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Are we ready for another bar or bottle store?? Watch this space #ClubNyamatsanga #Smoko #MagumbeBottleStore

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Basking in the Social media light

I believe to build a business empire, own an opinion (not a marketing budget)
The internet is home to some of my biggest haters.

Others think I am a genius.

While my cynics and fans aimlessly scroll through Twitter on a typical day, l jump on the cyber stage for fun just to share yet another strong opinion:

Haters gonna hate. But likes and retweets from raving fans start pouring in almost instantly.

My blog just go show you the Zimbabwean politics: polarised and toxic!!

My blog posts, Facebook posts and tweets may contain strong opinions which may leave you with mixed feelings. Just read on and be free to leave your comments.

Some readers may find my style depressing or see me as an outspoken champion of brutally honest commentary ...l still love you all!!

I won’t stop calling people out on their wrongdoings especially the so-called opposition political parties.

Continue reading my blog:

Facebook: https://
Twitter handle:

Disclaimer: Opinions on all platforms do are my personal view and does not in anyway reflect Demor Consulting Services PBC political leanings

Chigodora news. Com 29/06/2021

Chigodora news. Com

The people who would like to keep in touch on WhatsApp. is the link Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Chigodora news. Com WhatsApp Group Invite

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo: Malaba's Saga and functions of a functioning government 19/05/2021

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo: Malaba's Saga and functions of a functioning government

The Chief Justice Malaba Story is not only about the independence of the is about the independence of the Executive and the Legislature too

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo: Malaba's Saga and functions of a functioning government enable_page_level_ads: trueblob: }); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-4786430280078970", enable_page_level_ads: true });

EDMORE MBUZANA MLAMBO: The Chimurenga counter-revolutionaries: 09/03/2021

EDMORE MBUZANA MLAMBO: The Chimurenga counter-revolutionaries:

This Chimurenga bus can not carry counter-revolutionaries

EDMORE MBUZANA MLAMBO: The Chimurenga counter-revolutionaries: enable_page_level_ads: trueblob: }); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-4786430280078970", enable_page_level_ads: true });


Club Nyamatsanga



For Bookings
Call/app 0773037230 0776210788
or email us @
[email protected]

location: Chitakatira, Mutero B/centre

🏠 Chidhuku Ground Area(Home)

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Welcome to Nyamatsanga Bottle Store...l wish to thank all our valued customers for your support during the COVID19 lockdown.. together we'll conquer the disease #ShareWithPride #staysafe #stayhome 25/03/2020

Why we should stop comparing the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to the 1918 Spanish flu The Spanish flu killed tens of millions of people. Here’s what it can and can’t tell us about Covid-19. 07/01/2020

Two years ago, Liverpool were fragile. Their transformation into serial winners is remarkable

Liverpool FC story is incredible. It is a story you will have to tell again and again #YNWA For much of the decade, they lacked the mentality to grind out wins when it mattered most. Under Klopp, it has become their calling card...


Amunawooooo imiweeeee gore raite end. Ndingode kumutendai ndechoti thank you very much kunemwi mose aive mabuddies angu mugore ra2019. Amweni enyu ainditumire tsamba dze-whatsapp. Dzimweni dzacho dzakaite help mould my character, dzimweni dzakaite restore hunhu hwangu. Zhinji zhinji ndakasekeswa ndidzo. Amweni enyu aindibatire maprayers amweni enyu echondi provider ngemadaily needs angu. Ndakava ngemasad moments ngemajoyous ones as well zvekuti ndichikuto surpriswa kuti year yaite end. Dai ndiine farm rine mombe, iiiii mombe dzacho dzaisva dzafamba ngemawheel chair imwi ndakuitirei cook mazondo acho. Asi pane pamusazi kunyatso perfecter baa. Machristmas presents enyu haazi kusvikaba. Kana makaite send itai ignore asi kana musati chitoitai ngekukasikira kuitire queue ngekuti mwakati wandei anhu acho angondida. Ngatiraramisweyi ngefaith Merry Xmas and a happy New year..... stay blessed!!


We would like to welcome Lucia Makiwa at Nyamatsanga Bottle Store. She is the new barperson. #ClubNyamatsanga 05/11/2019


Hello I just signed up to ZIMBOCASH. It is a new digital money platform go to
Check it out and comment below Go to Home Page Join ZIMBOCASH ZIMBOCASH is a decentralised currency. We are creating a system where the money supply is fixed. To learn more, go to our home page. To sign up, fill in your details below. No Zim cell number? click here Zim cell number (07#) This is the 6 digit referral code sent to y...


Alick Macheso

Rudo rwangu naPetunia, rwabva rwakutorai moyo hehee varumeee.
Ndini ndoga ndine tsananguro yezvandasangana nazvo nekuda kwaPetunia....aahaha
Tifambe nayo here Petunia iyoyo maboss?
#Bandrevanhu #LeChampion
#EsteemHoldings #NyusareSungura


Fantan Dweet

Imbomirai timboitawo!!!

