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ZNFPC Mt Darwin Youth Friendly Centre

Leading provider of youth friendly integrated family planning (FP) and adolescent sexual and reprodu

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Drug and substance abuse: a threat to vision 2030,every community's responsibility.

We joined Ministry of Youth, Sport, Art and Recreation and other government departments and stakeholders in conducting an Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Campaign in Mt Darwin District. Drug and substance abuse continues to destroy millions of lives worldwide and a lot of developmental potential is being lost due to the increased misuse of substances like crystal m**h, w**d, over-the-counter medication, alcohol, to mention a few. Drug and substance abuse is also implicated in most of the challenges affecting young people today including s*xual and gender based violence, transmission of STIs and HIV and teenage pregnancies

It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure we safeguard the future of young people by doing all we can to reduce and eliminate drug and substance misuse in our communities.
Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council Zimbabwe Youth Council Young People's Network On SRHR, HIV & AIDS UNFPA National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Develop

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Menstrual Hygiene Day:
Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030
Today, millions of women and girls* around the world are stigmatised, excluded and discriminated against simply because they menstruate.

It’s not acceptable that because of a natural bodily function women and girls continue to be prevented from getting an education, earning an income and fully and equally participating in everyday life.

Menstrual Hygiene Day: 28 May 2022


What is obstetric fistula???

10 reasons to love condoms | IPPF 13/02/2022

Condoms sometimes get bad press, but when their use is based around increasing pleasure rather than just preventing pregnancy, people can find they actively enjoy using them.

At IPPF, we know that pleasure is key to great s*x. To celebrate a pleasure-based s*x approach for this year’s International Condom Day (on 13 February annually, right before Valentine’s Day), IPPF’s Chief Medical Advisor Nathalie Kapp shares ten reasons to love condoms in 2022:

1. They’re the only m**hod to protect against both pregnancy and STIs (including HIV).

2. They can protect the vaginal PH, helping protect from other infections such as BV and yeast infections.

3. They provide a high degree of protection against unintended pregnancy, when used correctly and consistently.

4. Contrary to myth, they can actually increase the pleasure of s*x (e.g. ribbed, dotted, flavoured), and they can help erections last longer.


10 reasons to love condoms | IPPF At IPPF, we know that pleasure is key to great s*x. To celebrate a pleasure-based s*x approach for this year’s International Condom Day we share ten reasons to love condoms.


The festive season is upon us once again and as we celebrate and commemorate this special time let us not get carried away or put our lives and health at risk.

s*xually transmitted infections are real and spreading like wildfire, let's protect ourselves.

COVID-19 is still with us, let us be vigilant and protect our families and ourselves

Let us be safe on the roads, drive to arrive

Temporary pleasure can have a permanent impact on our health and on our lives. Every choice we make matters

Your health is your responsibility
Stay safe
Wise up

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The Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Curriculum is a simple age-appropriate and scientifically relevant guide to ASRH information dissemination that focuses on three important issues young people face:

• Recognizing the importance of adhering to their own values;
• Learning more about how their bodies function and dealing with s*xual and reproductive changes,
feelings and behaviours; and
• Thinking about and planning for their future.

Teaching CSE to young people allows them to explore who they are now, where they are heading, who they
hope to become and how to get to where they want to be.

Comprehensive Sexual Education provides many activities that facilitators can use to help young people to:
• Gain information about themselves and their s*xuality; how to prevent pregnancy and avoid s*xually
transmitted infections and HIV, and to learn more about preparing for the world of work;
• Look at their attitudes and feelings about growing up, gender roles, risk taking, s*xual behaviour and
relationships; and
• Practice making decisions, setting goals, communicating clearly, negotiating to protect their own
health, and resisting negative peer pressure

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ZNFPC Mt Darwin Youth Friendly Centre aims at reducing morbidity and mortality associated with s*xual and reproductive activity among adolescents and young people.

