Masvingo Yellow Pages

Masvingo Yellow Pages


Home of gas
Masvingo deal

Wholesale sale price

*3kgs $24
*5kgs $29
*Reg bullnose $10
*Reg small $5
*Pipe $1 per mtr
*Speaker box $8
*Cookertop box $75
*9kg gas tank $60
*Scale $150 kgs $50
*Clips $ for 2
*Rubber $ for 2
*2 plate with all *connections $25 self ignite
*2 plate glass $35 ingnite
*4 plate with oven $185
*Solar fridge $620
*Gas fridge 120 litr $390
*Gas fridge 205 litr $490
*Chip fryer double *190
*Chip fryer single *100
*4 plate stove 2electric 2 gas $280

Contact 0786968288
πŸ₯‚New Years Special πŸ₯‚
Dress your family at wholesale prices
Or buy for re-sell

Prices valid till Sunday 9 January

New Ladies T-Shirts
πŸ₯‚R80 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R65 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R45 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R40 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R35 each

New Ladies Woolwhich Skirts
πŸ₯‚R40 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R35 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R30 each

New Ladies Dresses
πŸ₯‚R60 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R60 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R50 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R45 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R40 each

πŸ₯‚50pc R1500
πŸ₯‚100pc R2300
πŸ₯‚200pc R4000
πŸ₯‚500pc R8500

New Edgars, Mr Price, Jet, Ackermans, Exact... ADULT Bale
πŸ₯‚20pc R1100
πŸ₯‚50pc R2400
πŸ₯‚100pc R4500
πŸ₯‚200pc R6900
πŸ₯‚500pc R13500

New Edgars, Mr Price, Ackermans, Jet, Exact... ADULT AND KID'S MIX Bale
πŸ₯‚20pc R900
πŸ₯‚50pc R2200
πŸ₯‚100pc R3800
πŸ₯‚200pc R6500

New, Mr Price, Edgars, Ackermans, Exact Kid's Bales
πŸ₯‚20pc R780
πŸ₯‚50pc R1850
πŸ₯‚100pc R3500
πŸ₯‚200pc R4800
πŸ₯‚500pc R12900

New Ladies Funky Jeggings One Size
πŸ₯‚60 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R55 each
πŸ₯‚12+ R50 each
πŸ₯‚24+ R45 each
πŸ₯‚96+ R40 each

New Ladies Tights One Size
πŸ₯‚R30 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R25 each
πŸ₯‚12+ R22 each
πŸ₯‚24+ R20 each

New Ladies Livefit Short Tights
πŸ₯‚R55 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R50 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R45 each

New Ladies Pajama Shorts
πŸ₯‚R25 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R22 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R20 each

New Men's Long Sleeve
πŸ₯‚R55 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R50 each

New Men's T-shirts
πŸ₯‚R60 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R50 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R45 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R42 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R40 each

New Men's Shorts
πŸ₯‚R65 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R55each
πŸ₯‚20+ R50 each

New Flip Flops Size 3 - 8
πŸ₯‚R20 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R17 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R15 each
πŸ₯‚60+ R13 each

New Kid's Mr Price, Exact and Edgars T-shirts 2-14 years
πŸ₯‚R50 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R45 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R40 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R38 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R35 each
πŸ₯‚200+ R34 each

New Boy's and Girl's Vests and t-shirts
πŸ₯‚R35 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R30 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R28 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R26 each

New Boy's & Girl's Shorts
πŸ₯‚R30 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R28 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R26 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R24 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R22 each

New Boy's and Girl's Shorts
πŸ₯‚R45 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R40 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R38 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R36 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R34 each
πŸ₯‚200+ R32 each

New Girls Denim Shorts
πŸ₯‚R65 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R50 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R55each
πŸ₯‚50+ R50each

New Mr Price and Exact Kid's Tights 2 to 7 Years
πŸ₯‚40 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R38 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R35 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R30 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R28 each
πŸ₯‚200+ R26 each

New Girl's Dresses
πŸ₯‚R45 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R40 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R35 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R33 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R30 each

New Girl's Skirts
πŸ₯‚R35 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R30 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R25 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R22 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R20 each

New Baby Blankets
πŸ₯‚R40 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R38 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R35 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R33 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R31 each

New Baby Vests
πŸ₯‚R15 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R13 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R11each

New Baby Clothing
πŸ₯‚R40 each
πŸ₯‚10+ R38 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R35 each
πŸ₯‚100+ R33 each
πŸ₯‚200+ R30 each

