Research Institute for African Development _Rifad

To see the emancipation , advancement of knowledge and intellectually equip Africa for its developme


Mind you our revolution is not a fight against each other but a fight against poverty , a fight against economic melt down ,a fight against inferiority tendency ,a fight to gain self identity as African People .


African nations should strive to create their own food ,medicine , science ,infrastructure .Otherwise imperialism will live on as dependency syndrome .

Photos from Research Institute for African Development _Rifad's post 29/01/2021

Photos from Research Institute for African Development _Rifad's post


independent ,autonomous and free from neo colonial tendencies .
Research Institute for African Development envisions to witness and participate in the development of Africa in all facets be it economic , social , political and technological .Among the major objectives of the Institute include but not limited to :
✔To vouch for the Pro Poor Agenda (The Institute will aim to capacitate and strengthenthe view to emancipate the poor masses of Africa .The objective is to rub off excessive neo capitalism and balance the wealth between the Haves and Have Nots.
✔To build more capable and trusted institutions that lead to stable ,resilient and inclusiveness thereby embracing national identity and belonging.
✔To promote National visioning/ national conscience and African indentity by drawing all Africans living at home and abroad to participate in their respective national development processes.
✔To promote the Act Local and Think Global mentality so as to have a realistic approach towards development and the means to reach the end.
✔To advance our own African Definitions and creations of political ,economic and social structures as a way to push away neo colonialism.
✔To promote African Good Governance and good society as good governance is a precondition for sustainable development .
✔To provide frameworks for strategic , competent and effective leadership conducive for Africa'sDevelopment and Growth.
✔From time to time assess the challenges and problems hindering Africa's Develepment and Growth (Providing sustainable solutions to the problems )


The Research Institute For African Development is a strategic unit, organisation , association created for the purposes of enhancing and provisioning necessary resources (strategic mindsets ,financial support ,etc) for Africa's Development Agenda.The Institute is based upon the need to create Afro centric solutions to African Problems and Challenges.


Leadership is not about big man ,leadership starts in every individual mind.






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