We seek to achieve this through increasing information dissemination on ASRH and HIV to adolescents, young people and adults leading to a higher risk perception among adolescents and young people and a reduction in religious, cultural and social norms that increase the vulnerability of adolescents and young people to ASRH risks


ZNFPC Mt Darwin Youth Friendly Centre introducing a new combination!!!

Cupid Lubricant and Blue Gold Condom - for that extra oomph takaenda maiziva

Remembering that condoms provide dual protection (they can prevent unintended pregnancies and they protect against STIs) when used correctly and consistently

Lubricants help prevent the harmful practice of having dry s*x, plus these ones are scented. Wozodei???

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Today, the 26th of September 2021, we celebrate World Contraception Day. This day is aimed at improving awareness of all the available contraception m**hods available and enable young people make informed decisions about their s*xual and reproductive health.

Pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance. Visit the nearest health facility or ZNFPC Youth Friendly Centre to access an array of contraceptive m**hods. From oral contraceptive pills(secure and control), injections (depo provera), implants (implanon and jadelle) and the loop (IUCD); these m**hods are effecting in pregnancy prevention for family planning.

However, we also encourage Dual M**hod Use which is the use of one of the options mentioned above with the correct and consistent use of condoms

Condoms provide dual protection when used correctly and consistent. They protect against s*xually transmitted infections and prevent unintended pregnancies



money talk

: How well do you hold onto money when you get it?

__Don't go broke trying to look rich...

When I was at college I had a scholarship, and was one of a small group of students who had exactly the same scholarship. It was not a lot of money, and it was the first time we all had to manage our own money.

It was always interesting to observe how the students handled their money!

1. Most students spent the money as soon as they got into the account. They always seemed to be planning how to SPEND their money.

2. Two of the students were always discussing how to SAVE their money.

No guessing in which group I was! Ever since I was a child, I was always trying to SAVE. I kept little coins in boxes, and I enjoyed SAVING UP!

If you are one of these people who must absolutely SPEND, it will always be like that no matter how much you have. For some people, it is almost as though the money is burning a hole in their pocket, DEMANDING IT BE SPENT!

It all seems so simple, but it is at the heart of CAPITAL accumulation.

At some point you will come into some money, even relatively speaking. Will you SAVE it to do som**hing bigger, or will you SPEND it to make your life more comfortable... a new car, or new clothes, or extension to your house… so many, many things waiting to SPEND money on?!


Whenever my mother saw a big Spender splashing money around, she would laugh at the person and her favorite expression in my language literally translates to “they have been rejected by money!”

To her it was like watching a clown, making a fool of himself!

These days people will admire and follow someone because they flash around money through cars, houses, and other bling bling. And yet to my mother such people were actually to be laughed at, or even pitied!

I guess we can say that times have changed but true wisdom is timeless.

We should admire people who are BIG SAVERS, and know how to invest their savings shrewdly, even if it's small money!

A lot of people cannot hold onto money!

Mike Tyson made a lot of money when he was boxing, winning three major titles by the time he was only 20 years old, but he went broke [and had to start over again a few times]... This also happens to a lot of soccer players who behave as though they will be paid to play until they are 60 years old!

The ability to hold onto money, any amount, is actually harder than making money.

You must develop a strong mentality of $AVING money. It does not start when you have money; it starts when you have little money, because it is a mentality. Be sure to teach your children the importance of saving, from an early age, like my mother did.

I remember a group of gardeners in my neighbourhood who had a Savings Club, even though their income was pitiful. I had more respect for them than people who go shopping in Dubai until they drop!

Do everything you can to be part of a Saving culture.


Image credit: Higherlife Foundation. Learning is so important for young children to help them grow and prosper over time. Here's a link to a new white paper about our Growing Tree project: https://www.higherlifefoundation.com/growing-tree-an-integrated-approach-to-early-years-learning


For Food System Transformation to occur in Zimbabwe, it is vital that all Zimbabweans benefit from nutritious and healthy food, and that the food production system becomes sustainable, climate resilient and revitalizes rural areas

To achieve their full transformation, food systems must be inclusive of smallholder farmers as well as traditionally-excluded groups like women, youth and people with disabilities in decision-making, assisting them to form and strengthen their livelihood strategies. Building communities that are capable of identifying development needs and empowering women and youth are immediate strategies for Zimbabwe

Happy International Youth Day

World Population Day | United Nations 11/07/2021

Rights and choices are the answer

World Population Day | United Nations World Population Day seeks to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues, including their relations to the environment and development.


