Have you been subjected to or witnessed any form violence and/or any injustice against children? If yes, contact any of the following

Childline ZimbabweChristian Counselling CentreMwanasikana WanhasiShamwariYemwanasikanaFemale Student Network TrustMwana TrustGirls and Women Empowerment Network - GWENSally NcubeMadrine ChikuMinistry of Health and Child CareSave the Children in Zimbabwe
@10: Celebrating a decade of Networking @ Championing Early Childhood Development.

10 reasons to celebrate Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors anniversary is Bongani Mhute ZINECDA Member who congratulated the network for its role in influencing policies, programs and practices related to ECD through policy advocacy, generation of new knowledge, building capacity of members, policy makers and sharing experiences.

Patrick Makokoro
Education Coalition of Zimbabwe - ecozi
Child Protection Society
Municipal Development Partnership for Eastern and Southern Africa
CAMFED - Campaign for Female Education
Mwana Trust
We can't wait to hear how Mwana Trust is planning to celebrate International Day of Peace. Keep your eyes on our social media and we'll share more details from them soon!
💉 Measles vaccinations in Zimbabwe 💉

Our thoughts are with our partner, Mwana Trust, in Zimbabwe as a measles outbreak has killed 700 children since it was first reported in the Manicaland province - where Mwana Trust works - in April.

The outbreak hasn't affected school opening, but the Government is initiating a mass vaccination drive to capture those children aged between 6 months and 15 years who are unvaccinated. Mwana Trust estimates around 25% of the 300 children they work with are currently unvaccinated, so we hope they'll be covered by the ongoing vaccination drive.

We send our best wishes to all families affected by this outbreak and to Mwana Trust's brilliant team as they overcome this latest unexpected difficulty.
The Africa Asia Youth Foundation DSG Ms Yvonne On Self Development moderated the Masvingo Provincial Business Breakfast on Wednesday 31st August. We are delighted to share that AAYFO is a part of the upcoming Masvingo Business Expo representing and ensuring and participation in the planning, organising and implementation of the Business Expo. The participation of Youth was already evident with young people dotted all around the room including youth with disabilities among other stakeholders. Congratulations Masvingo Province.
Yet Trust Simukaupenye Integrated Youth Academy USAID Zimbabwe Tariro Youth Development Trust Youth Aspire Development Trust ShamwariYemwanasikana Mwana Trust Masvingo Airshow The Masvingo Mirror Times of Africa
We hope you've all enjoyed a fun weekend! We're starting this week with a YouTube interview with Shamiso, the Director of our Zimbabwean partner Mwana Trust. Tune in to find out more about the work and the organisation's background!

Many hands make light work!

Last week, the Mwana Trust team visited Munyarari Primary School in Zimbabwe to distribute food parcels to some of the families they support. With plenty of children on hand to help unload the truck, the parcels were ready in next to no time!
Country focus: Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

In this week's Country Focus, we're turning our attentions to Zimbabwe where our partner is the fabulous Mwana Trust!


Location: Mutare District, Manicaland Province
Project: Education For All


Summary: We have a long-standing partnership with Mwana Trust whose focus is on education, child protection and the provision of psychosocial care to children who have often been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Zimbabwe has the 6th highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world which has led to many children being orphaned. In these cases, they often move in with elderly grandparents or even live by themselves as a "child headed family".

Mwana Trust is on hand to pay over 300 children's school fees, provide educational materials, distribute food parcels to the neediest families and even to provide psychological care and counselling from their teams of trained volunteers.


In 2021, Mwana Trust provided rechargeable solar lights to each of the families they work with, so children can complete their homework without relying on expensive and unhealthy kerosene lamps, candles or open fires 💡 As well as helping to support their ongoing activities in 2022, we are also seeking funding to help them build a library hub at Rowa Primary School 📚

Your ongoing support means 300 children are able to regularly attend school. In the words of Sophia:

"I would never have been able to write my examinations if it had not been for the kind educational support that I received from Mwana Trust. My Grandmother was thinking of withdrawing us from school when Mwana Trust saved the day!"
Before Zimbabwean schools broke up for their 3-week Easter holidays last week, Mwana Trust provided food parcels so some of the neediest children they support, who live with elderly guardians, have plenty of food to last for their break. Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a drought with food shortages becoming increasingly common, so these packages will make a huge difference to families.

