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For the love of our School Razi This page was created for all previous, current and future Studients, Teachers and Parents of Razi School


The higher it goes the cooler it becomes, the cooler it becomes the higher it goes.

Lets appreciate him nezvavakatiitira, nderipi statement raunovarangarira naro?


Life has stole from us one of our very own, gone too soon Andrew Basure, hopefully we shall meet again. He was involved in a fatal car accident on their way to Masvingo,RIP.

Photos from Razi High School's post 20/06/2022

It's so wonderful to see one of our former studients Last Mucheneko doing an amazing job out there making tracksuits for all schools, for those who might need to support him you can inbox, Call/WhatsApp him on 0777675407.


Ibvai mangotiudza kuti panguva yenyu zvaizodai kana zvaitasei?


Greetings Razi Family, the current and previous administration of the School loves you so much, it's been a while without reaching out to you, But that doesn't mean we forget about you, as the world is going through a tough time, let's also join our hands with others to fight this deadly virus by always wear our masks, sanitizing, wash our hands with soap regularly and maintain social distancing.


On the picture there are some of the Teachers that Serve at Razi High School for a long time, having a mind of educating our community and the nation working day and night, We Salute you Solders.

Tell us;

How many of them you can see ?
Mention their names and their favourate subjects.




I was thinking this morning..... about our speed in this race of life. Last Sunday, I was privileged to attend the wedding of the daughter of my good friend and former classmate in the College.

As I sat as part of the guests at the reception, listening to the proud MOB (mother of the bride) giving her speech, I reflected on how far we've come as former classmates in school.

I considered how her children are of marriage-able age (the youngest just turned 20), while mine are still teenagers. I recalled another classmate of ours whose son just graduated as a medical doctor, but mine just about entering the University.

As I pondered on why it seems I am lagging behind, the face of another of our classmate flashed by and I was reminded that his children are still in Primary school.

At this point, it dawned on me that though we were all classmates and graduated together in 1991 i.e. class of 91' life has shuffled us and placed us in different classes today. We were classmates in school, but not classmates in life. *Everyone has his unique class in life*. I concluded that in the school of life there are no classmates, because *Life is a class of one*.

Life is a class of one. Hmm!!! That conclusion held me down for a bit. Ten years after I got employed in my dream job, getting a second promotion became a prayer point. One day, a colleague that we came in together on same level walked up to me and said 'Bro, na wao. We came in together and I have gotten three promotions and you, just one. Is there something you are not doing?' Hmmmm I left him feeling bad but not for long because soon after, I realised that in the school of life there are no classmates. *Life is a class of one. He is on his path while I am on mine.*

Have you considered why, from the same branch of a tree you have both ripe and unripe fruits? The seeds were released same t


Lets go back to your time at Razi High School

Who was your favourate teacher ?
Why he/she was your fovourate ?
When was that ?
Which subject he/she was teaching ?


Tell us what comes into your mind when you hear that word ?

Photos from Razi High School's post 09/02/2019

Do you know him? He is one of Razi High School products, lf l m not mistaken he was the Soccer team Captain of his final year at Razi but now an upcoming gospel Artist.....

Who is him?


Muchavaziva hre avo


Who is this man and what you remember about him.......


Mr Chikasha


Dai kumashurwe kwaidzokerwa, wainzi dzokera kuchikoroor paRazi ndezvipi zvaungaimprover zvawakatadza kuita panguva yako uri paRazi






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