Rights and choices are the answer

Let's celebrate World Population Day.....Rights and choices are the answer

“Taking IUCD as a nurse motivating women in the community” 03/07/2021

“Taking IUCD as a nurse motivating women in the community” Patience Makwanya is a nurse at Nhowe Mission Hospital. She is married with 3 children. She has used hormonal contraceptives (pill and Depo-Provera) which did not work for her as every woman is different. Having an unplanned pregnancy for their third child was not welcome and her husband did not und...


Marriage is not an achievement...invest in yourself; acquire new knowledge and skills AND help others in your community.

Determined To Realize Her Dream!

After losing her father who was her pillar of strength, Loveness' life was difficult. “As an orphan, l thought the only way to get out of poverty was getting married, l was hopeless because of what l was experiencing at that time.”

In 2017, Loveness joined the The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)/ USAID DREAMS program. “DREAMS program sessions made me realize that l was still too young to get married. My peers whom I met during the club sessions inspired me, they had big dreams and plans to support their families and community.”

Encouraged by her DREAMS Mentors and with money saved from DREAMS workshop allowances, Loveness enrolled for a part time degree in Development Studies with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe.

In 2018, FHI360 employed her as a Club Facilitator. She worked with adolescent girls and young women, supported them with HIV prevention services and assistance around financial literacy, and referred survivors of gender-based violence to support services.

She applied for the position of Brand Ambassador at Population Services International and was successful. “As Brand Ambassador l mobilize adolescent girls and young women and educate them about menstrual health and hygiene, family planning, and HIV prevention.” Loveness is now a role model to her peers and inspires young women to be resilient. She has proved to her community that through hard work and determination, one can find success. She is now able to support her family and pay school fees for her two sisters. “My dream is to work for the United Nations as a development worker. I see myself travelling the world advocating for the empowerment of the girl child!”

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In this new era of COVID-19, let us not lose the gains we have made in fighting other communicable and preventable illnesses.

There is need for consistence in information dissemination,psychosocial support and awareness raising on s*xual and reproductive health issues, coupled with quality service provision in order to prevent new STI and HIV infections and their co-morbidities, reduce teenage pregnancies, end s*xual and gender based violence and ensure communities attain the highest standard of health.

ZNFPC Mt Darwin Youth Friendly Centre was at Chaminuka Vocational Training Centre better known as Chaminuka Technical College with Mt Darwin Young People's Network - Get Engaged, providing SRHR and FP information and services to youths at the tertiary institution


Let's not suffer in silence while "demons" and "ghosts" run amok in our minds. Let's chat about anxiety and stress, depression and other conditions as we fight to prevent suicides among young people.

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
Ecclesiastes 4:9‭-‬10 KJV



The use and abuse of harmful substances has been a hot topic lately. With dreadful health outcomes ranging from teeth destruction, liver and kidney failures, mental retardation even death, the scourge of substance abuse has had a drastic effect in our community...

Much potential and talent has been lost already, let's come together to raise awareness and stop the use and abuse of these substances.

ZNFPC Mt Darwin Youth Friendly Centre with Mt Darwin YPNSRHHA is working with local artists powered by Luckmore Benson Pamhidzai to raise awareness on Crystal M**h, ("Guka Makafela, "Mutoriro", "D***o", "Tsom Tsom")

MT DARWIN YFC Whatsapp Group 2021 06/04/2021

*Mt Darwin Youth Friendly Centre* seeks to provide quality integrated *Sexual and Reproductive Health* and *Family Planning* information and services. This is a platform for young people aged *10-24years* to learn more about their s*xuality and discuss on issues that challenge their health and adopt health-seeking behaviors in the process


MT DARWIN YFC Whatsapp Group 2021 WhatsApp Group Invite


Tune in today... Don't miss out

Tune in to Heart & Soul TV on the program Health Matters from 1200 - 1245 hours today as ZNFPC celebrates International Women's Day


With the overall goal of helping young people to make good decisions about their health humanely. Join us this week as we conduct Youth Health Online Series.