Your donations ensure initiatives like these are possible, so thank you for your ongoing support of African Children's Fund.
📚 Lockdown Learning 📚

In Zimbabwe, an extended post-Christmas lockdown meant schools were closed to combat rising Covid infections. Despite the school closures, Mwana Trust's Program Officer, Desmond, spent time with children's parents & guardians to discuss the "Role of Parents/Guardians as Advocates for their Children's Education".

Desmond reiterated:
✅ Parents are vital partners in education.
✅ They influence their children's attitudes about learning, and support learning at home.
✅ They are a vital link between home and school.
✅ When parents & guardians become involved in the life of the school, they make schools better places to learn, grow and thrive thereby producing a better and learned child in a community.

This , choose to make a difference in the lives of young people. Partner with us by adopting our high impact models and change the life of a young person! Find out how on or email us on [email protected] Mwana Trust LIFE Empowerment Support Organisation Aspire Youth Youth Aspire Development Trust National Association of Youth Organisations - NAYO Zimbabwe Don Bosco Delft Skills Training Centre New Hope Waves - Zambia Youth sexual health YES - Youth Empowerment Society Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust
We talk a lot about the educational importance of children going to school. Yet school offers children a lot more than 'just' learning to read and write. School also helps children develop creativity through play, music, art, drama and so much more. We love this photograph of musical instruments in a Zimbabwean primary school, shared with us by Mwana Trust, showing the instruments they use to nurture creativity 🎶
"I became aware of Mwanasikana Wanhasi in January 2020,when it was hosting various whatsaap debate sessions were young people would debate on sensitive and complex issues affecting young people today as far as girls and young women are concerned. These conversations grew stretching through 2020 and on 4 September 2020 I heard of the news that Mwanasikana Wanhasi has became legally registered. I was so overwhelmed because I saw the movement emerging"___________

Tafadzwa Nyengera(Msc Social Work)

Zimbabwe Gender Commission Ambassade de France au Zimbabwe SAfAIDS UNFPA Urgent Action Fund Embassy of the Netherlands in Zimbabwe UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Mwanasikana Ruru Mwana Trust
Today we are shining a light on Section 81: Rights of Children in the Constitution.

All children have rights awarded to them in Section 81 of the Constitution.

Children are ALL equal in the eyes of the law. They have the right to a name, surname and prompt birth certificate.

Any child who is not receiving parental care has the right to receive adequate care from the State.

Children have the right to Education, Healthcare, Nutrition and Shelter.

Every child has the right to be protected from any form of maltreatment and abuse this includes economic and sexual exploitation, child labour and abuse.

Children can not be forced to participate in any political activities, this includes entertainment at rallies and other political gatherings.

The courts should adequately protect children and keep their best interests at the forefront.

Mwana Trust
Patsaka Trust
Yellow Bus Trust Zimbabwe
Preshyvalsh Hope Foundation
Congratulations to the team at Mwana Trust whose wonderful 'Let There Be Light' solar lights distribution project is supporting children doing school work at home during lockdown and beyond 💡

They've also had some great local press coverage outlining the project further:

Mwana Trust is a faith-based and non-profit organisation which works towards empowering and promotin

Boy (10) drowns in septic tank 03/02/2023

Boy (10) drowns in septic tank

What a traumatic live event! MHSRIP..

Boy (10) drowns in septic tank Hot News From The East


📚 New Library Hub at Rowa Primary School 📚

Thanks to a very generous grant from the EA Foundation , we are excited to confirm the imminent construction of a brand new Library Hub at Rowa Primary School in Zimbabwe in conjunction with our in-country partner, Mwana Trust.

Rowa Primary School is located in a rural village in the Mutare region. The school currently has no library and limited computer facilities, and as is seen in much of rural Zimbabwe, there is simply no culture of reading.

The school’s students are excited by the prospect of a Library Hub.
🗣️ 8-year-old Charity has “never seen or used a library”.
🗣️10-year-old Mavis says, “If we can borrow books and read at home, we will be able to access the world outside our villages.”
🗣️ Her classmate Mollen believes the library's internet access will “open doors to a world of information and knowledge, with opportunities of learning beyond the classroom.”

Our sincere thanks to the EA Foundation for their support of this collaborative partnership, and we are looking forward to sharing updates throughout the coming months as the project progresses.