New Girl's Character Tights
πŸ₯‚R40 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R36 each
πŸ₯‚20+ R34 each

New Girl's Short Tights
πŸ₯‚R30 each
πŸ₯‚10+ R28 each
πŸ₯‚50+ R25 each

New Kids Short Tights
1 to 5 Years
πŸ₯‚R17 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R15each
πŸ₯‚20+ R12each

New Boy's Underware

New Girl's Underware
πŸ₯‚R8 each

New Adult/Teens Toe Socks
πŸ₯‚R8 each
πŸ₯‚5+ R7 each
πŸ₯‚12+ R6each
πŸ₯‚24+ R5 each
πŸ₯‚96+ R4each

Prices valid while stock last πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

β˜‘οΈ Cash on collection
β˜‘οΈ Courier service also available
β˜‘οΈ New stock and specials every week, ask for an updated price list when you need it b

πŸ“²Send a WhatsApp with all your clothing related questions to 002767866 7785

For Order collections in masvingo
Contact 00263773681685 Mai tanya

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πŸ–₯️32 inch $185 USDβœ…
πŸ–₯️42 inch $240USDβœ…
πŸ–₯️42 inch Smart TV $280 USDβœ…
πŸ–₯️50 Smart TV $420USDβœ…


*Samsung* *Hisense*

*100% Crystal Display
*Full HD 1080 pixels


SAMSUNG $290us
JVC $160us
NESTY small $110us
NESTY big $150us

_for more information_
Call/App walters *0774348423*
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An interview not to be missed!!

Do not miss tonight as i chat with Thapelo Mokoena.
Today I'll be talking to my friend and brother Thapelo Mokoena on my public page Conrad Mwanza.
Discussing business highs and lows, diversity, Africa, generational wealth and many more.
When we speak of black excellence, Thapelo Mokoena needs very little introduction.
An actor, producer, MC, filmmaker and entrepreneur, among other things, he is an undoubted role model for many.
The veteran actor has had a stellar career which stretches across the silver screen and small screen.
His television and film credits include Generations, Fear Factor South Africa, Broken Vows, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and the runaway hit series Trackers SA, to mention a few.
His multi-faceted career also includes various business interests such as Easy Sunday Productions, Air Movie Nights and his recent collaboration with Bosman Family Vineyards to produce the Nero range of wines.
Be sure not to miss this one!!!!!
Connect with Conrad Mwanza on Facebook and Instagram for this and more interviews.
See you tonight!

Photos from CMG International Media Group's post 23/09/2020

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Masvingo's favourite band,Masvingo Worship Choir is back with ne offerings.

We are soo grateful and excited......


M. Benz sprinter for sale at a bargain price
Contact: 0784920911


A marketing opportunity for all organisations



Are you ready πŸ˜ƒ


Wedding invitation


Stopping violence against women is not just for 16 Days but for 365 days.


Musasa joins Zimbabwe and the rest of the world in commemorating the against under the 2018 Theme: Ending in the Work place.

WhatsApp Group Invite 21/08/2018

WhatsApp Group Invite

At LLAP, we strive to bring you convience
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The biggest Gospel event of the year!!!



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When God opens a door....


Sad news...

Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior dies at 35

Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior, son of the founder of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA Forward in Faith) church, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, has died.Guti Jr (35) died yesterday in South Africa where he was battling for his life in intensive care unit (ICU) after he nearly drowned in a swimming pool on Christmas Day.

Guti Jr was in South Africa for the holiday with his family.

ZAOGA FIF's acting secretary-general Reverend Misheck Nyambo confirmed the death yesterday in a statement.

"It is with great sorrow that I inform you of the passing on of Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior this morning (yesterday)," he said.

It is believed that the accident occurred during lunchtime on Christmas Day.

Reports indicate that Guti Jr had instructed a guard to disconnect drainage pipes from the swimming pool when the accident happened.

The guard reportedly called out for help when he saw Guti Jr drowning and one Dube, who is believed to be the driver, quickly rescued him from the pool, but he was already foaming and rolling his eyes.He was rushed to hospital and was battling for his life in the ICU till the time of his death.

Guti Jr, wrote the book titled "The Man Who Defied Condition", where he revealed his personal experiences on how he defied his physical disability and speech impediment to claim a normal life, leaves behind his wife Caroline and three children.

He is likely to be buried next year after the church's 10 days of prayer and fasting that runs from the first of January every year.