Click the link below to join the group


National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe Young People's Network - Get Engaged YouthWyze Zimbabwe SATregional Mash Central Young People's Network


In line with government regulations ZNFPC has adjusted its working hours from 0800 - 1500 hours to 0800 - 1630 hours to improve on health service delivery. Access to Family Planning services is a human right and as such we will continue to provide quality Family Planning and related Sexual Reproductive Health services while observing COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

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Today, Thursday 4 February 2021, we join the rest of the world in commemorating World Cancer day and also commit to creating a cancer-free world. This is the ultimate year for the theme, "I am and I will" which ran from 2019.

Let's raise awareness and join the fight in reducing the global impact of cancer as we strive to reduce the number of preventable deaths.


Correct and consistent: these words have a great bearing on the success or failure of any endeavor. What separates the successful from the not-so-successful remains the continuous and consistent application of the correct principles in achieving one's goals.

Having the know-how is one thing, one has to be able to correctly put that information to practical good use in order for the knowledge to be beneficial. The challenge then comes after a few good runs, some become complacent and slack off. Consistence is thus required



One of the key drivers of HIV among young people is low risk perception...

Thoughts that the threat isn't real or that it is still a long way off has sustained the continuous transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections especially HIV in our communities

Sadly, the same scenario has transpired in the fight against COVID...


HIV Self Care Tips

Having HIV doesn’t have to stop you living a healthy life in the way that you choose to do. With the right treatment and care, you can expect to live as long as someone who doesn’t have HIV.

Zimbabwean Diaspora Health Alliance(ZDHA) UNFPA Safeguard Young People Programme National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe UNFPA - Zimbabwe Africaid Zvandiri READY Movement UNAIDS Luckmore Benson Pamhidzai YouthWyze Zimbabwe Yve Tashinga: HIV anchor diariesYve Tashinga: HIV anchor diaries diaries Hivos Regional Office Southern Africa

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Better health for men and boys.

Join us today as we celebrate International Men's Day, wear som**hing blue or a blue ribbon as depicted and reimagine a future where men do not suffer in silence and their mental health is prioritised. Young boys and men encounter a lot of pressure to fit in and stand out at the same time. They are pressured to succeed and provide leading to risky choices and harmful consequences.

Let's stand together and help young boys and men take better care of their mental health and improve their health choices and increase their lifespan


In today’s exciting edition of Friday Youth Activist, we meet Luckmore Pamhidzai, a 23-year activist from Mt. Darwin in Mashonaland, and also the Zimbabwean winner of this year’s Adolescent Activism Awards. He is adamant that there will be no future without effectively addressing SRHR and the needs of young people. Read this optimistic, and passionate young man’s story by clicking on the link below:http://www.satregional.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Luckmore-Pamhidzai-SAT-Friday-Youth-Activist.pdf

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Bridging the Knowledge Gap... It is the right of adolescents and young people to access SRHR and HIV information, leaving noone behind


Twenty-five years ago, some 30,000 women and men from nearly 200 countries arrived in Beijing, China, for the Fourth World Conference on Women, determined to recognize women's rights as human rights. The conference culminated in the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action: the most comprehensive policy agenda for gender equality.

In the years following, women pressed this agenda forward, leading global movements on issues ranging from s*xual and reproductive health rights to equal pay.

Today, these movements have expanded. They are being organized by and for adolescent girls – girls from all walks of life who are boldly demanding action against discrimination, violence and poor learning opportunities.

11 October 2020: International Day of the Girl Child
"My Voice, Our Equal Future"

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