In the meantime, read more here 👇

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 30/01/2023

Mwana Trust was privileged to attend a Civic Capacitation Workshop on Natural Resources Governance from 26-27 January at Enopat Hotel in Mutare. Nango Eastern RegionSimukai Child Protection Programme UNICEF Zimbabwe Peacebuilding and Capacity Development Foundation Peacebuilding and Capacity Development Foundation African Children's Fund Mark Schonbach Mwanasikana WanhasiUnited Nations Development Programme - UNDP Green Governance

Mwana Trust_Singing Orphans.wmv 24/01/2023

Mwana Trust_Singing Orphans.wmv African Children's Fund EA Foundation.Org NANGO

Mwana Trust_Singing Orphans.wmv


Uniform donated by one of our local partners! African Children's FundEA Foundation.OrgHenry Chitsenga-The PhilanthropistNhaka Foundation

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 19/01/2023

Our officer sorting out the donated school uniforms by some of our local partners. Thank you Mr Makore! EA Foundation.OrgAfrican Children's FundHenry Chitsenga-The PhilanthropistPlan International ZimbabweNANGOUNICEF Zimbabwe


Our officer sorting out donated school uniforms by one of our local partners, Thank you Mr Makore! EA Foundation.OrgAfrican Children's FundNANGOPlan International ZimbabweUNICEF ZimbabweHenry Chitsenga-The Philanthropist

Situation of Children 16/01/2023

Situation of Children

Situation of Children Of the 13 million people in Zimbabwe, 48% are children


NEW YEAR ~ NEW PROJECT: CONSTRUCTION OF LIBRARY IN A BOX AT ROWA PRIMARY SCHOOL TO COMMENCE SOON!!😄Thank you our partners!! Plan International ZimbabweAfrican Self-help Assistance Programme - ASAP, ZimbabweNANGOAfrican Children's FundEA Foundation.Org

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 05/12/2022

Today Mwana Trust had the opportunity of meeting with other CSOs and community stakeholders at the Annual General Meeting NANGO Zimbabwe Eastern Region. What a fruitful experience this was, we look forward to what the year 2023 holds. African Children's Fund Nango Eastern Region NANGO

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 09/11/2022

Yesterday, Mwana Trust Director attended this important meeting with the European Union delegation participating in the CSO engagement and contributing to the strengthening of the voice of Civil Society Organizations in the Eastern Region. Here are some moments captured!
Embassy of the Netherlands in Zimbabwe
Embassy of Sweden in Harare Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands Australian Embassy, Zimbabwe German Embassy Harare EU Delegation to EU Delegation to Zimbabwe
The Czech Republic Embassy.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 03/11/2022

As we wrap up the year, we have much to celebrate. One of the most notable highlights of our year is always reflecting on the impact of the work we do. We shine a light on a pupil, Mary, who has proven that what we do is not in vain. When we adopted her into the Mwana Trust Family, she was not going to school and when given the opportunity she is doing so well we couldn’t help but share this encouraging stride! Mary lost her father and lives with her mother who survives by selling firewood in her community. Well done girl 👏🏽! we can’t wait to see what this 3rd term will look like. Plan International ZimbabweAfrican Children's FundHenry ChitsengaHOPE FOR KIDSUNICEF Zimbabwe

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 03/11/2022

Our Rowa Primary visit! Oh our hearts smiled, we just love seeing children getting their education on! we caught them at their break time and were delighted to see how they interact with each other and of course we had to get a classroom peak too!😁 This was part of our clothing distribution morning trip. African Children's Fund Plan International Zimbabwe Henry Chitsenga UNICEF Zimbabwe Nango Eastern Region Zimbabwe Aids Network Zncwc Childrights Zncwc Zncwc Hivos Mwanasikana Wanhasi Bongai Mwanesa MeetGreen®

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 03/11/2022

Pictured is Vanessa, aged 11, a grade 6 pupil at one of our beneficiary schools, Rowa Primary narrates her ordeal. On Sunday the 31st October she watched her home burn to the ground after it was set ablaze. The fire broke out after a family argument arose and in retaliation an unnamed suspect set the hut 🛖 on fire . When they realized it was on fire, they managed to escape with just a few clothes and all else was left to burn. Her and her siblings Tanatswa in grade 3, Mazvita grade 1. All their books and school uniforms could not be saved from the destruction. Mwana Trust and it’s well wishers managed to gather bedding, children’s clothing and and a few pots to help this family. We celebrate the fact that no lives were lost. The family is still in need of more clothes, kitchen utensils and bedding as they plan to restart their lives. UN Women ShamwariYemwanasikana Musasa Project African Children's Fund Zimbabwe Cares Network Hazel Selina Pfugari Nyanyiwa