"We will be updating you on the burial arrangements in good time to enable you to travel.

"In the meanwhile, please do not travel to Harare for the funeral, but remain in your provinces and nations as we put the logistics in place.

"We are hoping that the burial will take place in January 2018 just after the 10 days."



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Emotional farewell for Bishop Chinhara

Staff Reporter
It was an emotional moment indeed as hundreds of Methodist Church in Zimbabwe members converged at the Charles Austin Theatre in Masvingo last Saturday to bid farewell to outgoing Masvingo District Bishop, Reverend Blessmore Chinhara.

Reverend Chinhara came to Masvingo District in 2011 where he worked as the Superintendent for Masvingo North Circuit from 2011 to 2013.

During his tenure as the Superintendent of Masvingo North Circuit, he taught congregants many spiritual aspects including warfare, deliverance, giving and prophetic praying.

He introduced the Friday Intercession Session and the Tuesday Service and he also revived the Research and Publications Department in the Church.

With the help of Christians in and out of Zimbabwe, he spearheaded the construction of the Rujeko Methodist Church Building.

Legendary prayer warrior and devout servant of God, Mrs Pauline Mukozho was among Christians who worked with Reverend Chinhara in the construction of the Rujeko Church Building.

In 2014 Reverend Chinhara began his term of office as the bishop of Masvingo District.

He played a pivotal role in the introduction of a vibrant poultry project- among other vivacious initiatives in and out of the Methodist Church.

Reverend Chinhara also introduced the The Thursday Service at Mucheke Methodist Church in 2014.

The farewell and appreciation event was attended by church leaders and congregants from the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and Christians from various denominations.

Notable among those who attended the event were Reverend S Munyoro, Reverend G, Chare , Reverend Matthew Ncube ,Reverend Mudenda , Masvingo District Synod Secretary Reverend Rukarwa, Reverend T Mapfumo, Reverend Burukai, Reverend Matsikiti, Reverend Chikwature and Reverend Mafukidze.

Reverend Chinhara was promoted to the Methodist Church Headquarters where he will work as the Missions Director- for more stories visit

Timeline photos 05/12/2017

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A teacher here was severely bashed after being caught with a local villager' s wife.
Henry Munodawafa, a teacher at Dambwara Primary School in Gutu District was trapped by the woman's husband, William Charara.
Officials at the school said the woman, identified as Acquilina, came to the school to sell vegetables since she was a vendor.
Munodawafa then asked for the woman's mobile number since he had bought some vegetables from her.
"Munodawafa told the woman he wanted to pay for the vegetables via Ecocash and he obtained her mobile number.
He began to send to send love messages to her and she reported the issue to her husband who mooted a plan to trap Munodawafa," said a source at the school.
The woman then began to respond positively.
Oblivious of the fact that Charara was aware of his attempts to have s*x with his wife, Munodawafa was invited to the couple' s homestead under the pretext that the woman's husband was away.
On arrival, Munodawafa entered the couple' s bedroom, sat on the bed and removed his jacket and sandals.
Charara who was hiding behind the door suddenly emerged and Munodawafa took to his heels, leaving the jacket and sandals.
On the following day, Charara went to the school and related the issue to the school head and Munodawafa pleaded guilty.
Charara then took a cattle skin whip and beat up Munodawafa in front of other staff members.


Visit Crona Park for the most affordable beds and furniture in Masvingo


It's happening this November!!!
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Timeline photos 02/10/2017

Opening end of October
The chillest place to be in Masvingo

Masvingo Yellow Pages updated their address. 01/10/2017

Masvingo Yellow Pages updated their address.

Masvingo Yellow Pages updated their address.

Masvingo Yellow Pages updated their phone number. 01/10/2017

Masvingo Yellow Pages updated their phone number.

Masvingo Yellow Pages updated their phone number.


Give away Desktop proline P4 2gig RAM...

Timeline photos 03/11/2016

Invitation to an open air revival with Rev N


Full House in Rujeko.main en suite.walled and gated.$300 p.m.+ deposit. Call 0715296728


TIFAZ 2016

Timeline photos 24/05/2016

Timeline photos

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Wedding invitation



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Panganai High School

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For all your kitchenware, beauty products, quality bedding, bathroom accessories and herbs contact u

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This is a group where we motivate each other and have fun as a family. We sell and buy iterms such a

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Home of fabulous finds. We stock a wide range clothing, footwear, ICT gadgets and gizmoz

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AAC hmns and Choruses