Today was a good day for MANGOMA Depot family BAZOOKER AND ENZO ISHALL ON ONE STAGE, with a wicked performance... tag every Bazooker fan and tag every Enzo ishall fan.


We still believe that there is a peak to the price of beer. Something has to give #Beer #Prices #Bartalk


Kuti zvizipe na Ba Sharo #Extrabasso

Mufana wangu Jaja mamuona here?
Orchestra Mberikwazvo Back to back with Jah Prayzah and Third Generation kuti magitare azipe.
#BandreVanhu #ZimMusic


Delta beverages is now selling clear beer in Zimbabwean bond notes. The price of clear beer has miraculous crashed down. We had stopped stocking clear beer because we could not buy it using foreign currency. #ZveduZvaita


Alick Macheso

Thank you all.
Ndo livhuwa
Ro livhuwa
Ndo livhuwa nga maanda


Happy birthday Baba Sharo #Maboss #Extrabasso #AlickMacheso

Kwakatanga nekutendwa kubva zuva rakaberekwa
Sezvo taisaitaura asi takatenda nekuchema
Kududzira tave munyika idzva nyika yavararami hweee X2

Kubuda kwaro ndinoiwana nguva ini
Inguva yekutenda baba hundeee x2

Parinovira ndinoiwana nguva ini
Inguva yekutenda amai vangu muzvaree
Kuvira kwaro ndinoiwana nguva ini
Inguva yekutenda amai vangu muzvaree

Ndinoziva hakusi kugona kwangu ini
Tinoziva hakusi kugona kwedu isu
Unoziva hakusi kungwara kwako iwe
Tinoziva hakusi kungwara kwedu kuraramawooo
Nenyasha dzedengaaaa!..................tifambe nayo?

Today is my birthday and I feel I owe the world a lot. There is no Alick Macheso without the fan base and there is no Orchestra Mberikwazvo without your support. Thank you Zimbabwe and the world for believing in this Shamva dream. What started as a far-fetched and unrealistic musical sojourner has blossomed into a life changing undertaking and for that I am grateful. I have surely seen it all. The highs and lows, the much needed leverage as well as the undeserved backbiting and disloyalty but God has carried me through. What doesn't kill you make you stronger and through every life experience I have learnt to count my blessings. We are blessed for others and I will continue to spare a thought for the less privileged for as long as I live. I am grateful for life, the blessing of family and friends as well as the humbling support I continue to enjoy in my chosen career path. Zvinoda kutendwa nekuti ndeZvaShe. Zvido Zvenyu kunyanya maboss, mapatrao. Zikomo.


I would like to thank all our customers who has supported us during these trying times. We will continue to supply our customers with affordable goods. #ClubNyamatsanga #BrandMbuzana #EveryoneIsAFriend


Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo T/A EMMIN Consult

Have a great weekend and be good !


Happy Holiday
Happy Independence Day
to all true Zimbabweans


My first profile picture on #facebook on the 8th of April 8 years ago. l have polished it here on #instagram #BrandMbuzana #ClubNyamatsanga #EveryoneIsAFriend #bartalks #barman


Alick Macheso

MaBoss baba vaSharo muridzi wenyaya

Timbodzora ndangariro maboss.
Mberikwazvo yaMberikwazvo.
Franco Slomo, Lucky Mumiriki "Mayor" tose ipapo.
Let's meet this weekend kumafaro.
Friday 15 March, Pagomba Cafe Beitbridge
Saturday 16 Club Lagoon formerly Ritz Masvingo


Just a reminder to the uninformed. It is a weekend. Relax


A lot of people talk about fear when they ’re starting something new…

I get it. I’ve been in business for a long time
and I still feel it whenever I’m getting
ready to try something new.

And it makes sense when you think about it...

Fear is something we have in our biology…
it kept us alive back when there was
literal life-threatening danger around
every corner.

But when your fear is holding you back from doing something big, you have to find a way past it.

For you, I have some interesting streetwise and practical tips to override your fears. Get on my free coaching mail list.


I was in Darwendale near Norton. Nice place #VisitZimbabwe #mycountry #Zimbabwe #twimbos #1980sofarsogood


The awesome view from the top of the Nyanga Mountains range #VisitZimbabwe #mycountry #Zimbabwe #twimbos #1980sofarsogood #OurFlag


We are a family at Nyamatsanga Bottle Store #ClubNyamatsanga 14/02/2019

EDMORE MBUZANA MLAMBO: February's Tale of Two Fools

The Sanction story of February. It is a tale of two very different fools #FebruaryIsAFoolsMonth (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-4786430280078970", enable_page_level_ads: true });


Edward and me at #ClubNyamatsanga #BrandMbuzana


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Club Nyamatsanga ... when the going gets tough the tough gets going.....kana njuga yorema tamba wakatsika banga #Ndinind...


Beer and other beverages



P.O.Box 630
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