Mwana Trust Board, Management and staff sends heartfelt condolences to the families and Tynwald High School that lost these precious young lives. We wish them peace, comfort and courage during this difficult time. As an organization that works with children and youths we mourn the heartbreaking loss of these bright futures.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 12/10/2022

Mwana Trust in partnership with DEMCO Trust ,HOPE for KIDS, Africa AHEAD-Zimbabwe in commemorating Africa day of girl child under the theme "Regai dzive shiri zai harina muto" at Mutare Girls High School.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 12/10/2022

Photos from Mwana Trust's post


As we join the rest of the world in celebrating we can’t help but reflect on the importance of making room for them in every way possible. Let’s join hands in making this possible !


Exam time for the Grade 7s!!


We join hands with African Children's Fund in commemorating World Porridge Day on October 10,2022. Join us too!

🥣 Time for Porridge! 🥣

Kenyan school children are back at school after last week's half term break, and our partner, Watoto Kwanza Kenya, has spent a couple of days visiting some of the Porridge Club schools.

In this photo, one of the cooks at Kiama Primary School is preparing the daily porridge. As you can see, it has a much runnier consistency than porridge we are used to in the UK but the children enjoy it, and in a current chilly spell, it keeps them warm too.

Why not host your own fundraising Porridge Breakfast to celebrate World Porridge Day a couple of weeks from now? More below 👇


We are here to report back on our International Peace Day Celebrations as promised and oh boy did we have some fun. It has been exactly a week since these celebrations took place and below is an album of some of the highlights. Our afternoon of celebration took place at a local high school, Rock of Ages with full staff support and we could not be more grateful for the great work we managed to pull off because of this partnership. We laughed, sang and got deep into issues surrounding becoming peace champions inwardly and outwardly. Special thanks goes to our Director at Mwana Trust, for her hunger to constantly innovate and challenge, her team for rising to the occasion, Rock of Ages School administration and of course the children themselves who showed up and showed out in each activity. We had a peace discussion, peace quiz, peace art competition and the unforgettable speech and singing presentations. THANK YOU! TINOTENDA! SIYABONGA! Together we are so much better. we thank you for the partnership.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 28/09/2022

Photos from Mwana Trust's post


Good basic reading skills enhances the child's vocabulary!


Today we are so excited to be celebrating International Day Of Peace with the world! We have an event lined up at a local school and we simply cannot wait to show you how we commemorate.
Help us celebrate by sharing and liking our post💃🏽🤩


Thank you African Children's Fund for shining a light on this important and pivotal conversation that is happening right now in Zimbabwe. The reports show that this outbreak started in Manicaland where our organization does it’s work with children. The interests of the children are on our heart. The most notable challenge so far is the resistance by communities to the vaccination of children because of religious beliefs. This is apart of the calling for a “red alert” for child health as apart of the 25 million children who have missed vaccination against common childhood diseases as declared by UNICEF 2022.

💉 Measles vaccinations in Zimbabwe 💉

Our thoughts are with our partner, Mwana Trust, in Zimbabwe as a measles outbreak has killed 700 children since it was first reported in the Manicaland province - where Mwana Trust works - in April.

The outbreak hasn't affected school opening, but the Government is initiating a mass vaccination drive to capture those children aged between 6 months and 15 years who are unvaccinated. Mwana Trust estimates around 25% of the 300 children they work with are currently unvaccinated, so we hope they'll be covered by the ongoing vaccination drive.

We send our best wishes to all families affected by this outbreak and to Mwana Trust's brilliant team as they overcome this latest unexpected difficulty.


We are so excited to welcome September. A month that will be bustling with activity as schools open soon and we are getting ready to roll out interesting activities! We can’t wait for what September has in store for us. What are you looking forward to in this month?


Monday is the start to a brand new week and boy are we glad that we have an opportunity to try again! Happy New Week from us at Mwana Trust! Go ahead and try again.


That’s our madam Director! Thank you Wanhasi for shining a light on the tremendous work she does! Our woman crush everyday!

