Waddilove high school

Waddilove high school


I Want to apply
I am looking for a form 1 place for my son for 2022 please may you assist me
What is the contact number for Waddilove High school?
Want to ask if you are having intake for 2022
you better program your mind because you are what you think you are
hi gud pple I'm kindly asking for Mr headmaster Munyoro's number
Muri kuti kudiii nebullying irikuitika paschool ?
My heart sank watching the video of fellow students bullying another. I know this kind of behavior occurs a lot and goes unnoticed especially in boarding schools but as a school let this be your chance to show zero tolerance and let it be a warning to such uncultured kids that such inhuman behavior has a huge penalty. Waddilove high school
So what are you gonna do about those bullies bullying mumwe mwana?

Waddilove high school is a methodist school located IN mashonaland east... Waddilove High School is a Methodist High School in Marondera, Zimbabwe, established in 1891 by Methodist Missionary John White.

The name Waddilove was in honour of Sir Joshua K Waddilove, an Englishman, philanthropist and founder of Provident Financial, who bequeathed 1,000 English pounds which resulted in the construction of two dormitory complexes for boys and girls. The school transformed from a Mission Station to Teacher Training College. Some of the school's former students were in the newly formed government of 1980.

Operating as usual


Welldone waddilove.u have made it into the top 50 ranking of olevel @ number 42 with 76:73 %.


welcome to the world ma [email protected]

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pruducts of waddilove.......

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Timeline Photos 31/10/2013

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the will of the lord can never lead u were the grace of the lord cannot keep u...he is in control of everything..best wishes to all who are writing....u can post ur best wishes here or on our blog..wadsec..


its not the genes that only determines your....success..but envornment...waddilove the best place to be.....an excellence of academic


best wishes to our brothers ad sisters...who are writing their grade seven examz....wadsec [email protected]


you can shair all our memories and comments about waddilove...............................


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Waddilove High Private Bag 3709

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