Our Woman Crush Wednesday❤️

Meet Shamiso Matabuka-Mangongo ,Director for Mwana Trust located in Mutare, Zimbabwe. We value her hard work, commitment, and care for children in Zimbabwe.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 12/08/2022

Snippets of some shared moments between Mwana Trust and Musha Care Foundation as new partners. It kicked off with a school and home visit to share experiences, expertise and projects. Our new partner also shares the same beliefs and ideals for effective collaborations and programming for a world safe for children. What a time we had. We look forward to many more strides together.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 28/07/2022

Today is Throwback Thursday and we are throwing it back all the way to two weeks ago when we had our first meeting as Mwana Trust- MasterPeace club! Boy did we have fun! We themed this meeting BACK2BASICS and we even got an slot on the official website! Read all about it here
It’s definitely worth a read!

Mwana Trust updated their business hours. 19/07/2022

Mwana Trust updated their business hours.

Mwana Trust updated their business hours.

Mwana Trust updated their phone number. 19/07/2022

Mwana Trust updated their phone number.

Mwana Trust updated their phone number.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 11/07/2022

Community care workers are pivotal to the work we do in communities because they strengthen community based supportive supervision. Their support and work help us come up with interventions, build community trust and observe to provide feedback.
Pictured here is one of our community child workers giving Monday updates to the Programs officer.
He was also receiving a pair of school shoes and a set of uniform for Allan a child in Gombakomba area whom he identified as needing assistance from the organization.
Thankful for the work community care workers engage in. They are the hands, feet and eyes where we cannot always be present.


Please share this message with your community members!

Rural girls using cow dung as sanitary pads: Zimcodd - NewsDay Zimbabwe 24/06/2022

Rural girls using cow dung as sanitary pads: Zimcodd - NewsDay Zimbabwe

Period poverty is so imminent in our Zimbabwean society. It is not by choice that girls menstruate but they bear the burden of having their health compromised. Here’s an article to read and to think on and be a part of the change

Rural girls using cow dung as sanitary pads: Zimcodd - NewsDay Zimbabwe According to a Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (Zimcodd) report, most rural girls were now improvising because the cost of sanitary wear has skyrocketed beyond their reach.

Photos from Mwana Trust's post 24/06/2022

As the week wraps up, we put final touches and we say hello to rest. One last meeting before the weekend is just what the doctor ordered for our staff! How are you ending your week community? Any highlights?


For all children - I dream of a world where you can laugh, dance, sing, read, live in peace and be happy - Malala Yousafzai

Today let’s celebrate the lives of Africa’s future - the children who bring hope and pure smiles.

Our mission is to eliminate harmful practices that our children fall as a victims to.


Exclusive Interview: Mwana Trust - Shamiso Matabuka-Mangongo 08/06/2022

Exclusive Interview: Mwana Trust - Shamiso Matabuka-Mangongo

It’s Wednesday and on Wednesdays we crush on women doing things! Check out our Woman Crush Everyday the director at Mwana Trust and get a feel of what she is all about and her mission with the organization! Do share and comment 😊

Exclusive Interview: Mwana Trust - Shamiso Matabuka-Mangongo


Mwana Trust wishes you a happy Africa Day!

Our Impact

Since 2009, our interventions has reached over 15 000 children. Mwana Trust ensures that the most vulnerable children have protection, are able to access services and be part of decisions affecting their lives. We have achieved this through partnership with communities, individuals, like-minded CSOs and CBOs and government of Zimbabwe


Mwana Trust has contributed immensely to the reduction of new cases of HIV and STIs, improving nutritional status of OVCs and increased access to equitable quality education for OVCs through education scholarship funding and scholastic support

Strengthened the capacity of communities to support vulnerable families and children.

Videos (show all)

Mwana Trust wishes you a happy Africa Day!
Let’s break the bias ⚡️Happy International Women’s Day 💙💚💜 UNICEF UN Women
So proud of our boys 💛
Let there be light ! Appreciation from one of the beneficiaries at Zimunya Primary SchoolNANGOSimukai Child Protection P...
Let there be light ! One of the students expressing her gratitude towards the donationation of Solar Lights at Zimunya P...
Let there be light . One of the beneficiaries at Chitakatira Primary School giving thanks after receiving the solar ligh...
Knowledge is Power
Mt. Dangare Primary School




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